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CORE 4 Of Wellness

Weekly Inspirations

WHO AM I? - Volume 2

Kaushal B. Nanavati MD


I would like to thank the universe for inspiration, insight, and enlightenment. I would like to thank my parents and family for my early and foundational education and for teaching me the values of hard work and sacrifice. Through them I learned that when we give up what we think we want, we seem to get something even better—that which we actually need.

I am thankful to my teachers and friends in school and in life who have taught me that my potential is limitless and that my duty is to give, not only to others but also to myself. This book could not have been published without the resourcefulness of my wife who has journeyed with me through this process and has spent countless hours giving me feedback and helping to refine the content. Together we are blessed with a son, who has reminded us of the joys of creation, growth, and the dynamic nature of life.

My patients have been my extended family and these teachers of mine continue to inspire me to be the best version of myself as I guide them to do the same. Lastly, and just as importantly, I am thankful to you, the reader, for welcoming me into your life through the words on these pages in your search for contentment, peace, love, and wellness.


CORE 4 of Wellness Weekly Inspirations: Who am I? - Volume 2 is a resource for people interested in learning to manage their stress better and those seeking to have more balance and peace within their lives. This book is intended to provide inspiration to seed your own journey of reflection and self-awareness.

The ideas and inspirations described within this book are the author’s personal thoughts. They are not intended to be a definitive set of instructions. You may discover there are other methods and materials to accomplish the same end result.

The discussion and guidance in this book do not replace sound medical advice from your physician or health care provider and do not substitute for medical therapeutic advice. The reader should regularly consult a physician or health care provider in matters relating to his or her health and particularly with respect to any symptoms that may require diagnosis or medical attention. It is recommended that you see your physician or health care provider before making any changes to your nutrition and physical exercise and activity regimen and for specific recommendations for you and your health and wellness.

Some names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.

Although the author and publisher have made every effort to ensure that the information in this book was correct at press time, the author and publisher do not assume and hereby disclaim any liability to any party for any loss, damage, or disruption caused by errors or omissions, whether such errors or omissions result from negligence, accident, or any other cause.

The author and publisher advise readers to take full responsibility for their safety and know their limits. The information contained within this book is strictly for educational purposes. If you wish to apply ideas contained in this book, you are taking full responsibility for your actions.


When I wrote my first book, CORE 4 of Wellness: Nutrition / Physical Exercise / Stress Management / Spiritual Wellness, I was inspired to help people optimize their quality of life, getting their big rocks of nutrition, physical exercise, stress management, and spiritual wellness in place.

My inspiration to write this book, CORE 4 of Wellness Weekly Inspirations: Who am I? - Volume 2, came from a simple meditation that I carried out over 104 days. Initially, I found myself sitting, breathing in as my belly expanded to invite oxygen into the deepest recesses of my lungs. I would ask the question, “Who am I?” And as I released the breath slowly, slower than I breathed it in, I would sit with the thought, “I am…” Various thoughts would come and go like fleeting clouds in the sky as I kept coming back to the thought, “I am”. Suddenly there would be clarity, the feeling one gets when the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle fits snuggly into its space. In that moment, in that present, I was that and all it represents. As time went on, I learned that I could be any and all of those things that became my daily inspirations.

These inspirations connect with the insights in my original work. I have shared 52 of them here with the hope that you too may identify with some of these and that they bring a smile while inspiring you to reflect a little deeper. As you breathe deep and exhale slowly, find your self in these pages or let them launch your journey of self-discovery, self-awareness, self-respect, self-care, and self-love, unconditionally.

Treat these inspirations as positive reminders as you build a life rooted in contentment and peace.





1. Treasure Chest

2. Blanket

3. Thread

4. Eye of a Needle

5. Net

6. Songbird

7. Wind

8. Chair

9. Owl

10. Mango

11. Peacock

12. Equal Sign

13. Lighthouse

14. Ladder

15. Period

16. Prologue

17. Story

18. Deep Blue Sea

19. Eternal Flame

20. Cloud

21. Turtle

22. Colorful Leaf of the Fall Season

23. Wow

24. Wolf

25. Evergreen

26. Snow Globe

27. Picture Frame

28. Silk

29. Ceiling

30. Wick of a Candle

31. Vapor

32. Abyss

33. Everest

34. Ink

35. Orbit

36. Bridge

37. Firefly

38. Bamboo

39. Projection

40. Iceberg

41. Juicer

42. Hoola Hoop

43. Pillow

44. Rainbow

45. Rearview Mirror

46. Open Book

47. Box

48. Ant

49. Fireplace

50. Bubble

51. Broccoli

52. Universe

Thank You

About the Author


Who am I?

