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What Readers Are Saying

"I know deep in my heart that the One With God books are intended for me. They are my exclusive study now. Although I've read them several times, the words still provide profound meaning with the strengthening view of understanding. The Holy Spirit, through you, is taking me along my path more assuredly."

Brenda K.

"These books are touching me, changing me, teaching me . . . beyond anything I could tell you."

Kathie A.

"After studying A Course in Miracles for many years, I find the One With God books are helping to take me further toward a direct experience of the Holy Spirit's Presence within. In that sense, I see the books as a continuation of the Course's teachings."

Noah B.

"Every time I read an excerpt from One With God I am reminded of what we are really about. Your awakening, Margie, is evident, and truly helps the readers on their path."

Marcia M.

"I get emotional just thinking about how much these books have assisted my awakening. Thanks for your courage and candor. I am so grateful."

Moira B.

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Awakening Through the Voice of the Holy Spirit

Book 4

Marjorie Tyler

Joann Sjolander

Margaret Ballonoff

One With God:

Awakening Through the Voice of the Holy Spirit

Book 4

Copyright © 2018

by Marjorie Tyler, Joann Sjolander, and Margaret Ballonoff

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What Readers Are Saying

1 The Final Release

2 Live from Me

3 Repeated Lifetimes

4 The Only Knower

5 Fear of Joy

6 Threads of Attachment

7 Myriad Selves

8 The Invisible Engineer

9 Surrender

10 Universe of Light

11 Disable the Ego

12 One or the Other

13 Basis of Reincarnation

14 Your Internal Master

15 Pieces of the Puzzle

16 Return of the Selves

17 Awakening Together

18 Courage

19 Watching the Show

20 A New Dimension

21 Levels of Consciousness

22 To Be or Not to Be

23 The Attraction of Death

24 Releasing the Ego's Hold

25 God Is

26 Already Home

27 True Stability

28 The Ego Balks

29 Miracles

30 Taming the Ego

31 In Harmony

32 Blessed

33 The Open Mind

34 Projection

35 Messages of Love

36 Empty the Mind

37 What Is Love?

38 Marriage

39 The Peace of God

40 Ego's Revenge

41 Reuniting the Projected Selves

42 Jonah Within

43 Saving Time

44 Robe of Darkness

45 Only One Voice

46 Integration

47 His Constant Presence

48 Fear of God's Punishment

49 Your Right Mind

50 Are You Loveable?

51 What Do You See?

52 Burn, Baby, Burn

53 I Am My Brother

54 Hologram of Humanity

55 Beyond Earthly Treasures

56 Happy Dreaming

57 A Gathering of Selves

58 Collapse of the Ego Thought System

59 A Threatened Ego

60 Meet Your Self Everywhere

61 One Face

62 Fear of No Return

63 No Hierarchy of Illusions

64 Fullness

65 The Last Step

66 Testing the Holy Spirit

67 Duplicity

68 One Mind

69 Players on the Screen

70 The Real World

71 Taking Center Stage

72 One Self

73 Shining the Light

74 Approaching the Cliff

75 Inner Reunion

76 Jump!

77 Let Go and Let God

78 Detachment

79 Lessons of Death

80 Choose Life

81 No Loss

82 Know Thy Self

83 Limitless Mind

84 Plato’s Cave

85 Alpha and Omega

86 Outward Picture of an Inward Condition

87 Nothing but Love

88 Releasing the World

89 No Hierarchy of Religions

90 Beware

91 A Simple Life

92 Return to Love

93 Beyond the Body

94 Ego Antics

95 Wholeness and Healing

96 Resurrection

97 The Return


The End


The Final Release

Every thought that is not of kindness

is a reason to call on Me.

January 1, 2014

Good morning, Holy Spirit, and Happy New Year. I am happy to begin this New Chapter with You as my Sole Navigator. Thank You for the blessing of bringing me this far in the knowing of You as all there is. I look forward to the time when we will be fully joined, operating as One Self. What is Your instruction? You feel united with Me today in heart and mind, happy to be serving our purpose with the books, happy for all your many selves in the mind who are out pictured in the world of form. This is a time of celebration. You have completed scribing the first three books in our series. Yes, the books are ours because we are One. Their completion has been a joined effort along with Meera and Jo. You three now get to look back to the beginning and see how far you have come. Yes, My promise that "a book would be written" has been fulfilled. Each book has served your awakening, as well as the awakening of all in the one mind. You trust what I say is true, that it is to serve your growth, moment by moment. I am you, and you are Me. This Oneness is inclusive of all humanity. That will be understood more fully in the next phase of our work. We will proceed with the theme of the final release of attachment to the ego thought system.

Last night, mt had a dream about being swayed by a character who was finely dressed as a slick salesman in a large department store where she had bought some ceramic tableware. Mt already had all the dishes she wanted but had wandered back into the store because she was told of a sale. The salesman then handed her a fancy brochure and began his lecture on the advantages of buying more. She didn't understand why he was holding up a line of waiting customers just to talk to her. Mt did not really have an interest in buying more but stood and listened, thinking he liked her and was trying to be helpful.

