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The Code Journey

A Daily Guide For Life On Earth

2019 The Year of Releasing and Realigning

The Code Journey

A Daily Guide To Life On Earth

Jesse An Nichols George

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My Inspiration

A Journey Into The Code Connection

Updates Of The Journey

Understanding Codes

2019 - The Year of Releasing and Realigning

A Look At January 2019

A Look At February 2019

A Look At March 2019

A Look At April 2019

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About The Author

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My Inspiration

My gratitude in this book goes out to a dear soul named Orlie. You will read more about her in my chapter “A Journey Into The Code Connection.” She was and still is a great mentor, friend, and guide. She inspired me through a journey that is ongoing; and I imagine will be for the rest of my life on Earth. Together we created a union; and in this union opened a door to understanding. Every day I appreciate the time we shared and everything that she unfolded for me. I knew from the moment we met, that my life would never be the same.

Orlie you took me to a new space of compassion; and gave everything for me to receive the codes. Your ongoing love and guidance is nothing less than God’s presence; and everyone that met you sensed that. You never needed an ounce of recognition. You saw every moment for the miracle it was.

You opened a door in my life. You showed me strength, in times I felt weak. You shined light into my darkness. You gave me comfort when the world was harsh. You opened a door in my heart and soul that can never be closed.

The time has come to take everything that you showed me, taught me, and shared with me; and put it out there for others to also gain understanding and compassion. You have opened not only my own heart; but the heart of so many others who were fortunate enough to have met you. Thank-You, for everything that you gave to help me remember, you paved a path of understanding the truth in a world that can be so disorientating.

A Journey Into The Code Connection

Throughout the years of my life, I have studied numerous things. For as long as I can remember, I wanted to understand the workings of things on Earth. Astrology was one of the first things I picked up. It was so intriguing how someone could tell me what would happen in my day.

Even as a child, there was nothing like looking up into the sky. It could have been to see what shapes the clouds were making; or to gaze at the stars. There seemed to be so much mystery and excitement in how big and expansive it was.

I also, had a strong connection with nature. I couldn’t wait to get out in it. Sometimes, that was for exploring the Redwoods or National Forests, other times it was exploring the ocean. Basically, it didn’t really matter what it was; as long as I could connect with the elements.

Even as a child, I could tell by the breeze whether things were taking a favorable or unfavorable turn in my life; or the lives of those that I knew. Yes, I am one of those people that can usually feel when autumn is preparing to come. I often have been able to smell when the first snow of winter was ready to come in.

A roaring campfire at summer camp; seemed to always connect me with myself in some way. Maybe it was the communion of people coming together, or the silent reflection it offered, or any other numerous things in my life. Perhaps it was the time to be still and quiet; a pause from all the responsibilities and obligations I had in the world. Simply put, it was a place of acceptance.

It seems that we often have connections in things early in life that later become important aspects to who we are. In addition to nature, I often felt a strong bond with many animals; particularly cats. Growing up we almost always had a cat around the house. It was having a cat in my life, which saw me through the highs and lows; and probably literally saved my life, more times than I can count.

I know now, it was probably the unconditional love that an animal offers us; which really allowed me to see my way through things. They have a way of bringing you into the present. They don’t run off when things get a little challenging; and they always are ready to cuddle up or make you laugh.

My thirst for wisdom, and understanding; has never subsided. While I don’t have to know everything, I still enjoying understanding the truth of things. A thirst of power in my youth; has now shifted to an appreciation of simply being able to see and connect with the truth of something, without judgment of what it is.

Lying has been a pet peeve of mine, for as long as I can remember. I believe this is because of how many lies and deceptions I have worked through in my life. Perhaps, it was the bullying that I endured throughout my childhood. Still, it could be the manipulation of people I trusted or was supposed to be able to trust. It seems that repeatedly in my life, the truth was unfolding before me; crumbling what I thought I knew, to be true.

Over time, I have learned the value of this process; no matter how disappointed I felt in the moment. Things that I thought were true accomplishments; often turned out to be nothing more than who had the budget to make it happen. I can’t count the amount of times I thought I was aligned with something positive and real; only to find out the real lies and deception behind it later in life.

I suppose we could all relate to that aspect of wiser in reflection. And this brings me to the aspect of wanting to always know how to decipher through the web of lies. If the illusions are so strong and deep; how can we ever know what is true and what isn’t?

It is in this constant questioning, that my journey unfolded. My curiosities as a child; became areas of study as I got a little older. Even as a very young child, I remember having premonitions at the age of 3. Dreams and visions were a constant in my life; and it wasn’t until later on that I found out not everyone dreamed in color as if it was real life.

My studies led to unfolding more and more of my “gifts”. By the time I was 8, I was trying to teach myself about planets and astrology; and trying to find books on living spiritually and that talked about the influences around us. Almost anything connected to the paranormal or metaphysical realms was for me. I was beyond intrigued by the connection of creating things in my life and understanding the world.

