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The African Morning

The African Man

The African Woman

The African Market

Oh Cry Mother Africa

The bride

The Assault

Music to the Soul

The African Warrior

The Generation

The Woman

The Enigma

The Race

The terror

If Only Things were Different

The Usurpers

I Feel Like Going Home


Circle of life

The intermediates

The exhibition

What Ails You My Mother


How the days have gone

Preview of the next poem collection

Thy Good Spirit

Loving Still


I dedicate this book first and most to My Lord Jesus who saved me when I was a little girl and has given me hope no matter what I face. I also dedicate this book to my family, my husband Rev. Christopher Mujesia who allows me to pursue my dreams in so many directions. To my children Neema and Nathaniel who called me “mama” and makes it all worthwhile. To my mom, Rev. Margaret Maina who dries my tears right up to today. To my siblings Njama, Jenny, Naomi, Alan and Dan with whom we went through some of the experiences in this book. Last but not least to Dr Marcia Anderson who graciously went through this book and gave such valuable inputs. God bless you all.


Echoes From My Motherland is a celebration of life, culture and laughter from Africa. It spans through many facets of the African experience. To God be the Glory Amen.



Dew glistens on the lush green grass like little diamonds

The cool morning air invigorates the soul

The sun peeps shyly from the East

Sweet melodies from beautiful birds reverberate in the still air

It is the dawn of an African morning the way God made it

The cows moo in the ‘boma’

The rooster crows insistently in the chicken coop

The frogs in the nearby crystal-like stream croak softly

And the Lion roars in the distant jungle

It is the dawn of an African morning the way God made it

The village stirs up slowly

Smoke rises up lazily from the grass thatched huts

The hunter hastens to check his traps

A child’s plaintive cry hangs in the air

It is the dawn of the African morning the way God made it


Strong, dark and handsome he stands

His powerful gaze looking at the horizon

Unbowed, unintimidated, resilient

To take his place in this changing world

He shakes off the naysayers

He pursues his dreams

He runs and overtakes his foes

To take his place on the world stage

In God is his purpose

In God is his victory

In God is his destiny

To take his place in the center of God’s will


She stands outside her manyatta gazing at the distant hills

Her slim picturesque body resplendent in multicolored cloth

Her neck decked by beautiful rows of beaded necklaces

Her dark face glistening in the early morning sun

Her unparalleled beauty speaks of Creator God

The man of the house gets up and calls her name

Her children wake up and cry out for her

Her reverie is broken and she moves back into the manyatta

She mentally runs down through the litany of chores for the day

Milk the cow, prepare uji, sweep the manyatta, clean the utensils, clean the children, fetch water from the river and the list seems endless

But her unparalleled inner beauty speaks of ….Creator God


Early in the morning trucks and aging pickups make a beeline for the market

Red ripe tomatoes, fresh light green cabbages, dark green leafy vegetables, green yellow and red capsicums and dirt covered potatoes hang precariously on the vehicles

Traders rush to the vehicles like a swarm of bees,

Their brightly colored clothing and ubiquitous brown checked aprons flutter in the morning breeze

They eye the produce critically, looking for that extra something that will mean the difference between a profit and a loss

A cacophony of noises fills the air as they haggle with sellers for good prices

Loaders carry heavy sacks on their shoulders this way and that way

The African market day has just began

Early morning risers trickle into the market, each moving purposely toward their preferred stalls and traders

Many come from nearby hotels to buy in bulk

Some are housewives out for a good bargain

Cries of welcome assail their ears from the traders

Bargaining over the prices ensues

The business is concluded and the purchases carted away

The African market day is well on its way

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