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And Yourtubers Everywhere Bryan Le is “RiceGum” Save Larry Margulies’ Life!

by Lawrence Yudowitz aka Larry Margulies

Copyrighted 2018

The author gives this to the public domain, so the public may freely copy and distribute it in any form without the author’s written consent.

I tried to explain my best and to answer most questions that the reader may have, my hope is that these people trying to kill me can be stopped and arrested. I am unable to make it to Boston in order to file a necessary police report there because police have warned me not to to avoid the hit. I leave myself available for anyone interested in being that good Samaritan. I cannot afford to hire lawyers or investigators but can work out a reward upon arrests and convictions of my family and whomever they hired. The officers working for the State department are varied and some should be punished such as the law officer who invited me to the Manila consular the day poison nearly killed me, and when that embassy denied me twice to speak to the officer, they pushed me out the door to my nearly certain death. The reader needs to determine who these people are that are trying to kill me. Is it the agent from the 2008 Olympics security detail named Jonathan Benny who hold two foreign passports, one Nigerian passport, and one Taiwanese passport, his friend American Elissa Russel is featured in the Taipei Times, whom I met, and she confirmed his identity as an agent of the US State Department Was it Sasha, the Ukrainian double agent famous at the electrics market for asking that custom made spy ware be built, or was it my family who have been acting guilty and somehow leading me to my own murder ever since 2008. Pardon me for saying but their work is not so important to kill me and others for, so let’s get to the bottom of this before more murders. Sasha and Benny had both been undercover agents in South Asia drug stings (I know this as a civilian because they were saying so near me and it is important to note that later in this statement (The attempted murders began with these two agents and continued with the likes of these agents) is n American named Jerry (or Gary) who carried a police identification and his fingerprints from his arrest can lead to more arrests of these killers). The attempts on my life began after the security agent took me aside to explain to me he was on assignment as a diplomatic security agent, however he verbally regretted his confession to me and afterwards consulted his black associate what to do and was recommended to deputize me, but he could not due to my past criminal record, now deleted forever. He gave me his telephone number and it was during that week upon first calling him, that mercenaries threatened to kill me and attacks began, but also that time my father was able to know exactly what was happening without my saying so. I need the reader to find out how my father had so many connections to these attacks, and who poisoned me several times while I stood in line, and were the people claiming to be American spies for real or pretending, and how did these people know details only family or from inside the state department could possibly know. The murder for hire began not only upon calling this agent,but at the same time I took a house mortgage which I was told was a gift, there was also a 1979 report from my childhood sexual abuse that I confronted my mother about, which she told my family I lied but I did not. My family is connected enough to manipulate the state department just as much as any agent could. Someone is trying to make me look bad or crazy but I am not.

Numerous investigators harassed me and my pregnant girlfriend. My girlfriend was a criminal and a drug abuser which I had not known about because she flew to me in Davao from Cebu and I never saw her life except for the dinners we had. Both her father and stepfather had been murdered previously but nonetheless I was stuck with her.

For a moment let me say something about the night my grandfather died around 1990, for him. I found at after my grandfather’s death that my father ran to New York just before I had telephoned my grandfather and he was happy to hear from me, but someone took the phone from him and hung up, it was an analog phone and my grandfather had shaky hands from Parkinson’s, so I know his hands did not hang up the phone and he would not have hung the phone up. I then went to investigate, and he was in a wheelchair leaving the house and being put into an ambulance, he was perfectly fine, but he couldn’t talk to me because he wore an oxygen mask. I followed him to the hospital and spent four hours with him, and I still could not talk to him because his mask was on, so I just held his hand. He drifted into unconsciousness. Later my father said there was a no resuscitation order enforced so why was there an oxygen mask on him? My father said after that his father had told him he would die that weekend, so why had my father run to New York and not told me to stay with him? I believe he may have been euthanized. My father went to a doctor’s appointment by the way.

I could not do anything to stop my child from being killed and I had done everything possible to stop it from happening, just as I am trying everything from stopping these people from killing me. No one expected me to survive the attempts on my life and there were some very real reasons I did survive which I cannot share now. Now that I have, my family has been out of touch and even certified mail asking for related documents gets returned. Not only did my family admit and confirm verbally exactly what the assassins knew at the times of my assassination, but also during the attempts on my life I called my family for help and literally my mom said she’d only “think about it”, and another attempt she said I “have nothing to do with that”. After a different attempt or two my father said to me “you are very brave” with a snarl.

The people who tried to kill me in Baguio at the hospital included the Americans in Cebu who came to the house at 26 C Imus Highway when I applied for the repatriation loan. My father had said about those Americans (The gray haired American agent with two local policemen) “that’s what you get for writing the letter”. That letter was specifically one I wrote to the state department (with my application for a loaned ticket back to USA) writing that my life was being threatened and that my father was involved, so they relayed to my father what I had written and without a privacy waiver signed. In it I accused my father of hiring two other men who threatened my life in Hong Kong which was common sense, but my father’s reputation preceded him, and he had much influence.