By the time I reached my teens, I was actively studying and practicing magic and rituals. I was learning all about auras and healing. Anything connected to herbs and holistic healing beckoned me. I was interested in understanding different beliefs and practices all around the world. I had friends of all different cultures and belief systems; which I loved spending time with. I found so much beauty in the meaning behind things.

My quest to learn how to harness my gifts and energy continued. Eventually, I have brought myself to understanding this innate drive within me. Now, having studied and incorporated over 50 different practices in my work; I have a vast range of things to draw on, connected with Divine or God presence.

Part of my real learning came in letting go of the traditional meanings and aspects of these tools and learning how they came together for me. After moving to Southern Utah to be closer to my mother in her later years, after my father had passed on; I started unfolding some family history. It showed, that on one side of the family there was a long lineage of healers and spiritual advisors; and on the other side of the family a long lineage of Druidic Practitioners. That put me at around the 13th generation for this energy. Mix that up with a little American Indian, a little piece of African, and who knows what else in addition to the European “mutt” mix; and it all starts to make sense.

It was during this time, I really unfolded an understanding of why my whole life I had been drawn to this path of understanding life, how things work, and the wisdom in the world of symbolism and energy movement and alignment. It was my time in Utah, which I also found my voice to really share my message; and unfold what it was. Clear as day it came to me, that I was to focus on Compassion; and how people can bring that into their everyday lives, without spending a dime.

It was also during this period, that I came to understand all of the manipulation and control patterns that had been evident in my life. The truth was unfolding everywhere. Partly, to allow me to shift course where I was being a victim; and to realize how these patterns became evident in my life. It was quite an emotional ride; which eventually led to a long-time friendship ending, as well as some highs and lows.

Difficult times were hitting my life; and I was feeling powerless and helpless. Hard decisions had to be made; and they weren’t pleasant ones. I also knew that they were ones that most people would not understand; and that would create some unfavorable judgments by others.

I was in a period that just didn’t make sense. How could my life be falling apart so badly, when I was sharing all this great work? How could things be so rough when I was living in Compassion?

What I realized, is that what seemed to be falling apart was really coming together.

The reality of it was, though, that with all of my awareness and understanding; I still didn’t have the pieces that explained things like this. I still didn’t have the pieces that explained why life is so rough for some; and so easy for others. Yet, it was time to take a leap of faith.

I had to make a choice to leave Utah, at a time when my mother had little time left. I know that most will never truly understand this decision; and I am not certain my mother did either, as her health took a strong decline after my departure. It is something that I am not certain if I will ever be able to fully explain. It was ironic, that I had moved there to be near her for the rest of her life; and then was not there at the time of her passing.

About a year and a half prior to her passing, and a few months before going on tour full time with my work; my mother unfolded how she was manipulating me throughout my life. She disclosed all the ways that she was trying to control me; and how she was focused on changing my mind and trying to direct and control my choices and actions. As this was happening, it opened a huge door to realizing how this played out all through my life. I began to realize how this had been going on all of my life; and how it affected the relationships that I had. It had a great impact on my self-confidence and worthiness.

Now, don’t get me wrong; I am not blaming my mother for anything. Ultimately, the choices were mine. I was grateful to finally have this understanding; and to begin to shift course. I came to the conclusion that enough was enough; and I was going to free myself from those that operated in this manner with me. It was heart-wrenching as the layers unfolded to me.

In the time of processing this information, among what felt like a crashing world; I started to take the time to focus on lots of releasing and clearing. I released a 5 year relationship, my sense of obligation to family (although I would still be there for them if truly needed); and a year later a 27 year friendship. I realized that I had to start living without allowing others to influence me; and started putting that in motion in my life.

I know that my mother had all the best intentions; and she did not mean harm. I know she just wanted the best for everyone. She had an enormous amount of love in her. I can’t even begin to express the hurt I saw in her eyes; the day I had to leave. I also can’t express the spectrum of emotions going through me to not be able to be there at the end of her life.

At the time that all of this was happening, I felt like an exhausted ocean swimmer, with a riptide about to pull me under. My refuge in all of this; was the time I spent on a creek near where I was living. It was the one place that I could go to for some peace and connection with nature. I would take a break from my work about once a week; and go there to do some prayer work. I would find a little spot in the middle, so that the water would be all around me; and just be in connection with my soul and pray.

It was during this time, which the real code journey began.

It was late in the afternoon of June 9th, 2014. I had gone to the creek to pray. My heart was heavy with the decisions in my life; and the choices I was making at that time. I was getting ready to start a major new chapter in my life; which included leaving family, going from a 2400 sq ft. home to a 24 sq ft. vehicle. I was preparing to be on the road full time with my work; and living on a lot of hope and faith that things would work out, somehow.