I am a treasure chest.

Treasure chests hold mysteries of unknown potential. People think of silver and gold, jewels and material wealth, kings and queens, pirates and bandits when envisioning a treasure chest.

Think about your body, mind, and spirit as being the treasure chest.

What you hold in memories and experiences, thoughts and feelings, imagination and attitude are the treasures of your mind.

Your physical body, flawed as it may be, is unique to you, a one of a kind diamond, not to be replicated or duplicated, a treasure without which you would not be alive.

Your ability to accept and forgive, love unconditionally, to be contented and at peace are the treasures that enlighten your soul.

Be this treasure chest.

Today I am this treasure chest.


Who am I?

I am a blanket.

How warm and comforting a thought, to cuddle by a fire wrapped in a blanket on a cold winter's night.

I am a blanket bringing warmth and comfort to my dear ones.

As a human being, be a blanket to others with your love, compassion, acceptance, forgiveness, support, and service. This blanket serves as a shield keeping the modes of ignorance such as anger, hatred, jealousy, and violence at bay while providing contentment and peace within.

Be this blanket.

Today I am this blanket.


Who am I?

I am a thread.

When I think of a thread I think of versatility. Threading the eye of a needle requires focus, persistence, perseverance, and determination.

A thread itself is made of intertwined fibers yet when directed with right vision and purpose, oh the wondrous web we can weave.

The thread is the vital force within each one of us. It is finite and yet brings forth infinite possibilities. What we create with it is the life we live and that too is filled with infinite possibilities.

The fiber of our being when connected and intertwined with others creates a common thread, uniting us, making us whole, creating community, humanity, universality.

Be this thread.

Today I am this thread.


Who am I?

I am the eye of a needle.

This is the gateway, the aperture, the opening through which the thread of life flows, giving rise to the possibility of closure, repairing damaged goods, sewing up the seams, the tears in your fabric.

To thread the eye of the needle requires patience, focus, concentration, and to be present in the moment, undistracted by the scatter, the noise that may surround you.

Being the eye of the needle I invite this thread of life to flow through me, healing me as it sews up my wounds through acceptance and forgiveness, creating a fabric of contentment and peace with the thread that is love energy.

Be this eye of a needle.

Today I am this eye of a needle.


Who am I?

I am a net.

Nets are captivating. They are porous and yet we use them to catch things, to enmesh them. Cast a wide net when searching and you're more likely to find what you seek. Things that are big enough will be caught but if they are small and can fit between the netting they will slip right through the gaps.

In life, we too can learn to be a net. The things that are big, that bring us joy, that bring forth enlightenment, we should catch, hold onto, value, as they are truly priceless. The things that are small, that lead to pain and suffering, we should let go and not chase after or try to hold onto. How big or how small? There in lies the wisdom of the net.

The holes in the mesh should be small enough to catch and hold onto contentment, peace, and love and big enough to let anger, greed, ego, pride, lust, stress, anxiety, and depression slip right through and be gone.

Be this net.

Today I am this net.


Who am I?

I am a songbird.

I am a songbird spreading joy through my chirps. To some it may seem like cacophonic clamor, as their restless mind is not yet able to tune in to the frequency of the universe. To others it is a harmonious rhythmic meditative locus that brings a calm and a sense of connection with the universal vibration.

I am free to flow in the direction of my choosing, riding the wave at times and rising above the currents at other times.

I trust in my wings to carry me to great heights and to help me settle back down to terra firma embracing the present moment.

Be this songbird.

Today I am this songbird.


Who am I?

I am the wind.

I am the wind gentle enough to bring a cooling, calming, serene, nurturing flow to allow my mind to find comfort in the present moment.

I am the wind able to create a strong enough force to detach the mind from the modes of ignorance such as greed, envy, lust, hatred, anger, and desire.

I am the wind that fills my being with the eternal nectar of the divine energy.

Be this wind.

Today I am this wind.


Who am I?

I am a chair.

I am a chair sitting on a dock looking out over the horizon.

I am content in my place in the universe and can simply be. I offer comfort to those who embrace me and relief to their body, stressed and fatigued from their journey of the day.