My sister, during the month before the baby and I were almost simultaneously killed, told me “that month would be the last time I spent with my girlfriend”, Mike, eight years older, my eldest sibling, said that I would be “locked up or put in a hospital if I said anything about past abuses”. In fact, after a violent attempted break-in to my apartment just before the murder of my baby my father told me to “go to a hospital” for no reason, and not the police station.

When I applied for the repatriation loan I told my father I was going to D.C to complain about the men harassing me and my father spoke as if he were disappointed in that plan; furthermore, he tried to stop me from going back to the states to complain about them, he also increased his slander of me to the state department that his opinion of me was “severely psychotic and a master manipulator” which is pure baloney, something completely without bases, but this is exactly when those people poisoned me with some very strong hallucinogen and it was no coincidence. I have never been diagnosed of anything more than a mild depression when I was a teen (except for the one month I was getting high with my friend Kevin and Nathan in 1989 and my father took me for a written test which I couldn’t pay attention to)

Another of dozens of unbelievable coincidences that happen in my story was at that time of the poisoning my parents sent a letter to an old camp mate whom I reached out to help because he owed me a favor. As a child he said he would do anything for me. That man five years my senior is Nathan Y. Gross and a real pedophile who asked me for a blow or “sick favor” at ten years old. My father referred to him over the phone to me while in Cebu as having taken everything away from me but in fact only my father had, and this escalated the people my father had hired to turn from stalkers to murderers. My parents went on to invite Nathan into our home.

I had asked Nathan and my rabbi Richard Yellin of Brookline to help by calling the police for me, but they didn’t respond only after speaking to my father, for unknown reason and I had few personal relationships back home to call on.

I sent an IP address which Google security had notified me about as accessed from Davao city while I was in Cebu the week before my baby’s murder to Martin the computer expert brother. Martin had also adamantly told me to stay with Lesly and to ignore the death threats.

Lesyl was paid money the week she killed the baby and helped to kill me. She did ty to warn me and insisted that we move to a new city before telling me about the killers. I noticed something bothering her emotionally. A neighbor had emailed to me about seeing her sitting with a suspicious man during the week before killing the child within her, already a fully formed child. All my family did not visit as promised for the birth of the baby not one RSVP. And upon the death of my baby two checks together were sent late to me so that they could cancel the checks and not lose money upon my death. The child’s death would sufficiently erase my existence and any money or inheritances would go on to another family member.

According to my bank statements for several years only that one time was a check mailed and not wired. I called my father that night the baby died, and he responded that he was terminally ill. I then read that fact in the Boston Globe, so I called the Boston Globe to have them correct that article, that it was likely a diversion of attention from my situation. For some reason I was never given one dividend check in my name of a realty trust, and whenever I wanted to pay taxes they went ahead and did so without my authorization form filled. Over time my father lied to me literally hundreds of times since 2009, including the time he gave a certain gift in form of a house.

After my loan for caring the baby was revoked due to some of these same stalkers telling this loan company that I had a different private trust account which I had not known existed except that I had seen a copy of a million-dollar trust as a teen which was displayed in a blue book throughout our house, but I had never asked about that until now 2018. During the two weeks before the child was killed and after my loan was revoked after already having been granted several times, I begged the embassy to call my dad for money, so I could take the baby to the hospital, because I caught my girlfriend trying to kill the baby. We were literally starving because someone in the group of people harassing and stalking me went to my loan officer who regularly gave me monthly loan. He revoked our loan the last month of her pregnancy.

Later, after the child’s death and I survived the hits then these people offered my girlfriend money, and “anything she wanted” to help set me up and then kill me. My girlfriend reported this with a lawyer for my safety in another city, and these people again came to this new city. More of those people came again to our home’s entranceway to sit just before the child’s killing, one of these three said he “would not shoot me” and the American one asked me if it was my baby and I said sure I she was. I carried my girl her five miles to the cemetery and buried her at night with a good Samaritan nearby. She looked just like me and with long red hair, but her head had been pressed in half. I hope the public takes me seriously when I tell you all that this was a very real situation in which others’ lives were also lost.

Martin, my brother set me up for bad to happen in Macao later upon my escape from the Philippines. My ATM card had been eaten by a machine, so I called him to which he answered my call with instant accusation as soon as he heard my voice and went on about how I needed help, or that my father had told him to” take care of me”. I explained my situation again about the people stalking me and he said that he would only loan for the hotel room while I waited for the new ATM card if I told him my exact address, but I told him that I preferred to keep the location private. As soon as I gave him the address two men on their phones came staring me down at which point he ridiculed my physical appearance as a reason for a hotel deposit without knowing I had worn a disguise. Those men must have told him about my appearance and Martin never kept his promise to pay the hotel, it was only his ploy to set me up after having my exact address. I believe he may have come up with the speech when I called to make me appear different to his family who may have been at his side

Martin had a strong history of violence and abuse against me as a child. Once, he chased me and my oldest brother out the window with his baseball bat, and then because of times like that we shared the same therapist. That therapist was proud of me and invited me to the Ritz Carlton to introduce me to his friends when I turned 20, and not Martin, but Martin won my father’s heart by attending the same university and working in Scotland at his company, also naming his previous consultancy Yudowits.com. I never knew Martin well as an adult expect except that he got high with his Scottish maintenance crew and they robbed him.