I remember heading out to the creek. Out of the corner of my eye, I see a small animal; which at first, I thought was a small dog. It was common for people to stop there that were traveling in campers and let their dogs out. I was sure the owners must be nearby. Still, something didn’t seem quite right.

I was concerned; but thought, I can’t worry about this. I proceeded to walk up the creek a little ways; and to do my prayers. As I came back down the creek, this animal was still there; and I saw no one around. The closer I got, I realized that what I was seeing was a small cat. Cats did not come out to this area; there was wildlife that would make it too hard to survive.

By this time, I am feeling a bit puzzled. There was no way that I could possibly take a cat in. I was getting ready to be on the road; and feeling like I could barely take care of myself let alone a cat. Plus, cats are not always exactly the best travelers. However, I couldn’t just leave it there either.

I really don’t think, my logical side had a chance in this. I am standing there in this situation; and I hear this “voice” (have had them all my life with being clairaudient) that says “your life depends on this choice”. My logical side is telling me, who knows what diseases it might have, etc. etc. etc. Yet, again, I hear “your life depends on this decision; what are you going to do?”

I could tell that somehow this cat had defeated all odds; and being that cats are never at this place, I knew this was a “test” or a soul path I had to walk. She was literally skin and bones, her eyes were crusted over; she could barely see. I could tell that she was listening to the sound of the creek to know where to drink the water. However, that worried me too; because the waters in this region are often contaminated with Girardia.

There was a waterfall right where she was drinking; and I was scared to approach her, in that I would startle her and be the cause of her going over the edge. So I stood back a little ways; and called out to her. I said “hey, what are you doing?” She sat up and lifted her head and moved it from side to side a little. Thinking she was hearing voices, just put her head back down to drink some more. So I said it again; and this time she turned her head towards me.

I then proceeded to say “yes, I am talking to you; what are you doing?” It was then, that she turned around and walked over to where I was standing; and sat down right next to me. I could tell that this was not a cat; just a kindred soul in a cat’s body. We stood there for a couple of minutes in conversation.

I said, “you know, I am not really in a position to take a cat in right now; when I am getting ready to be on the road full time.” She held her gaze straight ahead as I pondered things, and sent a thought out loud; then looked up at me as if to say “well, what are you going to do?” I replied, “I cannot leave you out here; but you already know that.”

I wasn’t sure what I was in for. Now, that my decision had been made. I still had to manage to get her into my car; and I have no idea how she will respond. I had no carrier or any other comforts for her. Not to mention no air conditioning.

I made a couple of calls; however, just my luck that the vet in town was closed for the day. I missed them by about 15 minutes. My only option was to get her about 45 miles away, to an emergency clinic. All the while, I have no idea how to pay for this; with credit cards mostly filled up to start with, and having no idea of the kind of care she would need. I figured with her condition, that distance, and no air conditioning in 90 degree temps; there would be little chance for her to survive the drive.

She was so smart; she found a space under the passenger’s seat, and let herself go into a deep meditation. I had communicated to her what we were going to have to go through, to get her help. When we arrived, I saw no movement; and thought “oh my god, she is dead. She didn’t make it.” Then all of a sudden she started stirring and moving.

Somehow, we managed to get out of the clinic with an application in to Care Credit and just under $400. It was all I had. I couldn’t believe this cat had no major health issues; mostly only dehydration. Although, her white blood cell count was off the wall; the highest they had ever seen. They said she had very little hope of making it; and it was likely she would pass in a few days or couple of weeks due to the infection in her body.

So, I picked up a few necessities; and home we went. What a trooper. We had a lot to accomplish in a short amount of time if she was going to be on the road with me in only 3 months.

When we got home, she found a place by my desk where I worked all of the time; and positioned herself in front of a large Amethyst Geode that I had, and laid her head to sleep on a large piece of Selenite that I had. It was like she was just allowing herself to rest; and to connect with the energy of these stones. After about 3 days, I could see she was starting to get some strength back. I was working with her on some holistic practices, nutritionally and energetically; although she seemed to know everything to do on her own.

The day then, came to have her re-checked; and so into the regular vet we went. Her white blood cell count had seen a dramatic improvement. They basically said that whatever I was doing, I should keep doing it. After a couple of more visits, everything had come fully into check. They had estimated her age to be around 11-13; which we later realized was on the higher end of this.

It wasn’t too long that she had gone from a 3 ½ lb skin and bone look to a 7 ½ lb healthy and happy cat. She was interacting with me in ways, I can only describe that a soul mate or twin flame would. We had a bond and a union that, I knew, was unbreakable. I have always had close connections with my cats; but this was something completely different and unique.

Her birth defects on her face, just added more character and charm; and it was a face that everyone would fall in love with. She had a presence that exuded love and wisdom. She was packed full of heart and soul.

