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In loving memory of my friend, Ernie, whose short life brought unexpected meaning and clarity to mine, and whose life purpose has no boundaries...

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I remember feeling shocked when Junito told me Ernie had been shot to death on New Year’s Day. He had been walking home from a celebration at his relative's place and just before entering his doorstep, a car pulled up next to him, shot him multiple times and drove off leaving the 14-year-old boy to die in a pool of his own blood.

Not quite sure why I remembered that and nonetheless decided to use that as the intro to this book except to tell you this one simple truth: life is short.

I never really grieved my friend's death nor had the emotional capability to express how I felt about what happened. I shoved that memory somewhere deep down and only felt like now was the time to express how I felt about it.

What I can say about life is that it's precious and if you're reading this, you should be extremely grateful. To be able to read, understand English, have a digital device to read on, have air in your lungs, and have a pulse means you have some incredible blessings.

It sucked to know Ernie was murdered and it was unfair to know after, that he was shot because a gang thought that was who they were targeting. They never found out who killed this boy and Ernie never had the chance to live a life of purpose.

That's how it was growing up in Brooklyn, and I'm not referring to the current “hipster” Brooklyn where a run-down studio costs you $3k to rent, but the Brooklyn where when you played on the playground would see the floor littered with crack vials. I'm referring to the Brooklyn where you'd walk down the street and see candles lit on the side of the street to grieve someone that passed before it was their time to go.

As I mentioned, life is short. One day you're saying “I have plenty of time to do that” and the next “I remember when I had the chance to do that.” Living is something we've all been blessed with, as powerful manifestors in this co-creative experience called life. What each of us does and does not do is our choice.

While I know on a deep soul level we're all eternal beings that merely transfer consciousness from one physical body to another upon death (thank you Mother Ayahuasca), I also know that our time in each physical body is merely a blip in time when compared to the existence of this time-space reality. Keeping it simple, I know our time here on planet Earth is short, which is why we all collectively have to make the most of each moment. What we do and do not do has a chain reaction to this reality.

We currently live in a world of transition. I've met more and more people along my journey that are awakening as spiritual beings. More and more people are taking active responsibility for not only their well-being but the well-being of our home, Mother Earth. This planet and the level of consciousness on this planet is in need of radical change. No longer can we go on lying, cheating, stealing, murdering, raping, or lusting for things outside of us for those things deplete not just our life force energy, but the life force energy of this planet. We must shift and in order to do this successfully, we must shift our consciousness. In some years time we will have artificial intelligence public and as I mentioned in this YouTube video Artificial Intelligence: What I Channeled | INspire 13, this can be of consequence to the future of the human being, perhaps this planet.

And while there are those that are awakening, there are still many that are sleepers in this Matrix. There are many lost souls that have forgotten why they're here living on this planet during this time. There are those who have forgotten their life purpose.

From a very early age, I wondered what was the point of my life. Along my journey, there were many times I wanted to commit suicide, there many times where I felt hopeless and there were many times where I just didn't know my why for being alive. From experiencing high highs to low lows and everything in between, I've come to realize that living a life of purpose is an art, but one must be willing to pick up the brush and paint in broad strokes.

I've come to realize that each life is just as important as the next. To believe that someone is better than other is merely an illusion, which most have fallen for because of this Matrix. Each life is a special color and when that color can be expressed, the final picture ends up being a masterpiece.

Indeed I have found there is an art to living one's life purpose and it has less to do with money, but more and all to do with who you are, what gifts you give, and who you give those gifts to. Money, on one hand, is important, but money is merely an illusion. To be consumed with just money is falling for the illusion. Even Henry Ford once said, “a business that only makes money is a poor business,” meaning if your only intention is to make money, you're too focused on the outer world and you're missing out on something much bigger.

Yes, you are here to live an amazing life and in order to do that, you need money. But to live your life purpose is so much more than that, and it's my intention to help you remember what your life purpose is and why you decided to incarnate in this physical body.

It is time to remember who you are, what you give and who you give that to as a lightworker. It's time to awaken your life purpose.

Why listen to me and read this book?