I had tried to stop the abuses against myself since I was a baby. These abuses, if stopped, would have, in the long run, prevented the deaths of my child, the one or more witnesses, and nearly my own assassination. Stopping the abuse in my own childhood would have by domino affect also stopped me from losing my home worth a million dollars, my education, friendships, health, innocence and more, but no one would dare to challenge my father who often paid money to help people and my jealous siblings managed to make me look bad with lies. During our first family therapy sessions to deal with our problems when I was very young my father yelled at me during the session not to say anything about my parents, right in front of the therapist, Onesti, who later became my mother’s psychiatrist.

I discovered the 1979 report (attached below) myself that which Park school had initiated after seeing my having sex with female classmates in 1st grade; they insisted my whole family to see a doctor for abuses, my father instead switched my school thus I lost all my greatest friends in life. Around 2009 I called Onesti immediately after seeing this report for my first time and he told me while looking at his notes from my mom’s sessions that my mom told him “everything was fine at home”, and during which time the abuses took place. As young as child I asked my family at dinner to give me up for adoption to which my father laughed, and my three-attempt s to run away became futile Abuse became worse after my siblings left home. The reader should know I lived alone with my parents and our neighbors were far divided from our house. I stress to the reader that my complaint now so late of these things is not for attention nor for complaining sake but only as a fair way to explain the entire situation of the murder for hire. When I became older at about 26 years of age my mother wrote me a letter explaining that the “real reason we never went to family therapy was because things were so bad at home”.

The toll on my mother was very bad making her ‘space out’. I also spaced out in school for my fear of returning home every afternoon. I came home right after school as a rule. I lived alone with my father as my solder siblings were all in college when I entered high school. My siblings were cowards and thought only of my father’s money, so the abuses went on and my mother spaced out so badly that once for example she hit a car head- on a half mile ahead of her, my friend Jon Rosman and I had warned her explicitly. Often, I caught my father sitting my mother down in a chair and telling her she was imagining things. My father was deranged, every day with him was a new bad event. I once came home, and he yelled at me that a statue fallen by his feet was my fault even though I away; On a holiday trip with me he kicked the hotel door of its hinges and beat my head while I was in deep sleep, he said that I was pretending to sleep. In fact, we pleaded with the doctor to give my father antipsychotics to which my father agreed to take lithium instead which he did until he said, “it made him worse”. My brother Mike had used the quote from John Lennon in our family therapy once about my father that “psychotics build a castle in which neurotics lived in”

I was about ten years old and my mother used an anal thermometer on me because my father yelled at her not to let me skip school again and I had hidden al the normal thermometers. Around 2014 I confronted her about this via email to talk about it so that I could heal. My father had just before that admitted to surveillance on me in Cebu and he told me to deal with my issues while I was on holiday, so this is when I confronted her.

More about my father that may provide clues to his behavior now: At his trial work attorney F. Lee Bailey said Yudowitz told him "He hasn’t killed anyone,” but at our home with guests my father said he and all the lawyers knew that O.J. Simpson was “guilty”. He built a successful Scottish housing company which employed a room painter man named Graham who'd murdered a man with his bare hands. He liked that John Gotti had called him "the doc". Mike told me Dad sometimes hung out with bikers was visited by children of famous Brooklyn Jewish gangsters. In the 90’s at home I heard my father saying loudly while opening his mail "I'm gonna miss Whitey. He could sure fix a problem!". My Dad is very 'connected' and one of his psychiatric clients is a royal princess. While at Cornell University my father drove to other states to civil rights events while delivering cases of illegal firecrackers. As a child working in one of his father’s three managed stores, he claimed hit men waited with bombs to kill the executioner leaving the prison across the street, that his mother would get mad when the lights dimmed during the executions. He is the biggest liar and manipulator I’ve ever encountered. He was a Harvard preeminent psychiatrist and prominent in the establishment. His position as director of psychiatry for the department of corrections gave him power to intimidate with which he used. He had a long-time interest in the myths or occult and kept a witch’s book form the 1700s near my room, and I was there nearby when he invited a with friend of his from a Salem’s coven to read it over with him. A clip of his hair is entombed with the master occultist, the Jewish kabbalist Rabbi Schneerson. He and my mother are superstitious, my mother an atheist, so when they sent checks in the amount of 4000 the week my baby was bludgeoned, I suspect they may have known that number was the number of death