I provide structure and a position from which they may regain focus on the present moment.

I am their friend offering unconditional satisfaction and when they are ready to continue on their journey I am the seat from which they launch refreshed and anew.

Be this chair.

Today I am this chair.


Who am I?

I am an owl.

An owl is wise, patient, observant, and is regarded as a guardian of knowledge.

I am wise like the owl and with the knowledge and awareness the universe is unfolding I take flight in the direction of contentment and peace, allowing love to fill me up and fuel my wings.

Be this owl.

Today I am this owl.


Who am I?

I am a mango.

I am complete in each season and provide nourishment at every stage of my being. I am the example of a complete life.

When I am young I can provide a little teasing pleasure as I am, green and tart and inviting, or pickled, or just sliced up with a sprinkle of salt and a little red chili pepper if you can stand the heat.

When I am in my prime I provide a sweet and soft texture that is the essence of balanced perfection to be consumed, accepted as I am. Contented, satisfied and the essence of peace…ahh! Yes!

As I age, my nectar is ready for release like the soul from the body as it ascends into the heavens or like the wisdom of the ages ready to be imbibed by those who know how to accept it. There is an art to this. The mango has to be massaged and then only does the nectar detach from the fiber as one detaches from the ego to achieve a heightened state of awareness. It requires patience and persistence.

All this from a mango you say? Live life like a mango I say.

Be this mango.

Today I am this mango.


Who am I?

I am a peacock.

A peacock is a bird that symbolizes immortality and self-expression. The colors of the universe adorn its feathers as it expresses the spectrum of universal beauty fanning its feathers far and wide. I awoke with a vision of a magnificent purple, blue and green.

The eyes on its feathers represent the all-seeing eyes of Argos in Greek mythology. It is the vehicle of gods in multiple cultures and represents resurrection, transformation, glory, vision, incorruptibility, spirituality, and awakening.

I am a peacock, a reflection of the beauty of the universe and I embrace the immortality of the soul that dwells within and the purity of its presence as my guide. I am awakened having clear vision of the universe in all its glory and I dance the eternal dance.

Be this peacock.

Today I am this peacock.


Who am I?

I am an equal sign.

This symbol, so simple, brings forth transformation, simplification, justification and meaning. To be an equal sign is to be the gateway from complexity to simplicity, to be the channel through which parts become whole, through which 'non-sense' becomes sense and through which the things that elude our conscious mind become clear. The equal sign helps us to better understand, define, and clarify that which may seem difficult, complex, or unknown.

When we take the complexity of all that makes up our grand universe and put an equal sign next to it, the answer, the truth, reveals itself so clearly. Do you know what that is?

Unconditional love = the ultimate truth, the ultimate answer.

Be this equal sign.

Today I am this equal sign.


Who am I?

I am a lighthouse.

This beacon of awareness enlightens us helping bring ashore those who may be lost in the darkness or navigating stormy waters. It is grounding and comforting in its presence and brings forth a sense of security. It has no intention and asks for nothing in return. It simply gives unconditionally for that is its purpose.

Be this lighthouse.

Today I am this lighthouse.


Who am I?

I am a ladder.

Ladders are a remarkable symbol of unification and strength allowing us to reach greater heights.

Relationships are like a ladder. The rungs that bridge the gap hold the two posts together. Without the rungs the two posts would fall apart.

These rungs include commitment, compromise, honesty, forgiveness, communication, acceptance, love, caring, availability, shared goals, mutual respect, and trust. To keep a relationship strong these rungs need to be continually strengthened at both posts.

Be this ladder.

Today I am this ladder.


Who am I?

I am a period "."

Clear in definition and aware in absolution, this simple little dot has so much impact and is a symbol of the finite in an infinite universe. It brings forth an end that is complete and absolute. At the same time it marks the coming of the next thought, moment, statement, or reflection. It is an ending, a closure, a resolution point and at the same time a launching pad, an opportunity to launch in continuation or a different direction. Yet it is defined in the absolute, pure, without doubt, without question "?", emotion or expression "!", without pause "," ";", or need for further clarification ":".

Be this period.

Today I am this period "."


Who am I?

I am a prologue.

We are all a prologue for the rest of our life. The life we have lived thus far is the prologue to the life we are yet to achieve. The prologue is continually growing and it sets the tone, the scene, and the setting from which we launch each new moment. Where the story goes from here is our call, and in each instance, with each instant, if we choose the direction of peace within, we will continue to embrace a peaceful life. This will be the story, the prologue we can be proud to share for generations to come.

