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Fanning theBefore the Flamires of Truth

Africa… a Family Reunion goes out

By Cleve C. James

Copyright © 2019 by Cleve C. James.

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Table of Contents -- Chapters.

01 Introduction. Fanning the flame.

1 Let the chase has begun

2 A mind renewed

3 For whom the bell toll.

4 The table that is set before us.

5 Unwanted penetration.

6 The squeeze plays.

7 A waiting the great escape.

8 Back in time.

9 The adventure of the man.

10 The mirrow that keep watching us.

11 A place to lay my head.

12 Foreign land of my dream.

13 The mysteries of aches and pain.

14 Man’s hopeless friend.

15 A spiritually journey.

  1. Express awareness.

17 Little bits and pieces.

17.5 -An invitation letter for the President.

18 Ferrying your thoughts along

19 Crunching time.

20 Dought is man most struggling phenomenon.

21 Unchain the heart, and truth will set you free.

22 Forever, is it a myth.

23 Man’s free will-To serve whose God.


It’s my pleasure to introduce this copy of my writing, of what I know, to what I believe to be true, and to what I wasthought to be true. Our God of light has brought meme out of darkness now into his marvelous light-to shinelet such light to to knowledge as I received it, to let it- shine within the scope of his people minds and soul. Now So wwithin the circumference of my thinking, to who I think we are, and how we get here and where we should be goingare- let press forward. People with soul, may your mind be blessed to focus on what is about to take place, because of man’s tyrannous attitude error, in which time cannot wait. Friends, whenever dark cloud are gathered and remains it signified there’smore than a chance, it’s going to rain. I extend my gratitude and hospitality to those thoughtful mentors who dive an those who exhume facts without molesting the corps-Thank.

MMy inner an warmest heartfelt sympathy tfor folks who still lack the appetitenerve to claim own themselves as black people of color: although many has been separated by languages, and land-mass etc, twhose minds and heart are stillbody are connected to-or harbor biological genes to Africa’sour Hebrew/ past-Israelites and African Jews ancestryancestry. Our agape family has left home too long, roaming- seeking to find such spiritual satisfaction that would humble their divine heart. So many are still out there expecting a miracle, but it’s far fetch- because all the facts were not on the table. So, folks please try to comprehend this, we are unique- come on home: Our God-Osiris/Horus is watching-there is more to learn than you already know. Those who slave’s us, are the same contributor who gave us this K J V manual–call the bible, which supposedly be the absolute truth, to fantasize. .

May God mercy and love reward us greatly, especially to know him better. Be bold to claim yourself special, real chosen of God’s children,- civilize and bless, with your own God .Deity. Though Thou evil have broken thate bond between us and the Africa land where our God to theuse to communicate with our ancestor in antiquity - In sundry times. Africa land. MMarvel not,, tthere are many treasures in store for the remnant, thou heeden might laughrage-! Because many are jzealous and envy,ough but having limited sight of the true originality of our African chosenof God in antiquity. I brought truth from an Africa land perspective, whichthis is- (Historical –& Theological and Scriptural Facts)-here’s few I illustrate here.

A healthyier youlife is like sound ofned to musica grand piano, when it playeds, and it’sits denotes happinesscombined, such melodieious which sound-it excel as life’s long energy, it makes you want to breath a fresh and sing songs that create a youthfulness and long radiant so deserve. We the people trough-out the diaspora, it’ss time to wake up- earlier to mold and refresh the splendor of youra vibrant minds, with a marvelous God, with earnest prayers. ThisThis will able us all to blossom and bear righteous fruits, along with a true spiritual awarenessknowledge, which can sustain us over again,. then we be able to know good from bad and side-step the evil, in this millennium. Brother and sisters be watchful, think-thing outhrough before you act, be patient in all your physical undertaking, don’t rush not to a conclusion either. However, folks bewBare bush havehave ear, ands. Africa is listening. This journey needs all hands-on deck, first and foremost can you trust yourself, can your own skin be comfortable with you inside? I do trust- you won’t compromise for anything less than truth, Let’s see it through.

We the we people of color must of color fall in love and unite! So, the true spirit of a true God can surround us once again.

I plead with you folks, for the sake of God’s mercy, to let true knowledge ignites us as were historically.

My people, the spirit of God – Horus has signal- what have you all done for him lately.

Well, the chase has begun- my friends.

Chapter 1.

Respect, “my warmest love to most of man-kind, and my absolute regard to the higher power for the precious gift he abundantly give” A mind to connect with himh im on a higher level for different reason we need him. It’s what it is, many has their own perception of happiness Dont you? So, when last have you and the family hadas a jolly good laugh? and you can go to bed knowing all is well. In most cases it’s possible life can be real as you make it to be. “Rise my friend and give praise if you are a child of the most high-God” take a bow, stop procrastinate count yourself one of his family, and act like it, we must arrive safeovercome. It’s a wonderful feeling when we can taste life and it’s not bitter, then you can imagine time as yesterday’s well spentgone, if a better future is our hope, then we shall see-wont we.

In the beginning was the God-Horus, and he bring forth life, and so He did. to us- From the whom of the woman all came, so we grow. May God bless all our woman, they are the buds of our Goddess, they must not ever be forgotten, they birth Gods: So, respect and much love to the ladies- throughout the diaspora. As forAnd as man-kind they risesrise, so is our way- many will fall back into the stomach of mother earth. The creator isn’t slack in power his ways hee always provide, even a resting place when you are no goodno good to oneself anymore--amen,, Iisn’t he a great God? man should live a life to that same decree- showing love and care, and share the virtue of this beautiful earth, as prescribe by the creative forces of the universe.