Being real sincere, I don't know why. Throwing credentials is honestly useless, it would just be ego. What I can say about me is I can channel messages, only recently discovered I could do that after my journey to Ayahuasca. I'm concerned about the direction of this planet, which is my home, which is your home, which is OUR home. I truly wish for this world to be better than when I came here and I will do my part to achieve that.

Remember this: everything starts within. So within, so without. We can only change the world by changing ourselves, and I believe that's possible when we're living our life purpose.

Who AM I?

Answer this question without relying on titles, credentials, your gender, skin color, who others think you are, or anything in the outer world.

Answer this question without ego.

What's your answer?

When I first asked myself this question, I wrote down all the things I thought I was. Then, I wrote down all the things I thought others thought I was. It wasn't until I realized I was all of those things and none of those things that I had my answer. It wasn't until I realized that I just am, where I was able to answer my question: who am I?

In any given moment, you are who you choose to be.

In any given moment, you are what you say you are.

In any given moment, you are.

It took me a while to get this on a deep soul level and I never fully understood my answer until I left my old life in New York to recreate my identity.

It wasn't until I removed all labels and let go of limited consciousness beliefs that I am my flesh, pedigree, and memories that I understood I was none of it.

In February 2018, I journeyed to Peru to take Ayahuasca and while receiving this potent psychedelic, received the profound revelation that I AM. I understood that I am energy constantly transforming and shifting, at any given time, and that I, as this vast source of energy, can harness myself to be whatever I choose to be, when I choose to be. It was with this core understanding that my life purpose was what I chose for it to be because it came from within; from my heart.

When you're at the beginning stages of remembering your life purpose, it's easy to rely on what you see in the outer world and use that as the foundation for your reason for being here. But keep in mind, relying on anything outside of you is akin to building an empire on sand and ash: it will blow away in the wind despite your best efforts to create stability.

When I discovered this, it was freeing. It was liberating to know that I wasn’t my past, my credentials, or what others thought of me. It was incredibly encouraging to understand that I was an unlimited consciousness temporarily existing in a physical body, able to recreate myself at any moment. It was reassuring to recognize that I could become whomever I wanted to be.

Along your journey to remembering your life purpose, remind your Self to always ask: “who am I?” Don’t rely on anything outside of you to answer this question. Go within.

To guide you, I created a video explaining this in greater depth, with a powerful meditation to follow along: Life Purpose Meditation: Manifest NOW | INspire 5

Whenever I feel off balance, I ask myself that very question to regain clarity, and I can tell you that it works. The key is to eliminate the distractions that come up on your life purpose path, and it all starts with the mind.

We apprehend at a deep (although not always conscious) level that the mind can be our greatest ally as easily as it can become our worst enemy. All depends on how we wield this mighty tool to align to our highest Self. It is a powerful skill to be mastered, and I’ve found daily meditation to be a practice to have greatly benefited me in the quest for vibrating clarity, while living my life purpose.

While the brain is a visible physical matter, the mind is invisible and presumed to be located within the brain. For the purpose of this ebook, I suppose we can agree that in the colloquial sense, the mind and the brain are synonymous terms. For what is necessary that I’m here to help you remember, I will use the term “brain” to refer to the mind.

The human brain consists of four lobes: frontal, temporal, parietal, and occipital lobes. Each lobe has its own function, however, the brain itself operates in frequencies known as brainwave states. Depending on your brainwave state, you can feel lower vibrational energy (fear, doubt, worry) or you can feel higher vibrational energy (confidence, certainty, trust ).

In the language of the brain, a high brainwave state (known as a beta) is one in which we may become concerned, fearful, doubting, unable to relax, experience lack of attention, and various poor cognitive abilities. This happens because the brain is overwhelmed by sensory, which may easily lead to stress, anxiety, and depression. The human eye takes in millions, and at times even billions of bits of information per microsecond, and the human brain (conditioned from evolution) can and will receive and believe that there’s a perceived threat in any given moment. This causes a surge of hormones to flood the body and sends a signal through a human’s central nervous system to act as if a possibility of potential harm existed.