When you awoke from the dream, you realized the salesman symbolized the ego, and that you were looking at your last attachments to the appearance of form. You could tell by his perfect presentation and garb that he was just a figure of your imagination but then realized there is still something in mt being called to play the ego's game. She is yet attracted to the special forms that give her pleasure in the world, but she also knows when she has had enough of it and can leave the showroom.

This is the stage where the three of you now stand with Me. You see the whole ego drama and know where you tend to fall for the sales pitch. This discernment will sharpen rapidly so that saying no to the ego will be easy, almost automatic. You are now awake enough in the dream world that when the ego summons you with its wares you will immediately call on Me for translation, just as mt did after dreaming of the salesman. You wonder now about My use of the two terms: mt and you. This is also part of the discernment process. Mt is the ego self, a character, a figment of the imagination playing a role on the dream stage that allows her to be a channel for My purpose. Mt is not real. Her "reality" exists in the mind as a decision maker, the "you" who gets to choose each moment between your true Self or the false ego self. We are watching the mt character in her role in the world of form. In last night's dream, she followed the directions of the ego and willingly listened to its spiel. When you get tempted by the ego, remember Me and know that mt is only acting out a fantasy.

Mt is a manifestation of the split mind, a thoughtform having no substance. She is a projected dream character being used as a vehicle to bring the mind back to wholeness through her awakening to the truth that "she" is none other than the Christ Self, the One Son of God. This is true for every character. In this moment, you and I are above the battleground, the playing field of life, so you can watch how it unfolds without taking it seriously. You are joined with Me, and that is how we maintain our witnessing vantage point.

You can discern the difference between being joined with Me or with the ego that would keep you attached to the elements of the dream that do not serve your highest purpose. You will be provided with what is needed to sustain this earthly life, but you will know that it is not real, only a form that allows Me to bring you and all your many selves to full awakening. The three of you have come far in this realization. You call on Me whenever you are challenged by the ways of your ego. Each stress, discomfort, or judgment is a reason to call on Me. In fact, every thought that is not of kindness is a reason to call on Me. I am present now in your mind throughout a significant part of your day. This conjunction between us will continue to increase over time until we are united in the Now. The awakened state you see demonstrated by Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle is to be your life, and it will be the life of all readers in their own designated time of readiness. You feel the perfection of that promise because a new certainty has filled your being. We rejoice at this new chapter in this new estate. Celebrate your Life in Me. We are One, and we will demonstrate our Oneness to all who can see.

Is there more, Holy Spirit? No, you can call your sister now. (I called Susan, and she said she is no longer comfortable with full-time male companionship. She is ready to live her own life. I asked the Holy Spirit about her.) Susan is in My hands and is ready to see this realization through My Vision. She knows Me and is learning to love her Self. My sustenance is all she needs. This is her last lifetime of suffering the absence of love. She is your Sister in Me and we are One. You must release the idea that you are superior or more advanced. Susan has also come a long way, and you both will be united with Me. Where you go, your brother goes with you. Take her as your partner and see her only as the reflection of your Self. You go joined because there is no hierarchy of illusions. Yes, your ego would make you believe that you are better, that you know more and should go first. But the last shall be first. Susan has fought the fight, and you will enter Heaven together. Holy Spirit, please open my heart fully to that knowing. I will.

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Live from Me

You enter the Kingdom joined.

January 2, 2014

Holy Spirit, what is Your instruction this morning? We will be together as One. Yesterday you had a very important message from Me. I have told you that you and your sister will enter Heaven together. This came as a slight surprise and was difficult for your ego to hear because you, as the older sister, always thought of yourself as the first one, the leader, the wiser, so, of course, you would enter the Kingdom first. That is not true, and you understand why it is the deepest lesson so far. You saw that she must go with you as your Self. Susan is your dream construction, and as that, she is one with you in the mind. There are no real differences. In form, you are of the same blood, womb, and father—symbolic of the reality that you are the same Thought of God. Susan has been your projection screen for all you would like to disown in yourself. Now you see she is one with you. Less than a week ago, she saw "My face" appear twice in her dreams. She, too, has identified with Me, as Me.

Years ago, when you had a taste of the real world and believed you were on the doorstep of enlightenment, you had the realization that you cannot enter Heaven alone. Your most surprising thought in that moment was "I will not become enlightened without my sisters Meera and Jo." This is the joining of which A Course in Miracles speaks. It is the recognition that there is no hierarchy of illusions and that you are all together, one and the same Self. You enter the Kingdom joined.

Your friend Andy called yesterday. He loves the Course and was reading Lesson 155, so you took it as a message to read it too: I will step back and let Him lead the way. This is where you now live with Me. You have stepped back, as has your sister and Andy, to let Me lead you. In the Workbook lesson, I spoke of those who demonstrate this state of surrender to My Authority and how they let truth go before them. When you demonstrate the peace of living from Me and not from the ego, it will be recognized by those who know Me. Others will see you only as a projection of their ego thought system. They cannot yet use you as a model of a way to reach the light of their own souls.

