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Dedication Page

Chapter Day 1: Training 4 Victory

Chapter Day 2: No Competition

Chapter Day 3: Under New Management

Chapter Day 4: Weathering the Storm

Chapter Day 5: 100% Guaranteed

Chapter Day 6: Walking In Confidence (W.I.C)

Chapter Day 7: The Love of Christ (TLC)

Chapter Day 8: Conflict between Flesh & Spirit

Chapter Day 9: Knowing the Truth/Rejecting the False

Chapter Day 10: B.I.G (Believing In God)

Chapter Day 11: Understanding the Love of Christ

Chapter Day 12: Seek First; Everything else second

Chapter Day 13: True Holiness is Reality

Chapter Day 14: Releasing Attachments

Chapter Day 15: Release His Word


Personal Testimonies

Appendix A (Bibliography)


This is book is called Focus 15 for a reason; it is designed to take you through 15 days and 15 minutes of high octane devotional. My desire is to encourage the people of God to move forward in Him. The idea is to give you the fuel you need to get through the day. This devotion will encourage you, challenge you, and also give you the change you need in your life.

In the midst of writing this devotional book I have been encouraged, challenged, and changed. It allowed me to re-evaluate who I am in Christ and pushed me to start doing things correctly.

I do believe everyone will have a different experience while reading this devotion. Please take this one day at a time. The benefit is there, just reach for yours.

Be Blessed!

Dedication Page

This book is first dedicated to my Lord and Savior for giving me the idea to put this devotional together. Without His direction it would only be a thought.

I also want to thank my Pastors Frank & Robin King. They have been very instrumental in helping me write this book. They challenge others to be an impact for the Kingdom. I believe this is one way I can impact the Kingdom.

The final thanks goes to my best friend and wife Rhonda. We have been married for over seventeen years and have three wonderful children; Danielle (16), Kendra (15), and Isaac (12). They are such a joy. My wife always tells me, “Make sure you are hearing from God when you are trying to do something, so it can be effective when you present it to the people.” It is because of her, and me truly consulting God on this project, that it took over three years to complete. When I would say, “the book is finished”, she would say, “Have you added everything you needed to add?” Those words would make me revisit the book and add more. I just want to say honey, I Love You and thanks for your inspiration.

Chapter Day 1

Training 4 Victory

“Philippians 3:12-14”

Within this scripture there are a couple of words I would like to define Prize & Goal for a better understanding of what Paul was trying to say through these scriptures.

Definition: Prize – Greek word: Disko which means striving and pressing on to a goal with intensity.

Definition: Goal – The mark set as a limit to a race. (Aim for the Goal with a purpose)

Paul said that his goal was to know Christ, to truly be like Him we need to know Him. To be all God wants us to be, we have to know who He is. The goal will take all our energy because it took all of Paul’s energy. We shall not let anything distract us from focusing on our goals for Christ.

When we are training our mind we should lay aside everything that is harmful to us; this is anything that would keep us from reaching our goal.

“Take one minute and ask yourself this question”

**What is holding you back from reaching your Goal?**

**What can I do to strip this off? What is keeping me from reaching my Goal?**

If you are struggling with getting the answer for the last two questions, just continue to pray that God will reveal what you need to do to overcome those things that are keeping you from reaching your goal.

There are three primary keys to reaching your goals;

*Finish Strong

*Obtaining the Prize

*Reward Presentation

As we look to reach each individual key, my prayer is that God will ignite something in our hearts to continue to press no matter how hard the training will be.

Finish Strong – Hebrew 12:1 (Read)

The huge crowd of witnesses’ faithfulness is a constant encouragement to us, we do not struggle alone, and we are not the first to struggle with problems we face. There have been others who ran the race and won. This witness from them should stir our hearts to run and win with a strong finish. What an inspiring heritage we have in God.

If we plan to obtain a prize in the end we need to keep our eyes on the goal which is living for Jesus. When we loose sight of that, we find ourselves in an unstable position.

Obtaining the Prize – I Corinthians 9:24-27 (Read)

To get a better understanding of this topic we are going to define the word Obtain in the Greek & Webster dictionary.

Definition: Obtain – Greek word – “Tynakano” which means “Taking Part.”

Webster defines it as – “To gain.”

We have the opportunity through life to gain and take part in gaining the prize that God has for us once we have completed our assignment here on earth.

Winning a race requires focus and discipline; we have to know how we are going to accomplish our goal which is winning. Paul gives us a great illustration that helps us to understand this Christian walk takes hard work, dedication, self denial, and grueling preparation. This word grueling means; requiring extreme effort, we should spend every moment working on ourselves at a high octane level so we can get were we need to be in God.

Here are three essential disciplines to help us obtain our prize.

*Prayer – The Bible says; pray without ceasing.

*Bible Study – We have to study to show ourselves approved, so we can rightly divide the word of God.

*Worship – We should worship him in Spirit & Truth.

Reward Presentation – II Timothy 4:7-8 (Read)

A Crown of Righteousness

**As he neared the end of his life, Paul could completely say he was faithful to the call of God on his life. The walk may not be easy but we need to stay faithful to the call that is on our life so we can be reward with the Crown of Righteousness. Here is a question for you to ponder;**

“Are you Faithful to your call?”


Give five takeaways from this day.


Chapter Day 2

No Competition

“I John 4:4”

We have to understand evil is stronger than we are in the natural. We can’t fight the enemy in our own strength. We need to allow God to take over, He is stronger. When we allow God to take over, this is when we find ourselves overcoming temptation, just as Jesus did when he was in the wilderness. We need to get to a place when we are in our personal wilderness we can overcome temptation.

Overcoming Temptation – Matt 4:1-11 (Read)

When trying to tempt Jesus; Satan focused on the 3 P’s. The enemy will use the same three P’s to tempt us as well.

**Physical needs & desires

**Possessions & Power


Physical needs & desires – Matt 4:3,4 (Read)

Jesus was in the wilderness for forty days and forty nights. He was hungry because He consecrated himself before God with fasting. While in the wilderness the enemy did everything to get Jesus off focus by dangling the opportunity to turn rocks into bread so He could eat. Jesus chose not to loose sight of his purpose for bread. The reason for Jesus not using his divine power to satisfy His physical needs was to show us how to trust in Him. We need to push the plate away to get closer to God.

We need to remember many of our desires are normal and good, but God wants us to truly satisfy them in the right way and right time.

Possession & Power – Matt 4:5-7 (Read)

We have to understand that God isn’t a magician; He will not perform upon our request. When the enemy came to tempt Jesus for the second time this is how Jesus replied; the word tells us not to put God to the test. For more on this scripture read Deut 6:16. The word is teaching us not to test the Lord or using His example to help us when the enemy is trying to test us with Possession & Power.

Pride – Matt 4:8-10 (Read)

It is interesting to see Satan trying to use something that doesn’t belong to him. Today, the enemy offers us the world by trying to entice us with materialism and power. The reason the enemy does this is because he knows if this is not obtained in the right way it will cause a disruption in our lives. We have to remember the words Jesus said. You must worship the Lord your God and serve Him only. The word is here for us to use whenever the enemy tries a sneak attack on us. Amen!

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