Did you know that the root of this word is Greek meaning "before word"? I am that which was there before the word.

Be this prologue.

Today I am this prologue.


Who am I?

I am a story.

The life you have lived thus far is a story to be told,

The life you have yet to live is a story only you can unfold.

Live the story you are proud to tell.

Be this story.

Today I am this story.


Who am I?

I am the deep blue sea.

Life is like the mysterious deep blue sea. On the surface it can seem tumultuous at times, choppy waters slapping against each other in conflict and chaos and at other times placid and serene with the moonlight shimmering off of its surface. Yet when you look under the surface a calm and wonderful universe full of life and meaning presents itself, in some ways totally disconnected from what lies above and yet responding to it, aware.

During times of stress and distress our life can feel like the tumultuous sea. Yet if we look within ourselves, under the surface, we can recognize that the surface is not the whole story. We can resurface anew, emboldened with awareness and reflecting the calm of the deep blue sea.

Be this deep blue sea.

Today I am this deep blue sea.


Who am I?

I am the eternal flame.

I am the vibrant eternal flame and as I dance rhythmically I am enlightened and awakened. I am drawn into the core, so inviting - the center of purification.

This eternal flame is radiant and actuates cleansing by burning off the layers of bias, ego, attachment, and the modes of ignorance.

This fire resides deep within igniting a transformation, clarifying content and intent, healing the body, the mind, and the spirit.

Be this eternal flame.

Today I am this eternal flame.


Who am I?

I am a cloud.

Funny thing about clouds is that they invite the imagination to see in them what we are seeking. They help us to be playful and creative in our vision. They remind us that the universe is dynamic and as much as we want to hold onto this moment, this too shall pass like a cloud transforming, dissipating, and reforming anew.

Even a dark cloud that gets a negative connotation brings the promise of rain and rejuvenation, lightning and energy, providing the spark of awakening and enlightenment.

Be this cloud.

Today I am this cloud.


Who am I?

I am a turtle.

I think of solitude, patience, persistence, and tranquility as the turtle retreats inside its shell unscathed by the chaos of the world that surrounds it.

The turtle's shell is thought to represent heaven and its underbelly the earth and some cultures believe it is the turtle that rescued mother earth and bears her on its back.

The wise turtle teaches us to rethink the pace at which some of us race through life reminding us that slow and steady wins the race. A turtle symbolizes resiliency, longevity, and strength in silence. A turtle can dwell in water and on earth traversing the realms with ease, showing us the way.

Pace yourself in life, shell-ter yourself from the modes of ignorance and be the turtle.

Be this turtle.

Today I am this turtle.


Who am I?

I am a colorful leaf of the fall season.

Some see the coming of the fall as a dying process or an ending. Yet this leaf is also a sign of change, transition, and transformation.

Think of each leaf as a soul being transformed, each expressing its life experience through its own unique mixture of color, texture, and form. As these leaves fall to the ground they dissolve back into nature, providing energy and nourishment for the coming season, as do we in imparting our awareness, knowledge, and wisdom to future generations.

The fall is not an ending but a part of a continuum as are we, each one of us a colorful leaf mesmerizingly beautiful and vibrant.

Be this colorful leaf of the fall season.

Today I am this colorful leaf of the fall season.


Who am I?

I am wow.

What a word, what an expression. Just like us who are able to express such varying emotions through the same body, this one word can express so much. We can vary the way in which we say it to express joy, sorrow, anger, frustration, disappointment, amazement, excitement, love, and affection. Try it now.

This word is a palindrome permitting one to reflect backward and dream forward and still remain the same. Knowing this I am able to see my life's past wow moments and dream of future wow moments while experiencing the present in a state of wow. Three little letters with such depth and power.

Make your now moment a wow moment.

Be this wow.

Today I am this wow.


Who am I?

I am a wolf.

The wolf has been vilified in modern lore with images of the wolf-man, the big bad wolf, a wolf in sheep's clothing, etc.

In reality, the wolf is ancient, representing the wisdom of the ages. The lone wolf and the pack wolf symbolize unique aspects of solitude and community.

Solitude and aloneness are times of reflection, moments when we can see our true self, our inner self. The lone wolf reminds us of this.