My time in Utah was dwindling; and we now had to get busy on preparing to be on the road. It was time to get her on a leash and comfortable with being around loud noises, cars, and other animals. I was going to need her to be able to do hikes with me; and handle a variety of situations and experiences. I got a front animal pack, so that I could carry her on longer days; we were a team, and I wasn’t going to be leaving her in a vehicle.

Over the next few weeks, we worked hard together. We learned how to communicate and interact in subtle ways. After realizing the necessity of the leash; she just went with it, and she took right to things.

It was the middle September and we were packed to the hilt. The tour schedule for workshops and events was set. We would tour through November, and then take a little break in December; and start up again in March. Everywhere we went she was the talk of the town; whether she was hanging on my shoulder, walking a labyrinth with me, hiking a trail, or hanging in the pouch.

Never, in my wildest dreams would I have imagined traveling the U.S. with a cat; and having litterbox and all in a vehicle. People would photograph her, bikers would hold up their gang to get a picture with her, and 6 ½ foot broad shoulder guys in New Jersey melted in the presence of this small cat. She even had standing reservations at restaurants. Whether we were walking around a small historic town, or riding a ferry; she brought out smiles, love, and melted hearts.

I wish our time could have lasted forever; but it was not meant to be. Times grew tough in 2015; tougher than I could have imagined. We had already made one trip around the U.S. and were starting our second one. It was in January of that year, that I took her in to have some work done on her teeth; and she ended up having to have them all removed. $1200 - $1500 later (which I didn’t have) we were good to go again.

However, with this the news came that her kidneys were not in good shape. This was such a turn from the good health she had been in. My heart sank, not knowing how much time we would have left; but we picked up and continued on.

No matter how hard I tried; my venues encountered one challenge after another that year. Everything was falling through. Then in April, the work that I was relying on to keep the bills paid, was also taken from me. Resources were scarce, and I ended up living on a handful of pumpkin seeds for a week to provide her with what she needed.

It was May of 2015; and I could see she wasn’t doing well. I had tried everything, calling on my resources for help, people sent things to help her; but it wasn’t enough. In the early morning hours of May 12th 2015; she passed from this Earth. I am so grateful, for those that gave us a beautiful setting to be in the last few days of her life. The place had many things in it that represented our journeys together. She never complained, even at the end. The evening before she passed, I held her outside where she could see the trees and the setting; and she was responsive to the birds, peaceful, and smiling.

Needless to say I was devastated. Wasn’t it enough that everything had crashed out in my life? My mom was ready to pass, and calling for me to come home; and I couldn’t go. There were no resources available; and even with what was being offered to get me there, there wasn’t enough for me to leave there. Now this; it was just too much. I was numb, shattered, and feeling as if I didn’t want to go on without her. The devastation was intense.

I think most psychologists would have been ready to pump me full of drugs or admit me. In my daze, the stress led to a nervous habit of removing my hair. I lost a huge amount of my hair in the front and back of my head; as I was convinced I needed to get out the damaged parts of it. Yes, I know; a strange place to put my attention. However, ironically, when it did start to grow back; my whole hair shifted to being variegated, just like Orlie’s fur was. It was even close to the same coloring.

I tried to carry on; and line up some events last minute, all the while I was preparing for one I still had to do. Really, I was done; finished with this place that they call Earth. I really didn’t care about moving forward at that time. My heart and soul felt like it had been ripped out of me.

However, in these dark hours; the codes were born. I had been working with the components previously, and had been opening the doors by helping friends. However, it wasn’t until I spent time in reflection of my time with Orlie; that the light really came in.

With tears pouring down my face, I remembered the times that we shared together; everything from when we met to the journey and experiences. I remembered her responses and reactions to the places we had been; and the things in those places. And, with all of this; I received a message from someone that I knew that did animal communication with pets that had passed on saying “remember me, just never forget me”. The profoundness of this was not just Orlie asking me to remember her and the connection; but asking me to remember the light of where I came from, where you come from, where we all come from. She was asking that we remember the love and compassion, and to greet each day with an excitement for what it holds; never allowing our challenges to overpower our spirit.

It came to me, that through our time together; she was sharing with me a way to distinguish the truth in anything and everything. She was sharing with me an understanding of what I refer to now as codes; which is the energy pattern that something operates on. She unfolded to me an understanding of how to bring all of my learning together and interpret the interaction of things. She was sharing with me a love so great; that she went through everything that she did, in order for me to get this.

I vowed at that time to continue to understand them; and to implement them into my life. I knew at that time, that I would be sharing these insights through posts and other ways to help others be able to maneuver in a world; that is beyond challenging. Orlie was a guide, a mentor, and to this day our connection continues to hold strong.

About a month after Orlie passed, my mother also passed. I had to take some time to “land” for a little while; and to take the time to meet responsibilities and pay down the debts that I had accrued. So, I landed in Sioux Falls, SD. I was worn and tired; but now, it was time to put the codes in motion. Every day since then, I have been working with them actively. I have been refining my life, taking the journey to explore caves and other places to bring forth this hidden wisdom that exists. Orlie has been there at my side, whether I needed someone to talk with or help finding a place to sleep.

