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A Handbook for Enlightened Living

Sa Silvano


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I dedicate this book to my beloved sons

Michael and Steven

and my granddaughter

Lily Rose

I love you

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Jan, my editor and friend, thank you so very much for the incredible commitment of time, energy and heart you invested in “Presence”. Your honest and excellent editing and refining has resulted in this book feeling truly “finished”. What’s more, the journey we embarked on at the beginning of the book has led to a friendship I am delighted to explore and deepen.

Claudio Silvano, thank you my beloved partner, even though you were deep in the midst of completing the last book of your wonderful trilogy, you still found time to go through my book and help me iron out the glitches.

Thank you to Monica Gagliano who was the first to read a very clunky version of my book and help to sort out the grist from the chaff.

Evalee Smith, once again your generosity with your time and energy with this, my second book, is deeply appreciated.

Carrie Broun, regardless of all the difficulties and challenges that were manifesting in your life, you still made time to read through “Presence” and offer some wonderful suggestions that I took on board.

Nada Orlic, you are a truly sensitive and talented designer. I sent you some of my writings and you sent me a most beautiful cover for my book. I am deeply grateful and very happy to be working with you.

Rifai, I thank you for typesetting both my books. You always do such excellent and professional work, and I love the soft touches you add which enhance presentation.


Four months after I published my first book, “Pearls from the Heart”, I awoke on the morning of February 4th 2014 with a completely quiet mind. No thought. I was fully present, utterly at peace. I spent a couple of weeks in that state, deeply experiencing my intrinsic connection to the trees, the sky, the birds, the water, and all else that was there with me. I was one with the natural world, not separate from anything. I saw that everything was alive and conscious.

It has now been over three years and although thoughts come and go, I know that I am not those thoughts and neither am I who I thought I was. I just am. I am free and I am life.

When things happen they do not happen to a personal “me”, they just happen. When feelings arise I experience them in the moment and soon they are gone. Just as a breeze blows, and then is no more. Just like that.

I see that I am the aliveness that is here in this moment.

I am not separate from anyone or anything. I am just a different expression of the one consciousness.

Although life is much the same as always - I work and play and the weeks are sometimes busy, sometimes quiet – I still feel the same about it all.

Life is a dance, a movement that is happening in the stillness of the moment. It feels spacious, silent and peaceful. Even when there is chaos, noise and drama, I can always feel the quiet beneath it all.

Dear reader, the pages in this book are an invitation to you to discover and anchor the same beautiful experience of spaciousness within you.

You may notice some repetition as themes recur throughout this book. Repetitions help to anchor. When I point to Presence, to the truth of us, I express this in many ways. Different words are used to point to the same thing so we don’t attach to and identify with any particular word. Some of the other words I use as pointers are consciousness, awareness, spaciousness, love, isness, grace, and softness.

One of these words will speak directly to your heart and offer you a true experience of yourself.

Ultimately the truth is simple. All that is here in this moment is the truth of this moment. This is inclusive of you and any thoughts and feelings that may also be present. There is nothing else outside of this.

All that is present, inclusive of you, is the Presence that is here.

Sa Silvano

Perth, November 2017


I had only ever edited fiction before and, from an editor’s perspective, didn’t really understand what Sa meant by “Presence”. Of course I knew what the word meant, but realised there was obviously more to it than just a word.

At the time I was editing Sa’s book I was going through a tough few weeks personally. Then I realised that I was actually drawing on what I had read to help me not only cope, but sail through that time and come out feeling refreshed.

Soon after I finished editing, I had the opportunity to share what I had learned from Sa’s book with a dear friend. As I spoke with her I actually got goose bumps as the words from the book flowed from me and my friend’s face lit up. She understood.

I now understand what “Presence” means.

