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How to identify my greatest passion in life

By D.S.Pais

Dedicated to the spirits of happiness

How do I know what is my passion in life?

In this book I have detailed down a plan to understand how to identify our greatest passion in life. We can find out what the objective of our existence is and how do we go about exploring this and incorporating it in our lives. It is quite simple to follow, easy to put into practice and thus achievable. The steps are elaborately explained and examples are provided for sample illustration so that the person who is reading this book is able to get an idea on a practical approach.

Chapter One – An Introduction

Generally as human beings we have a tendency towards happiness. We crave for happiness and want it to last for a life-time. However, we notice that we are so busy with the daily routine in life that we fail to understand what could be the element that will sustain our happiness. We need to figure out a way to find out what interests us. All of us have talents and majority of us have multiple talents but we are not aware if we can sustain it for a long time. So we let go of our passions and chase after something that can pay a decent salary to put up with our daily expenses. Thus, we remain year after year in jobs that we do not want to be in, but it practically helps us meet our needs largely. For example, one may like to do Job X but there isn’t a market for this skillset. So the person ditches these talents for good and goes about doing the Job Y that will provide stability for the family.

This is completely normal and very practical. We cannot keep day-dreaming that by doing Job X, we can be assured that it will pay our bills on time. This will happen perhaps for a lean set of people who can afford their time completely into doing what they want to do and have prior experience in getting the profits for Job X. But in majority of cases, it may not work out at all. It would just be better for the person to continue to find avenues for Job X where his/ her passion lies, but still continue to work in Job Y.

The person will try and see if their interest lies in Job Y instead and if they can shine there. If the person finds passion in the job that they do, then he/she will aim to become highly skilled at it and perfect the skillset. However, there are some of us who will not like the job that we do and always want to be something else. How can we go back to what interests us in life? How can we still find time for it? We are all much occupied with the necessary things that we want in life like a stable job, life insurance, steady income etc. that we begin to get bored of our working life.

There are ways to bring out the passion that is still residing in us and bring it right in the forefront without demeaning the stability that we have in life. But we have to do it completely realising that it is exactly what we are born for, it is exactly what we are passionate about and it is exactly what we will venture into.

Chapter Two – List down our interests and passions.

We all have a wide variety of interests and passions and most of the time we want to do everything. Grass is always green on the other side. Example, we think that the person is the Vice President of a company and he must be having everything in life, whereas this same Vice President may be drawn towards the dancing talent that you have.

As a first step lets list down what do we always want to do in life. What do we like to do if we get a holiday out of our routine job? What do we like to do if we get some free time? We first make a complete list of all the activities that we enjoy and like to keep doing in our leisure. So, take a paper and pencil and list down.

An example could be a sample list like

Reading books.


Writing poetry.


Making craft work.


The list can be as big as you want. You do not need to put in any kind of limitation to this list. When I first wrote down my list of things that I wanted to do, I almost spent a couple of hours on the list alone and came up with sixty three items!

The list should include the following

What you love to do.

What you aspire to be one day.

What you admire in someone else and hope that you could also be the same.

What you think you are good at.

What you think you are passionate about.

What you think are your hobbies and interests that you could build upon.

Spend a couple of hours to come up with this list. You can even spend a day to do this. Let us take this step slowly. You can take the help from the search engines to list down hobbies for you and you can choose your list. It could be indoor hobbies, outdoor hobbies, collection hobbies, competitive hobbies, observation hobbies etc. List down whatever you love to be doing if given a choice.

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