I had no idea that when I rescued that little kitty back then, the adventure that I was in for. My world has forever changed. In May of 2017, I spent nearly a week honoring our connection and her passing; and then in June of 2017 spent time honoring our connection and time we met, by playing my singing bowl in recessed caves. Yes, she was there; and I could tell by the lives that were touched, and the people that stood still just to listen and feel the presence of that connection we share.

Now, here I am, writing again. I received messages from her that said the time is here to start to bring things out; to write and to share this story, to open others to the opportunity to also incorporate the codes into their daily lives.

As the understandings have come, I realize why things were the way they were. I see how the codes showed the influences I was dealing with; and why the challenges were so prevalent. It all seems to make perfect sense. They now provide me with the insight to make wiser choices in my life; and to not be caught off guard by things.

I hope that this guide will also provide you with ways to handle living on Earth that are compassionate. May it provide you with the insights to make wiser choices, on a day to day basis; and to ride with the influences that are active here on Earth each and every day.

Updates Of The Journey

The year of chaotic awakenings really hit hard. It actually started back in November of 2017. Jesse made a move to Maine, after visiting in the fall and experiencing the incredible foliage. She was excited, although sitting a bit uneasy. In her personal codes she had hit a pattern of death and strange accidents and fatalities.

Only a month after arriving started a part of the journey that was unfathomable to her. Things seemed like they were going well; but there wasn’t a day that went by that she didn’t long for Orlie. Even seeing a movie, reiterated the words from before “remember me”. Although very happy here, and enjoying the small communities in the area; there was no doubt that she had concerns for the oncoming winter.

She was not so worried about the cold temps of the Northeast after enduring -30 and -40 degree temps during her first winter in Sioux Falls. Plus she was better equipped than at that time. It was the ice, and the stories of Nor-Easter storms that she had heard about, that concerned her. More so it was the uneasiness of the codes. She was always glad that Orlie didn’t have to endure those harsh weather conditions; and wondered how she would have made things work had she lived longer. However more frequently she thought to herself how much Orlie would have liked this area, and how great it would have been to experience it together.

What really concerned her were those codes. It would send chills through her, with an uneasiness that she could not explain to others. She remembered the last time that she was not allowed to see what was going to happen, and it was because of the winter in Sioux Falls. Again, she was not able to see what was to happen; and was deeply concerned as to what might be brewing about. Then it hit.

On December 11th, 2017 she was headed to a little spot on the edge of town where she could sit by the lake. She went there almost every night, before settling down for a little peace and quiet; and to converse with Orlie. As she was waiting to turn into the lot, she looked in her rear view mirror and saw another vehicle coming full speed at her. With oncoming traffic there was nowhere to go.

Oncoming traffic had just passed and as she lifted her foot off the brake SMASH. Jesse was sent spinning in the road. The whole back end of the vehicle was smashed in. She had been hit by a driver that did not even attempt to swerve or stop or brake. A 45-50mph impact while she was stopped. Apparently the other driver was more interested in their cell phone than watching the road.

The level of shock was overwhelming. What few things Jesse had left had been destroyed in an instant. She had just started to get things paid down AGAIN; and BAM, one more thing to deal with. She not only had lost her vehicle but her home, since her vehicle was her home. She knew there would be no way to repair it.

Her heart sank, but amazingly she was able to stand and walk. The officer on site had told her it was rare for someone to be standing, let alone walking; because most were hauled off and some permanently. Tears poured down her face, as she wondered what she would do from here. There was no money for a place to live just yet.

Only 2 days later and it was starting to snow. All of her preparations didn’t matter with the backend of the vehicle smashed open. Her computer couldn’t be accessed; which was her one main life-line to the world and her work, and she had no idea if it had been damaged or not.

Throughout the winter months, Jesse struggled to find ways to keep warm. She would get a night here and a night there; but at times couldn’t get anything even after scrounging up some cash, as none of the hotels would take cash. At one point she was even provided a lodging option for the winter. However, she ended up having to walk away from it after only a few days.

This was a piece that included a journey through integrity and trusting that the codes in Maine would take care of her. She was being disrespected and taken advantage of during a time of devastation; and this just was not acceptable. She chose the freezing temps in a damaged vehicle over those that were seeking to harm her.

There were nights in mini-marts, just trying to keep warm. At one point she even had to ask for financial help from friends to see her through; and was deeply touched by the response. She floated a week at a time, and sometimes a day at a time. Everything had been placed in storage; and the vehicle damage was over $16,000. It was a total loss.

