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A lot of believers are living far below the privileges of being children of God. Very often this boils down to the fact that they are not fully persuaded by scripture and they are not fully convinced of God's goodness. Believers are living in fear, anxiety, guilt, inferiority and just an overall lack of confidence toward God and towards life. They do not confidently walk with God.

When you realize how good your God is, confidence is inevitable. It is unavoidable. You face life with renewed vigor, you face the unknown tomorrow with calm boldness. You expect the best, because your own Father - God almighty, is with you and is always good.

Be blessed as you read on.


God is absolutely good!

You cannot be better to yourself than God wants to be to you. It is not possible. Imagine the best dreams and plans you have for yourself, yet they are not half as good as what God has drawn out and planned for you.

God's goodness is not a mystery. He created the world and made the beautiful ocean and saw that it was GOOD. He made the pretty flowers and plants and trees and saw them to be GOOD. He made the birds and animals of all types and colours and the fish of the sea, He saw that it was GOOD. He made the millions of stars in their brilliance and saw that it was GOOD. Everything He made and did had to turn out good.

The moment God saw something that was not good, He did something about it to make it good. He didn't say "I'll use this to teach man to depend on me" or something like that. He changed the situation and made it good. He said "It is not good that the man should be alone, I WILL make him a helper..."

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