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Maritza Spies


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Through my Windows

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Maritza Spies

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Diane Thompson


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I dedicate this book
to all the dreamers and truth seekers,
to all the misfits and troublemakers,
to the movers and shakers,
to the lovers and the loners;
to everyone who has been called strange and weird,
loud and outspoken,
or someone somewhere sitting in the corner –
you inspire me – all of you, thank you.

Maritza Spies


The best kind of love is the one that makes you a better person without changing you into someone else.”

Through My Windows is a collection of Poetry and Letters from self-published author Maritza Spies. Come and explore a world where you can still dream and love; where loss and heartache aren’t forgotten, and you have a ‘band-aid’ for the bad days, knowing you’re not alone.

Take a walk on the whimsical side.


It’s medicine for your soul.

Maritza Spies


God is my Rock.

My Family
Thank you to my family, you put up with me and my whimsy and love me unconditionally. I am blessed to have you.

Thank you to my friends, especially Melani. You always keep me in line and lend me some of your creativity.

Val, Clive & Diane
Also, a big thank you to Val, Clive and Diane – you have been my lifesavers.

My Son
Lastly, thank you to my son, you are the one who inspires me the most. You are my heart and my sunshine and every good gift from above.


A Year

I feel like you could be a year.

You are the only one who may whisper

sweet nothings in my ear.

I feel like you could be a year

from spring to winter

and maybe all the way back again.

There is something so comforting

to have you near.

I feel you could be a year

and if I survive your year,

you could even become two.

I feel you could be a year.

I could live with hearing “Hi”

every morning for a year.

But now you’re not a year.

Now you are summer

and I’m basking in your warmth.

Because I love you

Because I love you the way you are,









Just name it and I’ll take it.

Black Butterfly

You are a black butterfly, like a shadow in the corner of my eye.

It’s too late to hide. You say “kill time”; you know you’re mine... Black butterfly.

You haunt my treetops never gonna let me drop, I’m on your mind. Your preferred flavor – still a mystery, you fly by.

Tell me ’bout the full moon. Whisper on my lips dear black butterfly.

All our little secrets hidden, between your shirt and mine.

See you under silver stars, reminds me that you’re never far. Touching on this story as you look with want – how bizarre.

I’m getting closer; build the walls higher black butterfly.

Smoke makes your head spin, will we ever win?

I remember that night, whistle – is it all sin?

I can hear your wings on the bottom of my heart, keep up your chin.

Sick silence dancing all around you. I’m sure I’m supposed to stare.

Stings just like a bee but honey it’s true; I’m not far from you.

I dream like clouds drift by, are you okay my black butterfly?

Cannot be everything

I cannot be everything you want

Me to be because I am me and everything

I am is enough for me.

I don’t want to be everything you want

Me to be. I have met myself in the mirror

This morning and we both agree –

You need to leave.


“Isn’t it love?” he called to her, her frown so deep,

it nearly murdered her.

She couldn’t tell but luckily,

he knew her well.

A catcaller mocked from the corner of her eye.

She saluted the gesture

with something less kind than a high five.

He glared at the catcaller

and then watched her turn the corner.

It was a cold morning, early winter

but his heart wouldn’t have it.

He made a choice.

He would own her and there would be no more catcallers.


Chocolate Cake Café

I gasped the moment I saw him…


…very much aware, I was staring at him

like a piece of chocolate cake.

But it was raining outside and the crowded café was busy.

Everyone had to look at something, I figured.

He was lost in a moment, it seemed,

annoyed with a group of friends he was with.

So I stared at my piece of

chocolate cake

until he saw me.

And, just like that, the rain stopped.


I am not complicated.

I just don’t fit in the box

You have in your hands.


And in all this craziness,

you could hear your heart beat

for the first time.

Darkness & Light

Darkness will always try to find a way.

It’s the will of all things evil

to claw and crawl and take what they can;

but all you need is a drop of light.

It will flow and grow

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