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MOUNT UP! Five Stages to Your Best Life

Dr. Daniel Ximba, D.Min.


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I dedicate this book to all the African children living in dire physical places stricken with poverty because of poor leadership who have no fear of God, no respect for human life and lack of drive to secure the future of their own people.

Africa is not poor, but some values of "UBUNTU" have been compromised for self-gain, self-enrichment and self-satisfaction which equates to self-centeredness.

May this book reveal to you that you are more than the physical circumstances you were born in.

May this book show you that after all is set and done because of the trials you so faithfully endured and never given up on your ultimate goals, begin to see that: you were prepared for soaring; your journey to succeed begins the moment you decide not to die where you were born and raised; the tenacity of your heart is an asset to pursuing your destiny until your goals are reached; that your present circumstances will be refreshing moments in the future and a reminder of how far God has taken you from; and last but not least (NOW you have no options remaining, you must take off and mount up because even the sky is not the limit.)


Mount Up! Five Stages To Your Best Life is a book filled with encouragement and wisdom. If as an emerging leader you are going through a difficult time, questioning your future, facing a crisis and having nightmares regarding your life … this book is for you. It will bring out the glow of hope in times of loneliness and rejection.

The practical principles and nuggets of this book penned by my mentee Dr Daniel Ximba… will revive your God given dreams. In the first few pages alone, I could relate to these nuggets of truths. I have been privileged to be at various crossroads of life and wished I had a copy of Mount Up! Five Stages To Your Best Life.

Remember that a life without a challenge is a life without strength, and a life without strength is a life without substance. Mount Up! Five Stages To Your Best Life will bring out that God-given dream in any person, from the pew to the pulpit, from the corporates to the communities. It’s time to dream big again because when we stop dreaming we start to die. We declare that by God’s grace your dreams will become your reality in your lifetime.

May the LORD place you in a place of abundance as you journey with HIM. Read this practical, life changing book carefully and do all you can to digest its contents. It’s time to Mount Up !!!

Dr. David Molapo

President: I CAN Leadership Institute Africa




CHAPTER ONE: THE WAITING PERIOD! - The Nesting Significance of Preparation


CHAPTER TWO: START WALKING - The Journey of a Thousand Mile, Begins With a Single Step


CHAPTER THREE: THEN RUN - Don’t Run With Your Legs, Run With Your Heart


CHAPTER FOUR: RENEW YOUR STRENGTH - The Refreshing Significance Before Taking Off


CHAPTER FIVE: FINALLY, MOUNT UP! - Take Off and Mount Up, The Sky is No Limit





This empowerment and life transforming book is the by-product for  those in search of inspiration for purposeful living, spiritual and psychological empowerment. It is for those who can recognize the inspiring lifestyle of the bald eagle which has an amazing power to lead them to their best life as they learn and apply these principles.


This book includes several ageless stages that are both inspired by the lifespan of a bald eagle from inception to its best days of mounting higher above the clouds and reaching its peak moments as seen through the eyes of Isaiah 40:31.


These unparalleled stages includes sub-titles like: the nesting significance of preparation; the journey of a thousand mile, begins with a single step; don’t run with your legs, run with your heart; the refreshing significance before taking off; and last but not least - take off, and mount high! The sky is not the limit.


As you read this book may you capture both the mindset and tenacity of its spirit which have set it above the rest of the beast of the air.  


Dr. Daniel Ximba (Wednesday, 26 December 2018)










Bald Eagles are mainly brown with a white head and tail. You may be wondering why they're called "bald" when they obviously have white feathers on their heads. The name actually comes from an old English word — piebald — which meant “white-headed" rather than hairless, referring to the distinctive white feathers covering its head and tail.


To every creature created by God there are stages of development which are significant to the future of that being. Inspired by the powerful statement in:  


But they that wait upon the LORD, shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.”  

(Isaiah 40:31)


This verse reveals how our lives can turn out unaware to that of a bald eagles. With each step as an eaglet develops so are we in reaching our full potential which will later translate to living our best life.


The bald eagle has very interesting facts about its development and these stages I have studied and adopted so we can apply them in our own lives as we pursue our God given destinies.


This therefore is how our lives develop as we compare them with the bald eagles. The young eaglets get into a stage of nestlings for 10 to 12 weeks. By the time they are 9 weeks old, they are fully grown. This is not so much far to our first stage of development in which a desire to live a purposeful life begins (we all start with baby features before we can develop to a mature and fulfilled beings).   


Some scientists did a study keeping track of all the time that the parent eagles spent at the nest. Once the babies hatched, the female was present at the nest about 90% of the time. The male was present about 50% of the time.

