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24 Hours to Succeed

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What do you think is the difference between You and the great people? In your abilities? Then, are you aware of the fact that Albert Einstein didn`t succeed at school. His teachers wondered what would ever become of him! Maybe, you think that they were born in a richer family that you were. However, you can find hundreds of millionaires or geniuses who came out of poor families. Does education make anyone a genius? Look through some celebrities and stars` biographies. You will see that it is not about education at all.

I am not going to claim that you can be Einstein or Shakespeare. I really want to deliver to you that like any of the great you have sleeping power within you strong enough to change your entire life. There always are two ways of using everything. First, on good purposes, second, - on evil ones. In other words, there exist destructive and creative ideas to apply the power.

I hope that you didn`t expect some magic focus pocus when I explained my point. In fact, any power has some limits despite all the wonders it may bring. You are familiar with magic spells, wands, and potions that can make your wishes come true. However, this book is not about them. Here we are going to look into something more realistic and powerful than what fairy tales told.

The matter is that we are all bound to be in the same timeframe. We can exist within particular period. Apparently, our plans and goals materialize in some amount of time. How soon you get what you want depends on how much you would like that thing to come into your reality. It refers to not only your material wishes, but also your intentions about luck, peace of mind and happiness.

I will retell my own story. After failing during more than ten years, I started to learn myself. What I did first was to observe my behavior and to follow my thoughts and imagination in 24 hours. It was a boring experience indeed, but I was convinced that almost 90% of my thoughts were rather negative. I tried to blame my parents in my failure. I couldn`t help yelling at others when that were innocent at all. What mattered was inside me.

I realized that my power was serving my negative expectations. I always supposed that no one understood me, that I might fail. As a result, I got what I “had wanted”! No! I had never wished it. Yet the power doesn`t care about you want it or not. It responses to anything we think, imagine or feel. In the end, I decided to alter the way of my thinking. It wasn`t easy though.

I also noticed that time can serve for or against someone. For example, if you have bought some stocks, then the more time passes, the more you will earn. If you don`t work wishing to get rich whenever in this case time will turn into your enemy persuading you in your inability even more.

Out of these assumptions, one is obvious. We should make a good close friend of time to achieve best results. How? This is what this book will tell you. Answer one simple question. What is time? In what does it include? You know it! 86 400 seconds, 1440 minutes and 24 hours a whole day. Do you still think that it is not sufficient to do something even something little within these seconds?

Now let`s look at what you can do within a few seconds! You can sign an agreement that will change everyone`s life for better forever. Smiling takes less than a second making everyone around you happy. You can also learn a new word in a foreign language! Fortunately, you have more than few seconds. No one is going to live forever. Therefore, it would be waste of time living hoping a great day to come once.

Besides, any of the inventions went through some time. Remember Thomas Edison. He failed 9999 times creating a light bulb. Yet the last 10000th brought him success. I want to remind that it sometimes is impossible to make 10000 attempts in a minute not in a day! You need some years perhaps, but those years include in fractions like seconds and minutes obviously. Therefore, we can conclude that naming a year successful means continuous attempts in 1440 minutes every day.

Even children know that a day contains four parts:





Our task is to make those parts the most productive to turn the whole day the most effective one. The fact that time never comes back makes it so precious. No matter how long we live, our time always is limited and comes to an end once. We are not in the state of stopping time, yet we can use it well. Of course, this starts from planning.

Morning as the first and influential part of the day

Some of us are superstitious and trust predictions. The rest of us don`t. However, we all tend to think that how you begin your day in the morning can determine like what your day is going to be. Well, no one can prove if the statement is right or not. On the other hand, the same thing may effect on us in various ways. Our destiny is not in stars or anything else, it is always in our hands.

I have just imagined you, my dear reader, saying that you are too busy to think of how to use your time. Therefore, I am here. So is my book. I assure you that it doesn`t take you much time. Just a few minutes a day. Besides, remember the saying that practice is the mother of learning.

First, remember the way you wake up and on what you spend your morning. If being afraid of coming late to work, feeling annoyed about job, getting nervous about children`s behavior and tasks for the new day, then congratulations. You are one of those 99% of people who do so.

I want to remind Einstein`s words again “Don`t expect different results doing the same thing again!” In my opinion, if those annoying negative thoughts, ideas and worries destroy or spoil our day, later our life, then, we should or must get rid of them with pleasure. Now, let`s look through how to spend your morning.

In fact morning is the time between the sunrise and 12 o`clock. Here is the simplest, but most important question. “What time do you wake up?” Even more important one is “what time do you get up?” As you understand the time we wake and get up doesn`t always coincide.

At first sight, it seems like bedtime has nothing to do with the productivity of the day. However, you always have a chance to compare the difference how you feel when you get up late or early. As for me, I feel more confident and manage to do more when I get up early. On the contrary, everything makes me annoy and worry if I get up late.

I am not going to schedule your whole morning. Yet I would like to highlight some important points that can avail you. First, it is difficult to teach yourself to get up early. Anyway, you will get accustomed to the routine time by time. I know it seems very sweet to sleep until midday. Sometimes you never wish to open your eyes. In this case, you will have to choose. Do you want to sleep all the time and remain a loser, or will you manage your time on your own purposes and turn your life into true magic? As a proverb says, “Early to bed early to rise makes a man healthy and wise!”

Moreover, in healthy body healthy minds. We can`t feel good if we are ill. What I am hinting at is to do morning exercises. Nowadays you can possibly find some hundreds of ways to go in for sports or train. Yet again, we should choose what we like or enjoy. If we love what we are doing, we can improve it.

You are already familiar with the physical impact of physical training on your health. Therefore, I am not going to talk about it. What I want to draw your attention at is its influence on your inner world, your feelings, inner peace, and positive thoughts. Actually, doing some exercises may generate positive feelings indeed.

Beside, we have to consider our prospects too. If we want to lose weight, we should determine a special range of exercises. If someone is interested in feeling healthier and has no problems with health, morning exercises may be sufficient for him or her. In other words, we decide which exercises to do depending on what we are going to get as a result.

I would like to recommend you to include Yoga and Meditation in your morning routine. People don`t practice them in vain. They have been living up to now because everyone knows their benefits. In my opinion, Yoga makes your body strong when Meditation cleans your spirit from negativity like complaining, getting annoyed, blaming, etc. Fortunately, you can google some hundreds of techniques, video lessons and methods to practice meditation.

Have you already chosen the exercises you need? Well done! Your body and mind are ready to start a new day aware of all the coming opportunities soon. Why do I think that you have great chances to succeed? I would like to illustrate my answer. I have seen an interesting video recently. It was about a chicken that was blind. He had a plate full of food. However, he was eating where his beak could reach unable to notice what he had under his mouth.

It struck me suddenly. I understand that we sometimes behave like that chicken. We can`t see what we have, yet what others around us have seems more valuable and better than what we own. Therefore, I can definitely claim that you have more opportunities than you may imagine. Why can we not know it then? In my view, anger, frustration, desperation, etc. often blind us. We dwell on something we hate, give much sense to it, always think about it and complain on it to others “with pleasure”.

Why is it “with pleasure”? I want to say that life is too short to spend it on something we dislike. Things don`t get better if you just complain or argue about them. I am not going to claim that you are blind. I think we can explain it in this way. We mostly wear a large pair of glasses of illusions like anger, depression and see everything through them.

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