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I'll Be

With You

Manuel Barrero

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March 2018



Translated from the original Spanish version

Jholett to my wife and my daughter Sasha, for all your love.

My daughter Karen, who grew up listening to the interesting and fantastic stories of his grandfather.

My grandfather, my best friend, teacher and companion in this life, wherever you are.


This is the true story of a Spanish family how many, is the story of my family, people with many dreams, which were not satisfied with his fate, but they decided to change it, fought to achieve their goals with many efforts and sacrifices, is not a text of history, even when the novel is set in the beginning of the 20th century, I have tried to bring a logical thread of events, with the development of the story, as objectively as possible and above all with much respect for those people who could identify them or family members of them, with the experiences that are recounted here.

The characters and some situations are figurative, to protect the people who actually lived these events, the story begins in Asturias, in a remote village called Faidiello, is the main character of the novel, his early years, the exit of the village, the military service and its beginnings as a worker of the northern railway.

The novel moves in time for the last years of the monarchy under the mandate of King Alfonso XIII, the Second Spanish Republic, their experiences from the experience of a simple family, the Spanish Civil War, and its end, giving life to the characters with real stories.

A people who do not know their history, is destined to repeat it at some time, of that generation that lived through the civil war there are few with life, their stories and their memories should remain the time and with us to never repeat the mistakes that led to these events, our future generations deserve to live in peace and happy, it is not only in Spain, it is a lesson to be learned at the global level.

Many years have passed and still live the phenomenon of abandonment of the field, the development of the great metropolis, attracts many people who seek to improve their quality of life, city dwellers we sat at the table on a daily basis and we never wonder where they come from food, behind them there are millions of people working in the fields and transporting them, this novel is a small window to also learn about the life of them and understand why they are moving to the cities.

The policy should serve to improve the living conditions of our workers, workers and peasants, there is no sustainable development but we have food, that is the challenge of modern societies, to fall back to the producers to return to the fields, dedicated the book to the memory of all of them and of all those who died in that horrible war, all died fighting for his ideals and dreaming for a Spain.

In this second edition has changed some of the content of the original work in order to adapt it to a younger audience and to be able to bring your message, I hope you enjoy it a lot.

The author

Chapter 1

The beginning .

In the year 1898, ending in the 19th century, a century full of events that marked the future of humankind, such as the independence of America, the Napoleonic wars, wars of secession in the United States and many other important events more specifically in Spain, was marked by the loss of their colonies, being the last to depart Cuba with U.S. help and intervention and from there began to disappear from the world stage as power and began his long journey of almost a century ago by be found herself, as a nation, as a heterogeneous social group and as a culture.

This story is not the history of Spain, although in that beautiful country, it is the story of a humble peasant Asturian, born in a remote village and almost unknown by many Spaniards, called Faidiello, located between mountains and isolated by the nature of the rest of the world. Faidiello is a town in the municipality of Belmonte de Miranda and belonging to the parish of Belmonte, Asturias, Spain, is situated at an altitude of 630m. At the present time, at the time of writing this book (Dec 2017), with an approximate population of 5 people and 8 houses.

At the beginning of all this in 1898, the people we could say that it was at its best, Belmonte de Miranda was an important town as a point of connection between other more in Asturias and the queen of the economies was agriculture.

Spain once separated from their colonies, where they came from many products, not only for its domestic market, but also to market and sell in the European markets with juicy profits, he now realized that he needed for the first time in many years, perhaps more than two centuries, starting to produce their own food and manufacturing products to survive as a nation.

On the backs and raised with the strong arms of his peasants, began to emerge the new Spain, of each people, even to the most remote, began to leave varieties of products that over the years become cultural ambassadors of that nation.

In a humble house of stone walls, floors and ceilings, was part of the Ibáñez family, Doña Ana and his sons Juan, Seraphim and Paul, it is close to the 9 months of gestation, his marriage with Peter to given how fruits two more children who are with him in the field, are Jacinto and Jesus, even adolescents, however daily help you in their work, the day begins very early at 3 am already is rising from the bed Peter to lower the barn and milking the cows, Ana wakes up and stands up minutes before to serve them a morsel of food before starting your day.