During the study, at least one of the parents was at the nest almost all the time. This stage signifies identifying mentors who will be present in your life to help nurture and motivate you towards your destiny, at this period you will need to cultivate a mindset of learning from those who went before you.  


The young nestlings are directly fed raw meat starting day one. Eagles do not regurgitate food to feed their young like some other animals do. From this, one can see that good mentors know and understand that you are not around them to stay there forever, so from the beginning of your discovery of what is it that you’re pursuing they treat you like an eagle not a chicken. They information and advice they offer you says a lot about what they think of you.


Eaglets are fed 1-8 times a day. The parents carry prey to the nest to feed their young. They feed their chicks by tearing off pieces of food and holding them to the beaks of the eaglets. The parents tear off bits of prey and feed them directly, bill to bill.


Even though you are treated like a bald eagle early on, however it is understood that some of the information and advice needed for your growth may be demanding a certain level of willingness to learn spiritually, psychologically and physically. Therefore, in this stage mentors will have to take time and break that knowledge and experiential information for edification and motivation, otherwise you might lack behind.  


In the nest the oldest eaglet can act aggressively toward their siblings.

The older, and larger eaglet often tries to dominate or even kill its sibling(s). In such cases where you come across aggressive purpose driven people, which is mixed with envy what do you? That is why the nesting significance is vital for your training and advice, without which many failed after meeting such vultures. Your mentors they have at some stage came across such individuals and I do believe that this book will teach you to deal with bullies in the journey of pursuit of destiny.  


Eagle parents protect their chicks from the cold and the heat. On sunny days, parents sometimes spread their wings to produce shade for the chicks.  As you read in this book you will come to understand that in life there are seasons which you will not be the first to come across, even your mentors did pass through them and they survived to tell the story of courage and motivation so that you can move on - this is because no season has ever killed any man, particularly those who are in the care of their mentors and clear on the commission they assigned to fulfil.


By six weeks the young are able to stand and walk, and by seven weeks maximum body growth nearing completion.  It is here where everything begins to mature, in walking we start with crawling and after walking we begin to run.


Hence at eight weeks, they are at their hungriest and are ready to fly by week twelve. Destinies have a tendency to create a hunger and a drive for us to push regardless of the tough situations we are going through. It is such a hunger that drives us to leave comfortable places and reach to the sky.  


As the babies eat, poop, and grow, the nest starts getting dirty. The babies usually lean over the edge of the nest to poop, but once in a while they miss! Food particles remain in the nest after each feeding. After a while, the nest becomes a stinky mess.

This is to show that, the more we grow to see our destiny clearer we begin to be uncomfortable and if we don’t make any necessary moves we will start messing up, hence we need to get ready to leave the nesting significance of preparation.  


In a nutshell as you read this book let your eyes be opened to see a privilege you have to get to the place where you know that your life has developmental stages that are of significance and each and every stage needs to be guarded with care because they all set a stage and determine your level of growth and ultimately your destiny.   



But they that WAIT UPON the LORD…” (Isaiah 40:31)

The Nesting Significance of Preparation



Clear perception, a symbol of growth


Three weeks after hatching, chicks molt to a thicker, darker down that remains until the first set of feathers develop.  At this stage, one of the parents remains near the nest to shelter the chicks from direct sunlight, inclement weather, and anything else that can harm them.


This is critical for safety and development of the chicks. Just by looking at the pictures of nestling eaglets above you can see that the nesting phenomenon is of a critical stage in the life of growth and development to reaching what you’re destined for.


Why is it important you might ask? The biological fact of its development is dependent on its physical body to grow and become mature enough for it to see and have strong feathers to take flight.


So it is with us, until we are matured enough to take flight we won't be able to reach the heights we are destined for. Nurturing and tenderness are of paramount significance if ever we are to reach our destinies safely and well developed and matured.  


There are a number of characteristics that still needs to develop and grow both in the biological development of a nestling and in the psychological and experiential nestling of our lives.


When an eagle chick first hatches, its bill and eyes are dark-coloured.  Over the course of three to four years, the bill lightens to a swirl of shades of brown then to yellow-brown, and finally to bright yellow.  The eyes lighten to buff yellow by one-and-one-half years, light cream by age two-and-one-half, and pale yellow by three-and-one-half.


Human beings almost have similar viewing perspectives as eagles - I call this perception, every time we venture into something meaningful it will always begin with a dim and unclear idea as to what it is all about that we are pursuing until enough research and exposure are in their full range of development. Ours is to seek more exposure and learning and experience until we have a clear and developed perspective.


As the chicks develop feathers and grow, the parents spend less time at the nest and more time hunting for food.  The chicks grow very rapidly as long as the parents can provide sufficient food. If the parents are unable to find enough food, the smallest chicks may die.

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