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To you and your creativity


In Which I Awkwardly Introduce Myself

Creativity Manifesto

What Is A Color Scribe?

Success Isn't Always Fancy

Messy Perfection

More Encouragement, Less Complaining

The Tale of Devious Pam or My Muse Refuses to Write Today

Confessions From an Invisible Writer

A Glimpse of Elf-land

Divine Storytelling

I'm A Jesus Fan-girl

Childlike Imagination: How to Think Like a Kid and Get Story Ideas

To Sum Up

About Me

In Which I Awkwardly Introduce Myself

Because personally I've never been able to resist a book chapter that begins with the words "In Which..."


The truth is that deep down…

…I’m always afraid that what I'm saying doesn't matter to anyone, or that someone will hate it, or be bored to tears. Horror of horrors, what if I make a fool of myself!

And so I won’t dance in public.

I cringe at singing in front of an audience.

I take forever to post artwork online.

And I have YEARS of unfinished, half done stories littering my computer, instead of shining proudly in the ebook stores.

That’s why I say enough!

Enough with fear, enough with pride. I will start over, I will make things new.

And I’m starting with this collection of creative essays, all based off of old blog posts written, once upon a time, under a different pen name.

(Hey, sometimes we need a wee bit of secrecy to find our bravery. Plus lets be honest—writing under a pen name is exciting. It’s like being a spy. An undercover agent with words!).

So hello world. I am Kilmeny Reade. I’m a writer, an artist, a home-schooled hillbilly, a happy wife and homemaker, a lover of Jesus, a fantasy novel addict, a history nut and a thousand other things. I’m proud to be who I am, and I will shine my light for the world to see. And if my words help you to shine just a little brighter, than my mission has been accomplished!

One more quick note, before we dive into the blog posts: I’m a Christian, so yes, there will be references to my beliefs here, including one or two chapters that specifically focus on how my beliefs and creativity interact with each other. This is not an apology—I’m proud of my beliefs. But you’ve been warned! I don’t intend to preach or beat anyone over the head with my message. I hope that, no matter your beliefs, my words will inspire and help you. I only want to share the love! May truth be found in my writing.

Blessings everyone. Enjoy the book!

Creativity Manifesto

The other day I spent the afternoon digging in the dirt, planting tulip bulbs and feeling very creative. I was so excited about beautify-ing my home, and felt exceptionally happy while doing it.

That’s when it hit me what my true desire was.

It’s not to be a published author (though I love to write). It’s not to be an famous artist (though making artsy stuff is the best fun in the world). Money or fame is not the point.

My desire is too…

  • Glorify God.

  • Take care of my family.

  • Make life beautiful.

  • Laugh a lot.

  • Create and make stuff.

Pretty simple. Nothing about fame or fortune in there.

Which means I don’t have to make money with my creations to feel they succeed.

And I don’t have to have a following of any sort to enjoy what I do.

Just stay true to those 5 things: God and my loved ones, beauty and laughter and creativity.

This changes everything about the way I look at my life and creativity.

So…if one day I make art all day it’s ok. If I write another day it’s great. Maybe another day I will want to bake or plant flowers or dance or sing or learn an instrument. Maybe some days I will have to clean house or organize stuff or watch kids or teach. Some days I will hang out with friends or loved ones, sometimes I will read or watch movies or listen to music. Or a thousand and one other things. Most days will be a mishmash of several things.

Some things are inspiration. Some things are creative. Some things are about sharing and helping others. All these things bring joy and spread beauty and bring God glory.

So it’s all good.

No more guilt. No more worry. I won’t judge myself over whether I publish or sell a book or a piece of art. I won’t be discouraged when I’m too busy with life to create, or when I’m sick and don’t feel like it. I won’t feel guilty for any time spent in entertainment or study (learning and entertainment both lead to inspiration and make me a better person).

I will live life and trust God. And I won’t define success by fame and fortune any longer but by how much love, joy, and beauty I spread around.

So lots of luck to me and you in doing just that!

What Is A Color Scribe?

What was that?

What is a Color Scribe, you asked?

I’m glad you did!

You see--I am a Color Scribe.

So are you.

Okay, time for me to back up and give a little more of an explanation.

I came up with the idea of “Color Scribes” a couple years ago when I started a blog for my art and writing. “I need a quick, catchy name,” I thought, “That captures what it means to make art and create stories.” Of course, I was all worried about marketing and branding. Everything I read on the subject told me that if I was trying to “succeed” at making money, I should be focusing on just one or the other (and on one genre or type of art as well!). So I thought if I could just be creative enough I could find a way to combine them all in a way that would work…I just needed a good name.

The Color-Wielding Wordsmith? The Color Smithy? I bounced ideas back and forth with a good buddy until I finally hit upon the perfect name.

And as I put together the website, the name came to mean a lot more than just “artist who writes” or visa versa. It came to represent any kind of creativity. It means taking time to create, enjoying being a creative being, encouraging others to be creative….and not worrying about fame and fortune. Or successful branding, marketing, or promotion for that matter. To not worry about gaining followers, fans, readers, or buyers. To just be myself, have fun, share my creations, love God and others, and help people wherever I can.

Especially to help people find there creativity.

You see, I have this deep-down, unshakable belief, that absolutely everyone on this earth is creative in some way. The sad part is, not everyone realizes it.

Do you cook? You are a Color Scribe.

Do you sew? You are a Color Scribe.

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