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(Lameness: One great Opportunity



  1. Life and Death

  2. Accident as of Old

  3. Fear of Death


  1. Lameness: A challenge of process

  2. Lameness: One great opportunity

  3. Doctor’s Report


To the greatest healer, the giver of all unspeakable gifts, the creator of heaven & earth. To love that works by faith Gal5vs6.

To my wonderful parents (Daddy and Mummy Oladosu)

To friends and supporters

To my siblings,

To my hostel mates

To lautech students and to my able readers who are ready to be touched.


To the understandiong that lameness is not only when you don’t have legs but also when you have legs but you are unable to walk by yourself. Lameness is not limited to this alone, it can also be represented as bareers, hindrances, difficulties & challenges in a lifetime.

Though, those who have legs and can walk by themselves may not know they have a great priviledge. No one has control on his/her life, it is the gift from the creator, the gift is life, it takes grace to live and also to be healthy.

My experience so far has brought a new tag called “WHEN I WAS LAME”.

All glory and adoration belongs to God.


Before, I used to think of “death and life”, why fo we have to die? Why are we born? Why are we living after birth? What does it take to live a life? What is true living? Who are the living corpses (living but death)? How does it go, sleeping & waking? etc.

Thinking of the above questiond from deep thoughts; Life and Death are what all so called living organisms are expected to have, only that life comes before death. The one who has the control over these two is the Almighty God; who allows, watches, controls & supretends over the two.

The scriptures make us understand why we have to die, Adam and Eve sinned against God of whom were all the generations brought forth, and the reward of sin and death. Death atimes is not a punishment but a blessing to the just, the righteous God may take the just (righteous) away “because of evil days, evil days like days of calamities, trials and troubles, days of backsliden, death in this case is a help to mankind. It helps the righteous to leave this stinking world and have a better rest, and God may take away the evil ones away so that God’s people may have peace. Sustaining a terrible accident has taught me a lot of lessons

Our birth is for certain purposes, we were born to do some assignments, to perform some experiments and to bring out good results. Though our assifnments are different, some were born to start or to establish, some to assist, some to correct, some to adjust and some complete. It takes wisdom and mercy to know what you were born to do and it takes grace to perform and to be fitted for the task. It takes favour to have a well done job.

We live after birth to acquire what God requires and to gain strength to perform greatly in duty. We live to learn, to teach, and to apply & subtract, welice to the Glory of God. It requires so many things but one to live a life, it requires breathing to live a life and with the help of good health we are expected to carry out our task, use our talents and glorify God for our creation.

A true living is living for God, living for God is perfecting the purpose of God, walking in His plans, doing what He commands, laying our hands on what will later or sooner glorify Him. I wonder how people are living and yet, they are corpse(dead), when man was created, he was made in God’s image, he was made to be multiplying (a task), after he sinned, he was to sow & reap (a task).

Adam named all the habitation of the earth, air and sea(another task), he was not a living corpse. Eve was created as an helper (a helpmate). She sinned but she carried out her responsibilities. Some people are in the world today they were born and they will die without task in between. They are useless to their families, communities, states, nations, continent and more useless to the whole world, these people are the so called “living corpses”.

Many perform in their task, yet are dead while living(breathing), some didn’t admit that they are sinners(naked) as Adam and Eve did, let aside of confessing and repenting. Many people were used as tools just as assistants in another person’s task or assignment. These people are also living corpses.

We have to think deep and straighten our ways before God, we sleep, we wake in hope of achievement, not being a loser. As we sleep, we are refreshed for another hopeful day to acwquire great things God demands. We wake to multiply our talents and bring in more fruits.

All what we do is by grace, not by might nor power, nor ability nor strength, nor capacity nor wisdom. We live based on the gift of life.”Life is a gift”, use it wisely, less you be guilty of it. It is a priviledge, you have no right to live on your own, we are sustained by His words.


All what we run away from in what we fear is death, some people say we are running from stress and wasting of time that is the reason why technology is adavancing. All what we run away from is stress, that can lead to weakness and weakness that can lead to death. “All is the fear of death”. But the bitter truth is that, the more we fear death, the closer we are to the grave. I have learnt a lot on this so called fear. All fear, based on the fear of death. For instance XENOPHOBIA means the fear of strangers/visitors, why do we have to fear them? Just because we might get hurt/injured or get killed by them. This is truly the fear of death.

The moment you bekueve that death is not a thing that will take you away except it is from God (your own time), the moment you are totally free from untimely death. Many people die before death even comes apace, the fear of death is what leads to heart attack and this is what easily kills before time.

God has given us the power of faith, not of fear, the scripture says “fear not”. It is also found in the scripture that we should be careful for nothing, but we should put all our worries and supplications before God while serving the Lord. “Fear not”, thou shall tread on scorpions and serpents, and nothing sshall by any means hurt you. This means we are not to fear any thing, not to fear death which Jesus has already conquered. Death where is thy power? Grave where is thy victory? These similar questions were asked in the scripture. There is no power given to death, we can only give up when our time comes.

People fear death to the extent that they do run after different powers, from East, West, North or South, from sea or air, at the run of this, the death will kil them is more miserable or horrific, the only security is in God who freely gives the power to camp death until our days on earth is over, the power is in His words(the scripture). Search the scripture, “don’t let this book of the law depart out of thy mouth, meditate in it day and night, the power is yours. You shall not die but live to declare the works of the Lord”, this sentence is an assurance over the fear of death “With long life will I satisfy thee and I will show you my salvation” is another assurance. No evil shall by any means hurt you nor near your dwellings, only with your eyes shall thou behold the reward of the wicked.

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