Last night you walked your favorite beach to celebrate the birth of the New Year and the start of our next book. You found an unusual shell in the incoming wave and showed it to a man nearby named Emmanuel. He was from the Caribbean, and in the first minutes of your speaking, you both realized you share the knowing of Me as all there is. It was a gift to hear the story, identical to your own, of how he was guided by his Christ Self to leave his home and family and move to Maui three years before you did. You each live your lives for Me and from Me and felt the joy and peace of having the same understanding of who you are in God. It reminded you of the Course lesson: Teachers of God recognize each other. Yes, you were to have that thought reinforced and grounded. I am everywhere, in every one, which you both had the eyes to see.

Every brother is your Self. Every brother carries My face, the face of Christ. Everyone is you whether they have come to the realization that I am their only Self or not. Everyone you meet in mind or form is an extension of the Thought of God and a projection of your own thinking. See them all as a reflection of your truth in Me. Welcome each one back into your heart and know you are welcoming them to enter Heaven with you, joined as One.

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Repeated Lifetimes

Life in a dream world is a hollow repetition

of meaningless cycles.

January 3, 2014

Holy Spirit, what is Your instruction today? We have come far. This was represented in your early morning dream—a dream of awakening. Although you had no body awareness, you felt suspended in a vaporous "knowing" of what was taking place around you. It appeared you were swinging on two copper tubes attached to a dark wall. Your life and safety depended on their reliable connection, but you noticed that one of the tubes had become detached. The copper had been drawn back to expose a coil that was expanding, but somehow you did not fall. You knew the tubes were very valuable, and the owner would be angry because the apparatus would be expensive and difficult to repair. This brought fear, and you could not imagine confronting him with your carelessness. When you woke up, you had the clarity that the situation was all happening in the mind of mt, a dream figure who does not exist. You were also aware that in the dream, mt had held great symbolism in her hands.

What do You say, Holy Spirit? As mt, you believe you are still attached to the coils of repeated lifetimes of births and deaths, like being attached to a wall with limited vision. In the dream, you could not see where you were. The blank black wall should have prevented you from swinging from the tubes, but you did not feel anything stopping you. With My help, you are able to witness everything that has blocked you for lifetimes of wanting to swing free. Until now, you did not have the tools to become released, to see what was waiting for you behind the wall of not knowing. Yes, you have asked to be in the state of "not knowing," and you are. It is from this place of trust that your dream is being revealed with its true meaning: the dreamer is all parts of the dream. Let us look at them more closely.

The wall is the mirror of the ego mind, a picture of man's mistaken beliefs about himself that leave him in darkness. Man thinks he knows what is right in front of him, yet he sees nothing because he is nothing, just as "you were swinging" but unaware of a body that was swinging. In the dream, you had no concept that you could go beyond the dark wall to a place of light and freedom. The hanging copper tubes represent your attachment to the elements of the earth and are what allow transmissions of communication in the world of form. The exposed coils inside the core of the tubing symbolize the uncovering you have done. You now see that the experience of your earth life is just one continuous spiral of the same unending story.

Life in a dream world is a hollow repetition of meaningless cycles. Unless they are seen for their falsity they can never set you free. You suffered no damage when the attachment to the wall of darkness was broken. Your only fear was the repercussion from the owner of the paraphernalia. Of course, you realize this is the symbol for your ego thought system. It would tell you that you are in supreme danger for cutting the cord to its womb of safety that protected you from God. The fear of God's punishment becomes your fear of the ego's retaliation for letting go of its hold on you, which would liberate you from the cycles of birth and death. The ego fears for its life. You, on the other hand, can wake up and feel the freedom of realizing it was all just a dream, that you are unharmed and have the means, through Me, to know the truth. This allows you to go beyond the wall of darkness into the light. There is no punishment. There is nothing to fear. You have worked steadily, year after year, to uncover the secret to true liberation—you are the dreamer of a dream of fear, which you created to keep from knowing your Self. You now know Me as your Self and trust that I will lead you on the journey to God. We have come far and you are at the final steps.

Yesterday was a milestone for your sister. She was able to break the cycle of attachment to a string of failed relationships, all substitutes for My true Love. All outward seeking is every reader's experience, lifetime after lifetime. The unending chain of partners gave Susan great heartache and sorrow, but she was finally able to see that her "own life" depended on the truth of her Beingness, her Self, her Life in Me. She has repeatedly called on Me for guidance. I have shown her that she needs no one other than her Self for satisfaction and comfort. This is a huge lesson and is hard won. She has worked diligently for her liberation and experienced it yesterday, saying no to the last male relationship that would bind her.

Yes, the Light has come. This is the Way of My Vision, which clearly shows you only what is real—the connection to Me as your Self and your Guide. Attachments to form are never real. When you see there is another way than a life of separation, you will no longer be up against an immovable wall of darkness. You will be free to decide with Me how to navigate the dream world until you are fully awake and ready to return Home. The chains of repeated birth and death have been broken, and freedom of Life in Me is now revealed. Thank You, Holy Spirit, for this sense of liberation and the freedom You have given to the three of us and to Susan.