The sound of the “potential harm” alarm causes the brain to operate in very awake, conscious state of beta mode. And it is this highly stimulated beta mode that we must consider, for in beta mode the brain has fallen for the perceptual illusion of the outer world.

This circles us back to my earlier advice of not relying on the outer world to define who you are, and explains why I mention brainwave states. When you’re constantly believing illusory existence outside of you is real, you’re programming your brain (mind) to believe that you are what the outer world tells you to be, and that becomes your reality.

This is dangerous and counterintuitive to living your life purpose because you’re now relying on what’s outside of you to answer the question: “who am I?”

If you were to ask someone else to describe who you are, they’re going to tell you exactly that - tell you who THEY think you are, and YOU ARE NOT THAT. If you believe what others think of you, you’ve now fallen for the illusion.

If you’re not able to answer without basing your description of your Self on anything outside of you, you’re now unaligned to what’s within you. I created a video about using heart’s electromagnetic field to activate your life purpose, to guide you back within: Heart's Electromagnetic Field: DO THIS to Activate Your Life Purpose | INspire 18

When answering the question, “who am I”, seek not what’s outside of you, but rather what’s within you. To find what's within, you must be honest with yourself. Start cultivating your “who am I” by understanding what outside and inside (within) mean. Are you familiar with the movie "Inception" (2010)? There is a moment when Leonardo DiCaprio’s character must verify whether he's in reality or in a dream. He does that by observing the behavior of a spinning top. In the real world, he knows certain physical laws will soon cause it to slow down and finally fall. But, if it spins indefinitely… he's in a dream. Once you allow yourself to know your Self better, you’ll begin to recognize what is real for you.

We all know on a deep soul level that we are here to be and do something, but many of us forget what that is because we get distracted by the outer world. I believe this is why along our journey, we receive reminders (through life experiences and karmic lessons) to help us remember who we are and why we came to be.

And I can say from past experiences, I am supposed to be who I am supposed to be, not because of what anyone believes I should be, but because I decided for myself.

Getting back to our question “who am I?” - I want you to take a deeper look at what lies within. Don’t look at anything superficial, search for the answers that lie within.

The first thing you need to do to remember your life purpose is to listen to this meditation I created for you: Life Purpose Meditation: Manifest NOW | INspire 5

Then you’re going to follow the instructions I created for you in this video: Life Purpose: DO THIS Trick To Find It NOW | INspire 2

This is important, and will help you tremendously: after you’ll listen and follow the two steps above, you’re then going to repeat this process every other day until you have an answer that you feel is aligned to who you are.

Remember to stay focused.

Remember the art of living your life purpose. You chose to be here, at this time, to master it.


What do I GIVE?

When I ask you who you are, you say...?

If your response feels confused and unaligned to what’s within your heart, go back to Chapter 1 (“Who AM I?”). Stay there practicing, until you feel more confident. You can’t expect to remember or live your life purpose if there’s no clarity.

I remember at one stage of my life I became a book junkie. I’d read for hours every day in search of answers across many subjects. If you asked me to give you a summary of a book I just read, I couldn’t. If you asked me what I implemented from a book I just read, I couldn’t. My point is if you’re reading a book just for the sake of reading a book without actually putting what you learned into practice, well, congratulations, you just missed the point of reading. Reading is great, I suppose, if you’re reading fictional pieces, however, I read to learn. I read to lead. Take these questions seriously because they are the building blocks of what comes next. If you can’t answer these 3 basic questions clearly, you can’t morph that into other things; like owning a business that helps people, or being of genuine service to the world in your unique way. There are no shortcuts when it comes to remembering your life purpose - it requires your full attention and commitment.

So when you are capable of answering the first question regarding remembering your life purpose and you know who you are, the next question is to ask yourself: “what do I give?”

Along my journey, I developed many skills and after some time, it became difficult to be clear on what I did for others.

When I was 22 years old, I quit a job at a gym that was giving me massive anxiety and started working for myself. I had no prior experience on entrepreneurship or even how to go about making my own money. Only thing I knew at that time was that I HATED working for other people. Just the idea of waking up to an alarm clock to travel an hour and a half on the New York City trains at 4:30 am every day during the cold winter made me feel terrible. So at 22 I decided to do my own thing and learned many skills along the way to create my own income.