Jan Bayly

Adelaide, November 2017





Presence 21

Life is beautiful 25

The wonder of life 27

We are free 30

The experience of emotions and feelings 36

Life creating unhindered 40

About needing a purpose 43

Serenading the moment 45

Sanctuary of Presence 46

Aliveness 51

All one 52

Being comfortable 53

Choose this moment 56

Lost in thought or present to here, now 65

Relationship & liberation 67

Sensitivity 71

Liberation from fear 74

We are the essence of love 79

The joy of work 80

Naturally free and responsive 82

Waking up 87

Personalizing rejection 88

Dealing with projections 91

This life experience 95

Encouragement not criticism 96

Expectations limit life 99

What keeps us separated? 100

What is attraction? 103

About thoughts and thinking 106

Making decisions 108

“Allowing” is the key! 110

The movement of creation 111

What is important? 113

What is enlightenment? 114

Unconditional love 117

Beliefs 118

Subconscious influences 120

Awareness and thinking 123

Safe 124

Letting go, letting be 127

Suffering or experiencing 132

You are perfect just as you are 135

You are already that 138

You are not separate 141

Courage, trust and love 148

Coming up for release 149

About story and Presence 152

Be here and everything is open 156

Be without opinion 157

Discomfort 160

You are all life 163

What should you be doing? 166

You are already whole 169

Unfolding story 171

To believe is to hold on 175

Come to your senses 176

The suffering shadow 179

The softness of the love that you are 184

The silence at the heart of you 185

Sleeplessness, a portal to liberation 188

Where are you looking from? 190

The nourishment of Presence 191

The beauty of everything 194

Synchronicity is grace in action 197

The heart of us is love 200

No substance in the story 201

Story meeting story 204

Nothing is broken here 207

Stop the story 211

Showing another their truth 215

Reasonless joy 218

Dealing with anger and sadness 219

Present to each other 223

Mind is like a child 224

Overcoming boredom 225

Okay not to know 226

Nature’s comfort 229

Successful meditation 230

Movement and stillness, sound and silence 232

Meeting in the oneness 233

Living without a recipe 237

Listening Presence 238

You are life’s loving availability 239

Liberating the contractedness 243

Laughter is life enjoying itself 248

Knowing who you are 249

I can love everyone 250

I am you and we are one 252

No struggle here 253

The wisdom you are 255

Gratitude 257

Indescribable love 259

Comfortable to be you 262

A story about the perfect relationship 263

Free from the noise of thoughts 265

All is happening in the One 267

From avoidance to acceptance 269

Be your natural self 270

A letter from One to another One 273


Through the following pages, offered with Lightness and Grace, Sa offers us the opportunity to peer through the eyes of Awakening by showing portals that lead back into our own true identity, to the one that peers through the eyes of all that lives and breathes.

By investigating first, what holds us captive and then offering a way back into our own innate freedom, every page invites the reader to contemplate and explore just how very close and immediate Awakening actually is. Whether it be asking the Trees how to be, through to recognising the perfection that is already right here, her reflections constantly and consistently gently nudge the reader back into their own true nature as Presence Itself.

Sa has the ability to pick a moment and investigate through a keen mind and awakened heart, just what it is offering. She knows that every moment is sacred, thus being another unique opportunity to be transported back into who and what we truly are. She takes a normal, everyday activity or situation such as work or suffering and scratches the surface to begin to shine a light on just what makes it tick. And, as we journey through her own encounter with each moment, she awakens something fresh and new within ourselves.

Sa’s ability to access both her Inner Child and her Inner Teacher, makes this book a beautiful celebration of all things that open the heart and bring us right to the very doorway of pure presence in the realization that each moment always offers its own wisdom and its own blessing. Each page offers a rare and precious insight, leading us always back to the One that is always present, always vast, always clear – that One that is looking out and in, forever at peace and without limits.

Through her words, we are visited by a loving heart, always offering a view that uplifts and awakens. And through her loving heart we are given direct access to our own. This is Sa’s gift.

This book is a joy to read, a gift to be savoured as you too awaken to the Presence that is always right here, right now. In her own words: “Be still and weave yourself deeply into where you stand. This moment holds all the nourishment you need.”

May you discover your ever-present freedom.

Enza Vita

Author of “Instant Presence

allowing natural meditation to happen”

It is your complete Presence

that makes an ordinary moment extraordinary


Even as you read these words, be aware of that which is seeing through your eyes.

For just a few moments, be still and savour…

We seldom perceive the present as it is. Most of the time, the tendency is to meet the present moment influenced by the thoughts and opinions we carry from our past.

We base our judgements of all that we see in the present on how we have been conditioned to perceive them. Our judgements result not only from our personal experiences but also from those cautionary tales passed on by our parents and other “important” people in our young lives.

What would it be like if you were to look at something without opinion and without interpretation?

To see without opinion would mean that we could look upon something without reference to the past. We would simply see it as it is in the here and now.