Peter: Hey babe, that belly is very large, we should tell Gertrude that is attentive, as at any time you brighten up and it is good to be giving careers, must have things ready in the house.

In Faidiello women give birth in their homes, the largest town and closer is Belmonte de Miranda, means go a very long way by a narrow dirt trail, on the day it is relatively easy on foot or by mule, but the nights are impossible along those paths where the wolves reign and are masters of the darkness.

Doña Gertrudis is the midwife of the village, one could call it that, since only eight houses, she exercised as a profession, it is simply a personal skill development of his mother and that has been passed down from generation to generation of the family, usually is a housewife, rearing their children, kitchen and helps her husband with what it can in the corral of chickens, this was a good month there, the hens they behaved very well and have plenty of eggs for them with the neighbors by vegetables, which helps a lot in the simple economics.

Anna: Yes, you are right, it is good to tell Gertrude, I already feel the child very heavy, after milking, sees where she and tell him to stop by our House today.

Having said that Peter took his two older sons and down the stairs toward the stable, to one side of the house there is a rudimentary construction, as rustic and the house itself, is what they call in these areas, an horreo, the structure has two floors or levels, at the bottom or ground floor, is the stable for the animals, is followed by a thick wood columns and on the next level is the deposit or general store, there are stowed grains, hangs salted meat, straw and everything that is produced. It seems something done at the age of stone by the ease of its structure and materials, however perfectly if purpose, since winter, the heat from the animals on the ground floor, maintains a correct temperature of the provisions at the top level, for all Asturian, Galician or people from field to the north of Spain, this is a work of art and architecture.

Coming to the stable, Peter was about to begin their work, their two children are on the bucket and he seeks his chair, the animals are quiet, until "Butch", that cow that has never been able to interbreed, even at this stage, Peter is torn between to keep or sacrifice it for meat since neither you can remove breeding, nor shall the milk never to follow as well. It doesn't help much in your situation, your behavior and your physical appearance is that of a bull, when they go out to graze it away to anyone you want to bring into the fold, is a brave cow, which is worse than a bull miura, there is a big difference between the assault of a bull and a cow, the bull to the ramming closes the eyes, so that when the head close to his enemy, don't see it, from there they end up in a plaza de bulls, the cow is very dangerous, she rammed with open eyes and even when your opponent moves, she will correct your address And not gore.

It had been a long time to get Peter and two of his sons to the barn when he began to hear the screams of his wife, Ana screamed aloud, with all their strength!

Ana: Pedrooooo, diosssssss, the neneeeeeeee, comes the neneeeee!

These are the moments in which a man by more sensible and plumb falcons, does not know where to run, an intense current in the form of energy ran through her body, without realizing it I was running from one side to the other of the barn, her eyes lit, very open, shook her head in all directions, their children sitting there staring at him in astonishment, one of them by listening to Ana, she ran the house of Doña Gertrudis, it was very early, it was 5 am, his fear more bother her by the hour, because that is where life begins very early, was to be confused with some animal mount.

Finally Peter ran into the house, Ana already had five births of experience, he was in his bed, in a position to delivery, on the way from the kitchen to the bed was watered the liquid spilled to break sources. He was already in labor, bidding, Peter had no more than assist it, in the field all the emotions are strong, there is no time to think about a lot of things nor to analyze whether or not you do so, simply, you're there and you.

Poking his head Valentin, entered the room Doña Gertrudis, with a pot, water and rags, the child came to the world with open eyes, watching everything and everyone, her red hair like a carrot seemed to illuminate the room and below him, his large black eyes intense as the night. That day all in the hamlet stopped doing his things to go meet Valentin, a new member is a major event, where all the days passed, few things made the difference.

Born in a village of these characteristics involves many things, there is no school, the nearest school is miles away, as a result of this children attend two or three times a week with a lot of effort and most only learn to read and write, then must be incorporated into the work of the field to help their parents with the provision of food, goods for the exchange and trade, then there are eight home and eight families, in the future cannot be envisioned many girls with which to think in a family, in the case of the Ibanez all his children were male, something very positive for the future in terms of force Work, but very bad in a village where most of the children of the neighbors were men as well.