I learned sales, marketing, creating my own website, graphic design, blogging, writing ebooks, you name it, I did it. The internet’s only changed and improved the process of doing things for everyone since 2012, but it’s still difficult to get started. I mention this because I had to learn many things and got good at some of them to eventually charge as a service to others, making it hard after a while for me to say this is who I am, this is what I give.

What makes living your life purpose a challenge at first is pinning down what gifts you give. What I mean by this is: what do you offer to others that is aligned to who you are?

What do you offer to others that is a service or product that you can give to others that’s unique enough to stand out from what everyone else is doing that gets people to see the one-of-a-kindness from you?

It doesn’t even have to be about starting a business. Starting a business is NOT living your life purpose. It’s not about the money. Money will never satisfy you the way you want to be fulfilled, and power will never be enough, as long as you feel empty inside. Unless you’ll recognize that living your life purpose is about what you give to others that is aligned with what’s in your heart and what makes you feel truly good, something will always be missing.

I’ve come to believe in this quote by Rabindranath Tagore, who said “I slept and dreamt that life was joy. I awoke and saw that life was service. I acted and behold, service was joy.”

Being of service and being useful in this world is a gift. Feeling appreciation from others and yourself for what you do every day is a true honor. From my experiences with Mother Ayahuasca, I now truly understand we are energetic beings in physical bodies and as energetic beings in physical bodies, we’re constantly going after the feeling of a thing. We want to feel love. We want to feel good. We want to feel that our life has a purpose. I’ve found the best way to give your life meaning is through sharing your gifts by being of true service to the planet and those who inhabit it.

From as early as when my friend Ernie was shot to death, I wondered why I was alive. Truth be told, there were times when I hated living. I despised waking up in the morning to the same routine and detested existing. Looking at myself in the mirror most days was agonizing, and I wondered why I was still alive. This feeling was unrelated to my friend's death, but still, I wondered at times why was I here. My time to go could have come many times along the journey, but it didn’t. Instead, you’re reading a book from me on living your life purpose. Why? I believe I’m still here (first accepting existence and now truly living) because of this message. And since you are here, it means you are ready and willing to break out of your routine and receive it.

Because I am still here, I strongly believe it is to fulfill my life purpose which is to awaken YOU to yours. And so I ask you again to go as deep as you are able and self-question: “what do I give?”

If to awaken your life purpose is partly remembering who you are, as a spiritual being, and the other part is to give your gifts by being of service, then I ask you - what service is it that you give?

The ego mind tends to segregate and classify things to make distinctions, but through my experience I say there is no distinction, there is no label, and further; there is no replication of what each one of us does for others. We have been conditioned to believe we are all the same, but there is much deeper complexity to every individual here. Every single one of us not only holds a gift, but is a gift. What you’ve been conditioned to believe about yourself is sometimes hard to shake, so I suggest, when you answer this question… do not be afraid to go deep and... lose your mind first. Only to resurface new and stronger than ever before.

Losing one’s mind is to be absent of thought, value, and judgment. A more active mind (higher brainwave state) is focused on the outside and we need you to remain inward during this process.

Keep asking again and again: “what do I give?”

Lose your mind first, silence it through meditation, then ask this question to your Self. Write whatever comes up for you and keep writing until you feel a satisfying emptiness.

From here, start to narrow down the top 3 things you believe are YOUR gifts.

Once you know this, you can then move on to the next important question.

Who do I give IT to?

At this stage of your journey you should now confidently be able to answer:

Who am I?

What do I give?

And for that, I am so proud of you.

These are questions that took me almost 30 years to figure out.

If you don’t have the answers just yet as concrete as you’d like, it doesn’t matter. Just the fact that you are willing to ask your Self and go within is something to feel good about.

Living your life purpose entails who you give your gifts to. The who in this context depends on you. Living your life purpose could be giving your gifts to other people, animals, the planet, even yourself. It depends on YOU and what truly makes YOU feel good.