The pack wolf symbolizes loyalty, community, trust, and union. Contrary to popular lore, wolves prefer diplomacy and retreat rather than engage in futile confrontations. This is not a weakness but wisdom and insight as they seek optimal solutions.

The wolf embraces the night, darkness that is not the void but devoid of contamination from expectation, attachment, and bias. This is pure and awareness in this state of darkness allows one to become the guiding light.

I am the wolf, simultaneously alone and in union, aware. I am the guiding light.

Be this wolf.

Today I am this wolf.


Who am I?

I am an Evergreen.

This tree is a symbol of resiliency and resolve.

Oh to be an Evergreen.

To laugh in the face of stress and anxiety as if they were a winter blizzard, simply letting them blow by, swaying with the gale force winds, rooted deeply in my own resolve, unwavering from the truth.

To manage stresses of all seasons and to grow in the face of adversity year after year towards the light.

To be the beacon of hope when all others have exhausted their foliage, their expression barren and bland.

Oh to be an Evergreen is to retain that youthful presence with age and time, displaying the wisdom that getting older doesn't mean I have to look, act, be, or feel old.

Be this Evergreen.

Today I am this Evergreen.


Who am I?

I am a snow globe.

These simple little creations have been mesmerizing young and old for generations. Children spend hours playing with them and adults are drawn back to a time of innocence and carefree youth.

The beauty of these snow globes is that if you don't like the way the snow settles you can just shake it up and reset it. You can't predict or plan and it doesn't always settle the way you want it to but you always have the option to shuffle things around.

The same is true for life. Things don't always end up the way we want but we always have the option of resetting the pattern and shuffling things around. An important lesson to understand is that the reset may not necessarily be better. So one has to think about it because once you shuffle things around they don't always go back to the way they were.

This I have learned from a snow globe.

Be this snow globe.

Today I am this snow globe.


Who am I?

I am a picture frame.

An empty frame can be a work of art to behold. It invites the imagination and creativity to fill the void within and once envisioned the scene within and the story it tells is transformative.

Our life is a picture frame unique and breathtaking on the surface, enlightening and illuminating as each scene within it unfolds.

I am a picture frame and my scenes continue to reveal the marvel of all that is divine.

Be this picture frame.

Today I am this picture frame.


Who am I?

I am silk.

This material that we value so and have used as a symbol of royalty and high class is a marvel.

Silk is a protein fiber made by caterpillars to form their cocoon - that which nurtures their transformation into the beauteous wonder that is the magnificent butterfly. Silk is strong and smooth, soft yet sturdy.

Silk forms prisms that reflect light and this gives it the shine and the appearance of being different colors from different vantage points.

We too appear different from different vantage points, do we not? My son sees me one-way, my wife another, my parents yet another.

I am silk to my soul, lovingly nurturing its transformation within so that it may reconnect with the universe upon its release.

Be this silk.

Today I am this silk.


Who am I?

I am the ceiling.

I recognize that I am the ceiling to my own potential. With proper preparation, determination, fortitude, and gusto I can soar to new heights elevating my game and reset the ceiling to my potential, to my achievements.

We hear about glass ceilings and think about the limiting effect that ceilings have, abruptly stopping ascent, progression, and upward mobility.

Breaking through glass ceilings requires vision beyond limitation, righteous action fortified by resolve, and determination fueled by love and compassion.

Redefine the height of your ceiling so that you can achieve your goals while rooted in a balanced life.

Be this ceiling.

Today I am this ceiling.


Who am I?

I am the wick of a candle.

The candle is the fuel, the substance that brings value to the wick while the spark that ignites serves the purpose to initiate the flame. The wick is the purveyor of the flame, the light, the heat, and the energy.

The wick gives life, meaning, and purpose to the wax making it a candle just as the mind brings value to the physical body. The soul ignites the mind, the wick, fueling it, enlightening it. The soul sparks the flame while the mind enlightens and illuminates the body.

Be this wick of a candle.

Today I am this wick of a candle.


Who am I?

I am vapor.

Vapor is formless, shapeless, expansive like the universe and difficult to hold or contain. Vapor can carry an odor or a scent, a relative thing depending on your perspective. Pressurized vapor can release with explosive force where as vapor channeled appropriately can energize locomotion.

We too are like vapor. When overwhelmed with pressure, burdened with expectation, either internal or external, we too can feel like we're ready to explode. Yet with gentle pressure, focused mindfully, we can be transformed into a more deliberate and stable presence, like liquid or solid, depending on our original intention and form.

