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Every path has light and shadow

Every path may twist and turn

Where it leads we cannot be certain

Yet our journey helps us learn

Learn to face the unexpected

Find a strength we did not know

Recognise our own resources

Value all that helps us grow

So let us treasure all it teaches

Learn that values worth the cost

Learn,no matter where we wander

We are never truly lost


To all the women that have journeyed with me through the years. Thank you for sharing your stories with me and allowing me into the darkest parts of your lives.

To my handsome sons JM, LM and ZM may you learn from these stories and treat your partners with the dignity they deserve,love, cherish and respect them. Above all be men of integrity. Your children will love you in return. Love you to bits.

To Elaine you’ve been a pillar of strength in my life, thank you.

To Mphiki: Thank you for being a perfect role model to my sons.

To all married women,you are strong-willed,beautifully and wonderfully made women of substance.God loves you and never think less of yourself.


Modi grew up in a warm loving Christian home. My father was employed as a clerk at the mines. My mother was a house-wife.We were not well-to-do but our parents made sure we all went to school and I later qualified as a nurse. Being the second of four girls I was always the quiet one but I liked having fun and travelling. My father passed on when I was twelve years old and my mom had to start working as a domestic servant to take care of the family. Things were hard and difficult but there was so much love.

I later fell in love and got married to my prince charming Mizo. He was from a family of four girls and two boys being the fourth and eldest of boys. His mother and father never got married.

Like all newlyweds, we decided that we were going to have our own place. It was easy to get a house then as my husband was a builder. To my surprise he brought me a plan for extending his home, as this was not according to our plan I thanked him.I then requested him to find us a home. He then built a garage and two rooms for his mom at his home.

My mother –in –law was obviously not happy about the whole set-up. She just could not understand that we were going to own our home “away from her”. This was very funny as only two of his sisters were married then. He then bought a house for us and this was within a short space of time as we wanted to be together. He renovated the house and this brought great tension to the two first ladies in his life, but she had to get used to the idea. Hayi bo ma I need my own place. Parents must be independent so that they can be happy when their children get married. Daughters –in –law must be welcomed as additions to the family.

Genesis 2: 24 For this reason a man will leave his father and mother, and be joined to his wife, and they shall become one flesh.


I quickly made friends around where we were staying as I could bake and also had a passion for cooking. My sisters –in-law were very delighted to have someone like me in the family.When we had family gatherings, they really took pride in my skills. My mother-in-law also got over her angerand embraced me or so I thought.

We were blessed with our first bundle of joy after two years. I stayed home and looked after our baby for ten months. I then went to my mom-in-law to discuss plans to go back to work. Yho! She told me” I will not look after my son’s babies but I only look after my daughter’s babies. This really came as a shock to me

Hawu bantu as a young mother you do not expect such things especially from someone who is expected to be your mentor. I was very confused .I really took it for granted that she will look after her grand-child as she was unemployed and looking after her daughter’s children who were much older than my son.

I then related this to my mother who said’’ my child do not worry, I will look after your children whilst I am still alive’’. We were blessed with three sons .My loving mom helped me look after all my sons when they were young.LOL! Who missed her grandchildren’s milestones?

Grandchildren are a blessing from GOD


Kilili!Kilili!Ululating!.Umshado. My husband’s youngest sister is getting married.We all know the excitement building towards the wedding. Preparations. I am a very good cook and I was looking forward to showing off my culinary skills. We decided to go and visit my mom-in-law to go and plan and also to know what we were expected to do. He excused himself to visit the bathroom

My mom-in-law then said to me” Thank you for coming I was going to come to your house and tell you about the wedding.Please do not bother to come as your public enemy NO 1 will be present.” Perplexed I asked who? Nobesuthu, she said.Ha!Ha! My husband’s ex girlfriend before I was on the scene.I had never even seen her. What I knew was that he had a son with her.

I was obviously very hurt and could not pretend.I just left her trying to explain something and went to sit in the car.He was surprised when I told him what his mother had said to me.I never went to that wedding, stopped talking or visiting her for quite a while.

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