When we see like this, there is no judgement of what we are seeing. We see that whether we have an opinion about it or not, it is as it is.

I invite you to look now at something in your environment. Simply look at it and see it as it is. If thoughts appear, let them be, witness without engaging. See any opinion that arises as just another thought. Allow the thought without paying it any particular heed.

This is the experience of simply seeing.

When we see like this it is very fresh and we see what is actually present. When we do not engage and identify with the thoughts that come, we can deeply accept all that is present.

Nothing is personal. Only a thought can make it personal. Claiming what is present with an opinion, a judgement, or an interpretation, makes it personal. Otherwise it simply is as it is, a part of this moment.

Accept that there is nothing here that should not be here. Do not resist what is present. Do not wish it to be something other than it is.

It is only the mind that wants something to be different, and that wanting is simply another thought.

This that is here, this conscious awareness, is an experience of deep restfulness and comfort.

This, that we can also call Presence, is simply as it is, and has no expectation of this moment.

This Presence is you.

This Presence that you are accepts everything. There is no resistance to anything. Thoughts, feelings, sensations, are all welcome in this expansive Presence.

In this Presence, there is a deep quietude. Any external noise seems like a very small thing in the vast and eternal silent stillness that you are.

When you experience the Presence that is you, you see that there are no boundaries; you are limitless.

Experience this here and now and see for yourself. This space that is here does not need anything to fill it, because it is content. It is whole and complete.

It is always here even when the mind is active with pervading thoughts. Presence is constant. The active mind, its stream of thoughts, emerges from this vast emptiness, this spaciousness.

Everything arises and dances in the spaciousness of Presence.

In the Presence of You.

In You.

When we are present

we are able to see more clearly

and our actions are more a matter

of a natural and effortless response

to whatever is happening

right here and right now

than a desperate choice

arising out of confusion and fear

Life is beautiful

The beauty of life is always present, and is present for all to see.

If you disagree with this, it may be that you are focusing on what you consider to be wrong in your life.

Regardless of what you focus upon, there is a vast array of beauty and you only have to look to see.

The sky is always above us, in all its expansive ever-changing magnificence.

The sun shines its life-giving warmth and light. The birds fly, sing and inspire us. We are separated from the trees and the natural world by nothing but a thought.

It is only a thought that keeps you from experiencing life. A single thought prevents you from seeing that here, in this present moment, life continues to experience itself in everything and as everything – life is beautiful.

So come back now to that place before thought, in between thoughts. See from the quietness of your essence, see the beauty of all that is right here with you.

There is something very precious, very beautiful, about seeing without believing any thoughts that may arise about what you are seeing.

Taking a deep breath in and feeling your own aliveness in this very moment is beautiful.

Breathing deeply of the perfume of a rose, or enjoying the taste of a favoured fruit is beautiful.

For some, walking barefoot in the forest, bathing in the ocean or lying under the stars is beautiful.

Beauty is anything that inspires, softens or delights you.

Each moment is calling for your Presence, inviting you to partake and immerse yourself in the beautiful offering that is life.

The wonder of life

Take a moment to be with all that is in this moment.

Take a few long, slow, deep breaths to centre yourself in your heart.

Feel the stillness underlying all the thoughts that are constantly streaming through.

Do not engage with the noise of mind.

Instead, look for the silence, the calm beneath the clamour.

Rest here in this tranquillity.

From here, perceive the world you live in.

Acknowledge each being who supports you in either small or large ways - with friendship and kindness, in both material and non-material ways.

Acknowledge the land you live on and all the beings who are part of that land. The plant people, the stone people, the winged ones, the finned ones, the two-legged, the many-legged.

Acknowledge this moment and this day. Just as it is. Without wishing it to be different.

Acknowledge in silence all these things.

All that is in this moment with you, is you. Look around and see with eyes that are present. Not through any lens of discontent or judgement. Be kind and see things just as they are in their true form. Do not project any thought-forms onto anyone or anything.

Just see. See and appreciate that everyone is doing the best they can. Just as you are. See the truth and allow things to be as they are.

If you let go of wishing things to be different, if you let go of trying to manage or control, then everything frees up.

Frees up to flow towards its most harmonious and beneficial expression.

What there can be is a surrender to the deep silence, to the God-self within, and an allowing for the movement of our lives to arise from that deep place.