Here's where the uncertainty of our children’s future is, it’s a burden untpon us, we do need more than a lamp to gives light to theirour travelinger’s feet, to to finding that partway through this darkness. Why isaren’t many more opportunities made accessiblesmoother centuries ago for people of color? Man’s This ccrooked intention of humankind, makes it aa burden that affect the mind of so themany. Whenever they seek ways and means to get from under the oppressor control, it’s a rough winding road appears.. God bless who is immune from stumbling, however, when you’re not sure where to put your feet, without an intelligent compass to navigate a way ininto reality, it automatically becomes a dragtight struggle. Folks Friends, true knowledge matters, we must to convertrrect our spear timethe wrong into seeking much truth. We must , not to prolong strugglerid our hearts and mind-of stress, this ignorance’s it’s like a virus that stuck hard, where no bush doctor-or pharmaceutical drugs can combat this , it took up resident in our hearts and mind, hundreds of years ago-- It’s call white wash knowledge. into another century .

“NowSo, find that path-way Bbrothers and Sister-, its season time to knowledge forsearch my sisters the youth sake” let’s help them out of their boredom, to free their minds from confusion and crazy incarceration in this make-believe opportunistic trapped environment. This personify such a this error in this technological strain, in this so-call civilize society, while itimes inches along. However, a restless generation withof evil intention lurks, who hoards hate, while others yearn to confirm a loving progress for-other who wish to rise and shineeach other. Some wonder where is love, other’sothers try to think what is ithat; is it filling-will it give me babiesSex may be? Friends, the wordGod is love means true feeling of care share relationship, for yourself and others. Because of Horus’s love, mercies yours to received..

Friends you might have listen to some rachet jaws, telling you whom supposedly should represent you, but isn’t them that is miss-understood? or Is it coming from those who would like to change time? Even what day to reverence God. Would any intelligent business person hire a thief for the security of his jewelry store? OrAnd neither would a grave robber is the right groupperson to watch a cemetery. Why are the European keep excavating our ancestor graves on that sweet continent of Africa. If there is a plan, which there are, it’s to convince the dead black folks that they were white, or they just thievesk?eep many backward, Wwhere are those who care, where’s should not your voice on these platform, why? just for us to stay short of knowledge, is their norm. Crazy do exist now my friend, there are the evil men and woman who’s toiling to create an earthly hell. But it’s done to appease their slave master Satan, whoich uses mankind who like himself restless and brutal. Their specific purpose is to defeat what is good and just, they oppress the weak and less fortunate like us folks, its so sinful-and wicked, it’s dangerous to born into a lie. And to shove it to the next generation is even more vicious, intolerable! my God Horus, burn these lie’s off our heart. .

Evil--doers haveare exiting--itheirs hibernation, with intention to deceive, and withand disrupting their real intention, to in-flick bodily harm on whosoever express their love and their choice God, or the things of God- that is their end game folks. If you can vision this! they want you to think they are helping God, when they hide knowledge from the all colored masses, less sweat for them keeping us darn fool, in the name of religion. Yet in my heart- Father, please feed me with the knowledge and understanding, save me from the bungles of religion, for our future sake. I do pray that truth to knowledge won’t be fruitmean -less, for us to know-. Especially for the youth sake.

“ Now God of this universe! we the remnant of the African diaspora, to our God who created us and our ancestor,, please give us the ability to roll away those rock- stones people that block the passage to access the knowledge that is purposely hidden” And with your help we be able to awake those of whose mind is trap in unbelieve mode for century. So, bless those of us going forwardth with thy divine power-to piercefind the way to you my God Horus-all mighty, make our eyes able to see, and our ear to hear, a mind trap-oh God can be wasted. .

“Friends Its true, we live in a wonderful world, where the garden of Eden never ever existed, it’s just man- mis conception of facts, An imaginative thought concept. This our world, so beautifully- tTalented, with smart people. “fruitful, and short of nothing until fools rise” the dress up, fabricate and manipulated lie- to confuse many generations for centuries. Father they, to think they are wiser than you our, God-, who Create it all. They become brazen, they tear a- part the good for the bad, even our life line-(Food) been altered and decisively compromise, this is strangely uncomfortable my friend! Food the staff of life. (Google-Farm animal grinder in progress) to see whatch - mince-meatyou are you are eating, friends. Evil days are here, but folks giving-up is not an option. We exist in an odd dimensional world friend, the one that touches us and that unseen one that allowed spirit to roam freely about, will we join them too? maybe later.

The God that sees, will set the captive free; on thosaet Cross, Yyes more God Christ like-- Manone was crucified, no dought and thoseat manone had ascended back in heaven. But not the same one the KJV story book tells us about, and the one that is coming back to save us from who? Them, why believe, those wicked who manufacture such story. But isn’t there a contradictory statement where the wheat and tears grow together until the day of harvest? Did you miss 2nd- Corinthians 12, verse16. When will such a day comes, when we all vanish into the dust? make each day of your life a harvest to one another, seek knowledge-- (Light) where- History record facts for tomorrow people, you and I must absorbed intelligence knowledge and lift ourselves, come out of this slime-me rut these slave master has- Brought upon us, and they top it off by telling us, to love our enemy and feed them too, my God- isn’t this Shameful to imaging, the way we are treated they put mosquitos to shame. (Is this Our World? .

“Wake up GodI say people; the truth must be expose.” Or the rock will cry-out very soon. Not all ingredient that affects the body, is ingested though the mouth. Our ears are a blessed commodity, lets protect it. Also, you must protecton of the mind- is crucial, a contaminated mind is likened to arsenic, when it touches the skin, it soon overwhelms the body, and becomes confused uselesshereditary. So, Inin their ear’s my friend! speak the word of truth, the youth need to hear truthhis, it’s all good, some might puek at you. However, let the skeptic check thing out for themself. but when you know the truth it will set you free, to meditate and think a fresh.

.Chapter 2.

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