Now in 2018 there is still a question of where my dividend checks are, and, if my name was forged or not because technically there would be a bank account with my name to deposit them and I have not found it. I could sure use that money now in 2018 and though Massachusetts law states I have right to have my checks or accounting they refuse my requests and deny certified mail. and why they never sent my tax forms or account information upon my request. As small children my parents lined us up to sign documents like we were a tax saving machines for them. The attempts on my life had something to do with money and a personal vengeance I am certain. Now in 2018 I do want to ask for my dividend checks if they have not already forged my name or cashed them, or they arranged my murder. In the attached skype transcript of the call from Mike, I can guess that Mike’s threat that Shulman would become the only go between my family and I, that Shulman played a role in my poisoning that he keeps a percentage of the trust while I was set up to rot in a hospital, but only an investigation can find out more about Shulman’s role. Martin had suspiciously said Shulman knew I was in Macao when Martin set me up there, and Shulman refused to help me report the crime to the FBI, and it was Shulman who sent a parcel when the group of killers again came. There is more about Shulman than one can tell just by looking at his reputation, just as my father.

The 1979 report which I have attached to this writing at the bottom was covered up until I was 18 when someone found it and I was not allowed to see it. My mother censored it down to two sentences once to show it to me. I discovered it in 2009 along with its cover letter that stated that my mother and I had an incestuous relationship. I believe that our close relationship made my father and siblings all jealous. My father switched my school rather than admit there was abuse or let anyone else know it existed. I believe my father was motivated only to keep his career on track at any cost. The Park School knew I had to have been abused which is why they insisted my whole family go to therapy and be evaluated but my father would say it must be a pathological problem, in other words my problem and not his. Though my father said he never knew of the report, they still drove me to the testing site, and my mother confided in me that she did know, but my father continued his lie. I was particularly hurt when reading in the report my mother’s comments that she complained that I didn’t want to play alone. In fact, she locked me in my room for two years one and off, during one such time I burned this photo of me used on this book’s cover I wanted to remind myself then of the horrible time I was put through as a child when I later became an adult. There were some other times such as the time I drowned in front of my mother and the lifeguard came to my rescue while she knitted, I can still see the air bubbles in my mind as I escaped the under tow, I was about 10. I remember her staring at my eyes, she had watched the entire event while calmly knitting. Nevertheless, I still love my mother and family very much, I am that way.

After that Dexter school for boys my father switched me to public which was two years below my level, as one can see according the 1979 report I was also a few years ahead in my level of learning. One holiday my brother mike hit my back from behind and my flailing arms carrying a ski pole punctured his cheek, so I was punished two years school holidays all my birthday and Christmas gifts were taken and my mom with my siblings opened all my gifts to play while they told me to stay in my room; I remember them all laughing while playing with my gifts those years.

I didn’t pay attention in public school because it was a review of the material and I also feared returning home after school and a teacher called my house about my non-attention, and my father used that to blame me for having seizures or some baloney story and he even took me to go get eeg testing. In fact, just after he beat me while sleeping he also took me for a test at which time I was severely traumatized yet as usual my parents said everything was fine at home to others which made my abuse symptoms look like something else. In high school while I experimented drugs one week with my friend Kevin my father rushed me to take written tests which he may refer to as valid. Personally, I think my father is like a crooked politician of sorts when it comes to psychiatry.

My siblings were all at college or then west coast to get away from my father; they would not know what was going on and they would remain just as abusive as my father had been to me. My mother also abused her dog in dealing with the relations at home, which she kicked to the point her head grew like a basketball.

Once when I needed sleep on the weekend Dad asked how I slept so I said I had a nice dream and hoped to have more nice dreams. After that time, he woke me up extra early every weekend so that I wouldn’t have nice dreams; he made that his point.

Martin and Anne while they attended college called me to move their stashes, Ann had weed in her jewelry case and vodka in her bathroom, Martin had beer in his closet, but I was caught doing so and so they took revenge by holding an intervention even though I had only smoked 1.2 ounce of weed in high school. I confronted my sister about this instead in a therapy session and she complained that she could get high because she did homework. I never had done my homework. I mostly sat at my desk just waiting in fear for being checked on.

My mother said she wanted us all to do homework together, but my father insisted we stay in our rooms separately; it was like he was running some controlled psychological experiments on us, and his friends generally said that he ran a family like a business. His friends also told him to stay away from me, but he did not. He used reverse psychology against me personally daily. Interestingly my dad showed me some sort of television he made himself early on in his career which he kept in the attic. He even kepi an xxx-orgy film in a canister labeled “mother” Among our family albums, something he says was a film reel from one of his first law cases, I think it was something he used to blackmail those people in it. He kept something of mine also in his safe, he literally told me when I was about 11, that he would use it against me later as an adult.