Any movement that arises from the depth of our being will be the wisest, most balanced and perfect movement there can be.

So for now, dear one, there is nothing to do.

Just leave your thoughts alone, do not engage with them. Instead, be with all the wonder that is your life right now.

Embrace life

and all that is natural and beautiful

Let the scent of a rose pleasure you

the colours of the rainbow inspire you

the freshness of a summer breeze delight you

the diamond stars in a night sky awe you

the joy of friendships warm you

the love of family comfort you

and the unexplored mystery

of each day

excite you

We are free

(I have used “he” in reference to the baby/child here, but I am actually speaking about all individuals, regardless of their gender. Our language does not offer an alternative that satisfies).

A baby is pure consciousness; he is awareness itself.

With complete delight, he explores the wondrous world he has emerged into. He discovers hands and feet and does not know what they are, nor does he know that these belong to a body, his body. He is simply life experiencing itself, and as life he is not separate from any other aspect of life.

Then, slowly but inevitably, he becomes separated from his experience. He begins to discover himself through the eyes and opinions of others.

That which was pure awareness remains, but the focus is now upon the person being developed by all those who are closely involved with his health and wellbeing. These influences are primarily his parents, his grandparents, his siblings, as well as the culture, society and environment he lives in.

Individually, these influences have their own unique experiences and perceptions, their own understanding of the world, humanity and life; their own appreciation of how best to live.

Each influences the child to the degree of their involvement with his daily upbringing. The personality that forms is the absorption of all these influences and, more often than not, they are contradictory.

The child becomes conditioned with conflicting beliefs about himself, his life, and how to conduct himself in the world. He no longer experiences himself as pure being, but only knows himself as all the thoughts, beliefs and emotions he has absorbed. He is now the person shaped by the people around him in the first seven or so years of his life.

This becomes the foundation he builds his entire life upon. This foundation of contradictions, beliefs, stories, of planted opinions and judgements; this fantasy that masquerades as the truth is what he understands to be the truth about himself.

He accepts it all because he trusts all the personalities around him. He sees them as the truth of who they say they are, and so comes to believe that the story they tell about him is the truth of who he is.

In these formative years of life, he begins to learn many things. He knows that he is dependent upon those around him for his survival and that he needs their love and acceptance. He learns what pleases them, what secures their approval, their love, their acceptance and ongoing support, in order to remain safe in this strange and sometimes dangerous world.

He discovers and enjoys the expansive experience of love, joy, safety and trust.

He also begins to experience the contraction of fear, rejection, anxiety, shyness, shame and guilt. He learns to read the signs of disapproval, anger, and resentment, and works out how to avoid these experiences to keep himself comfortable.

This dance between love and fear, acceptance and rejection, shame and pride, guilt and ease, pleasure and pain, is now fully set up as the dance he will perform, possibly for the rest of his life. Or, at least, for as long as he believes himself to be this conditioned and programmed person, this projection of parental, familial, cultural and societal influences.

He is now an adult; here he is, in this present moment, and someone says something or does something. Suddenly he is triggered, thoughts arise, accompanied by emotions; he reacts and projects and becomes frustrated and unhappy. He does not understand why things do not fit, what and why he fears, why he does not trust, why he is conflicted.

He does not know how to stop the suffering, how to stop repeating the same old patterns, how to free himself of his negative self-talk and judgement. He distracts himself, he attempts to fix what he believes to be broken and to improve what he thinks is not good enough.

This dance that he dances has very slight variations, repeating the same steps with different people who have all learned the same dance. He wants to dance free and does not know how to free himself.

This is how it is for most of us. And many of us spend much of our lifetime seeking freedom without knowing from what.

The only way we can become free is to see that we are not what we think we are, that each thought is not the truth but simply a thought arising in the space of a moment. We also need to see that any emotions are simply arising in the moment. Our emotions are mainly our own unresolved and unmet energies that have been stored for a long time and now await an opportunity for release. Thoughts and emotions are simply movements appearing in the stillness of a moment.

A thought comes and, if seen - and allowed to be - moves away again. Another thought may come and move away, and then another. Or perhaps the thought gives rise to an emotion, which in turn might reveal as a feeling in the body that, if allowed and felt, will continue to flow until it dissolves. There may then be a moment of emptiness and stillness, and then another thought or emotion may arise.

