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Helen Brennand

Illustrated by Emma Sykes


Second Edition

Copyright 2018 and 2014 Helen Brennand

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Author: Helen Brennand

Illustrations by Emma Sykes

Cover design by Adam Hegab

First published in 2014 by Creative Locations Ltd


Proceeds from the sales of this book are funding ‘The Haven’ a place of sustainable, natural living which is primarily for horses. We are creating a centre which will be kept in trust for future generations of animals and soul seekers alike. It is a place of sanctuary and contemplation. Our wish is to restore it as naturally as our environment would wish, allowing freedom to be felt for all who walk upon it.




Chapter 1

Spirit of the horse

Chapter 2

Washed in the waters of the heavens

Chapter 3

Heartache to healing

Chapter 4


Chapter 5

Heart and soul of the world

Chapter 6


Chapter 7

Deity of the soul

Author’s Note

Meet the Herd

Meet Helen and Emma


To Ed and Jane

Our hearts bound together in the timeless evermore

Our adventure never ceases…


I hear your call and my heart beats another day! I love this feeling of living in the moment, it penetrates the search for joy and touches the centre of my soul.

I could not have found this beautiful place without those I journey with in this earthly life. My equine friends have stolen my heart forever! My love and thanks to them is wholehearted, true and everlasting. I give back to them everything that I am! As they have borne a journey to me so profound I cannot express in words.

I cherish so very deeply those who have taught me the beautiful lessons of life. My mum has taught me to love unconditionally. My dad has given me the gift of freedom. They will never know how deep my love and gratitude runs for them. They serve as teachers not only to me but to the whole world!

I send my deepest love and thanks to my wonderful husband Matthew, who saw my gifts and slowly fed them the love they needed to grow into a spring of everlasting prosperity. He was the one who saw them lying dormant, frightened to show themselves in the light of day. I honour his wisdom and thrive in the love he showers upon me and our family. He is my saviour.

My inspiration for life began as love knocked at my door. I came face to face with the power of pure love in Marilyn Heginbotham, my yoga teacher, and veterinarian Ivana Ruddock of Equine Touch Foundation. They fuelled a desire within me to search for my truth. Both are strong, loyal, pure pioneers and I am deeply grateful for the sparks they lit within me.

Showered with the most beautiful friends, I give to them love and upmost thanks. Janice Taylor, Michele Fitzpatrick, Marj Briscal and Louise Brown have supported my turbulent journey from the realisation of the book to its completion. I have felt like I have been carried upon a feather of love and kindness. Their encouragement has been life changing.

My love goes to Sarah-Jane who has been instrumental to the book coming to life, it is through her, that divine intervention put the pen in my hand. She is power and strength, a link to All That Is.

My ultimate thank you and deepest love goes to my two children, Emma and Samson.

I bow down in honour to Emma, my greatest teacher. She has taught me the greatest lessons of this life. My heart has grown in compassion, my eyes see with greater vision and wisdom as her purity and honesty have unfolded the treasures within me. I sit now and watch her grow and blossom in life’s journey and I wish her all the love and joy of the world.

To my beautiful boy Samson whose journey here was short. You filled my heart so full of love. To you my lovely boy, I am eternally grateful, for you have given me more than anyone could have ever imagined possible. You are my precious gift! You sit upon a star, shining in the heavens. You are the bright light of belief. I send you all the love a mother’s heart can send and I know that you do know the potential in the power of love! You my love, are this book!


Horses are a huge part of my life and animal welfare has touched me so deeply from being a small child. I can remember each evening as I went to bed visualising my grandparent’s home transformed into a safe haven for all animals; it was fitted out to the highest standards and met the needs of the injured residents that came. I would fall asleep in delight as my young mind helped them all, from the tiniest animal right up to the largest of species!

My connection to animals would eventually determine the path of my life. It was my equine companions who met me head on in my desperate hour of need, the heart-breaking loss of a child, reconnecting me to my roots and placing me gently on my path.

Before this point my life had become an impossible struggle as I tried relentlessly to achieve a balance that met the demands of the outside world, and also supply the inner deity with her freedom to fly. Unsuccessful in my endeavour to find equilibrium, my heart was denied and I could feel my spirit ache for its freedom. Where was love hiding in our beautiful world? This question I asked so often, I had searched for it everywhere. Why did so many relinquish the sheer wonder of this awe inspiring, sharing part of themselves, for the belief that it is a reckless entity that we should avoid entertaining if we wish to be a great success? How could the whole of society be lured into abandoning the most powerful tool they possessed, the tool that would ensure life was navigated with pleasure and joy?

