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Initial Note

While this work is part of/follow up to the earlier/preceding infinity message, it does not necessarily mean or follow that to understand and take in this message that you have to have read the preceding infinity message before reading this Infinitism Consciousness Message.

However, it is good and will help for better/comprehensive/

indepth comprehension of the entire message(s) to read the preceding message book/work.

Although, this message book/work may/can be read in isolation from or before the earlier/preceding infinity message.


[Part of Centrality of INFINITY MESSAGE]

From SOSO June, 2018

More Infinity Message

Initial Note

Infinitism Consciousness - The Wholesomely/Wholly Transform/Ing/Ed And Enlighten/Ing/Ed Way/Path [Part Of Centrality Of Infinity Message]

Appeal To You/All (So That You/We/All May/Will Inhabit Healthy, (Enlightened And Transformed) Consciousness(es) And Much More

On Thought/Mind/Spirit And Body/Matter/Action/Interplay And Connect/ivity/edness And Our Permanence In Infinity/Infinite Connective Continuum Of All And Beyond

Why Embrace The Interplay And Connect/ivity/edness Of Thought/Mind - Body/Matter - And Beyond

Some Further Ways To Live By For Infinite Good Heart/Mind And Consciousnesses Good Health And Contageous Magnetisation Of Others Towards Goodness

On Projection Of Good Thought/Heart And Actions Goodness(es)

Infinity The Boundless Absolute: Mind And Material 'Scapes' And Alls Collective Unifier

Infinity: The Ultimate Truism And Genuine Answer To The Mystery Of Existence And Our Endless Residence There-in: We Are Located Within Always!

On The Question Of Permanence (And) Or Impermanence Of Us, All Beings And All Things And Beyond In/Vis-a-vis Infinity

On The Transition Of Temporary Impermanence To Permanence/Permanence Of/Permanence In Infinity; The Unendingness Of Endless Becomingness Of Matter And The Permanence Of Spirit

Plea To You/All

Thanking You/All Always And Keep - On Call(s) To Endlessly (In This Living Consciousness(es)) Apply Yoursel/f/ves With/To Infinit/y/ism Message(s)

Appeal To You/All (So That You/We/All May/Will Inhabit Healthy, (Enlightened And Transformed) Consciousness(es) And Much More

Please read, imbibe, infuse, crystalise and magnetise yourself with the following luminous infinitism consciousnesses messages for your/our good(s), health(s), healthy consciousness(es), good influence(s) and the good health of all our known world(s), infinitely unknown (to humans) sphere(s), energ/y/ies magnetic balance; energ/y/ies within you, around you and everywhere in connectivity with eternally infinite energy 'field' in which all are, amongst other things, magnetically connected and interconnected with multidimensional and dualistic connectivity/interplays of our body/matter and thought/mind/spirit and permanent multi in one connect/ed/ness/ivity of all indefinitely.

On Thought/Mind/Spirit And Body/Matter/Action/Interplay And Connect/ivity/edness And Our Permanence In Infinity/Infinite Connective Continuum Of All And Beyond

Deep contemplations on all stated above and prior (to help for the inhabitation of healthy consciousness and virtues for good brain, mind, spirit, soul, heart, health and good life and beyond) including our place in infinity are set down here in this luminous work.

Why Embrace The Interplay And Connect/ivity/edness Of Thought/Mind - Body/Matter - And Beyond

Our thoughts are 'delicate' and powerful and impact-full. The influential connectivity of our thought to our body is partly evident in our actions.

Our thoughts also affect/impact our world(s) and beyond connecting to universally infinite energy field vibration(s).

Be conscious/aware of the truism that every thought and action counts immensely; most importantly it is good to be very aware/conscious that every thought (and feeling) affects our body and can cause different conditions in our bodies, our lives and (even-surely) the state of our world(s).

Speaking scientifically, it has become known that molecules known as or called neuropeptides connect your/our thought(s) and emotions to every part of your/our bod/y/ies; your/our entire system of human matter, leading to different conditions depending on your/our thought(s) and emotional field(s) and attitude(s).

(All) attitude(s) of kindness for example will bring about or leads to different good and healthy conditions in your body, your life and the world than (an) attitude(s) of greed, cruelty, vengeance, wickedness etc. Like greed, cruelty and vengeance, wickedness and 'selfishness' are destructive in the fabric of our inner and outer existence.

