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To Do God’s Will Is To Have
A Foretaste Of Heaven!

Copyright 2018 by Roger Henri Trepanier

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This book is dedicated to the believers of whom the following is true:

Jesus said at Mark 3:35, "For whoever does the will of God, he is My brother and sister and mother."



Chapter One

Seeing the doing of Gods will from the perspective of a parent/child relationship

Chapter Two

Seeing the doing of God’s will from the perspective of the second stage of our salvation

Chapter Three

Seeing the doing of God’s will from the perspective of the Pattern already established for us by God’s Son

Chapter Four

The absolute necessity of living by God’s imparted life in order to carry out God’s will on earth!

Chapter Five

Where the rubber meets the road: Dying to self so as to live for God by carrying out His will while on earth!

Chapter Six

Seeing God’s discipline as part of His process of setting us apart in order to carry out His will

Chapter Seven

Chosen of God for a purpose, which is to serve Him willingly out of love for Him while on earth, by carrying out His will

Chapter Eight

Doing God’s will for a purposeful life that is full of blessings and without regrets!

Chapter Nine

A last word

Addendum A

For those who may not as yet know God in a personal relationship

The Next Book

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The title eventually chosen for this book was not my first choice. Unless you have written a book, you might not know that there are certain constraints, one of them being the length of the title! Here was my first choice: “One Of The Devil’s Deceptions Is Leading Believers To Think That God’s Will Is A Burden, And Not A Delight!” Apart from the length of the title, what was also not acceptable to me was to capitalize the word ‘devil,’ where I usually capitalize only the word ‘God!’ But coming back to the above title, what I liked about this title is that it sets forth a very important truth, which is that God’s will definitely is a delight, and not a burden!

The only reason that the devil does not want believers to carry out God’s will is due to the fact that he is opposed to God, and so will do everything in his power, as a created angelic being, to try to prevent God’s will from being carried out during the ages of time. And since believers are God’s children on earth, then the devil knows that they are the only ones who will ever carry out God’s will, which is why they are his special target. Since the devil cannot touch God directly, then this means that he will try to prevent God’s plans from being carried out on earth by seeking to prevent believers from doing God’s will. And one of his deceptions is leading believers to think that God’s will is a burden, and not a delight! And so, God has led His servant to write this book so as to help believers clearly see that God’s will is definitely a delight, and is in fact a foretaste of Heaven, since that is all we will ever be doing in Heaven once we get there. So why not start now in doing the will of God and finding it a delight! Therefore, that is what we will be doing in this book, looking at what it means to do God’s will.

And what also needs to be noticed here is that this book has been added under “The Practical Helps Library,” which means that the book is being written to be as practical as possible by drawing examples from my own life as a believer, now approaching 39 years as a child of God (since January 14th, 1980). In other words, possibly one reason that God has led His servant to write this book is that He knows that I have discovered this as a truth in my own life already, namely that doing God’s will definitely is a delight, and not a burden. That is why God’s Son, The Lord Jesus Christ, told His followers at Matthew 11:29,30, “[29] Take My yoke upon you and learn from Me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. [30] For My yoke is easy and My burden is light." As we will see later in the book, God’s Son did nothing but God His Father’s will while on earth, so it is not surprising that He calls all believers to follow in His steps!

And before closing this Introduction, there should be a few personal words mentioned, since we are all somewhat curious by nature. So after completing 21 years of formal education and then spending almost 28 years working in Project Engineering and Management in the Corporate offices of a large utility, God called His servant as a non-denominational evangelist in early 1999, and then sent him out more than two thousand miles away from family and friends, to the place of service God has assigned, which is where His servant has been, and is still serving Him, as evangelist, counselor, author, editor, and publisher. The author is a widower with three adopted children, all now married with a family of their own.

Please note the two websites listed below, which have been established for the purpose of interacting with readers and also for gospel ministry:

And now my prayer is that God will richly bless you as you read this book, and greatly minister to every need in your life, as only God can! To Him be all praise, honor, and glory, with thanksgiving, both now and forevermore! Amen.

“Furthermore, we had earthly fathers to discipline us, and we respected them; shall we not much rather be subject to the Father of spirits, and live?”

Hebrews 12:9


Seeing the doing of God’s will from the perspective of a parent/child relationship

What would be helpful, as we begin, is to look at our life as believers, and especially the dong of God’s will, from three different perspectives. And so, in this chapter and the next two, we will look at these perspectives which should help us to see the doing of God’s will as a normal part of being a believer, that is, a child of God. And so, in this chapter, we will look at the doing of God’s will from the perspective of a parent/child relationship, which is valid to do since God indeed is our Father and we are indeed His children!

Maybe many reading this are already parents with children, whether still at home or gone away from home. So what would be true of any parent on earth, father or mother, is that one automatically expects one’s child to obey them as they grow up, at least while the children are living under one’s roof! After all, from a physical standpoint, it is the parents who brought these children into the world, who provide for them, who look after their every need (and often even their wants), and who care most as to what happens to them; wishing them to grow up well, in terms of being happy and productive individuals, who will then leave home to establish a home of their own. So the normal expectation of the parents from their children is gratitude that shows itself in the children obeying their parents, since the parents only desire what is best for them. No parent wants to be grieved by having one’s children live in rebellion, which is what disobedience is!

When I married my wife, I was thirty and had never been married before. My wife was a thirty-eight year old widow with two girls and a boy; who were nine, twelve and fifteen at the time. Not only had I never been a father before, but I was also a fairly new believer, about 14 months old in the faith. Looking back over that time now, I could see that I had a steep learning curve. To confound things, my wife had spent the previous four years looking after her husband, who was gravely ill, with very little time to spend with the children. This meant that during this four year period the children were often left with their grandma or aunt, so that by the time her husband died, she had to almost re-establish a relationship with the children, and it became difficult.

When I came in, I obviously had all the right intentions, but nevertheless did not know how to be a parent. And when I saw the children disobey their mother, I often dealt with the matter by raising my voice, or reaching for a strap, as my own father had done at home with me. In the case of these children, they had never been dealt in this way before, and my budding relationship with them often became frayed. But one thing I quickly learned is that kids know in their hearts whether you are real or a phony, and whether you have their best interests at heart or not! So thankfully for me, they were willing to forgive me my foibles the times I did fail to handle a situation as God would have intended. I was already in management at the time, but I quickly found out that children are not employees! You cannot fire them for disobedience, or put them out the door!

And at the same time, this is where I learned to see the many parallels between my role as a parent to the children (since I had adopted all three one month after our wedding) and also my own role as a child to God my Father in Heaven. If I expected obedience from the children, then I too needed to be obedient to God my Father. Peace in our home depended on the children being obedient to my wife and I, just as peace with God meant we too as parents needed to live in a way that pleased God, in terms of living in accordance with His word, which meant the carrying out His will on earth. What I discovered as I grew in my relationship with God – especially since I was from day one in the habit of reading His word and spending time with Him in prayer upon getting up in the morning – is that He really did love me and was indeed looking after my best interests, which made me want to please Him in return by seeking to carry out His will, not only for my life personally, but also as the leader of our family.

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