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A Modern Man’s Search for Truth

This book is about the search for meaning and Enlightenment by a man in the modern world named Laoch. He had lived a passion for spirituality and the truth since he was born and learned about many different types of religions and philosophies.

He joined many organizations and travelled the world. In all of his journeys he found people searching for the truth and most of them were following established religions and philosophies. But if these were the paths to truth then why were most people still dissatisfied with their lives.

The path of Laoch’s life was interesting and filled with many experiences. Would he ultimately be able to find truth, meaning, and enlightenment in his life?

Read more to find out.

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The book is copyrighted for 2018

A Modern Man’s Search for Truth

By Martin K. Ettington

All Rights Reserved USA 2018

ISBN: 9781717964748

Printed in the United States of America

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I would like to thank many friends of mine for reading the early drafts of this book and offering suggestions. Many of their ideas were incorporated into book to correct errors and improve the story.

These friends included many persons at my Toastmasters group, my Mom, and various friends I’ve known throughout the years. The overall story is much more effective as a result.

Table of Contents


Laoch’s First Memories

Being Born and Early Life

His Best Friend Tom

The Boy Scouts

Childhood and Teen Years

Favorite Sport Skiing

Tom and his Spiritual Interests

Growing up Christian

University and the Paranormal

Chasing Spirits

Friends Lee and Al

The Unification Church

A Vibrational Experience

Laoch’s Premonitions

Living on His Own

Tom Becomes a Priest

Visiting Israel

Jewish Ancestry

Becoming Born Again

Travel in the Wilderness

Flying and Other Sports

Middle Aged Life

His Son Malin

Creative Writing & Longevity

Consciousness and Physics

Meeting Janice

Renewed Spiritual Growth

Becoming a Fire Lookout

Tom’s Visits Again

Travelling to India

Fulltime on the Mountain

Tom’s Final Visit

Malins Life


Author’s Notes


One of my favorite books is Siddhartha by Herman Hesse. It is the story tracing the life of a young man throughout his life until he is old and takes place a couple of thousand years ago in India. He has many different phases and events in his life where he learns about Spiritual Enlightenment as well as living a full life. How would this search for truth work out in today’s world?

This book is the story of a modern man named Laoch who is driven to find truth in his life. He has a passion to know Spiritual truth and happiness too. His curiosity is a passion and he doesn’t want to be held back by a conventional lifestyles or beliefs.

Life can be an exciting journey with many adventures along the way. He has many adventures in his process of discovery. The Journey can be more important than the destination.

Our lives are also combinations of the events we experience and the thoughts and meditations of our lives. We can’t live on Earth and advance without experiencing life.

To some his life would have seemed conventional but to Laoch he has a fascinating life and it is full of incredible discoveries he makes spiritually, psychically, and physically.

Learn more about his life story here…..

Laoch’s First Memories

Most people would start their story when they were born, because that is what they remember, or they think that is when their lives started.

Laoch remembered before his birth so we will start there….

His first thoughts were that he was a disembodied consciousness outside of the Earth. He seemed to be in space and could see the Earth. He enjoyed his state of being, but also felt he had a mission and reason to go back to Earth. One of his co-entities said that he had done enough on Earth and should not have to go there again. Laoch’s spirit realized he had already spent many lifetimes on Earth. But he felt it was important for him to go back once more so he broke part of his consciousness away and sent it towards Earth.

He was aware of his own consciousness and was looking for parents to be born into their family. He found several parents who were each ready for a new baby in upstate New York. He didn’t remember why that area and how he selected the candidates but there were several to choose from. He would view each potential Mom and her husband using some type of ability looking forward. He could tell which couple would be the best one to raise him.

The third couple he viewed and looked at their timeline, he judged them to be the right parents for him to choose. Then he got close the Mother he had chosen and felt himself drawn into her womb. He remembered being inside her womb and growing. He could hear noises from the outside and movement. After a timeless period his little world got smaller and smaller, which meant he was getting bigger and bigger. He could hear noises outside of his Mom as she went shopping or went to Church and other places. He became familiar with daily sounds.

Being Born and Early Life

It was the year 1955 and Laoch’s parents lived in upstate New York in the United States. The United States was the greatest world power and his parents and their friends always mentioned how lucky they were to live in the U.S.

They lived in a new house in a small industrial town. Everything was picturesque and it seemed like it was right out of a Normal Rockwell painting.

Laoch continued to grow in his mother’s womb until he could feel the walls of it pressing in. Then he got tangled up in the baby’s cord and was almost strangled by it. He managed to turn himself around so his head was up and feet down. This made it much easier to not get choked by the cord.

His room to move gradually seemed to get smaller until one day he kicked his feet and his mother’s water broke. Then followed hours of constrictions until he was forced out of his Mom’s birth canal. It was extremely painful as the Doctor pulled him out by his feet. Then his head felt like it was being crushed in the tunnel and finally he popped out!

He thought he was breathing on his own, but the Doctor hit him on his bottom anyway and the pain caused him to take a huge breath which felt like breathing fire. He also started choking and the Doctor ended up putting him in an iron lunch to help his breathing. After an hour or so the clogs in his throat and lungs were relieved and he could breathe normally.

A couple days later he was taken home by his parents and passed around for the grandparents to hold him. His father’s mother didn’t hold him right and he started crying because he was uncomfortable. Then his other grandmother who was a nurse made suggestions on how to hold him. He felt sorry for his first grandmother and so he stayed quiet when she tried to hold him again. She was happy because he was now peaceful in her arms.

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