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After Hurricane Maria

by Forester de Santos

Copyright 2017 Forester de Santos

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Table of Contents




Chapter One

A wake-up call for Puerto Rico

Three Months After Hurricane Maria

Three Months after Hurricane Maria and still counting

A Government for those that do not do

A New Island

I would like to be a successful writer

Chapter Two

I Would Like to Write Again

I began to write once again

The Anger of Beloved

A belief not theirs

To continue with life

The greatest gift

Chapter Three

So Many Grandiose Things

To kill a god

The enemy at flow

If there is no love

When death pauses

The Staircase to Heaven

Chapter Four

With every finger of the hands

All the skeletons are white

In the silence which I lived

In the silence which I lived revisited

Time heals no wounds

The Plus Zero Negative Factor

Chapter Five

A Higher Consciousness

I Am Becoming Everything

God is met through one

If the Apple is not Bitten

The Coded Knowledge of God

When one looks up into the Heavens

Chapter Six

To Continue Abundantly in Life

Abundance Becomes

Be faithful at all times

Once one has become the truth

Contention and Salvation

God forever will be

Chapter Seven

A Higher Existence or Consciousness

Every Religion is a Business

God is Abundance

If You Cannot Pull

The Current and the Flow

I Celebrate my Cerebrum

Chapter Eight

In the beginning one entered

There is no True Freedom

Separation from the Group

To seek and to find

He that puts his life in danger

Turning left makes no right

Chapter Nine

No one is saved

They laughed at me

No one is saved by another

Real peace and real knowledge

In the heavens the eyes

Between beast and man

Chapter Ten

Under lock and key

The road to immortality

Because of a few words

Do not do for he that does not do

Immortality revisited

A taller identity

Chapter Eleven

A taller identity revisited

To surpass

The lie versus the bad habit

The entire world loves a clown

When One’s Destiny is Great

Without the play or the movement

Chapter Twelve

To have more

Empty hands empty heart

The group in one


In the vacuum of space

He that does not know contention

Bonus Chapter

The road to immortality is one

From the beginning until the end

True happiness

True faith and the encounter with her

Death is not natural for the conscious being

To enter into the positive


Something about this Author beloved

Who am I?


He that truly does for himself, thus forever he will truly be for much more because he also has done for God!

But he that waits on another so that that other does for him, thus forever he will be nothing because of nothing he doing!


This eBook is dedicated with my complete heart and conscious mind and also with my complete talent to all the victims of Hurricane Maria.


When Hurricane Maria passed through the Enchanted Island of Puerto Rico not only did it unrooted the grass and the trees, but also Hurricane Maria pulled out the poles and towers of communications and that way also leaving the complete Island in complete chaos. Thus, now there was no electricity and because of lack of electricity practically nothing was the only thing that could be done.

But to pass the time this good writer took a notebook and began to write practically what he saw during the date and what he heard during the night under darkness.

During the night nothing could be written because the candle did not illuminated not even enough to be able to read. And the nights became very long, especially when there was no clock besides the good wrist watch. Neither in the night one could sleep because of the enormous heat that was since there were no trees and whatever trees remained were naked because of not having their leaves.

But when the sun light arrived, even though with the enormous heat or vapor, this good writer maintained himself occupied with his notebook seeking answers in whatever he wrote.

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