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Writing a book is a bit like gathering some raw materials and through extensive research and refining process, shaping them into a perfectly tuned high performance machine. It takes a great deal of consultation from skilled and knowledgeable people to see a concept and turn it into a reality. This being my first book, I’ve been blessed to have friends who have helped me through and I appreciate each person who has contributed.

I want to thank the many people who have poured wisdom into my life. Growing up in a seminary as I did, I was privileged to meet and talk with a wide range variety of learned and well-versed persons in matters pertaining to success and its relation to scientific truth. They are men and women who wanted their lives to count, to make a difference and who believed that our best days were still ahead of us. They all possessed a wide repertoire of incredibly fascinating scientifically proven life lessons on success, both physically, mentally and spiritually. To them, along with my mother and father I am grateful for laying the strong foundations on which much of this book is built.

I want to thank the many great authors and speakers whose books have helped shape my life. They are my mentors who contributed greatly to my continuing education. With every life that is inspired through my book, you share the credit; any success I have known, and any eternal impact I may have is part of your legacy.

Special thanks to Fr.Lawrence Micheni, Engineer John Mwenda, Daniel Ibui and Eric Mutwiri for believing in this project and for going the extra mile to make sure it happened.

Heartfelt thanks to my dad, Leonard Kimathi who loves, prays and always encourages me. Thanks to my sisters Perpetual Kathambi, Monica Mukami and Makandi whose excellence and integrity inspire me; God has richly blessed me through each of you.


There exists in nature a dynamic mental principle, a mind power, pervading all space, immanent in all things, manifesting in an infinite variety of forms, degrees and phases.

This dynamic principle is no respecter of persons. It serves just like the sun or rain-it is open to all – just and unjust; good and bad; high and low; rich and poor. Its response is only to proper efforts, no matter by whom exerted, consciously or unconsciously, otherwise there will be no operation of the force. The activity of this dynamic mental principle is intimately correlated to manifestations of the mental attributes known to us as desire, will and imagination.

I am convinced that mind power is an actual living force. This force is responsible for plant growth, animal growth and enables all living things to move and act. It is the force that enables a growing mushroom to raise up the slabs of paving stone or causes roots of a tree to split open the great boulders, into the crevices of which they have crept. Mind power is an existent, living, mental, acting force that manifests often with an appalling power, and sometimes with a delicate, subtle touch that is almost imperceptible, yet accomplishes its purpose.

I hold that life and mind power are always found in company with each other. They are probably twin phases of the same thing, or else twin manifestations of the same underlying reality. There is no life without mind and mind power-and no mind power or mind without life. There is nothing without life in the universe-everything and anywhere is alive. The universe is alive, and has mind and mind power in every particle of itself.

This I must admit is not an original idea of mine, leading scientific thinkers admit it today, and Hindu philosophers have known it for centuries. Listen to these authorities of who ably express the thought of their scientific schools:

Luther Burbank says :”All my investigations have led me away from the idea of a dead material universe tossed about by various forces, to that of a universe which is absolutely all force, life, soul, thought, or whatever name we choose to call it. Every atom, molecule, plant, animal or planet, is only an aggregation of organized unit forces held in place by stronger forces, thus holding them for a time latent, though teeming with inconceivable power. All life on our planet is, so to speak, just on the outer fringe of this infinite ocean force. The universe is not half dead, but all alive.”

Dr. saleeby in his important scientific work, “Evolution:the master key,” says: “Life is potential in matter; life-energy is not a thing unique and created at a particular time in the past. If evolution be true, living matter has been evolved by natural processes from matter which is, apparently not alive. But if life is a potential in matter, it is a thousand times more evident that mind is potential in life. The microscopic cell, a minute speck of matter that is to become man, has in it the promise and element of mind. May we not then infer that the elements of mind are present in those chemical elements-carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen,sulphur,phosphorous,sodium,potassium,chlorine-that are found in the cell. Not only must we do so, but we must go further, since we know that each of these elements, and every other, is built up out of one invariable unit, the electron, and we must therefore assert that mind is potential in the unit of matter-the electron itself.”