So, please do not be wicked; be kind always instead as a way of life. It is to be noted and stated that wickedness creates and produces 'negative' and ill effects and imbalances in your/our system(s),/bod/y/ies and surrounds. It is infact destructive to be wicked.

Conversely, kindness creates 'positive'/balanced good energ/y/ies, blissful heart, good vibes and good nourishment in the entire system(s) of the individual (inward and outward) and collective whole. So, while kindness and its attitude produces good balance in/of your/our head(s)/brain(s) and heart(s)/mind(s), it also creates lastingly nourishing vibes/ripples/waves for the entire system of the one(s) that practice(s) genuine kindness. So being kind positively benefits the practitioner(s) in innumerable ways (beyond immediate appreciation) as well as benefiting the recipients and surrounds tremendously while also thus spreading consciousness/actions kindnesses and goodnesses in our 'collective consciousness'/'collective doings' and 'collective psyche'.

Just like wickedness, selfishness of any sort is not to be preferred to selflessness but if you have to choose to be selfish, then it is incumbent on you to distinguish between what can be called 'foolish and stupid selfishness' and 'wise and positive selfishness'. 'Positive and wise' selfishness is not foolish infused and thus is not necessarily bad while 'stupid and foolish' selfishness is not wisdom and fairness infused and thus not good. So if you have to choose to be selfish, be wisely and positively selfish for wise and positive selfish people think of the good of/help for other peoples/beings to the best of their ability; making service for the good of other peoples, beings and environments their selfish dedications, hence receiving benefits inwardly and outwardly; disseminating positive and good energ/y/ies. On the other hand 'foolish and stupid' selfish people are always greedily self absorbed; always thinking of themselves and their own affairs, benefits and interests not minding of detriments to, concerns and needs of other peoples/beings and the environments - thus creating unhealthy consciousness and unbalanced energ/y/ies for the individual, society and the fabric of society's collective consciousness and is not good/healthy for the workings of your/the collective and universal system(s) and energy balance.

Above all, selflessness is to be preferred for it stems from genuine love and kindness.

When we/you live in kindness and love (especially when it is selfless and become and remain perennial) things change in the 'inner-you' and 'outer-you' and beyond immediate you, also infinitely radiating good energies beyond the/our immediate conscious world(s) in/into infinitude.

Because of the connect/ion/ivity between your/our body (matter) and thought/mind (spirit) - your/our spiritual sel/f/ves and the universe and beyond, your/our thoughts and action(s)/doing(s) should be loving and kind for your/our own good, that of others and beyond (for you/we are partly emanation(s) of love and kindness).

So, be/become a more consciously loving/kind human; live a kindness/love filled thought/life, conscious of the truism that you/we are energ/y/ies filled and are connected to what can be called uni/multi-versely infinite energy fields and thus every thought directly and indirectly affects and shapes the/our world(s), radiating and minglingly vibrating, permeating and meaningfully 'echoing' into/in infinity.

So being composed of/as energ/y/ies in/affecting your/ourselves, others our world(s) and beyonds, we thus also affect the infinite spheres, just as we are also affected by and connected to the forces/energies/happenings in infinite energy fields.

Being Conscious Of The Undisentanglability Of Thought (MInd) And Matter (Body); Working Together In Meaningful Connect/ivity/edness: Transformed Via The Bridge Of 'Death' Into Infinite Continuums

The interplay/dualistic connectivity of matter as body, as material and thought/with mind/spirit could be explained thus:-

your body is connected to your mind (and they are in interplay) or and you that is matter is connected to you that is mind and/spirit and vice versa so, you are the you that is in you, or put differently - the you in you is entangledly connected with/to the you that is you; they are in firm embrace/interplay and working communicatively together.

So your thought/mind/spirit and your body/matter are in eternal interplay (working interbraidedly) in this living consciousness - the life that is you/us, that you have/we have/live now.

Your actions/deeds/speech which proceeds from these workings and dualistic interplays (as well as environment(s)) are part of the effects and continued creation of good and/positive individual and collective conscious, collective psyche and humanity's collective healthy consciousness.

It is important and good to know that every thought you/we think or have sends 'ripples' or 'waves' throughout your/our bod/y/ies - the matter/s. The result depends upon what the nature of those thoughts are.

In similar way on collective level, our collective thoughts can/does create/affect events in the world. Mystically and spiritually speaking, in showing that thought-mind and matter-body are in a coworking embrace and are intricatly connected, it is important to state that we are also so intimately connected to each other and all things in such a mysterious way that every thought and action sends 'ripples' throughout the entire spheres beyond what is called the universe and beyond into/as/in infinite meaningful vibrations which we/you are in turn/also 'affected' by and connected to/with.