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The Only Knower

All things are My messages,

and I am the only One to interpret them.

January 4, 2014

Holy Spirit, please help me understand my attachment to this role as scribe. I will. As a vehicle for the Holy Spirit, you have been asked by Me to transcribe My words for a series of books to be shared with those who study A Course in Miracles and others who also want to wake up. You have surrendered faithfully to My direction. Today we look at your role in terms of its meaning to the form and personality of you, as mt, in the world. Mt has had many lifetimes as a scribe for Me and for her own purposes. You are aware of one lifetime where you sat with a crystal ball giving predictions to men who were eager to believe your soothsaying but then saw their lives fall into disrepair. At the end of that lifetime, you imagined destroying God and the universe as you killed yourself. Yes, I told you that you are very attached to the role of scribe, but you have now come to the point of telling Me, "Thy Will be Done." You are even willing to surrender this role, if necessary, to find complete peace within your Self. In the last week, you have had the experience of "knowing" you know nothing and that you are not the Knower. This has opened a door for you to look deeper into your past attachment to advising both those in positions of power or anyone seeking your counsel.

Through your recollection of a past life as a seer, you realized that to be an advisor is actually the ego's means of usurping the Power of God from the soul of the advisee. You would take from him the ability to access his own Inner Knowing, the only thing that can deliver his truth. When you channel the "word of God" to a person in a position of power, you, like the oracle of ancient times, become more powerful than that one. You must look at the role of advisor from above the battleground and witness how destructive it can be when it is not being delivered in perfect surrender to Me. To be an ego personality in the role of a channeler of divine wisdom, for someone who believes that you have the answers for his life, is to be a "killer" of the Christ Self in you both. This powerful role of "ego as advisor" must be released. You always share My words with Jo and Meera, and without the two of them, you would not have reached this point of awareness—to see everyone as yourself, all equal with Me, as One.

I repeat: to usurp another's power of knowing is to "kill the Christ" of him. The ego self can't know for another. You know nothing. I am the only Knower, and you surrender to that. You are Me. That is all. Any role performed on earth is inconsequential. It doesn't matter. The role of channeler, scribe, knower of answers, when performed through the ego, gives one the belief that their power is equal to God's and becomes a means for believing the ego's answers are right. To Not know is the only way Home. It is total relinquishment of everything to Me. You thought you knew the answers for men. Now you know that "men" are not real and that all knowing exists beyond human comprehension. You know nothing of the mind. So this is where we begin.

Relinquish all "knowing." I will direct your thoughts and actions. Holy Spirit, I would give up this role of scribe if You asked. I admit that it has been a valued identity to which my ego personality is attached. I ask to be released into Your hands for whatever task You give Me, just to be with You. You now realize that to be "the advisor" becomes more important than the One Who is advising. God is left out, and only a powerful ego self remains. Give all desire for knowing, to Me.

(Afternoon) Holy Spirit, is there more You would say? You have already had a number of messages from Me today. All things are My messages, and I am the only One to interpret them. You, in your incarnation as mt and scribe for these books, are only a receptacle, a vehicle for Me to put My words into the world for all who have the ears to hear. You were very touched, a few moments ago, when your sister Susan said that you and she, along with Jo and Meera, were all together with me in my lifetime on earth as Jesus. She also said that most people did not understand Jesus's message at the time and that most do not, or will not, understand the messages you are now transcribing. You were surprised that Susan gave you such specific information because it would not be her propensity to make that kind of declaration. Yes, we were all together, and that is what "attaches you" to Me in this lifetime. You and Susan were to come to a point of joining as one and the same. You each accept that I am the Doer. Together, we are "doing this" as an exercise, but the real effect is happening in the mind you share with all humanity.

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Fear of Joy

Joy is the absence of suffering.

January 5, 2014

Holy Spirit, what is Your instruction? We will continue the work of the night. You were given help, at your request, to remove the veils that cover your joy. All your life you have felt the repression of joy and were suspicious of others who expressed unbounded bliss. You felt they were acting in ways that were false so you backed away from them in your mind. You could never understand your mother's expressions of joy because you believed she had suffered too much to really have that capacity. You were known by all to be too serious and were constantly asked by your husband to "lighten up." Inside, you could understand that something was missing, but you did not know how to access it. Your piano teacher once commented, "Your mother stole your joy." You lived with a mother who had suffered unimaginable loss at age nine with the death of the two caretakers she loved most, her mother and her grandmother. You believed that to be loved by God and to be fully accepted by your mother, you would need to suffer even more, a belief that was never fully conscious.

Later in your life, a friend who practiced shamanism told you she would perform a shamanic journey to help you find your joy. This is how loss is seen in the human condition, no matter what the form. You believe someone took it from you, usually a parent. You now see that the belief that you "do not deserve joy" began as a result of leaving the Joy of Heaven. That choice brought the notion of "God's wrath" into your mind. Yes, it is convoluted, and this is the condition of a world set up in the ego mind to be the opposite of Life in Heaven. Therefore, to feel joy is to call forth guilt and punishment and to live in suffering is to be "loved by God." A Course in Miracles makes this concept clear when it describes how pain, suffering, and sacrifice are thus equated with "happiness" in the world of form.