Soon after the first attempts on my life began I made a special trip to Boston and spoke with my father and Paul Mcsweeney, his best friend and white-collar crime detective who stands at about 6 feet four inches and weighed about 400 pounds. The attempts began sooner than Seattle but after the house gift, and twice shards of glass landed in my drink two different days. I began suspecting that the house gift was not really a gift. They both lied to my face inside my father office. On that trip home my mother called my father a liar to his face when he lied about how he found out I took out a home mortgage. Francesco the son of Panama president was on his answering machine, so were the peoples relaying information to him about what I had been doing. Benny the diplomatic security agent whom I met during the 2008 Olympics had also been on his machine (my father sponsored my visit to Taiwan to meet him, and I think now that either he meant to entrap me or to make me out to be a ‘patsy’, he really should be subpoenaed to find out what he has to say about the attempt’s on my life and the direct statement by the State Department of which he works for that “there is a warrant on my life” by “Whitey”. I sent his photo to all my family’s email accounts. Besides Paul McSweeney or my father’s contacts, Benny claimed having a chloroform sales license and was engaged in covert work also).

I loved my family as much as I could, really, through all the abuse, but their abomination was real, their coldness never dissipated, until finally they took the thing I hoped all my life for, a child to start a new family. My poor child was literally tortured with a poison while squeezed to death in a few different attempts by my girlfriend. I was there and couldn’t stop her physically. There also was a group of killers outside, and I could not take her to the hospital without money, and then I was also limited what I could do without marital rights. If the American men harassing and threatening me, the ones who strongly implied they work with the C.I.A, had not poisoned me several times then this beautiful child would have lived. These Americans are traitors to America and should be punished in public for what they did to me and the child, also the other lady and witnesses. I find it hard to believe what such cowards law enforcement is to allow these people to hold rank and get way with these actions, even if some patriot act says they can. Whether they lied about who they work for or not, they were able to manipulate law and even hire gangsters or police in other countries. I pray Trump can help or anyone in a powerful position to. I watch my back every day knowing that they must have been complete fools and idiot to think I was any less America than them, and now I know I am not a criminal, but they are. I have not had anything to do with passport fraud or selling. Frankly anyone who reads this and doesn’t help my situation is a coward and not good American. I have no choice but to speak for myself and for the girl child, and the old lady who have no one to speak for them.

I had lovingly whistled to my baby when she was one month away from her own birth, she responded to my voice and every month we went to a loan company to help care for her. The loan company was across the street from a nurse who gave us our first sonogram and massaged the womb. It was this same loan company that had told me that they were notified of the trust account which is why they dropped the loan the last month of our pregnancy, and, having already that same day paid back our loan in full, while expecting the regular loan again, we were left without any money for that last month but about 100 dollars for everything because our promised check from Boston to help us was late again, and so we had to leave pour apartment and use the deposit money to eat for a week, which left us starving for 3 weeks. During those three weeks I called the embassy from Lapu Lapu police station, the same station they had told me to go to about the men trying to kill me. My father responded to my call that I had disrespected him, so I later also called my father’s office, sent a fax and every phone I could think of to save the baby’s life, He and my family had already ignored my own pleas for my own life. Martin and I talked also. Ann sent me an email telling me that it would be my last time with my girlfriend. I did everything I could with my time to seek help to survive this ordeal for me and my child.

The time I was poisoned covertly the strongest thus far was while standing in line at the immigration bureau for my exit visa and I ran into the embassy claiming an emergency, and to see some law enforcement officer on duty, but they refused me twice, I went back there after realizing that this poisoning was so powerful that it could lead to my death. By Coincidence it was that same Friday that the duty officer I called told me that I could come in that Friday, he even said there was always a federal officer there on duty. Desperately I asked the woman behind the services window to call him and she did dial but said he was unavailable, and I asked her again when I came in the second time to which the same thing again and again\ Finally she told me that I had to leave the building. I knew I couldn’t go to the hospital because of the last two times I went, in Cebu and in Baguio, so I jumped into a taxi and I began to die, my body’s functions steadily disintegrated, my head shook, and my vision was turning on and off, and I threw up out the window. I remember at one point after driving for an hour, I believed I was about to die soon so I called my mother with my mobile, and she answer to which I only had enough energy and concentration to tell her about my will and testament made out to Trump, to please make sure it got to him. I was confident that Trump could confront Diplomatic Security. My mom ignored me and my pleas for help. I had never lied before. During some previous attempts on my life she yelled at me over the phone that I had lied about the anal thermometer, she had also convinced my whole family that I lied, but I had not. I struggled to keep myself coherent and on my last breath she ignored my please. I am reminded of recorded history about American soldiers yelling for their moms on the battlefield while dying, and yet my mother was born with a cold heart. I crawled my way up to my hotel room after being driven to my hotel by the same taxi and my girlfriend was on the bed, two laser dots on the wall coming through the open window by the headboard and she said to herself finally its over”. I struggled to service using any methods I knew how, and when my breath started failing I called the embassy officer to which for some strange reasons an ambulance parked below my window.