Be this vapor.

Today I am this vapor.


Who am I?

I am the abyss.

The abyss conjures up images of darkness, the unknown, and the unseen. This is the entirety and vastness of the universe out there and the one within. We realize that the more we learn the less we know.

It is from the abyss that one can see the light, as it is from the darkness that one can see, recognize, and distinguish that which enlightens and illuminates.

The abyss is not to be feared but it represents our untapped potential, our limitless ability. The infinity of the nothingness that is the abyss is also the summation of all that was, that is, and that can be.

Whenever you feel limited, overwhelmed, or overburdened, know that within you lies an abyss full of potential, reserve, and resolve that can be tapped without fear of emptying the void.

Be this abyss.

Today I am this abyss.


Who am I?

I am Everest.

This is the penultimate peak, the highest height, the crest above all else, and the king of the mountains.

Climbing a mountain is like the journey of life, the journey of humanity. We may come to the peak from different directions, speaking different languages, following different religions only to realize that our mountaintop is their mountaintop. That regardless of the path we have taken and the journey we have endured, we are all on the same mountain and will crest at the same peak.

From the top of the mountain we realize the truth that we are all the same people born of the same earth and are meant to guard its virtue. The crest is the center point from which one has the 360-degree perspective both horizontal and vertical.

Inhale and imbibe the wisdom that is the clarity at the penultimate mountaintop. Here you will let go of attachments, misconceptions, misgivings, misunderstandings, misguided notions of your grandiosity, embracing humility and a love for the infinite.

I am the mountaintop.

Be this Everest.

Today I am this Everest.


Who am I?

I am ink.

Ink needs a canvas upon which to leave its mark and a stylus through which it is formulated into meaningful presence.

Ink is opportunity and potential while the stylus symbolizes choice, it's motion motivated by my conscience creating my living experience on the canvas that is my life. By affecting my choice I transform the scene.

Today I am the ink ready to embrace the stylus to portray a peaceful scene.

Be this ink.

Today I am this ink.


Who am I?

I am in orbit.

Orbits are a place of union, separation, and balance all in one space. To be in orbit is to connect without merging, maintaining presence without dissolution of your sense of self, remaining in proximity with the source, giving and receiving nourishment.

In orbit we understand relationship and finding the balance that leads to harmonious existence. The proportionate push and pull of each orbiting body maintains optimal distance allowing each to remain whole and yet connected, in a synergistic union of perfect alignment like the soul and the universal energy.

Be this orbit.

Today I am this orbit.


Who am I?

I am a bridge.

Bridges connect separate entities, unite perspectives, ideologies, allowing each to maintain and retain their respective identities while sharing and collaborating.

When I work with others, I go in with a mindset of caring about them, understanding the view from their vantage point and this helps me become better aware of how I can best contribute and bring value to the team.

As the bridge I can bring others towards a common goal bridging a divide, overcoming walls that demonstrate inflexibility or rigidity and resistance to a different perspective.

I am this bridge, upheld and strengthened by the pillars of communication, trust, honesty, acceptance, forgiveness, mutual respect, compromise, availability, sharing goals, commitment, and love.

Be this bridge.

Today I am this bridge.


Who am I?

I am a firefly.

In the darkness, when we feel lost, unaware, lacking direction, it is the firefly that glows, lighting the way. The firefly shows me that enlightenment is to be sought within for that is where my infinite light shines brightest.

When the modes of ignorance such as hatred, anger, greed, fear, sorrow, lust, and jealousy shroud your judgment in darkness, illuminate your mind with the awareness that acceptance and forgiveness lead to contentment and peace. Start with your self and let your glow be the light that leads you and others out of the darkness.

Be this firefly.

Today I am this firefly.


Who am I?

I am Bamboo.

Bamboo is sturdy, resilient, elegant, flexible, and versatile. Bamboo flutes bring forth melodious harmonies.

Bamboo has a hollow core and that emptiness is not a void that represents nothingness or ignorance but an invitation to accept new knowledge and wisdom.

Being like bamboo I invite wisdom and love to flow through my core and in my expression I harmonize with the universe. I am flexible yet strong, able to be transformed as necessary to provide structure, flavor, and healing to those who invite me into their lives.

Be this bamboo.

Today I am this Bamboo.


Who am I?

I am a projection.