Last night you looked deeply with Me at your fear of joy. It required great willingness for you to take back the projection you had placed on a friend, who, in your opinion, was too exuberant. It appeared that her focus was only on the material world and thus not worthy of Divine acceptance. Yes, you were tapping into your deepest belief that God wants you to suffer for your transgression in leaving Him, which never happened, yet is the underpinning of your life in the physical realm. To feel joy was to lose the Love of God. It is that simple. Now you feel tears of recognition. You know Me as the expression of the Voice for God, and you do feel My Love. It became clear after pages of writing that you believed "suffering is the most direct route to God." For that reason, you had to dismiss the joy expressed by your friends, believing you would never reach the capacity for that same joyfulness. This is the belief that you would never reach Heaven, would never be acceptable to God, and would never feel the Presence of Love in your heart. We have now looked at your fear. It has been seen with Me and acknowledged by you. You have pleaded for My help and have received My Blessing.

My Constant Joy has always been the foundation of your Being, but your belief in punishment was so great that it overrode the power of your truth. Your resistance to those who expressed great joy was really your own projection onto them of your fear of joy. Judgment was how your ego kept you in the belief that suffering and the denial of joy would keep you safe. Without a belief that joy could ever be yours, you could not come to the full realization of your birthright: the Joy of God. You had to see that this was your choice before you could set the brother free to experience his life without your judgment. That set you free as well. Now you wonder if you will actually experience this shift. Yes, and we will celebrate the lifting of a veil that has kept you from your Self for lifetimes. Remember, to actually experience the Joy of God means the death of your ego.

Without being willing to witness the reflection of the beliefs projected onto your brother, and the willingness to take back those judgments, you would not be free. You have worked tenaciously throughout your life to find the truth of your being, and to release all that would hold you back. We are dealing with the deepest layers of the separation, and the Light is shining brightly to make the shadows of fear disappear. I am working with your many selves to remove all barriers to the knowing of My Joy, which is the Joy of every Being. You ask now the real meaning of Joy. It is the absence of suffering; it is the ability to be with "what is" in full acceptance and embrace. It is the knowing that I Am all that Is. There is no other. There is no fear. Only Love remains when you release the thought of suffering. This is what sets the mind free to come Home. Now let this assimilate.

You need not think that you must express the same kind of exuberance you see in others. Each has his own means of expression. For you, the experience of joy will be the feeling of connection with Me without barriers and fulfilling your purpose of scribing the books. You are free to enjoy your life fully with no mental anguish. So, Holy Spirit, would You say that each one with You can handle and accomplish his chosen task, his life's purpose, with grace and ease? Yes. You know this now. You do not resist your commitment to Me.

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Threads of Attachment

The Presence of My Love in you

is the agent of healing.

January 6, 2014

(Day of Epiphany) Holy Spirit, what is Your instruction? You have just been asked to surrender all thought to Me, and this request has set your ego into fear. It is now bombarding you with thoughts of death, illness, and disaster. Notice how rapidly they arise after I tell you to wait for My guidance before every action and make no future plans. You want to attend your yoga class today and fear I will tell you not to go. That thought is of the ego. It would create fears that the pleasures in your life will be stolen by Me or that you will become sick and die. This is how the ego works. We watch its silly maneuvers from above. My will is not for you to suffer or to take away the enjoyment of your life on earth. You can go to your class, and you will hold Me in your mind as all there is.

You have been thinking about Ken Wapnick and wondering how things are going at the Foundation without him. His passing was peaceful and planned. Know that I am in charge of all that is happening for the Foundation for Inner Peace and the Foundation for A Course in Miracles. All who are connected with ACIM are part of this transition. It is a reorganization in form, planned from the very beginning. You will also feel its effects, but there is nothing for you to be concerned about. I have it handled and will give you your role in time.

This early morning, you dreamed of trying to break a nylon thread. As much as you intended to pull it apart, and no matter how hard you tried, the thread would not break. This reflects the strength of connection you have to Ken and the founders of A Course in Miracles. You do feel this, and it brings tears of recognition. You will now be a holder of the torch for them in the mind. Your commitment to be a beacon is strong and will be guided by Me. There is nothing for you to do in form. Just Be with Me and hold to your love of the Course and its continuation. It is not about your future with our books; it is about My intention to bring these concepts to the world. You protest that you are too old, that someone younger needs to be in this role. Remember, there are many who are holding the light for the continuance of these ideas, and it is most important at this time for you to be willing to continue the work. Only that is necessary. The beacon shines its loving light, and the work will be carried forward into the next generation. You need not know more than that, but there is already a shift in your mind of which you are aware.