An inner turmoil was suspended within my core as I chased a dream that was alive inside. I could feel such an empty space that I so desperately wanted to fill. My heart would leap with joy at every opportunity to share itself with the outside world and became deeply wounded as it struggled to dance in the limelight of a darkened mind-set. My heart only knew acceptance and love, it was estranged from the responses of the material world and ego driven desires. I knew it was fighting for liberation and somehow I felt if I could unleash it, freedom would be the reward.

The ‘something’ I had been searching for to fill that inexplicable void was filled by a new vision. It wasn’t from the limited view of physical sight, it was borne from connecting with a small herd of horses. They discreetly shared the truth of the optical illusion that is our physical life. I witnessed the ‘truth’ and the inner yearning ceased. Once enlightened to this sense, my imagination ran free, as creative expression aligned all parts of my being.

A period of learning began as I studied life through horses and nature. The earth and her creatures became my profound teachers and realisations came thick and fast. Experiencing life through observation of life was not how I expected to rise to the heights of feeling complete and whole, it was an unexpected diversion that led me down this monumental path of a beautiful spiritual awakening.

Knowing that I must share the realisations that came to me on this multidimensional journey with the horses, led me to write Belief. As I wrote, my 13 year old daughter Emma began to paint and little did either of us realise that we were both connected to the same energy. Emma’s paintings are the beautiful illustrations used in the book.

I managed to find the courage to connect with the millions of like-minded people out there who are ‘searching’ for answers, and there is a very good chance, in that you have been drawn to this book, that you are one of them. The story is not confined to those with an interest in horses, it is for all seekers of the truth. Usually there is a powerful catalyst that births our freedom and mine was the grief of losing a child. But it does not have to be so difficult for if we stop and really look at what stares us in the face, while listening to our heart, we can enter into the pearl of wisdom much more gently. Horses offered me a clearer perspective of life but your circumstances and story will be different, except for one thing! The offer of the ride of your life, one that has the potential to remove your blinkers and set you free forever!

Chapter 1

Spirit of the horse

The only appreciation came from my heart. It bled out in floods that washed my soul drawing back the laughter that had been lost in the dark forest of life. There it stood, lingering, surrounded by a black cloak, the light was now waiting to be revealed.

They were there, standing in front of me, harnessing great majestic wisdom. They had already been there for a thousand years buried deep within a yearning paradigm of mysteries. Waiting to be released, it poured and poured. The madness ensued. The revelations became the pure unadulterated truth. How did I miss this lurking beneath my human veneer? How did I suppress it? It took these beautiful, once wild creatures to release the demons of life, to allow the shining example of love to escape to freedom.

Beneath my shield lay an untouchable softness that grew from every whim into something more than effervescence. Something that was tangible, electric and exciting. It was only these humble creatures we confine and dictate to that could reach, replenish and convert these feelings back into a life of wonderment and wisdom, far reaching any goal I had set for myself during this life.

Replenished with life’s laughter and joy, dragging my heels has become a distant memory. It has all come at once. The carriages of life pass by, they offer assistance and signpost directions, courteously acknowledging our right to wave them on by. They wait patiently as the wheels of time have turned, then pass by again. Ready this time to hitch a lift, with the realisation of the journey I am about to encounter, full of excitement and promise I try to recollect when I last felt such overwhelming positivity, a knowingness that dispels any fear of embarking on a prolific journey of discovery.

I can feel the spirit of the horse rise up with me, freeing my soul every minute I am alive.

Look behind you now and leave it all there! For you can come with us, the horse and I, on our ride to freedom and love. It may sound romantic but it is a lonely path to tread at times, your safety is paramount and you have nothing to fear. All fear will be laid aside as the great God of love, the horse’s soul, draws you along on your journey.

Freedom awaits! Your days of anguish banished into the light. The haze of our thought-driven reality broken and crushed into the emptiness that it is, and revealed is the intelligence of All that exists, all that is within us, all that we truly know, the unspoken word of the meaning of life uttered and whispered so peacefully among the creatures around us. They gently spread their knowing softly onto the footpaths of life, where it lies waiting to be picked up by bystanders distraught by manic society, government idiocrasy and the dematerialisation of the core fundamentals of community life; sharing and giving.

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