The external me is a projection of the internal me. Angry, greedy, gentle, kind, sweet, goofy, loving - these are all projections, expressions of my spirit, my energy, and my intentions.

Not only that but in looking at me you are projecting your expectation, your anticipation of who I am through your mind's eye. You see in me what you want to see. Every so often we meet someone who takes our breath away. Why? Because their projection of self shines like a bright ray of sun light piercing through our clouded underestimation of their infinite potential.

Next time you look at someone, see the divine in that person and you will see a projection of his or her true beauty. In doing so you will in return be projecting your best version displaying virtue, value, and vision grounded in love, acceptance, and gratitude.

Be this projection.

Today I am this projection.


Who am I?

I am an iceberg.

Such a majestic beauty an iceberg can be. Yet what you see is not all there is. In fact the greater depth and dimension lie beneath the surface. The same applies to us, to the situations we face, and the people we meet in our life.

What you see is just the surface. For we all have a depth greater than what is seen. The tip of our iceberg, our expression, our reaction, our spoken word, is what surfaces and what is seen. Yet the causality, the unapparent root that spawns the apparent, when brought into awareness, can give us a clear picture as to the who, the what, the why, the how, the where, and the when.

The greatest form of the iceberg is beneath the surface just as your greatest form and depth lie deep within. Look under the surface and all will be revealed.

Be this iceberg.

Today I am this iceberg.


Who am I?

I am a juicer.

As I was walking into work today I thought to myself, I'm not a hamster on a wheel, I'm a juicer. I take what comes at me and I acknowledge it, process it, deal with it, and it turns into this refined product.

Now what if I am the produce being put through the juicer and that is the journey of life. My life experiences continue to separate the nectar from the pulp, the wheat from the chaff so to speak. I will come out of this journey as one in union with the divine, as the nectar with no end and no beginning. This body will be used up and depleted becoming the discarded pulp or the chaff. Except that the pulp can be used to make delicious bread and so it is that this body goes back to nature where it too is transformed into a new purpose of fulfillment.

Be this juicer.

Today I am this juicer.


Who am I?

I am a hula-hoop.

What a creation of genius. Go slow and it drops, go too fast and it falls or goes up high, find the perfect rhythm and you're a hula-hooper.

What a great lesson on life. Go too slow letting things happen to you, not actively taking chances, and you feel down. Rush through things or get rushed through and you miss out. Yet actively engage and embrace connecting at the right pace, in the right place, making the right moves, and you feel alive, feeling the rhythm that is your own vibration balanced in your own frequency.

Be this hula-hoop.

Today I am this hula-hoop.


Who am I?

I am a pillow.

Comforting thoughts come to mind right away. We use pillows as a cushion to rest our head, our back, and our seat. Some like them firm, some like them soft and fluffy.

Be a pillow to your relations. Provide support where it is needed, when it is needed, and how it is needed.

Be firm and resolute when negative pressure is applied. Be soft and nurturing when embrace and love is required. Adjust to the situation like this pillow, providing support while flexibly adapting to the moment and reclaiming your composure, your immutable core, and your natural form when the moment passes.

Be this pillow.

Today I am this pillow.


Who am I?

I am a rainbow.

Oh the splendor of the spectrum. It is resultant from the union of the sun's rays and droplets of rain, light going through a prism, bringing transformation, clarification, revelation.

We too have the power to transform each other as the droplets of rain transform the light. Let our love for each other be the droplets of rain, the prism, through which we witness the full spectrum, the rainbow in each other. Let the ends of our rainbows meet to create a never-ending circle of joy, peace, contentment, and union, the ultimate pot of gold.

Be this rainbow.

Today I am this rainbow.


Who am I?

I am a rear view mirror.

Look at me to know where you've been but don't expect me to guide you to where you're going.

All I seek is a glance but stare at me for too long and you're bound to have a calamity on your hands.

After all, we walk in the direction we look. It's ok to look back on your life to know where you've been and to know what you have done. Yet then you have to come back to the present looking forward so you may guide your life towards contentment and peace. Those who remain stuck looking at the rear view mirror soon find themselves heading in that direction or traveling in circles.

Glance in my direction periodically but don't fixate on me.

Be this rear view mirror.

Today I am this rear view mirror.


Who am I?

I am an open book.

You can't judge a book by its cover and you can't very well read it without opening up its pages. An open book lends itself to curious inquiry.