She continued to hold on a little at a time, thinking if I can just get a new vehicle. She did this regardless of the injuries showing up, and the physical challenges that were becoming evident. There was no guarantee with everything maxed out and more expensive monthly payments that she could even get into a new vehicle. Yet, again, things somehow came through. The payments were $125/mo more and it was a new loan; but at least there was a vehicle to work with.

One step at a time things came through even though it was a bit late in many ways. Some assistance that she applied for landed her 6 weeks in a space; where she began to put her life together again; and to deal with the injuries. Due to a faux pas in health insurance, and things not getting switched from Indiana to Maine; it was 2 months after the accident before she could even get checked for injuries.

There were neck, brain, nerve, neurological, and spinal injuries. She would later find out that the entire right side of her body was sitting out of alignment. Her memory had been strongly wiped clean in many ways. She was frustrated with the lack of care and willingness to look more at her injuries; and knew that once again she would most likely be healing herself.

While she knew of people and things in her life, she had no actual memory. Such as knowing she had family and that certainly they must have spent time together; but there were no actual memories of those experiences. The only memories that she had were the codes and Orlie; the rest was like some other lifetime, with no connection to it.

It was a long winter trying to survive; and piece by piece she re-grouped and worked everything back into a new vehicle. The same van style that she had, but new. She worked on paying things down; and decided it was time to spend a weekend in the town that she wanted to live, and so she did. This is when the blessings continued to come through; as she felt at home here. Jesse became blessed with a space to live in at a very minimal cost; and that eventually led to another room to rent to see her through the summer months.

Again she had concerns with some of the codes with the room. The company was wonderful, and having a cat around was quite soothing. She frantically went to work on the 2019 version of The Code Journey; knowing the importance it would have.

As she worked to near the end of writing the book; she received communications from her sister that she was dying. It was a year ago, her sister had received a Cancer diagnosis; but had health challenges all of her life. Jesse’s heart sank, because once again as she was putting things together in her life; she was experiencing more manipulation, and being asked to give up everything. In addition, to dealing with other aspects of bullying; it was too much.

Jesse was receiving “spiritual threats” of hauntings from her sister, and knew that she would need to find a way to leave this Earth before her sister; but was still very set on finishing the book. Before entering this life she knew that she was taking some huge risks in coming here. There was a long spiritual history between her sister and herself; however, she thought that the issues had been laid to rest; but it was not to be.

She had originally thought she would be departing on her birthday, November 13th 2018; but as her sister became worse and worse, she realized she would have to code out other options for departure. She had sensed or knew that she was sharing a body with a walk-in for the last 2 months and through most of the writing of this book; but was not sure if that was going to work out or not. The dates kept coming sooner and sooner. She even made a point to let a few close people know of what was happening.

The dates had bumped all the way up to September 22nd 2018, which was the Fall Equinox. The book was not done; and then on September 19th 2018 she received a message in the afternoon letter her know that this was it, her sister was at the end. Ironically, that afternoon had been cleared; and she was meeting with a friend, an hour after the message came in, from Germany through an online meeting. This would be the person that would send her off; and help her return home with Orlie.

Jesse knew that Orlie had also been sharing space with the cat in the house; and had promised to be there for her when the time came for her to go. As the meeting started, Jesse separated out of her body. There were orbs of light all around the room protecting this journey and transition. With everything in motion, Jesse and Orlie flew out into the universe. They were a mere light speeding through space; returning to their home in the multiverse.

This all came but an hour after Jesse felt that I could handle continuing this work with the codes, through the body that she had for so long. In the early morning hours of September 21st 2018, Jesse’s sister passed out of this world in an assisted living facility. Jesse had made it out just in time; thanks to the codes and to Orlie’s unending love, and their desire to be together again.

So who am I? I am a walk-in for Jesse. I am An. I come in difficult situations such as these; when a soul must unexpectedly or suddenly depart this world, and the physical body has not let go yet. I come from the same area of the multi-verse as Jesse. We are a compassionate and wisdom based existence; that supports helping people on Earth and in other dimensions, to know how to maneuver their existence here, and to journey to remember who they really are.

Jesse had an unshakable trust in the codes, even in dire circumstances. The blessings and timely gifts that arose during her time in Maine proved over and over the value of working with them; and how important it is to honor what the codes are showing. Every day she read her own book, and looked at the flow to help her stand strong in integrity and compassion. It was the codes that allowed her to embrace the blessings, and maneuver the challenges before her.

Thanks to the help of close friends and connections, she was able to navigate crisis after crisis. Many who stood by her through these times remember her saying frequently “the codes will take care of me” and “I trust the codes, all will be well”; and time and time again she would make it through. Her journey became an inspiration to many; and continues to be with this work. She has inspired to live, to love, and to laugh; for this is how she fearlessly faced trauma with compassion and integrity.