We are free when we can observe not just the thoughts and emotions, external objects and internal sensations that are present in the moment, but also that in which these objects and movements seemingly appear and disappear.

Have you noticed how a thought seems to arise spontaneously and seamlessly out of an apparent emptiness? Modern physics refers to the “void” as undetectable and terms it as “dark matter”. Whether it is sensed or not, it is nevertheless the space or emptiness that gives rise to the appearance and movement of everything – inclusive of objects, concepts and experiences.

We are liberated to all that is present when not only do we become aware of the light, movement and sound, but are able to see that the silent emptiness offers a stark contrast and an essential backdrop that, in turn, enables us to experience all that is playing out.

We are free when we can see the story without believing or identifying with it. We are liberated when we can observe the story playing out without becoming disturbed or triggered by it, addicted or attached to it.

We are free when we can allow all of the movements and objects appearing on the screen of now to be as they are without the need to resist, deny, avoid or process.

We are free when we notice that the spaciousness that is present can effortlessly allow any conflict or contradiction that may appear within it.

We are free when we recognize that the awareness, in which all objects and movements appear, is what we truly are.

We are free when we discover that the awareness is not only the aliveness, the spaciousness and the silent stillness, but also the movements, and the objects that appear within it.

We are free when we experience the aliveness that is us and see that the same aliveness is everything, is everywhere and is everyone.

We are free then to enjoy the experience of expressing the personality, as well as the experience of awareness.

We are free when we accept the dance of movement and stillness, of contraction and expansion, of joy and sadness, of anger and peace, of love and fear, and welcome every experience equally and whole-heartedly.

When we are fully present, and allowing of everything that is present with us, seeing it all as one, we are free.

You are the exquisite aliveness that is present

You are what fills this moment

You are life itself

The experience of emotions and feelings

When we speak about our feelings, we are referring to the emotions of pleasure or pain that arise within us in response to whatever is happening in our lives.

Emotions are something we can give name to. For example, we may speak about our anger or shame, our sorrow, guilt or hatred. These names or labels carry a strong charge and even as we identify the emotion, we tend to remain with the narrative that gave rise to that emotion. Many of us go to extraordinary lengths to avoid or resist emotions that are uncomfortable, whereas we are much more amenable to happiness, satisfaction, and other pleasurable emotional experiences. We regard some emotions as bad and undesirable, and others as good and welcome.

We have a tendency to resist, avoid or distract ourselves from fully experiencing the depth of feelings that arise when we are uncomfortable with our emotions.

We also may not realize that as much as we enjoy the emotions that bring us pleasure, we deny the full experience of our joy.

Pleasure is a light, uplifting and expansive sensation that seems to open our hearts and minds. Invariably, our response to the feeling of pleasure is to seek more of it. Rather than fully embracing the experience of pleasure, we look for the cause of it and then attempt to replicate that in the hope that we will be rewarded with more pleasure.

Our focus on the stimulus takes us away from fully experiencing the pleasure that is present. Soon the feeling dissipates and we are left longing for more, wishing we had taken better advantage of it whilst it was happening.

Pain stimulates a different reaction. We do not welcome pain. In fact, we actively seek to avoid, deny or resist anything that discomforts us. Our contraction against pain results in further mental, emotional and physical distress. In our avoidance of pain, we are unable to be present to what it is showing us and we end up suffering the pain longer than we would have, if we had just allowed the experience.

So, how do we fully allow the experience of our feelings?

Firstly, we can simply notice the emotion that is present, whatever it is. Then we can look for where that feeling is located in the body and what the experience actually is. For instance, when we experience joy, if we were to bring our complete awareness to the entire feeling of joy, we may discover that joy feels like an expansion, a lightening up in the centre of the chest.

Sadness may be experienced as a distinct heaviness in the same area, and may also be felt as a constriction in the throat.

Fear may sometimes result in feelings of tightness around the chest and stomach, a shortness of breath, and perhaps a dryness of the mouth.

There is nothing to be done once you allow the full experience of whatever is present. All that is required is the allowing of it all to be as it is. Your acceptance of it, giving it space to unravel as it needs to, will release the contracted energy to flow freely once more.

When we allow ourselves the entire experience of our feelings, our emotional energies begin to move and flow and there is a freeing up which results in feelings of lightness and effortlessness.

Where once there was resistance or denial, causing the storage of old emotional energies which, in turn, created blockages in our lives, now there is the freedom to live in direct engagement and response to every moment.