Being an open book is one of the most liberating feelings. There are no pretenses, no hidden agendas as all is revealed. After all, there are only three words needed though many more are written - contentment, peace, and love. Understand these, accept them, live them, and give them to yourself and others. Then you will begin to understand and live the message and the meaning of your own open book.

Be this open book.

Today I am this open book.


Who am I?

I am a box.

People find this the defining edge of their comfort zone, the known.

Looking outside the box cannot reveal that which is within. Look inside the box a little harder gaining insight, make an effort with focus and patient determination, and you will be blissfully thrilled to find love - the ultimate solution, the key that unlocks it all. Love has always been inside the box. Our daily life and self-created stress act like a cloak hiding it from our conscious self.

Do you know that most solutions are still inside the box? For it is in here that we keep our knowledge. If outside the box is meant to be a creative approach to finding a solution then reshuffling the box or reorganizing the box may provide similar opportunity. Clear the clutter of your mind, body, and spirit and you will see in plain sight that the solution is inherent, coherent, and apparent.

Be this box.

Today I am this box.


Who am I?

I am an ant.

Some of us don't like them and some of us even fear them. Yet they are more civilized and wise than us.

Ants are loyal, hard working, understand community, share responsibility, and represent strength.

Be like an ant. Do your part to better our community. Focus on team, unity, and a common goal.

Learn to share, accept what makes us the same, the common thread that unifies us - Love energy.

Be this ant.

Today I am this ant.


Who am I?

I am a fireplace.

Envision the logs in the fireplace, the fire crackling and beginning to roar, the flames dancing melodiously giving off a radiant glow, a mesmerizing vision of energetic release, purposeful and intentional, ultimately exhausted by its own voracious appetite.

We too house energy that is radiant and aroused by a spark, an intention. Our mind is this fireplace in which ideas are like the flames evolving constantly fueled with inconsistent energy. However, if we focus on an idea and fan that flame with the right attitude and determination, the fire, the flame will shine brighter and sustain in spite of all the cinders that may surround it.

Be the fireplace that sends off such an energy that can melt a heart, warm a soul, and inspire a mind.

Be this fireplace.

Today I am this fireplace.


Who am I?

I am a bubble.

Bubbles are amazing, entrapping air in a thin film. They float freely as they like and dance in the air to their own whimsy. While one can grasp the concept of a bubble, no one can grasp a bubble and hold on to it. A bubble represents our life for we are born of an action and reaction, journeying through this life dancing as a bubble knowing that at some point we too shall disappear as a bubble does when the conditions are just right.

Be this bubble.

Today I am this bubble.


Who am I?

I am broccoli.

What a food! Broccoli can be steamed, sautéed, baked, boiled, roasted, or used in soups. It can be mixed with other foods or eaten alone. Steam it with a squeeze of lime, a pinch of salt and pepper and voila…perfection. Broccoli, along with other cruciferous vegetables is anti-inflammatory, anti-cancer, and can prevent plaque in arteries. Broccoli is a healer by its nature. Be the same to everyone in your life.

Be this broccoli.

Today I am this broccoli.


Who am I?

I am the universe.

Think about the fact that there are nearly as many atoms in the body as there are stars in the known universe.

Think about a black hole that hardly anything escapes and think about the pupils of your eyes that absorb all that they purvey.

Recognize that the cilia of the lungs look like sea anemone and that lungs and trees share similarities in how they look and function. Arteries and veins are more efficient highways and atoms and solar systems have bodies orbiting the nucleus.

Thus the universe truly does lie within each of us.

Be this universe.

I am this universe.


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Kaushal B. Nanavati, MD, is a motivational speaker and an integrative family physician in Syracuse, New York, who enjoys educating people on wellness, self-care, and achieving contentment and peace in life using humor, stories, and real, tangible examples. He has been a contributing author in local magazines and has taught end-of-life care to physicians, families, and caregivers.

He was born in India and moved to Rochester, New York, at the age of seven, where he later went to high school at both Monroe and East. He then attended Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute and graduated with a degree in biology and minors in philosophy and literature. He attended St. George’s University School of Medicine, and his schooling provided him experiences in Grenada; Saint Vincent’s; Watford, England; and the New York City and Newark, New Jersey areas in the United States.

He has worked in rural, suburban, and urban settings throughout his career, caring for all stages of life, from birth through the end of life. He has enjoyed learning karate and coaching his son in basketball, has completed a marathon, loves to play tennis and golf, and cherishes personal time with his family.

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