I am asking for anyone to lend some help in dealing with a very dangerous situation that has found me, and that is no fault of my own. I have asked 1000 people for help and they include every law, law enforcement, government, personal, humanitarian, journalistic or religious group that I thought of; I thought they exist to help people like me, but none will thus far. Most have not replied, others have said it was not their job, and yet some detectives said that they would not either because I had a criminal record, which now I do not, or that it looked as though my father was involved with C.I.A.

Now I have no criminal convictions on my record, officially (See attached below is my current 2018 FBI record) The organization trying to kill me have called me a criminal to my face during a few sit downs, so I will address that.

In 1992 when I left Boston to go work in Alaska, I had a ticket to get off the Ferry just one stop before the final on. The time was about 5 am and I slept through it, and upon awakening was arrested, and there was no time to buy a ticket. It is on my record today still as having a dangerous weapon which was my normal camping knife, theft of service, and obstructing perhaps because I could not readily locate my id. The case was dismissed.

In 2006 I was charged with uttering a forged bill, which was a check sent to me for a large order of bells that I was manufacturing, and that case was dismissed.

I did expunge some small convictions and one felony possession in Oregon which I can legally say never existed; however, I will say that a short string of events there started during my purchase of a small bag of marijuana before I went to the movie theatre, my roommates foot kicked a phone machine on the floor of the dealer’s room and the tape player the whole deal back. Later we kicked in that door, not my idea, to collect the tapes when he wasn’t around. Good thing we did because that week in the newspaper was an article that that same drug dealer was building bombs with what the guard found seeing the open door. The newspaper said it was PSU online building and the bombmaker named Dave, he seemed nice to me and so I helped him also by letting his friend stay at my apartment for a while.

In 1998 I sublet a room to a girl who sent a package of mushroom to New York, and I was blamed and convicted for that even though I had no knowledge of that nor was there any evidence and some of my erased record had relation to the man whose door was kicked in because I had let his friend stay in my house to help.

I am not a criminal I am sorry for any trouble. The organization of killers has come to me several times before the actual attempts and told me that I was a criminal and would die literally. The first time threatened was when two men from this apparent organization sat down with me Hong Kong in 2009 just after I mortgaged my house which was a gift from my father, and I was to open a business at that time of an English school and a hotel in China; the office business name in Hong Kong was Best Score Limited. The men could be best described as short mercenary types who sat down beside me to tell me literally they were going to kill me. I had just left Boston where I had incorporated Movie English Ltd.

My father who was sponsoring my trip and I stayed in touch, so I called his telephone to let him know, and that is when I began to suspect his may have sent these people, even though as time went on it became obvious that the State Department had a hand in it somehow.

Mike witnessed me having my testicles fondled sometimes but he did not attend to me. The times I was fondled lasted up to a minute and I vividly recall in color staring at the ceiling while I endured it at which times Mike came into the room. Those molesting had a very bad effect on me for many years until recently. I could not sit near anyone without feeling touched after that, nor could I swim comfortably, and anytime someone complimented my good looks, I became very hurt. The therapist said it began when I was two, and that the effect would last until I was forty. Isn’t it a coincidence that my father suddenly says that I am crazy as soon as I confront them about it, and I am poisoned at the same time?

My parents were pretty much the same, every time I was hurt, they would blame me. I was molested by their family and my school insisted on a doctor’s checkup, so I have attached that report here below. They drove me to that doctor but then afterwards denied the report existed and switched my school so as not to let the school know, nor anyone knowing it was their family who molested me. I kept their secrets all these years. I kept sane though when my father beat my head in my sleep because he thought I was pretending to sleep, I did have times of so much stress and he used those times against me to show that my state of mind at that specific time in my life was the norm, which was not the case. It is important to note that my father is an A type personality often psychopathic and paranoid.

I have been directly told by a State Department officer that there is a “warrant on my life”. A red cross worker while I was at red Cross to train in Philippines told me there was a “death by execution” order on me.

I will give $50,000 reward to anyone to use this information to arrest and convict any of the many participants. I have also attached a waiver for the public to contact the State Department about me. The men who came to the door during my repatriation loan can be found, so can the American man Jerry (or Gary) in Davao.; They are a few of dozens mentioned in this writing. Some of the people are working in a wide network obviously. My parents are dying so time is running out to find answers from them, and in the Philippines, there are a hundred witnesses who know because in every city I ran to, they sent people to come sit with me, half of them Americans

I could not do anything to stop the child from being killed and I had done everything possible to stop it from happening, just as I am trying everything from stopping these people from killing me, and it is the same story. My unborn child was tortured and murdered, I had videotaped that happening one of the four or five times to protect myself from being blamed, but I gave that android to someone who may have erased it; of course, I could not bear to save a tape of that day’s occurrence when my girlfriend screamed loudly and wriggled for 30 full minutes while the baby fought to survive as a fully developed child inside of her; she did this two different days. Once she laughed at how the baby was moving too slowly afterwards. She was so cruel, just like my family and the passport investigators. The red hair sample of my daughter was also stolen from my suitcase, and my father’s lawyer says that my girlfriend’s confession was what I told her to say. My girlfriend murdered the baby and I asked her to make a confession because I felt it was important for the baby. In the lawyer’s office she needed help to find the correct words and she was left alone most of the time to write it herself to make sure it was in her own thoughts, and the confession included my father’s name because checks sent to pay for things were in his name, and he promised to help with. The lawyer explained that she could go to jail. The hospital staff delivering the killed child helped her by not taking a toxicology test on the baby also by not reporting that she squeezed the child’s head in half, and I did not tell them that I saw her kill her.