This vast emptiness

this spacious nothingness

this pregnant womb of now

life birthing into this moment

streaming like sunlight

through the tiniest crack

in a window long shuttered

revealing the precious beauty

that was always here

Life creating unhindered

Do not try to understand life, because the moment you try, you leave the richness of this present moment, this Presence that is you, which is life.

Rather than trying to understand, just be here and experience the life that is right here, right now. Experience yourself as you are, in this moment. Be in this experience of the limitlessness of this moment. You are not tied to anything. You are free. Just come into the moment and you may really get a sense of the nothingness that is here. You are free. Nothing is binding here. You do not have to prove who you are. You do not have to be better than something. Here you are as you are.

We have been brought up to achieve goals. There is no problem with wanting to achieve something and it is fine to choose that experience, but we miss the entire happening when we become fixated on some end product or outcome. We miss the experience if we are not present to every moment we are creating. It is in this moment that it is all happening. If we keep allowing each moment, then although our original intention has been achieved, we continue to enjoy the life that is present.

Often, when we finally reach our goal, there is an anti-climax, a flat feeling. Now what? This is because all of the intensity was fixed upon reaching the goal. The journey needs to be experienced in its fullness and richness. We do not want to miss any of life’s moments.

We have this idea that if we are living fully present in the moment, we will fail to get anything done. In truth, when we live in the moment not only do we get more done, but everything that is done holds the deep richness of life. It is actually life that is creating, free of the controls and anxieties of the mind.

Every moment is full of vitality and is life itself. You think there is a you that is trying to create a good life, and you do not see that you are life itself. So if the you that you think you are, stops interfering with the life that is, that life will create, unhindered.

We see how small children completely pour themselves into the moment. They are fully there. We knew how to do that once, to be fully present. Then we began to pull out of the moment. We learned that we had to think about things and worry and ponder, plan and achieve, and all the spontaneous creativity of life began to fade. Joy faded.

Everything being created is done so by life. You may think that you personally are the one creating and so you take ownership and pride in it, but look a little deeper and see that it is you as life that is creating anything.

Life is sitting here, right now. Feel the aliveness that is seated here. Feel the aliveness of the body. The body cannot really create anything without the aliveness that is present.

It is not about the goal. If I say that I want to be an author, my experience is in the creative flow of writing, not in some identification with a label. So the life that is here allows the full experience of creativity through the written word and every moment is rich.

What is it that is unchanging

and eternal within you?

Look for this

This is what is real

see what this is

This is who you are

About needing a purpose

At one time in my life, I believed that I had a purpose and that I was here to discover and fulfil that purpose. I had a lot of energy invested in the discovery of my unique purpose for being here. As long as I could not find it, there was a deep sense of purposelessness that gave rise to feelings ranging from frustration to despair. I believed at that time that without a purpose I was wasting my life and time was somehow running out.

I spent many years seeking the purpose of my life, the purpose of “me”. What I failed to see through all that seeking was how much I was actually missing “life” itself and the glorious experience of that “aliveness”. That experience of aliveness that I kept missing was the very Presence of who and what I actually was.

In every moment that I am present, I see that this Presence is completely fulfilled and realized. Life, that which I am, is here to be fully present to the aliveness of itself.

In this effortless being, everything I need to experience simply appears before me and because I am present, I see it, experience it and allow it all.

I am discovering, in every moment, how much more is achieved when nothing is resisted and all that is present is allowed and experienced.

You can become seriously involved and committed to the journey of discovering what your purpose is or you can be absolutely present and experience your purpose – the Presence that is you.

Yes, you can have goals if you wish, but they are not a mandatory requirement for a happy and fulfilled life.

Goals can be enjoyed as part of the experience of life. However, when we put too much emphasis and importance upon the fulfilment of the goal and believe that the achievement of the goal is fundamental to our value and happiness in the world, we actually take ourselves away from the very fulfilment we seek.

Life is already naturally rich, full and vital.

When you live in the present moment you find that you are not hooked into any particular thing but are allowing the play of consciousness without limiting it to any goal or particular way of being.

When you are completely present you are free to express in a multitude of ways.

Serenading the moment

The clatter of a teaspoon, the patter of rain; small branches in their trees bow and sway in the winter breeze, singing their own soft, swishing song.