Flammarion, the eminent French scientist, says “The universe is a dynamism. Life itself, from the most rudimentary cell up to the most complex organism, is a special kind of movement, a movement determined and organized by a directing force. Visible matter, which stands to us at the present moment for the universe, and which certain classic doctrines consider as the origin of all things-movement, life, thought- is only a word void of meaning. The universe is a great organism, controlled by a dynamism of the physical order, mind gleams through its every atom. There is mind in everything, not only in human and animal life, but in plants, in minerals, in space.”

Prof. J.A. Fleming, in his work on “waves, Air and Aether,” says: “In its ultimate essence energy may be incomprehensible by us except as an exhibition of the direct operation of that which we call mind and will.”

We do not need any proof to demonstrate the existence of life, mind and mind power in man, or in animals. The activities resulting from its presence are in constant evidence. The cells manifest mental power and faculty. They perform their particular functions, and live, grow, reproduce themselves, and act just as do the tiny forms of animal life at the bottom of the sea- the latter being but little more than single cells, or cell groups. The possession of memory on the part of the cells of organic matter, is an accepted scientific fact.

In this book I am trying to show you that mind power exists everywhere, and is manifest in every activity of the universe. “How can that be?” you ask, “what has mind power to do with electricity, light, heat, magnetism, gravitation, etc?” It has everything to do with them, in my opinion. I will explain it to you in a few words.

Here it is in a nut-shell: All the forms of natural physical energy, or forces, known as light, heat, electricity, magnetism, etc, are held by science to be forms of energy arising from the vibration of the particles of matter. Now what causes the vibration? Motion of the particles, of course! And what causes the particles to move? Just this, the attraction and repulsion existing between them! And what causes the particles to exhibit this attraction and repulsion toward each other? Now here is where we get to the heart of the matter; listen well! We have seen that the particles are attracted to, or repelled by, each other-in the matter of “likes and dislikes”; “love and hates”; or “pleasure or revulsion”, or “comfortable and uncomfortable experiences related, however distant, to sensation,” etc. And these attractions and repulsions are held to result from “capacity to experience sensations” and the power to “respond to sensations.” And both the power to receive and experience “sensations” and to respond thereto, are manifestations of mentality, which Haeckel has compared to “desire” and “will.” And if mentality is the cause of the sensations and of the response there; and the latter are the causes of attractions and repulsions: and the latter are the causes of the causes of the motion, to and fro, of the particles of matter; and the latter, in turn is the cause of the vibrations; and the vibrations the causes of the manifestations of light, heat, electricity, magnetism, etc.,- then am I not justified in claiming that mind and mind-power are the motive-force of all physical energy?

And, am I not justified in postulating the existence of a universal mental dynamic principle? I tell you, friends, that the future will show that this dynamic mental principle is the source of energy-not energy the source of mind! I know that this is revolutionary, but I believe that it will meet the requirements of the future.

I have preached this thing for several years now-and many have been the smiles; the jeers; and the sneers. But, from the beginning, I have felt a keen appreciation of the words of Galvini, when he said, bitterly: “I am attacked by two very opposite sects – the scientists and the know-nothings; both laugh at me, calling me the’ Frog’s Dancing Master,’but I know that I have discovered one of the gratest forces in nature.”

And, now in conclusion, I must ask you to form a mental picture of this great universal dynamic mental principle; pervading and permeating all space; immanent in all things; and manifesting in an infinite variety of forms, degrees and phases. We can think of it only by means of symbols. Let us then consider it as a great living, throbbing, pulsating, mentating OCEAN of Dynamic Mind-Power. In the depths of that ocean of mind-power there is quiet, and calm and peace- the embodiment of latent power; and potential energy. On its surface are ripples, waves, great movements of energy, currents, whirlpools, eddies-phases of fierce tempest alternating with phases of calm and quiet. And from the depths of that ocean of mind-power, all mental and physical power emerges-and to its bosom all must return. And in that ocean there is an infinite store of energy, from which may be drawn that which the human centers of consciousness and power require, when they learn the secret. This ocean of Mind-Power is our only source of dynamic energy- but we have at our disposal as much of its force as we can carry off over our channels of supply. It is the use of this power that we call Dynamic mentalism.

Each of us is a CENTRE OF POWER in that Ocean of Dynamic Mind-Power and each “I” is a master of the power. You have the whole Thing back of you-and you are free to draw upon it for all that your channel will carry to you. And you are allowed to enlarge your channel.