That month expecting my baby born soon, very strange things happened with my family and with the people trying to kill me, and someone was giving orders to these people on their mobile phones during each attack, someone with State Department connections.

There have been attempts on my life in several countries and I will not wait for the next time to act. They used a chemical attack on me in the Philippines and elsewhere. They often use gangs to do their work and sociopathic students from my observance. Generally, there are a dozen or more people involved in every attempt on my life. When I escaped the Mongolian hotel, that diplomatic agent named json was only concerned who else I might have called after my escape, and the reader should be aware every attempt on my life had some connection to diplomatic security however small it could be since the passport agency in Boston warned me, even though the shards of galls happened just before that. I was not told about the passport investigation until right after Seattle ‘s passport office refused my new passport application at which time the several people I mentioned stalked me in Seattle during and after the bottle missing my head by one step.

I need an investigation to capture these people, and these bad people from my own experiences do have the ability to work with or bribe law enforcement and criminal gangs alike to kill people. I do not investigate myself for I am too afraid and smart to want to know these people. It is in the best interest also of the public deal with this to stop this hit teams network from running around killing innocent people.

The innocent healthy baby girl could have lived and so other witnesses who have helped me survive and were killed, as far as I know. I who have not done anything to cause this. Should we be helped of this situation? Or is it too much to ask for? I would be there for anyone else s baby girl, or an old lady next door, or an average person who may raise his hand. No one has helped so far, so I ask again for the hundredth time; please.

I made the will after my escape from a man who twice disguised himself as a doctor who also appeared twice outside my room, he once identified himself as an undercover policeman to a neighbor; my father had told me to go to the hospital after one attempted break in to my apartment the week before my baby was murdered while he taunted me that I was brave. He had also told me when these men came to my room: “That’s what you get for writing the letter”. I was poisoned as a rue more than once to get me to go to the hospital where these people waited to finish their job. I did interview with a doctor when I made this will who diagnosed me as sane and competent.

After talking with my brothers Mike and Martin who mentioned the lawyer Shulman as a contact they appeared to be a possible link between Shulman and what happened in Macao and elsewhere he had sent a package to me later. There were attempts on my life along with other strange happening when packages arrived at least two times. Once I contacted Shulman for the first time, he said he would see to it that my schooling would be paid for, so I signed a new contract with a school, but he never paid, only he persisted in finding out where exactly I was living. I also gained a prescription for an old liver illness which was very expensive, so I took his offer to pay that also, but he only persisted in finding out my location through Walgreens prescription department. Though he asked for invoices he never paid. After telling him that I wanted my location secret to prevent the attackers from finding me, he persisted. I also asked him to contact the FBI for me relating to the serious events, but he did not, and his tone of voice was generally subversive. Here is a letter from my mother to Shulman when finally, I had to stop my online schooling and cancel my liver prescription on hold. Neither Shulman or my mother ever acknowledge the attacks nor my requests to find out why the attackers knew of my trust account, when I had not, and how it was that my requests to my family on how it was that they knew exactly what happened during the attempt on my life. Now that I have escapade and can show their guilt, they stopped contact. Eerily my mother tells Shulman here in this letter that I put a price in her head, not on her head.

From: evieyud [mailto:-------@---.com] Sent: Sunday, November 19, 2017 12:28 PM

To: Shulman, Ken W.

Subject: Important

Dear Ken: Please forward to Larry the enclosed letter. I only have old email addresses for him and you stand a better chance of reaching him. Thank you very much. Evelyn

Dear Larry: For quite a while I have been wanting to keep in touch with you but have sat on my hands because you had asked me to please not write to you. I am writing now because I think that in all fairness this situation needs immediate correspondence with you. I looked on the internet to see what literary works our son, Larry Margulies, has written. You succeeded in trashing our whole family and, to top it off, you put a price in our heads. The money for December 2017 will be deposited by November 23rd and is the last of the monthly stipends to be sent to you. Beginning January 1, 2018, you will be on your own. Keep well. Mom

