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Why Can’t I Finish the Next Bestseller?

J Ravageux

why can’t I finish writing the next bestseller?

(Write three Books in 30 days)

J. Ravageux

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To “authors-to-be”, may you publish something that will provide value add to your reader’s life or perspective in thirty days or less


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Starting From Scratch

Frustrations, Frustrations

Know Your Frustrations To Address Them

Common Frustrations Of “Authors-To-Be”

THOUGHTS: To Hire Or Not To Hire A Ghost Writer


Human Nature to Get Distracted

Common Writer Distractions

Chapter THREE: First, Choosing your Genre

Chapter FOUR: Building the Writing Schedule

Personal hours vs social hours

Finding free time

Your writing schedule for thirty days

CHAPTER FIVE: Write. Write. Write!

Grammar and Construction

THOUGHTS: To Starbucks or not to Starbucks

why can’t I finish writing the next bestseller?

I believe in the writer in you. You are the next author who will publish a bestseller. You have the idea that will make all writers think “why didn’t I think of that?” or “that was one awesome idea of a book!”. Publishers will request you to give them the exclusive rights to publish your books. Maybe there will be a film adaptation. Then money will flow in from everywhere that you will finally say “I am a successful writer and a fulfilled author”.

Where is your first book now?

Here is the thing, the book that is to sell like hot items on Black Friday is not yet finished or worse, is not yet started. You might have the idea, but idea don’t sell until placed into something tangible or in this case, something readable. You might claim you have everything a delightful book should have but as long as it is confined to the corners of your creative mind, there is no book to talk about. The world is advancing, but in no time soon can inventors probe and read through your neurons on the idea you wanted the world to read.

My book is out there. Where’s yours?

This book is experience-based. I am not a bestseller author who wanted to impart to you “my secret on how to make a book and rake cash with it in easy steps”. This is more of my thoughts and insights why I think anyone can finish three books simultaneously in thirty days based on what I have accomplished. My books are still on Amazon and they might sell or they might not sell. My first goal is to have a book/s published. First goal checked.

If you want to finish a book and to get rich with your best-selling works, then I cannot guarantee you that. What I can guarantee is that at the end of the thirty days, you will have at least two (so it can be four or five) book titles on your name ready to be promoted and marketed. These activities will be touched minimally in this book because I will not focus on the commercial and business side of things.

My goal is for you to finish at least a book.

One book is all it takes for you to believe in yourself that you can surpass the pressure and stress of book-writing. The first book is the hardest because as a new author you have lots of preconceived notions and standard setting that you associate to your first written work. But the thing is, you will soon realize that they are YOUR standards. The world looks at pages in a unique perspective. Your perfect book? May not be perfect at all. Your book that is common to all and is considered cliché by some? Might be the next best seller.

Are you ready to finish your book/s?

Looking at the final copy of your book before publishing will make you think “is this it? Is it finally happening? Is this the result of my writing?”. Then, reading it one more time will bring memories --- ideas, frustrations, places, events associated to that word, part or chapter of the book. This will shape your perspective for the new book, new project or undertaking.

Are you ready to finish your book? Let us count today as Day ONE and have the final copy in THIRTY DAYS (or less).

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