This universally infinite mental and material connectivity of all can also be explicated with the analogy or explication that while each person(s) has what can be described as (a) 'mental climate' which represents her/his/their general mental state we also have/share what can be described as (a) 'collective mental climate'. So just as our 'personal climate(s)' influence(s) what happens to us in our personal lives and actions, so our 'collective climate' as well influences what happens to us inwardly, on global/earthly scale - in the universe and beyond - in infinity.

So majority of what goes on in the world is majorly a projection of how we collectively think (what can be called our collective consciousness) and how we live it out in a collective - pull.

So proceeding from thought/mind - matter/body dualistic and collective connectivity to individual and collective happenings.

This dualistic connectivity is evident in the working and influence of thought on biology - that is your/our bod/y/ies and vice versa. For example have you ever been consciously aware that when you cry it is your thought (connected to feeling) that cause your body - (matter/biology) to produce tears and/fluid, so thought affecting biology/matter/body.

Similarly, sexual arousal in humans is also partly if not majorly a thought (mind) matter/biology (body) phenomenal activit/y/ies that can further explain the thought-body together-braidedness and interwovenness in workings.

In these simple examples, it is evident in these common ways that thoughts/mind - that is you - can/does influence your biology - your body - the matter - that is you.

Furthermore, on the prism of health, acute and or perennial or and unbridled stressful thinking (without 'antidote') can cause illness(es) like heart disease - this is thought affecting matter/body/heart. This simple but illuminating and important example is a 'window' into the truth of the unisolatable ever (in this living consciousness and life form) connectivity in the workings of mind/thought and body/heart/matter and of thought/mind affecting body/matter - in this case, stressful unhealthy thoughts state causing unhealthiness/disease for the heart/body/matter.

So the good health(s) of your/our bod/y/ies as matter(s) is/are inherently and indelibly connected to the good health(s) of your/our thought/mind - this you/we should or have to keep in mind always and let it be absorbed in your/our individual consciousness(es) and 'collective consciousness' and permeate the infinitely 'universal multidimensional magnetic thought field'.

The undisentanglability of thought and matter - (body) can also be explained in the reverse where it is also true that just as our thought can/does affect/influence our biology - matter - body, our biology/matter can and does also influence/affect our thought/mind. For example when a woman has her period, there are hormonal changes happening in her body that can cause changes in her emotional state at the time affecting her consequent resultant emotions, which is part of/connected to mind.

On another and incremental level, (as foreshadowed earlier) just like our body and mind are interlinked, we are linked/connected in both biology and spirit/mind (through our thoughts) in mysteriously eternal connectivity and the workings of our systems proceed there from/there of.

Scientifically speaking, using DNA (which is short for deoxyribonucleic acid) (which simply put is the genetic blueprint that determines some things/characteristics of ours, for example what we look like, which is formed from our atom) to explain/explicate our/every/all things infinite sourceful connectivity as in/including thought and matter. As science has shown, if you were to open or and look inside DNA, you would find individual atoms, when you go inside the atom, parts which are smaller parts are revealed - what has been called by scientists sub-atomic particles. Then when you look inside these particles you will find even smaller particles. Looking inside these particles still, still smaller ones are found. Eventually you would reach a place/point where scientists say there is nothing there - for the scientists there is nothing more to find - and that is where/what scientists have called the 'quantum field'. At this level or point or field everything is connected. You are connected to the trees; weeds, flowers, animals, plants, insects, clouds, firmaments, ashes, chemicals, planets, stars, soil, minerals etc. etc., into innumerable material existences. There is no exception. Infact, nothing is left out. All are one yet divergently emanat/ed/ing from beyond this so called field - part of infinity.

In what scientists have called the quantum field - where they say nothing else could/would be found; I say that it is not that there is nothing there, it just that they can't 'see' it/them that are minutely beyond the microscopic and may be/is different from, foreign to and transcends matter and particles like is known to humans, yet boundlessly connected or simply put, in that instance, it is a mystery beyond the reach of their understanding or study; beyond the reach/explication of science and technology and any ordinary human material research.