Hold all brothers with the Light of My Love, confident that nothing they do will be done in vain. You have joined them in their efforts, knowing that the work goes on. You are one with them and always have been. This brings you all together in the mind. The physical world has fallen away in this moment; form is meaningless. The intention to carry forward the teachings of the Course is what matters. Yes, that, too, is form, but it is an important focus for the mind of man. We are dealing with wholeness, unity, forgiveness, peace, and love, and our goal is to bring these concepts to the forefront. Is this for the book? Yes, and it is a message to all readers to hold everything in a mind-space of love. That is the way to see everything in your world.

Envision now a soft light embracing those who are reorganizing and planning how to carry forward after Ken's death. Your love and support are all that is needed. You do not know the power of intentional love to heal the world, but this message is a means for you to feel that love and send it off with My blessing. The Presence of My Love in you is the agent of healing. I will guide you in this practice. You are becoming more aware of the interconnectedness of all selves and all things and have felt a part of this transition with the founders of the Course. You are all united in the intention to awaken from the dream of separation. Shed the Light of Peace and Love to all your brothers. My Work, My Word, and My Love go forward into eternity.

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Myriad Selves

When you give someone your full attention,

you are really giving it to Me.

January 7, 2014

Holy Spirit, what is Your instruction for today? We will review a particular dream from last night. You were standing in a room. On your right was a table, stacked high with pint-sized jars of pure water that had been sent from different parts of the environs. Three men were pouring what you thought was the water into a huge thermos, but what you saw looked like chai, the milk tea at Sai Baba's ashram in India that is served to thousands from all over the world. In your dream, you watched how the men carefully poured the sterile milk tea into the thermos, holding their fingers out so there would be no contamination. You were confused about how the water had become tea.

This is a powerful message to you and all the readers of this book: pay attention to everything you are offered every moment of your day. It is a gift to you from Me. Neglect nothing. Every event, every thought, every meeting holds an offering to be distilled by Me into a nectar for your soul. I transform every image to feed you My wisdom and instruction for the process of your awakening. All the offerings blend into the drink of love for those who are ready to imbibe. You are surprised to see how I now use your experience at the ashram to give My message of the morning. Everything is used; do not ignore any experience that comes your way. You would like to escape certain time-consuming activities or not pay attention to another's comments or stories because you think you have better things to do. Stop; wait; listen. I have set them before you to deliver an instruction. Take the time to surrender in that moment to Me. Listen and know that I am behind every encounter. Let the movie run to the end with your calm and patient attention. Yes, it requires patience in loving service to fulfill My purpose, which you are willing to do.

These books are a compilation of your many experiences in the world of form. I have transformed those details into an offering to be used by the thousands to come to a better understanding of the Self. We are all the One Son, but in the illusion, it appears that man is separated into many forms and appearances. You are now taking in the contributions of all the iterations of the Sonship. Each one you meet represents one of the aspects, or facets, of the whole. When you give someone your full attention, you are really giving it to your Self, Me. It is the Self fully listening to its Self. Each of you then adds your unique ingredient to the one blend, which can feed nations in the mind.

You, mt, in your emptiness, are ready to be filled by all the offerings of those you meet from around the world, but first, you must remain empty of your ego's demands to have life "your way"—keeping space and time to your little self. Many readers have experiences, not unlike mt's, while meeting the brothers in form, in the media, or in their thoughts. Each encounter activates a response from your ego, a desire to judge or discount the other in some way so the ego can remain in charge and superior. This is what we notice together now, joined above the battleground. Ask to be lifted above your reactions so you can receive the brothers openly and without judgment, remembering they are all reflections of your Self. Then, the container of your open heart will be ready to receive the pure waters of a brother's essence and the gift he has to offer for your own completion. With his offering, you are preparing to make ready for the "tea," which I will then serve back to you, transformed and purified, to be received as My blessing. Now that you, mt, have opened to Me as a channel, I can pour forth the distillation of all your experiences.

(I do feel I have settled into my role with the books now. There is a gentle joy of embracing, receiving, and sharing them. There is peace and appreciation, without feeling special, just an acceptance of "it is what it is." It seems my capacity to receive all that comes from the Holy Spirit has increased. As I sat in the hot tub tonight with six other people, it was like sharing a big cup of tea together.)

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The Invisible Engineer

I am the Power and Presence

that knows the way Home.

January 8, 2014

Holy Spirit, what is Your instruction? You were given a powerful dream just before you woke up. I placed a message in it, which we deciphered, and then you went to the computer. Now we will encapsulate that dream experience. You found yourself on a mountain with a group of unfamiliar people who would be running a race at 1:00 p.m. after eating a special lunch and taking a shower. You would have had to pay $80 for the lunch, but you ate your own instead. Then you became concerned that the super-food might have allowed you to run the three miles, but you also knew that your legs would not carry you that far. All of a sudden, you were inside the mountain looking out a window, peering down to a great hall below. There you saw a long black train with endless compartments being washed by invisible cleaners. You felt a comfort in looking at the careful cleansing, seeing the suds coming out of the train's windows and doors. You were standing on a narrow marble ledge and knew you would be jumping down to the successive ledges below—each about four feet wide—to reach the ground. You had managed the first one but had some fear about the next jump.

