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The Reinvention of Me

A Journey Of Self-Discovery

In A Disenchanted World

By Donna Anne Pace

Copyright © 2018 Donna Anne Pace

All rights reserved.



Dedicated to my beloved children.

Thank you for being my pillar of support when all felt lost.


Hello! Well, where do I start with this introduction? I guess the whole idea of writing this book on self-discovery was born out of an amazing trip that I took to New York City in January 2017 for my birthday. After all the trials and tribulations throughout my life, there came a time when I had the money and opportunity to do something that I had always wanted to do. At last, I was finally able to tick one thing off my bucket list! Just me and my suitcase taking a 3-day trip to one of the biggest cities in the world! Yep, there I was, a fully grown 'Kevin McCallister', with my woolly hat and scarf, walking around the streets of Manhattan all alone, and only occasionally lost! Besides bringing my 6 children into this world, going to NYC was an experience in my life that I will never forget.

But as life goes, not all experiences are easily embraced or accepted. By this statement, I mean coping with the one thing in your life that you never hope to ever experience - the loss of one of your children. It's with a very heavy heart that I type these words about my beloved late son Jamie who tragically succumbed to his illness of Acute Myeloid Leukemia in December 2010 at the tender age of 12. There are no words to ever express the hurt, pain, anguish, and sense of loss when you spend one day in your life burying one of your own children. A child that you carried for nine months, nurtured, loved, and endured such excruciating pain with to bring into the world. Yet the pain and tears of joy become a bitter symmetry when that pain turns into tears from a broken heart.

The equilibrium of life itself is thrown into disarray and defies the natural order of things. So how does anyone recover and restart their lives after enduring such trauma? Something so unprecedented, that it is too difficult to comprehend? Then, and only then, does anyone really come to realise the fragility of life and discover how courageous and strong they really are.

So here my story starts to unfold, like an origami duck, that has been created from a single piece of paper and uniquely contorted and transformed into a shape. Not just any shape, but a shape that has recognisable traits that define what it is. A single piece of paper full of carefully placed folds, crafted by human hands, which bring the paper to life. For isn’t that what our life journey is about? Evolving. Metamorphosing. Learning. Creating. Loving.

Not one human being ever asked to be brought into this world, yet here we all are trying to figure out what our purpose is? Why are we here? By far, the most profound and fundamental question anyone will ever ask themselves, or another human being. From the moment of conception, when 23 maternal chromosomes and 23 paternal chromosomes fuse together, just like a matchbox and matchstick – a chemical reaction occurs creating a new element. When the sperm and egg fuse together (gamete), a burst of zinc radiates from the egg. This magical moment defines the incredible spectacle when a new life begins.

Our journey into the unknown began with a magical burst of light, yet we remained in darkness for 9 months. Fate then decided upon which month, day and time we were to be delivered through the birth canal and into a mysterious, secret, untold world that was to become our life on earth. My life began with a magical burst of zinc - a human life in the making - a time when we are growing and being prepared for the outside world. We have no prior knowledge of our fate or the environment we are to be born into. Our journey into the unknown begins here.

* * * * * *

Just a little note from me. I decided to write this book as it was something that I have wanted to do for many years. I believe that what we put out there in the Universe comes back to us. We all succumb to various dilemmas throughout our lifetime and it is a test of how strong we truly are, both mentally and physically. When we are born we have no knowing of what life will deliver to us on our journey. It is the unexpected wealth of surprises that shape and mold us into who we are right now, or who we choose to become.

Even though this book is very open, blunt, and sensitive, it is also equally upbeat, honest, and hopefully inspiring. For that is the whole purpose of writing it. I want to share my life with the world in the hope that it invites courage, positivity, inspiration, and also self-belief. I do not believe it is right or fair for anyone to be suffering in silence, to feel that they are not worthy or important enough to have their voice heard.

I have decided to include an interactive page at the end of each chapter for you. I have done this to give you the opportunity to write down your immediate thoughts, emotions, and feelings. I think that, sub-consciously, you will be ruminating over events in your own life, so what better time to try to find answers/solutions to your own problems, than when you are experiencing that rawness of reading a true story about another human being.

I have written this book, not only to try to heal my own wounds, but also the wounds of others. You will take your first step into my life from a tender age as I unravel the mental scars that are yet to heal. This is not a 'tale of woe', but yet, a tale of one woman's journey to overcome a psychological mountain - one that is exhausting to climb, and yet without a peak.

A little bit about my educational background. I am currently studying for a BSc Health Science Degree and have thoroughly enjoyed completing the following Modules:

Human Genetics & Health Issues

Molecules, Medicine & Drugs

Human Nutrition

The Empire of the Microbes

Elements of Forensic Science

Short courses

Forensic Psychology

Forensic Science and the Criminal Justice System

2-day Life Coaching Workshop (UK)

Parenting Skills - 12 weeks

Pattern Changing - (Domestic Violence & Cycle of Abuse) - 12 weeks

Certificate in Moving & Handling Practical Training

Certificate in Medication Practical Training

Certificate of Attendance for Dignity Workshop

Certificate in First Aid for Children & Adults

Currently studying Life Coaching: The Integrative Wellness Model















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My A-Z of Self-Discovery

Chapter 1 – Alpha & Omega

Chapter 2 – Believe in Change

Chapter 3 – The Price of Bravery

Chapter 4 – It's All In The Mind

Chapter 5 – What Am I Worth?

Chapter 6 – Gratitude

Chapter 7 – New York City Baby!

Chapter 8

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