On my journey, I realized I am whoever I say I am as a Creator, as a Manifestor, as an Extension of God. On my journey, I realized that my gifts were everything I had been learning along the way. And on my journey, I realized that who I gave my gifts to were more beings like myself.

Treat this question the same as the previous two.

Lose your mind and from no mind, from this point of total creative vacuum, ask yourself: “who do I give my gifts to?” You can also rephrase this question to ask, who do you share your Self with.

Whatever feels good to you, remember?

From this space of no mind, visualize who you see yourself giving your gifts to.

If you visualize you giving your gifts to others, take note of the details and write them all out until you have a sort of avatar or working model.

If you visualize you giving your gifts to your Self, then write down what specifically about you that needs your gifts.

I believe a great portion of us want to help others, but we get distracted by this Matrix. We get brainwashed into thinking that our life is but another common occurrence and that we have no significance or value to others. That is yet another lie. But again, don’t believe anything outside of you, including these words. Just listen to your heart and follow its guidance.

As I mentioned, when I realized that I was just giving my gifts to more people like myself, I then had a working model of what that meant.

For example: I am only interested in being of service to others that are providing services, not products. I am only interested in being of service to others that are interested in global change, making this world a better place, spirituality; self-empowerment, self-growth, self-awareness, entrepreneurship, evolution, forward-thinking, and so on.

I wouldn’t waste my time trying to help others become doctors, lawyers, or have a “career” that leads to financial success only, without providing a higher, life purpose based service, because that’s not aligned to my life purpose and who I am. Is this starting to make sense?

When you know who you give your gifts to, whether you give to others, a cause, the planet or yourself, you’re aligned to the art of living your life purpose.

When my friend was shot to death, I couldn’t understand why. I might have been 11 or 12 years old at the time and yet wondered why. Why couldn’t this boy grow old and live his life purpose? Was getting murdered his life purpose? Did he agree to die that way, that young? I don’t know. What I do know though is to not take life for granted.

From being homeless and bullied in my teen years, to now traveling the world and writing this book on life purpose, I still wonder why do I get to be here and live this life. The difference is that now, as a Creator, I find myself more in amazement and fascination of the possibilities of one of our greatest tools - the human imagination.

I feel lucky and grateful for who I am and for what I have. I’m grateful for all the experiences I’ve had on my journey. I’m grateful I left everything behind in New York City to do this and to live my life purpose, and if you don’t feel the same, I strongly hope you’ll find the courage within you to just live your life purpose.

I remember when I was back in Bucharest, Romania, I went to this vegan shop and absolutely enjoyed the food there. I spoke with the owner of the shop, Roxana, and she shared her story with me about how she had to leave her job because of a thyroid condition she developed. She started looking into remedies to cure her thyroid condition and gave veganism a try. Within weeks her follow up to the doctor proved that she was healthier than ever before. Shortly after, she and her sister quit their jobs to live their life purpose. Here’s the video from the interview I made with Roxana, I hope you’ll find her story to be as much of a proof and inspiration as I did: They Quit Their Jobs To Live Their Life Purpose | INspire 43

Stories like this show me anything’s possible as long as we are willing to be the active Creators, and that means becoming someone who seeks out ways to learn, improve and empower Self, versus one that passively engages life on a basic food-work-sleep level.

We must all be willing to live our life purpose authentically and from our heart, because we chose this life as an opportunity to play an active role in our own learning.

Whether words on these pages bring an unhurried subtle shift, or a sudden strong push to actively create your future (instead of hoping that it will somehow happen on its own and that someone else will do it for you), it is my sincere intention that this book guides you to remember the art of living your life purpose.

Thank you.


Have you ever wondered what it would be like to wake up in the morning feeling fulfilled?

This book depends not upon your abilities as the reader, but your openness and memory as a conscious awareness. As energy, one that came to Earth at this very specific time, you have a profound purpose - you are the only one who can make your (our) world better.

I’m here to encourage and inspire because, I believe, you are ready to remember the real purpose of your life.


Your guide,


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My name is Gabriel and I’m sending you lots of love and good vibes.

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