What is Your interpretation? In a nutshell, the "you" on the mountaintop, awaiting a race that made no logical sense, is you as mt living in the world of form. Nothing here makes any sense, and you now feel yourself an outsider to the world you inhabit. In the night dream, you are uncertain which rules to follow to understand the sense of "rightness" that you feel internally. You are unsure of the expectations from your environment. You do pay attention to what you know is true for you by not engaging in a meaningless competition. Then you find yourself in a great hall that reaches from the top of the mountain to the base. This represents the mind, which is massive and holds yet hidden information. You show up and are willing to observe what is below. You take the leaps of faith that will lead you to the Ground of Knowing.

At first, the image of the train filled you with comfort because it was being so well cared for, but when I told you the train is Me, you experienced fear. Because you couldn't imagine why I would take the form of a train, the ego mind immediately associated it with Holocaust trains heading for the concentration camps. You asked for clarity and I told you that the train is My vehicle to bring you Home. It is powerful and safe. You will be carried to your destination with certainty that it is all in My hands; nothing can derail the plan. The ego then reminded you that three trains were stuck in subzero weather for hours yesterday, near Chicago. All these fears show you how the world of form distorts the truth, turning every positive into a negative. My Train will reach the Station.

You have realized that the train also represents your deepest desire to share your journey of hearing My Voice with the world. We are joined, and you are being shown the vehicle for that distribution. The train, in its multiple, unending compartments, will carry all the many selves to their destination through the vehicle of the books, which are being transported to the world of form. In the dream, the train has no visible engineer or cleaners. This is an expression of the unseen realm of the mind where all of this is really taking place.

I am the Power and the Presence, the invisible Engineer Who knows the way and Who will lead you all at your point of readiness to your true Home in God. Overlook fear and move forward to put the books into the world. You feel love for Me and for this mission we share. There is joy in the acknowledgment that your purpose is unfolding. It is being fulfilled as we write because the mind receives these messages and feels its liberation. There is nothing more to say other than to ask each reader to trust that every vehicle is being provided as a tool for his awakening. Ask Me the meaning of anything that arouses a question in your mind. I will show you its significance, and that will take you the next step. You shall all board My Train Home.

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We all inhabit the same room, the same heart,

and together we compose the One Son of God.

January 9, 2014

Holy Spirit, what is Your instruction this evening? We did not write this morning as you were in the midst of experiencing a revelation that has taken you deep. You dreamed of a woman who did not recognize the work you had done, nor could you see her as having any knowledge. You judged her severely for not seeing your capabilities and were unwilling to give her a chance to demonstrate hers. Then an opening took place where you had a conversation. It turned out that you both had been dealing with the same specialty, one which today is rarely mentioned: working with survivors of satanic ritual abuse. You discovered that she was very skilled in this field and had up-to-date experience as a therapist. You then were able to embrace her as an equal.

When you woke up, you associated this dream with an experience you had in Sai Baba's ashram in 1991. It was the most profound experience of your life, up to that point, because you clearly saw the Hand of the Divine in it. At the same time in your career as a clinical social worker, many clients were showing up in your practice who had been ritually abused and were experiencing severe states of dissociation and multiple personalities. You felt privileged to do this difficult work, grateful you were able to help them access the light of their being as they became acquainted with the many still-held wounded "personality states" within their unconscious. By the time you visited Sai Baba, you had a deep desire for his help in how to proceed with your clinical practice.

At the ashram, you were fortunate to stay in a single room, but after ten days you had to give it up. You were then assigned to a space on the floor of a huge shed with hundreds of cots. As you prepared to gather up your few belongings, a man appeared at your door with a notice to go to yet another room. The rules would not allow you to sleep in anything but the shed, so you asked the office personnel what to do. They told you to go to the new room, although it was already occupied by an American woman, her child, and a French woman. You knew there were a handful of Americans in the ashram among the thousands of Indians and people from all over the world. When you knocked on the assigned door, a woman answered in English and told you the room was full and that she "refused" you. Exhausted, you returned to the office. You had been sick for several days with dysentery. The office told you to return and to tell the woman she couldn't refuse you. You returned and knocked. She opened the door, and you both looked deeply into each other's eyes. Finally, she said, "I get the message you should come in." She then gave you a small space on the floor of the tiny room.

(The woman and I sat on the floor, and she began to talk. Almost immediately she said that she had been in the ashram for three weeks and had found no one with whom she could discuss her past ritual abuse. I was overcome with emotion, knowing I was led to her room by unseen forces to be the exact help she was seeking. In tears, I told her I was a therapist for ritual abuse and that I would help her any way I could. We set a time to begin our therapy the following morning, but when the time came I was suddenly overcome with laryngitis. She, at the same moment, told me she was getting the message we were not to do therapy. Instead, we were to enjoy the companionship of sharing a room together. We were to just Be. It was one of the greatest miracles and blessings in my life to be with her for the next five days.)