Dear Mother, since 2009 there had been messages on your voicemail machine and threats and attempts on my life and I have not caused that, nor do I know what it is about, but you have information relating to that. I had called your home and spoken to you during those attempts on my life, yet now you claim that I told you not to write to me, which may have been to avoid your wrath. I am sure you can do something to help me from being murdered. My explanation about 'trash' was necessary to overcome the obstacle you presented that by your having told others, such as the embassy and more than one rabbi, and other family, that you believe me to be a liar and a manipulator, how was I to be believed when reporting the attempts on my life. Now my life is in more danger because you are withholding that information and making it more difficult. Would you please consult someone for your health or some way to explain your behavior? You have been forcing me to look for new ways to stop the hit ordered on my life, by people who know about personal family affairs, that I had either no knowledge of or had not told anyone. I expect a copy of the police report soon, if you can do the right thing, I will accept limited correspondence from

you while this is sorted out. I have not done anything to have caused the hit in Seattle, nor the other several attempts, it is an ordered hit and you know about it. I have your letter to Ken and will hand that to law enforcement along with witness testimony. Your son. Love Larry

The letter above refers to a "stipend”; This is the principle of the private trust account for mentioned which I began to use after the murders for my school tuition and just about to pay a lifesaving prescription sitting now at Walgreens. I waited my whole life to get away from my family's harassment and to start my own family, and then they killed my first baby and nearly I at same time. This situation began when I was given the choice of a house to call home, at which time there were many questions about where the money came from, what happened to years of dividend checks that I never received, and a trust account that I was never told about, and messages on the family's voice mail machine that corroborated that a surveillance team did in fact threaten to kill me and tried a dozen times in several countries. I was on the run, and clueless as to why, the men threatening me never told me why, and haven't spent a million dollars from the homes mortgage meant for my dream Asian business, finally there lay a mountain of evidence that my father was really a Jewish mobster who used his psychology and government favors to kill me and hide the real reasons, while discrediting me. There was one woman, a very kind looking woman who came between me and one gunman to warn me he was about to kill me as I got into a taxi, "They killed her afterwards", Lesyl told me.

The following dates are approximate.

2008 Olympics

Two men inquired about my lost visa, Sasha, white with a Ukrainian passport having an MTV tattoo on the thumb flesh, the other a hardcore black named Jonathan Benny, with a Nigerian passport. Benny told Sasha that I’m from Brookline, I never said so, but I am. Benny told me he was diplomatic security; afterwards, he was concerned that he told me his job and that I had a criminal record, so I wonder now why he befriended me and invited me to Taiwan later. He gave me his telephone number to call. These men are both American agents, and they may have been trying to kill me either to keep their cover or because they wanted to frame me for whatever reasons they have, but one thing is for sure, these terrible people think they are so much better than everyone ekes that they can kill others anytime they want and get away with it. I know that in 50 or 100 years from now that the freedom of information act may lend to their real identities and families and I pray shame and accountability will find their way with this book for what they did. In my own opinion these people are service people, not rulers as they seem to think. They may think they quote the law, but they still suck at whether are doing.

2009 Canada

My father gave me an income property in Canada, but it owed about 3 or 4,000 dollars in property taxes and had no furniture, so the property agent's friend recommended taking on a mortgage which I did and then also used it to open my business as planned earlier in Asia. My mother adamantly told me that I would not be given any money after the homes purchase, so I had to take a loan, which cost several thousand in fees. My tenants complained that my mother and Aunt were taken photos in my yard while I was gone, and when I returned for visits from Asia there was a blond lady following my taxi closely wherever I went and when she got stuck behind our car in an alley she frantically waved both her hands in front of her face while I wrote her license plate. A similar thing happened when I went to La for my nephew’s bar mitzvah, a car at the exit followed me closely and when I turned with my phone camera he waved his hands in front of his face the same way and sped away with no passengers. That trip to L.A. I bought a new laptop and a new Verizon stick and as soon as I turned it on to set it up my first time, there was an email address in a blank anti-virus set up that read "I need larry at gmail.com". The§ next month after all the major newspapers reported that Verizon was spying on people.

2010 Hong Kong

I had 13 stitches on my head from an attack with a bottle and met a bodyguard at the Mandarin Oriental hotel, and after he took me to a different hotel where I phone called Benny from the Olympics from the new hotel room. Answering my call Benny said, “I don’t know you” and now we hung up I thought I heard him say "you're dead". The next week two ex-military type men came to my table sitting to me closely and said, "We are going to kill you". It was just after I mortgaged my house; I was in Hong Kong to open my first office, beginning the long process to make a movie and hotel business in Asia. I had no idea who these people were, and I owed no money to anyone. I told them “There is no reason to kill me” to which they replied after a moment “Are you a Jew?” Then I called my father about it and he asked me if I had told those men “There is no reason”. I called Benny again a month later and we talked about opening an English school in Taiwan.

2010 Seattle

Seattle- I went to Seattle for a new passport instead of Boston, because it was closer to my new house in Canada. The Seattle Passport Agency refused to renew my passport. Leaving there one Thursday morning at 11:30, and across the street to eat lunch the hostess called me a taxi, and then a bottle fell to exactly where my head was, at the entrance to the Brooklyn Seafood restaurant. The new armed bodyguard I hired confirmed inside the eatery that a bottle had fallen as I

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