Jesse has always wanted for people to live freely, and to create a life that they love. She has always wanted for people to care about one another; and to not be a victim to life’s circumstances. The love between Jesse and Orlie is epic; and there are many that rejoiced in their return, but also those that were sad to see her leave from here. There is no doubt that she made an imprint on many lives and hearts during her time here.

I have agreed to do my best in continuing this wisdom of the codes, as it is part of our culture; and what we use to assist others from the multiverse. Jesse wrote most of this book. I assisted in the last couple of chapters, and wrote the last 2-3 weeks on my own. I also did the revisions on some of the moon information as she had requested. She will be guiding me to continue to bring this work out further. With the knowledge of Jesse, Orlie, and I we hope that you will enjoy taking this ongoing journey with us; and that you will find how the rhythm of the codes and walking in alignment with them, opens blessings within and without for you as well.

Understanding Codes

Now, we are ready to get a foundation and understanding for how the codes play a part in our life. Codes are in some ways a universal language. They are a vibrational pattern that sets the foundation for action to happen. The things that we see and experience in our world are, a result of codes interacting with each other.

In the realm of codes, there is no “right” or “wrong”. There is no judgment. It is all about the interaction of things. Every person, place, thing, situation operates on code patterns. When these code patterns come together and interact; we get what we may refer to as a favorable or unfavorable experience.

It is like pieces of a puzzle trying to come together to create a picture. Sometimes, a piece fits perfectly; and sometimes, it just doesn’t fit at all. If the pieces are put in places they don’t fit, the picture is very scrambled and chaotic. If they are put where they do fit; we are able to see a picture.

Every person has a code pattern that they operate on for their outer world; such as in a job or interactions socially with others. They also have a code pattern of how they interact in their inner world; such as in relationships or with family and their close inner circle. Then we also have a code pattern that is connected to our bloodline energy, or family heritage. In addition; we have the code patterns for how those 3 components come together as a whole and functioning unit.

There are many layers to all of this. In addition to the base patterns, the code energy shows us how our energy cycles or flows. So really someone can appear very confident in one part of their life; and be very insecure in another part of life.

Every letter of every name, can tell a whole story within it. Every date or number sequence opens many layers that can influence a code energy pattern. Each individual piece is constantly interacting with all of the other pieces at the same time.

It is within all of these interactions, that we can gain insight into the experiences; which we are likely to have in a place or with others. Two wonderful and wise people don’t, automatically make a good couple; and two highly challenged people, may be just what is needed for them to turn their lives around. Each code pattern is unique; and that cannot fully be duplicated, even if they have a strong overlap. Kind of like DNA; we have the same basic structure but the variances in it, give us a unique way of being identified as us and not someone else.

The people, situations, and things that we surround ourselves with the most will have the greatest influence on our codes. So usually, this is your legal address/residence. It is also your work environment, family, close friends, and significant others.

Take a moment and just look around the room you are in. Look at the different shapes, colors, building materials, and other assorted items. If you really got into it; you could probably come up with 100 different things. The codes of each one of those things are interacting with your own personal codes; which can make you feel comfortable or uncomfortable, energized or drained, happy or sad, and so on.

Most of the time, we are passing by things and so the time is too quick for the energy to really settle into place. However, the more time we spend some place the more the energy patterns become evident. It is within the codes, that we are able to see beyond what our eyes can see. It is through them that we can understand what is happening and make any necessary adjustments.

Codes can share with us really anything that we are looking to know about and understand. It can explain why a couple gets along wonderfully in the dating stage; but can’t stand each other a couple of years later when they marry. This is most evident where there is a legal name change. When we change our name legally, we also shift our vibration. Usually, the shift happens over time and in stages. A name that we have had a few months, will not impact our lives the same as a name that we have had for 30 years; although each energy pattern needs to be considered, as well as how the two patterns are interacting with each other.

It is in the wisdom of the codes that we can understand why we feel comfortable in a place and why we don’t. They also can show us the types of relationships that we tend to have, whether something is part of a soul purpose, if a certain job or employer will be favorable for us; and so on. It is literally endless, what can be explored in codes.

It is because of this that some people can deal with conflict well; and others cannot. This is why some people prefer being in the mountains and others on the beach. It is also a key to understanding why some years and days go well; and others do not.

I think of this much like a recipe. You can take the same basic ingredients: water, flour, sugar, oil. If you combine those ingredients in one way you will get bread. If you combine those ingredients in a different way, you will get cake. Depending on the type of flour and sugar that you use; it will influence the nutritional value of that food. Now, if you take all the same ingredients and put them together in exactly the same proportions; you will still have variations in the end result. This is because of the type of oven used, whether you are cooking at a high or low altitude, the humidity in the air, and so on will all influence the end result of how those ingredients come together.

This is why, even though twins are born on the same day, in the same place, and have a strong connection; they can still be very different people. This is why a performer will have days that everything goes smooth; and days that everything falls apart. It is in the code connection that we often find why two people feel a soul connection; or a sense of familiarity with someone.