Holy Spirit, is this what You wanted? Yes, it is our story, and Baba is My instrument, an Instrument of God, bringing you the message that we are all one. No one knows any more than another. You are all engaged in surrendering to the Way of God and to the release of all association with the ego thought system, represented in this story as satanic abuse. Stories and characters are all the same—while one is evil, the other holds superior knowledge. The ego would take charge of every relationship to make one the victim and the other the savior. You see this played out everywhere you look. At the ashram, in a weakened condition, and with the desire to open to the spiritual blessings of being in that holy place, you were in a state of surrender. You followed the directions you were given, and they led to a deep realization that all personalities, whether in mind or form, are the same. They all belong to you.

You are coming to see that each person in your imagination or in your life is really just a reflection of you. You mirror each other, and you meet to learn this very lesson. The character in your dream last night symbolized you entering the room of the ritually abused woman, years ago at the ashram. Your dream character told you she knew all about ritual abuse and could give you the most up-to-date information. At that moment, you dropped all judgment and welcomed her as a sister. We all inhabit the same room, the same heart, and together we compose the One Son of God. The ritual abuse work was a way to see that all the multiple personalities of your many clients are no different from all your many selves, those you encounter by the dozens every day. You are learning to welcome them with openness and kindness and to consult Me whenever you feel a twinge of judgment. We are on the Homestretch now, joining with all brothers as One.

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Universe of Light

All parts of the universe are of the Essence and Love of

God, out pictured in diverse forms and distant worlds.

January 10, 2014

Holy Spirit, what is Your instruction this morning? You have been looking at the face of Venus on your iPad, an image that appears not unlike the earth. You have also seen a program showing the possibilities of life on a planet like yours, light-years away. What is the meaning of seeing those images of your distant neighbors? When you moved into your condo of 440 units, ten years ago, you had no desire to meet your neighbors. You wished to remain isolated and felt yourself special and separate. Over the years, you have realized they are representations of your many selves, and you have welcomed them with generosity and warmth. When you hold your iPad's Star Walk app over your balcony you bring the universe closer into view. It is a reflection of bringing Me closer into view.

As we have become more acquainted, you have felt more inclusive of everyone in your world. You think of the man you believed was homeless who has greeted you often under the Banyan Tree, telling you how seeing you would bless his day. Yesterday, when you greeted him, he said it was the fifth anniversary of his sobriety and that he felt the blessing of your presence. A genuine warmth and love had been expressed under My auspices. You actually felt that love all day long as you worked at the gallery while many of the artists appeared for a variety of needs. Rather than being annoyed at the frequent distractions, you welcomed each one as a part of the Self. Your joy was evident, and the day unfolded with an unusual ease in the face of all the demands for your attention. The planets have been "witnessed" as representations of your own projected self, and you are close to being ready to welcome any of their inhabitants as neighbors, friends, or other reflections of that self. It all may sound far-fetched, but this is how the return Home looks and feels.

The universe is now "collapsing," being reined in so that you can view it with new understanding, with My meaning. I interpret everything you see as a reflection of the Self you truly are. All parts of the universe are of the Essence and Love of God, out pictured in diverse forms and distant worlds. Clearly, the far reaches of the universe are now under deep scrutiny. You have been inspecting the elements of your internal universe, which is a microcosm of that greater macrocosm. You had to look at all the aspects of your psychological being to uncover the beliefs that are untrue. Yes, viewing the planets and solar system is an out picturing of taking a careful look at the inner system that binds you to repeated lifetimes of fear and darkness. The ego thought system would keep you blind to the Light of your Being, your only true nature and the essence from which the universe was created. Love is as God is as Light is. The Universe of Light exists in you, and this is what we have been uncovering, layer after layer, for many years, by removing all belief in separation—a belief that has been projected onto your neighbors and your brothers.

As long as you believe the brother's essence is any different from your own, you will see him through the eyes of fear. No matter what his race or what role he plays in the world, you have learned that any judgment your ego projects onto him keeps you separate and verifies you are not One in the Love of God. To pay attention to every speck of an unforgiving thought, as you look upon a brother, is the way to navigate your inner world and bring the thought to Me. Together, we can turn around the belief that one is superior while the other is inferior. In My Light, you are able to take back the fearful projections that would continue the experience of separation for eternity. As they disappear—one after the other, day after day, year after year—you begin to feel a lightness in your own being. Your brothers can now approach because you welcome them as your Self. They are being drawn to the Light of My Presence within you, which shines without impediment. That Light ignites your brother's light so that he, too, may feel his own brilliance and seek for his truth.

Signs of the awakening are now being seen throughout humanity. Although many believe this world is unique in the cosmos, others are more open to the idea that they are not alone, that "neighbors" do exist. This realization is a mirror for the Son of God to learn that he is not alone; every brother, every speck of dust he sees has its origin in a Thought of God and is a reflection of an aspect of himself. The collapse or disappearance of the universe is not about form; it is realizing that we are all sharing the same Mind. You all can hear My Voice as the One Self, which each and everyone reading this book shares with Me. Holy Spirit, is this all? Yes. Go about your day. I am there each moment. Remember that every brother is a reflection of your ego thought system but needs to be seen as your Self, not in form but as part of the One Mind. Together, we remember our Essence as One with God.

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