Just like the known world(s) and field(s) are part of infinity and abide in energy and magnetic connectivity, so is/are the 'unknown' field(s), spheres and fields and energies that exist outside our ordinary human consciousness, part of the infinite source connected to our thought and material energies. In keeping with thought affecting matter, every material change/action proceeds from thought.

So your thought which is the mover of the matter-body- that is you is the starting point of all revolutions and changes, as such what you put into it/ allow in it (your mind) and allow to magnetise and crystalise should be healthy always so that you may/can have healthy outcomes. So, imbibe and infuse yourself with infinitism consciousness message(s) for they/this consciousness is not only healthy but is/should be central to your beingness awareness.

Having imbibed infinitism consciousness (of infinite goodness) and its good tidings; imprinted it in our brain, memory, spirit, soul, psyche and mind; infused your consciousness with this thought/way and become entirely magnetised by/in this consciousness, you thus have the power to change conditions inside your body (that sometimes becomes material) and you have the power to change those/things outside of you/it.

As you change yourself through practical application of your infinitism goodness/fairness/ kindness consciousness, the effects of the 'new you' not only give you good/healthy nourishment/bliss but radiate and vibrate meaningfully, mystically and sometimes materially throughout the world - influencing those around, near and afar, hence, spreading goodness/fairness/love kindness/equitability etc. consciousness and making both the 'inner you' and 'outer you' a better person and place - spreading the tentacles of good energy/energies goodness and uniting these and all good energies into/in/with the grand infinite magnetic and energy fields in infinity that permeates all things and 'nothings' including your thoughts and actions.

So you are part of the infinite source that can never ever be separate from infinity. This infinite source of all things is in every cell in your body and is revealed in every instant/moment of your life - you are a fragment of infinite emanation - a good gift of mystery to all, partly unlocked with/in eternal goodness. Doing good nourishes the 'inner you', giving you bliss, good vibes as well and produces good/positive effects in your life/ living.

The above standing, it is noteworthy that it is not only your life that is/will be affected positively. Every thought, words or and deeds affects the world and beyond sending 'ripples' or 'waves' throughout, making a difference in other lives and collectively they vibrate in infinitude, mutating in ways beyond ordinary human comprehension. However, the spiritually aware and 'alive' can peruse/glean beyond the immediate effects of good thoughts, words and deeds in our consciousness and individual bodies and collective energy field consciousness into infinite energy field.

Helping people/someone through genuine compassion, for instance, is infinitely more powerful and self nourishing than doing so out of bad conscience or a desire to be recognised for your kindness (although it can nourish you when you are recognised for being kind or doing good, however it should be as selfless as possible). In the same way, intentionally crushing an insect (if not for your/our good use and protection) has a destructive or negative effect. It is the thought behind the act, however insignificant that is most important. - so make your thought pristine and genuine and hence good always. Do look at your self honestly and recognise that you are 'duty bound' to project infinite good heart and actions consistent with infinity consciousness messages, that as well as other things call for kindness, fairness, equity, care, love and goodness etc always in all your thinking and actions/doings.

Your thought is 'powerful' and 'delicate' permeating and influencing your world and the world(s) around and afar - so use your thought well, think good; think fair; think kindness; think equitability:- make your life/your self/your being and your entire consciousness all of the above/be all of the above; infinitely abid/e/ing in goodness and good virtues - it will amongst many other things make you a happy/healthy living consciousness - magnetised good conscience and a magnet of diverse beings and a wholesome 'servant' of/for infinite good, inhabiting and disseminating healthy and good conscience and consciousness.

Some Further Ways To Live By For Infinite Good Heart/Mind And Consciousnesses Good Health And Contageous Magnetisation Of Others Towards Goodness

The way you think (ie. use your mind) affects your life (ie your actions) and vice versa; and delivers impacts beyond you and your immediate world/sphere. So that you may be happy and positively magnetically contageous in/with/as goodness; (being fair, kind and good always inspires fairness, goodness, kindness and happiness; magnetically magnetising those around you, thus gradually influencing the world towards good virtues and also constantly 'sending' vibrating good ripples and energ/y/ies in the infinite 'space' consciousness and infinite magnetic and energy field.

Just as it is and stated above, please also be aware and live Love for/of self; Love for all others; seeing the best in life as much as you can; being kind; loving nature and looking after the environments including space and 'outer space' and all beings and all things within your reach; and importantly as well projecting good heart towards all of existence and going beyond the cocooned human mentality, mind ways and entire system.