How can you use the latest discoveries in brain science to improve your life? Here are some techniques.

Leadership tycoon Warren Bennis once said, “we seem to collect information because we have the ability to do so, but we are so busy collecting it that we haven’t devised a means of using it. The true measure of any society is not what it knows but what it does with what it knows.”

There is a wealth of information at our disposal today on the latest discoveries in brain science. While we enjoy reading about these findings and expanding our intellect, how many of us actually apply these concepts?

We can either drown in this information or turn it into a lifesaver by extracting its practical knowledge. This article offers several important tips based on discoveries in brain research that can help us improve our personal and professional lives, as well as help others in our sphere of influence.

Use visualization to learn a new skill.

Neuroplasticity is the ability of the brain to continuously create new neural pathways. When we repeat a skill that we are trying to master, we strengthen the neural networks that represent that action. The same happens physically in the brain whether we perform the action, or simply visualize it-your brain cannot tell the difference between an action you performed and an action you visualized.

In a Havard University Study, two groups of volunteers were presented with a piece of unfamiliar piano music. One group received the music and a keyboard, and was told to practice. The other group was instructed to just read the music and imagine playing it. When their brain activity was examined, both groups showed expansion in their motor cortex, even though the second group had never touched a keyboard.

Albert Einstein, who is credited with saying that “imagination is more important than knowledge,” used visualization throughout his entire life. Why not take advantage of what we know about brain plasticity and take the time to add visualization as part of your rehearsals of anything you are trying to master, such as delivering a flawless presentation?

Achieve your goals by keeping your mouth shut

This idea was popularized by Derek Sivers, a professional musician, in his presentation at TED. As he explains, psychology tests have proven that when you tell someone your goal, and they acknowledge it, you are less likely to do the work to realize that goal. This is because your brain mistakes the talking for the doing-that is, the gratification that the social acknowledgement brings tricks your brain into feeling that the goal has already been accomplished. The satisfaction you experience in the telling removes the motivation to do whatever it takes to actually make it happen.

Heed this information and keep your goals to yourself. It might just spur you to work harder to achieve an important goal.

Smile to improve your mood

The Facial Feedback Hypothesis indicates that facial expressions representative of an emotion trigger changes in your body that are similar to those that happen when you experience the actual emotion. For example, your brain cannot tell the difference between a posed smile or a genuine smile. A posed smile will elicit, physiologically, the same pleasure or happiness response as a genuine smile. Your facial muscles cue your brain to experience that positive emotion. Taking notice of this, consider how this information can help you to regulate some of your emotional reactions by controlling your facial expressions.

Try this the next time you are in a bad mood: Instead of frowning, which reinforces a negative mood, consider smiling. Research has shown that by doing so, you are likely to experience a more positive mood.

Understand the physiology of emotional pain to develop empathy

Research at the Department of Psychological Sciences at Purdue University discovered that social or emotional pain is as real and intense as physical pain. The same brain networks are activated when a person experiences a physical injury as when they go through a painful emotional experience. Your brain cannot distinguish between physical and emotional pain.

“While both types of pain can hurt very much at the time they occur,” says Kip Williams, Ph.D., “social pain has the unique ability to come back over and over again, whereas physical pain lingers only as an awareness that it was indeed at one time painful.” Consider for a moment that when we hurt someone emotionally, it may very well be the equivalent of breaking one of their bones. We can create a better world in our sphere of influence just by being mindful of this thought and using it to help develop our empathy towards others.

Lower your stress level by managing your thoughts

There is ample research proving that your brain cannot tell the difference between a real and imagined threat; the physical response is the same. In mystic cool: A Proven Approach to Transcend Stress, Achieve Optimal Brain Function, and Maximize Your Creative Intelligence, Don Joseph Goewey provides a powerful tool-called the clear Button-to thwart fearful thoughts and stop the escalating stress. This 10-second strategy works because it creates a distraction from the primitive brain where fear resides. Care to test it out? Follow these steps.

  1. Imagine that there is a button in the center of your left palm: imagine that this button, when pressed, will send a signal to your brain to stop the fearful thinking.

  2. Press the button with your right hand as you become aware of your breath.

  3. Take three easy breaths counting them out.

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