Footsteps of my beloved approach from behind, offering me love in a cup of tea.

I sit in the stillness of being, listening to the silence and the orchestra of life serenading the moment.

Words seemingly fall out of my fingertips and onto the screen before me. I do not see them for my eyes are open only to the infinite emptiness, the unfathomable mystery that is here.

Sanctuary of Presence

Thoughts arise and if left alone will lose intensity and quieten.

We are afflicted with the habit of engaging with our thoughts. We tend to believe most of the thoughts that present, and then ruminate over those beliefs, giving them strength. The consequence is that our thoughts become empowered by our belief in and our attachment to them.

So come back and be here, in this moment. This is real.

Let yourself feel and experience everything that is right here with you.

Listen to the sounds around you, feel the air upon your skin, see everything as if you are looking around for the very first time. Drop all opinions about anything you see or feel. Just allow the experience. Do not wish anything to be other than it is in this moment, just let it be as it is.

See it all. Notice that there is something here that is aware, that is seeing it all.

A conscious awareness seeing all that is being seen, experiencing all that is here. It is all encompassing and not separate from that which is being seen – rather all that is seen seems to be arising in this awareness itself. The awareness of all that is here is the experiencing of all that is present. This experiencing awareness is Presence.

Feel the power and the restfulness of this Presence. This Presence that can only be accessed and experienced in this moment.

Just be with it. Allow it.

Whatever has happened before this moment is no longer here. If there was a difficulty before, perhaps it is because you were resisting what was happening, you may have wanted it to be otherwise.

This resistance to that which is here is in conflict with what is already here; this is what feels so hard. Observe your resistance and see what is being resisted; let it be, stay open, and allow everything. In the allowing, remain the witness as things begin to flow and change and change again.

If you are attached to what is happening, then when it changes you will feel the disturbance of that change.

Do not struggle with the moment and whatever the moment holds. Do not interfere with life’s natural movement. Become present to it all and let it be as it is.

Connect with that which is unchanging, that stillness deep within you, and you will not be disturbed when changes happen. This is peace.

Here, now, always, at the heart of you, is the sanctuary of Presence.

True heart

Bring yourself into your heart space at the centre of your chest and fall deeply into its softness.

Thoughts come and go. These are either an echo from the past or a projection of that echo into the future. As such, your mind can never truly guide you to the present moment.

As long as you are floundering about in the non-real places of past or future you will fail to see what is present; you will not feel grounded, you will not feel connected, and you will not feel safe.

Stop engaging with your defeating thought forms, stop giving them your attention, stop validating and empowering them with your belief in them. It is like grabbing hold of smoke and believing it will help you to fly.

Instead, come back to your heart. Place your full attention upon the centre of your chest, fall into this place, deeper and deeper, until all you experience is the silent, eternal, unchanging nature of your true being. Anchor here.

Leave everything aside for now and just be here.

From this place, when it is time for you to do something, a feeling or a knowing will naturally and effortlessly rise. Then, move forward and act as directed by the Presence within.

Take the steering wheel away from the struggling mind and give it over to the wisdom of the heart.

The more energy you give to your thoughts, the more contracted you become. The more contracted you are, the less likely it is that life will flow smoothly. Why? Because there is no spaciousness, because there is only tightness and fear, because things are strangled within you and there is no room for flow.

The invitation is to enter your heart and once more allow spaciousness and flow.

Your mind will always offer confusion and doubts; it is the nature of mind for it has been programmed over many years with a vast amount of information, much of it conflicting.

Your heart will always be true to you, this is the nature of heart.

If you do not experience it

it isn’t real

It is just the mind

and the stories it tells


This breath, this inhalation, this inspiration - this is life.

That which enlivens this body and animates this moment - this is life.

This moment is life.

To inspire is to arouse optimism and fill with enthusiasm. It is so wondrously observable when one is filled with life. One is lively and upbeat, engaged and engaging, motivated and stimulating, positive and encouraging.

We see this in ourselves and we see it in others. We enjoy the experience of our aliveness and we are attracted to those who are full of energy and vitality. Life nurtures life and life revels in its aliveness.

This breath is life, so life can be experienced as form. For life knows itself as touch and taste, as a scent and sensuality, as colour and light, as dance and stillness, as song and silence.

Take a deep breath into the right here and right now and know that this breath of life, this life, is you.

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