On Projection Of Good Thought/Heart And Actions Goodness(es)

Your projection of good thought/heart and enduring actions goodnesses will not only do you good but will change the world and permeate all spheres and vibrate and keep vibrating in infinitude and affecting other outlaying energies in mysterious ways - goodness(es). We are part of infinity and thus infinity is 'inside us' and is 'outside us' and all around us.

How honest you are to yourself is very important, so try to live by/and see the love, the kindness, the truth of infinite connectivity of all beyond ordinary beings. So extend always thoughts, heart and hands of love, peace, kindness, compassion and all good and altruistic virtues.

Let the above and all good virtues and infinite good thought inhabit you and let it be your being. So, in the least, let these good virtues positively colour the actions of your life and make it part of the centrality of your life/actions for that is part of the path/way of magnificence; the way/path for/of the genuinely enlightened and transformed; the path of the positively/wholesomely balanced body and mind.

Infinity The Boundless Absolute: Mind And Material 'Scapes' And Alls Collective Unifier

Infinity is the absolute boundlessness - being or/is also the ultimate unity in space/spacelessness and time/timelessness and all things/non things, beings/non beings etc, hence a member of 'its ownself' and complete within 'itself' in boundless encompassingment with unquenchable connect/ion/ivity in/with all mindscapes and material scapes and beyond in their entire diverseness into one ultimate boundless envelopment.

Ordinary rational thought and human research (including in science and technology) is incapable of capturing or and genuinely/thoroughly/ entirely gleaning through the core essence of infinity - especially in the/relating to the spiritual and the mystical and/in connectivity with the material.

However, an embrace - (a true embrace I mean) and integration of the spiritual/mystical/immaterial scape and/with material scape in infinity contemplative activit/y/ies is the ultimate path for genuine enlightenment on infinity and workings of things for the consequent you (mind and matter) that is part of the boundless absolute.

The immaterial - mind and the material - body and vice versa work in complementary unity, with the minds (thoughts) capacity to heal/affect the body and the body's (biology) ability to impact the mind and the ability of both to affect our outer world(s) - the world(s) around us and afar, hence, binding and connecting us to the infinitely boundless energy field - the infinite magnetic force/and field - parts of infinity connecting all things, nonthings, their workings and all happenings in infinity - the boundless absolute.

Infinity: The Ultimate Truism And Genuine Answer To The Mystery Of Existence And Our Endless Residence There-in: We Are Located Within Always!

There will always be mystery and mystery is not either untrue or meaningless. So infinity is not meaningless in any of its mysteriousness; it is not unreasonable either or untrue to refer to infinity as the ultimate meaning itself and in itself and a member of its own self while as well encompassing all meaningfully in ways that transcend and lie outside all usual categories of ordinary rational thought and research and human explication, but can be gleaned through the 'window' of deep contemplation; contemplative mysticism and or via contemplative mystical awareness - located in spiritualism intermingled with materiality. Infinity has for a long time been used loosely in divergent ways to, for example, describe and advertise things etc. and to explain endless or near-endless situations or states and numbers.

The genuine and complete explanation and comprehension of infinity is not and cannot be found in those truncated explanations of infinity that are so shallow and limiting, in fact, attempting to limit the limitless and boundless.

In the same way, infinity has also been wrongly described by some as just a concept, for example as a mathematical concept. On this for example, while infinity in mathematics can be and is located in the endless - number wise, it cannot and is not located in beginninglessness as well. While mathematical infinity is endless, real infinity is both endless, nowness, and beginningless - hence boundless. Infinity in mathematics is not boundless for it has beginning in number without end, so it is only part of (though limiting) the explanation of what is infinity. So the genuine meaning of infinit/y/ism is boundlessness, subsuming and encompassing and containing all things and nonthings in immaterial and material and mystically mysterious unity - the spiritual mingled with/meeting the material - and it is in the explications (as above) that the real/ultimate/genuine meaning/explication/explanation/ description of infinity/infinitism is found/located correctly and therein should you locate your spiritual and material and all consciousnesses vis-a-vis infinitism.

So, in infinity being/meaning the boundless and it is in this infinite boundlessness that we are meaningfully and truly located and are part of, emanations of and remain in always, now and forever.

On The Question Of Permanence (And) Or Impermanence Of Us, All Beings And All Things And Beyond In/Vis-a-vis Infinity

Impermanence generally refers to not lasting state (for example of being); a temporary condition/state. While permanence in ordinary/ general explanation has been described as 'the state of lasting for a long time'; 'lasting for a very long time'. Infact its real/authentic meaning is the state of everlastingness; that is, lasting forever.