While astrology looks at the placement of planets on a specific moment in time; codes look at the interaction of components involved at a certain place and time. So they are similar but different. Codes look at the interaction of all the players on the team and how that team interacts with all the other teams; instead of one team. I find astrology insightful in many ways; but I feel that it is in the codes, that we can bring forth some of the deeper layers and understandings.

There are 52 key patterns within codes. When we layer that with all of the other components I incorporate; it would be obvious exactly every choice that would be made, and every event that would take place. However, my human brain doesn’t bring into my consciousness the vast amount of information that my soul knows effortlessly.

This is where we open the door to looking at what is happening with the code energy here on Earth. The reason for looking at a more global, or generalized, influence; is because this is the pattern that becomes most evident to us as we go about the world. It is like noticing how communications are challenging when Mercury goes retrograde. It is the global influences that are going to be most evident; when we look at the events in the world, and the experiences we are having in the world.

Codes are not a form of prediction. While they give us strong insights, they are not used to tell us our fortunes. What I do is to interpret the energy currents present; much in the way an Astrologer will look at the planetary alignment and interpret what that means.

The accuracy of the codes, come because they share the truth in a way that allows us to understand what we are experiencing. As a result; we are able to live in more compassionate ways with ourselves and others. It is like getting foresight, so that we can operate consciously and make wiser decisions.

As we learn to work with the different code patterns, we are able to create a flow in our lives; no matter how challenging the circumstances are. For example, if I realize that the code pattern for a certain day is creating upheaval and conflict; then I will make certain to give myself extra time to get places, or perhaps not weigh myself down with obligations, or choose to have meetings and conversations on other days. I would also, make certain to honor getting to the gym or having meditation time; releasing the tension of the day.

Because the code patterns operate from the core truth of how all things function, we sense that truth within us. When this happens, we are then able to accept the circumstances at hand; instead of reacting and getting caught up in drama. Through this we are able to stand in our compassionate and soul self.

Now, while we consider the global influences to help us in getting through the day; our individual patterns will provide each of us with varying experiences. These variations come from what is happening within our own personal code influences. Each of us operates on a personal code pattern each year. This goes from your birthday to your next birthday. This pattern influences the main experience you have during that year.

The reason we work from the global influences, is because, this is how the masses are affected. This is the way most people will be reacting to the influences; since many are living outside of conscious thinking. To understand how the masses are flowing in natural reaction; allows us to choose wisely and consciously. Kind of like knowing if there will be heavy traffic due to large masses of people trying to attend an event. If you know the event is happening, and large masses of people will be attending; you can choose a different route to take, or leave extra time to get somewhere and prepare yourself to be in traffic while going through that area.

Now, while we don’t have an exact birthday for Earth; we work with the calendar year to understand its influence. Each year providing a different code pattern that is evident. Each year we are embraced by one of the 52 key patterns.

Within the influences of the year, we also have the influences of each month. This is like a refining piece of information, which provides greater specifics or focus for that period of time. So for example, the code pattern could be one of peace and love; but in the month of April that might be obtained through war, and in December it might be obtained through reflection. You see no 2 years are exactly the same, and no 2 months are exactly the same.

Within our months, we also have the code influences for a set of days. There are 72 patterns within the 52 key patterns that create their influences. These patterns provide us with additional angelic currents and wisdom to help us choose wisely. Again, we get a unique blending of patterns since they will include different days of the week from year to year.

Within these currents we also find our daily patterns. The daily patterns are the subtleties within the bigger influences. They help us to hone in on the offerings to that day; so that we can understand if that day in particular is in flow with the other influences. The individual days, can show us where to rest within a busy time; or how to find that opening in chaos.

As if that doesn’t provide us enough layers to work with; there is also the way the energy flows within all of those currents. When I blend that with a little intuition and several decades of knowledge in multiple modalities; I am able to offer you this book to help you maneuver through life on this Earth.

In working with this I have laid it out in a way to start with the largest influences, and then add in the more subtle currents. Keep in mind the flow of the year first, refined by the flow of the month, and then the set of days and the individual day. I have created this book for you to first get an overview of the year at hand. Then, I have placed the months as individual chapters for you that allow you to experience both the monthly and daily influences.

I have decided to provide code insights, for the New and Full Moons here; however, I am not covering the context of other planetary events and portals. Often times, however, I will create posts on things that are happening; and share them in my social media areas. To try to cover everything within the pages of this book would be too extensive of a task.

For those that like to really embrace the journey of self-discovery and understanding within the realms of the codes there will also be “action” offerings for you to take advantage of. Through each month, lunar influence, set of days, and each day are ways to explore the energy of the codes further through reflecting on things related to the current energy. They also offer steps that are in alignment with the current influences. It is through these steps that you begin to journey further into the alignment with the codes and further into your own self; opening up to living in greater freedom and balance.

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