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365 Inspired Thoughts on Life and Ministry

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God and Life

The Word of God, Obedience and Christian Growth

The Holy Spirit, The Christian’s Devotion and Growth

Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding

Praise and Prayer




Marriage and Family


Success and Destiny

Giving and Prosperity

Dreams, Purpose and Calling

The Church, the World and Friendship

About the Author


It has been said that “Pen is mightier than sword.” The book, Philip's Nuggets, is a compilation of revelational, inspirational and motivational nuggets from God’s throne of grace through His vessel to the entire globe.

These are the communications of the Holy Spirit to me two decades ago that have really encouraged, motivated and inspired me to move on in faith, my walk with God and my work for God.

I have no doubt in my heart that as you lay your hand on this book you will be richly blessed, inspired and encouraged to move on in life, ministry, business and career.

Words are containers of Power, God created the entire universe with His word. Enjoy your voyage in the Lord as you read, meditate and act on these powerful truths for your benefit.

You are created for a purpose and to impact your world; you need word from the Lord to enhance your destiny in life. Feed on these and be lifted.

See you at the top!


God is too wise to make mistakes.

God’s records are perfect.

God is at the centre of an ideal environment.

For every step a man will take in life, God is aware of it.

Whenever God wants to visit a land he raises a man.

Life without God is unproductive, unfulfilling and a waste.

God is well acquainted with the insanity of your world.

You cannot have Jesus as your focus in life and miss your divine calling in life and ministry

Peace of mind is the litmus test for God’s leading.

God is not bound by time, but He respects His time.

No situation changes God.

God is only moved by our faith in Him not by our circumstances.

God is the giver of a brand new beginning.

When you discover God's purpose for your life, all things will work for you.

Until you submit yourself to God, you cannot resist the devil.

God's method may change but His ultimate plan does not change.

God is interested in the type of life we live not in the ‘quantity’.

Greatness is directly proportional to God's timing.

The fearer of God is the carrier of God.

God's faithfulness is more stable than the faithfulness of men.

Everything God created is to solve a problem.

God's standard is not hard but it takes a determined mind to attain it in life.

Behind every move, there is a mover.

Favour is God's visible blessing upon the life of a man.

Making an excellent landmark in life takes God’s grace.

God is a stable God who sits on a stable throne, and speaks stability to the storms of our lives.

God is the fighter of our battles when we trust in Him.

Our personal relationship with God dictates how He will use us publicly.

His mercy demands righteousness.

There are two sides to life; there is the Lord’s side and there is the devil’s side.

God, I will use every minute of my day constructively, effectively and efficiently for you.


Being born again is the entrance to the kingdom of God.

God's ultimate desire for us is to have eternal life.

Receiving eternal life is the most miraculous event.

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