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Discover Your Superpowers/Tamara Paul

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This book is dedicated to my children, Tito Paul II and Trey Paul. My precious time with you gave me the inspiration to write this book. My husband Tito Paul Sr., for encouraging me to grow and live my best life, and to my mother, Charlmel Simmons, for using her superpowers and leading by example.

I’d like to acknowledge my business partners, Manika Glass and Dr. Keisha “Kee” Fletcher-Bates, for sharing the vision and journey with me.

My literary consultant, Joylynn M. Ross for her guidance.

Assistants, Rose Black and Misti Mazurik, for their support.

Kathleen Ventura for assisting in the superhero research.

Manju, Adam, and Brian, for holding down Rep Network while I concentrated on the book.

Nicole McNair, Joshua Ross, Veronica Wilson, and Tiffany Vinson for mentally digging deep with me.

Michele Washington, for allowing me to share her heroic story.

Donna James, for bringing out some dormant superpowers in me.

Whitney Barkley for bringing the vision to life.

Nicole Marie Ricart for your amazing photography.

Steve Ruhs, Andrew Herman, Joel Londen, and JL Woodson for their inspirational creativity.

I’d like to acknowledge my family for your inspiration, guidance, and for allowing me to see your superpowers in action, because my story wouldn’t be as powerful if I hadn’t witnessed it for myself.

In loving memory of my sister-friend, Tamiko Brown (January 14, 1976 – December 7, 2018) who powered through a battle with cancer for five years. Tamiko’s superpowers of love and compassion, patience, giving, genuine loyalty, strength, and gut intuition was shared with and received by many. I love you, sis!


Chapter 1 Manifestation and Trusting the Process

Chapter 2 Slowing Down and Finding Balance

Chapter 3 Intuition and Gut Instinct

Chapter 4 Your Self Worth is in Yourself

Chapter 5 What is Holding You Back?

Chapter 6 Return to Love

Chapter 7 Meditation

Chapter 8 Meeting Expectations and Comparing Yourself to Others

Chapter 9 Fear and Excuses

Chapter 10 Circulation of Giving and Receiving

Chapter 11 Turning Bad into Good (Preparation and Training)

Chapter 12 Fighting for a Title and What You Believe In

Chapter 13 Your Shield

Chapter 14 Don’t Obsess Over the Past

Chapter 15 You’re Worth It!

Chapter 16 Service

Chapter 17 Shining Without Being the Star

Chapter 18 Importance of Your Network

Chapter 19 Know Your Beliefs


About the Author

In your lifetime I’m sure you’ve heard someone say, “I’m not a superhero, I’m only human.” Perhaps you’ve said it yourself a few times. But what if, in fact, you are a superhero? You’ve simply yet to unlock your superpowers? You’ve simply yet to reach your true potential in every area and on certain levels of your life?

I’ve known I had a powerful message to share since I was a teenager. The vision was loosely in the back of my head. I’d see myself presenting, conducting seminars, and mentoring young adults. More times than once I’ve said to myself, “The messages that come to me—the messages inside of me—can’t just be for me.” The experiences I’ve had in my life were so obviously planted that they had to be shared.

Throughout the years, I’ve unknowingly or subconsciously been mentoring friends, family, and occasionally a stranger or two. The problem with my vision was I couldn’t see the entire picture. I couldn’t visualize the concept and had no idea what I was supposed to say, or even do, in order for the vision to manifest fully. It was tough knowing I had a message, but not knowing exactly what to do with it in order for it to reach the masses.

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