They contend or say that we as forms (as in human sentient beings existing forms) and formless (as mind and spirit) live in a state of impermanence - that everything eventually passes away; and some say eventually into emptiness, and some say into nothingness.

The above stance has been created and sustained by self-styled philosophers, spiritual and religious 'experts'. Because that everything 'changes' and mingles (even the 'invisible' and 'unconscious' to us) and interchanges, intermingles and inter/intra mutates, so for/in explanation/explication of these mysterious states in beingness and beyond they have been ill-informed and partial, they have forgotten and/or ignored or and have been ignorant of or have not considered formlessness - infinitely prior - now - and forever. Some mystics, philosophers, religious leaders/founders/teachers and prophetesses and prophets etc. have created this sense of all things being in a state of impermanence and some say permanently impermanent into emptiness and nothingness. This is ill-explication/explanation of sense of the true state of beingness and infinite fate of forms and non forms that is our embodiment; that is who you/we are.

In infinity we are not permanently impermanent in this visible life consciousness that we have as matter in this immediate now; this embodiment because you/we/this matter that is you/us, transit(s)/transform(s) into/as/in other matters/forms in comminglement and material mutations in infinity via the bridge of death. On the other hand, your/our invisible/formless part which is in the matter (as it is outside it as well) exist in you/us as you/us in the now (in the visible/the seen) gets automatically wholly united in formlessness, hence and thus the you (formless spirit) that was in you remain formless spirit at the point you cross the bridge they have called death.

On The Transition Of Temporary Impermanence To Permanence/Permanence Of/Permanence In Infinity; The Unendingness Of Endless Becomingness Of Matter And The Permanence Of Spirit

You and the you in you never stop 'becoming' and remaining in infinity.

For those that believe in impermanence as the fate of/for all things, the better, genuine and true explanation as it is in infinity is that every-thing is in infinity; infinitely permanently permanent because the 'finites' are always part of (the) infinit/e/y endlessly. So finites which are for some termed impermanent, transitory and quenchable even into and in nothingness and emptiness is instead not as it is.

So, instead what may have been described as the 'temporary impermanence' in this now form - living matter is not impermanent because this matter will transit and does 'transit' into permanently mutating multiform existences. And the other part of us - our nonform - spirit get automatically united/become/remain permanently in/as formless.

Put in another but clearer explication, while this living consciousness are said in human language and conventional comprehension to be impermanent (as some see it/know it/understand existence in the now) before we/it crosses over into the permanency of formlessness through the 'bridge of Death'. Like our visible part (the body/matter that is us) that crosses - over into becoming and continue becoming multi/many matters and innumerable other things, the invisible part of us (that is nonforms - spirits) does (as stated earlier) cross-over into/uniting completely and permanently by/in/as formlessness spiritness, hence infinite formlessness/infinite spirit.

So the you in you (formless/spirit) and you (form/matter) are thus meaningfully permanently permanent in infinity and all you think and do are geared - in/towards and abide - in (now and ever) in the/this infinitely Permanent Is.

Plea To You/All

Given that infinitism consciousness message is for everyone/all, so please share and disseminate this/these and all infinitism message/s and books messages with all reachable in ways most efficacious so that all the world(s) and beyonds will/may benefit in divergent (and 'convergent') ways from these infinitism messages.

So please help make this work/book and infinity message/s available and accessible to all for the sake of all's wholeness/wholesome enlightenments and transformations and for the sake of being good, and for the good of all and beyonds.

Thanking You/All Always And Keep - On Call(s) To Endlessly (In This Living Consciousness(es)) Apply Yoursel/f/ves With/To Infinit/y/ism Message(s)

Thank you so much for reading, contemplating - on and imbibing (to the best of your abilit/y/ies) this/these infinitism consciousness message(s).

Having acquired wholesomely/wholly transform/ing/ed and enlighten/ing/ed consciousness message(s), so please make this/these message(s) part of centrality or central to you believing awareness consciousness; inhabiting thus this/these healthy infinitism consciousnesses and please continue growing/progressing in infinitism consciousness contemplations; applying these ways of thinking in all living/s, your li/fe/ves and actions always.

So, please do not only let infinitism consciousness message permeate you but let this consciousness inform all your doings and who/m you are and your relationships with all things and beings and beyond and your 'infinite self' - perfection way/path.

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