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the Language of Soul

through Intuitive Poems

for Daily Inspiration

and Life Purpose

This book is dedicated to all spiritual seekers and artists around the globe.

Published by Pilma II

Copyright 2019 by Pilma II

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Table of Contents


PART ONE - Gateway to Healing

Poem 1: Second Chance

PART TWO - Stepping into Unconditional Love

Poem 2: Fear Not

Poem 3: Beloved

Poem 4: Bond

Poem 5: Shift

Poem 6: Promise

Poem 7: Heaven on Earth

Poem 8: Spiritual Warrior

Poem 9: You

PART THREE - Life Purpose and Abundance

Poem 10: Light

Poem 11: Humility

Poem 12: Gift

Poem 13: Bridge

Poem 14: Rest

Poem 15: Next Step

Poem 16: Work With Me

Poem 17: Channel

Poem 18: The Poor

Poem 19: Just Right

Poem 20: Jesus

Poem 21: Before You Go

PART FOUR - Partnership and Individuality in Mission

Poem 22: Stay with Me

Poem 23: Unity

Poem 24: Yin and Yang

Poem 25: Greenlight

Poem 26: Joy

Poem 27: Happy Giver

Poem 28: My Work, My Bliss

Poem 29: Independence

Poem 30: Old and New Woman

Poem 31: Mission

PART FIVE - Strengthening the Foundation of Self

Poem 32: Meditation

Poem 33: Family

Poem 34: Spiritual Garment

Poem 35: Outlook

Poem 36: Self-love

Poem 37: Peace

Poem 38: Self-care

Poem 39: Waiting

Poem 40: Inner Brilliance

Poem 41: Completion

Poem 42: Fourth House

PART SIX - Creation Time

Poem 43: Grounding

Poem 44: Inspiration

Poem 45: At Work

Poem 46: Empress and King

Poem 47: Protector

Poem 48: Restore the Balance

Poem 49: New World, New Life

PART SEVEN - Love and Relationships

Poem 50: Love is All

Poem 51: Calmness

Poem 52: Oneness

Poem 53: Inner Guidance

Poem 54: The Greatest Love

PART EIGHT - Living with the Soul on the Lead

Poem 55: Intuition

Poem 56: Soul Speaks

Poem 57: Wholeness

Poem 58: Letting Go

Poem 59: Holy Spirit

Poem 60: Light and Shadows

Poem 61: Vision

PART NINE - Going Back to the World

Poem 62: Fly

Poem 63: Creative Work

Poem 64: Compassion

Poem 65: Doubt

Poem 66: Shadow Work

Poem 67: Creator

Poem 68: Power

Poem 69: Self-worth

Poem 70: Honesty

Poem 71: Grace

Poem 72: Coming Out

PART TEN - The Big Picture

Poem 73: Three

Poem 74: Humanity

Poem 75: Unconditional Love

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About Pilma II


Soul is our real self. Intuition is its language. It opens the mind to an infinite reality and a new way of seeing that mirrors this truth. This book of Intuitive Poems is a glimpse to that perspective.

Becoming Aware of Soul

I never studied poetry as a craft but it tends to be my way of expressing a full heart. That was what I found myself scribbling after an experience of the Dark Night of the Soul. It was a journey that ended twenty-three years of restlessness, loneliness and disappointment in realizing the dissatisfaction of achieved ego-driven ambitions. I went to this spiritual shower kicking and screaming, like a child afraid of water. It took five consecutive years of major crisis that came one after the other, reaching a breaking point in my mother’s death, toward a spiral of disinterest in everything external. Finally submitting to this call, I made myself a hermit. Practicing a private version of “ora et labora”. I revisited meditation and contemplation, exercises learned in college spiritual retreats, and explored them in a new way. Spending months in prayer, reading, writing, doing chores, exercising and eating healthy. This Dark Night period was a passage of healing from all suppressed emotional wounds that became too heavy to bear. Encompassing pains from childhood to adulthood and beyond, it gave me the gift of a new found relationship with the Self and a freer understanding of life.

I was asking about my life purpose when one of my vivid dreams woke me up with a clear but baffling statement. In it there were two men, in long garb, talking and one of them said: “It’s time. We turn the relevance into an understanding.” It took a few months to grasp it. And it brought me to the acceptance of a life and spirituality centered only on unconditional love. This book comes from that space.

The first poem in Part One entitled “Second Chance” came after two major healing episodes. I felt gripped in scribbling words reminiscing my spiritual life history with Jesus as content of the poem. Midway in the writing, I noticed that there was a rhythm in my head that came in sevens. Seven words in a line and seven lines in a stanza. I followed it and finally ended with seven stanzas in all.

After that, I thought the gruelling Dark Night was over and that I could go back to regular life. But it was not so. Instead, this long poem became a gateway to more healing and purging of destructive patterns and beliefs that I picked up in life, attracting negative experiences. It went on for the next five months with intervals of rest and very intense days. Shadow Work, which is extracting the lessons from experience, later became a continuing practice in order to nourish the new relationship with Self.

Learning Its Language

I became more curious, positive and happy. At this point, I prayed to become a scribe of inspiring thoughts. The succeeding poems in Parts Two to Ten are the results of this asking. I refer to them as Intuitive Poems from Soul with the Spirit of Oneness. They came out while listening to my Intuition or the Inner Voice as it whispered in the silence. Unlike the first poem, they did not have a planned content. The intention was to extract an inspiring message, an advice for the day or just ideas to expand perspective. I would ask the ego to take the supportive backseat and the Soul to lead the writing. Without the ego in command, the mind does not question, evaluate or worry about acceptability or phrasing of ideas. It is what it is. I would frequently start with an inspired word without knowing what the next one is, much less how it will progress or end.

Learning this way of writing was a natural experience of “ask, seek and knock”. Much like what the Scripture says in Matthew 7:7. In asking, I expressed a desire to be a “scribe of inspiring thoughts”. In the seeking, I was sensitive to signs and promptings from Intuition. It led me to reread a book called “Writing Down the Bones” by Natalie Goldberg which talked about writing whatever comes to mind. I also came across a YouTube video of a tarot reader who frequently spoke of things that gave me insights on my spiritual journey. That day, she got a card labelled “Automatic Writing”. Her interpretation and advice for practice was similar to the idea of the book but with a spiritual intention. On the same week, another synchronistic sign came through a promotional email that talked about Channeling. My research revealed that it was a practice of receiving insights from Spirit. Apparently, the request about inspiring thoughts was leading somewhere I had yet to understand.

Then came the time to knock. During one sleepless night, I had an urge to try writing without thinking. Just catching whatever word or thought that flowed. By 2 a.m. I decided to get up and try it, in spite of feeling foolish and scared about doing something completely out of character. The words that came were:

I want to say something

It’s okay

Thank you Lord

I like this

Do not think. Relax. Smile. Breathe.

When I was young

I would like



Take a while

Rest. Smile. Tender. Love.

Where are you going?

I want to

Take a bath


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