Valentin from which it was received to the world by the strong arms of Peter, immediately won his heart simple but noble of peasant, its huge black eyes and red hair were the key to their success, all the male members of the family were born with hair the color of a carrot, but the look of Valentin was special, there was a mixture of great strength, character, and at the same time love.

In the forest live enchanted creatures.

The childhood of Valentin has passed, is a special time for all those who are born in the field, it is not old enough to work, you don't have responsibilities, school is a place to dream and in the house the love of Mom envelops everything.

Ana: Valentin, come over here, stop playing with the hens down there, I have to dress to go to school.

Valentin: I'm coming, but, mom tell me I need to go to school, here is already feeding the chickens, Dad taught me how to collect the eggs, i already do without the help of anyone, that I can teach there that I need to live here.

Ana: Son, I have spent my entire life here, your father also, I do not want you to your destination is stay here also, you have gone to Belmonte, you've seen that there are people living in other things, such as the wine cellar that we purchase eggs, it doesn't work the land, has your business and above your house, it is another life style better.

Valentin: Well, I don't see many differences mom, my dad sweat working, the winery also see him sweating, my dad works all day, the winery Also, the wife of the winemaker spends the day with an apron as cooking and so are you.

Ana: Look, ninuco (little boy)! You don't have anything in the head, you're going to school and someday I would like to thank you!

Having said that, almost by force Ana began to clean up to Valentin, trying to take the land that was irrigated by all sides and then to dress it up, it was early but the road promised to be long, had to pass through a narrow path of land, surrounded by mountains, rarely his mother gave him the shoes, the family economy gave little to sell and earn money, so you bought is cared for, was the case of the shoes, were reserved for the day of mass and visits to Belmonte, the rest days passed feeling the ground between the toes of the feet, the bushes and in permanent contact with nature.

During the transit Valentin which was very curious, she loved to ask his mother or his father about everything around him and this trip to school with her, could not be different, it was a great opportunity to ask many questions.

Valentin: Mom, what is out there in the forest?

Ana: Look ninuco, don't be so curious, there is what you see, trees, birds and nothing else.

Valentin: but the son of neighbor says that there are wolves and that the wolves are spirits that were not to heaven and were here out in the form of animals, that is why they are so aggressive and bad, are very uncomfortable for having been here.

Ana: the truth son, are animals, there are no spirits, only God, people are dying and going to heaven, of course, if he behaves well, if he misbehaves, according to the cure, go to hell to pay for their sins, look, you may want to take you where the cure for that you remove all these strange ideas that you have in the head and on my return home, I do that too with the son of the neighbors.

Unknowingly Ana or Valentin, this trip to Belmonte would mark the life of the child, two very important elements would have a severe impact on, the school and the village priest, he, by being raised there in the field, far from the population and without further contact that some neighbors, it was like a wild creature, young, full of energy and distrustful of everything that surrounded him, his father and his older brothers had been in charge of filling his head of rare stories to keep it in the house or close to them, was a very restless, if they neglected was running to the field and spent hours watching the birds, that was his great passion, he knew The names of all, their colors, if it was male or female, the recognized without seeing them by their song, that was his secret world and I enjoyed it a lot, until it appeared one of their annoying brothers or his father, desperate searching for him.

He felt that he did not belong to the people, there children spent the life by learning from their parents the office of farmers, milking the cows, so the land, care for the animals of corral and his greatest pride could be to have the pig fat or the hen that more eggs put, on the other hand, he dreamed to get out of there, I tried to imagine how the world was beyond the mountains, what would be the same as Belmonte?, the peoples would be larger?, what kind of customs such people?

Reaching the village Ana went with his son to school, it was necessary for the child to begin to understand the letters and numbers, after all if you ended up being a farmer and remained in Faidiello, I needed those tools to sell their products.

Ana: Hi! Good day doña Isabel, how's it going? Here I come with my kid, you need to see things other than cows, chickens and birds, by the way, I brought a sausage that does Peter, they have been very good.

The Doña Ana Isabel: Thank you, we'll see if this resist more time in school than others, perhaps did not like the letters or his father took them to work.

Ana: the two things, to the men and women of here like the field.

Isabel: to see ninuco, come here, you face a few friends, we will see how we are going to the two.

Having said that, Ana came out of the enclosure and left to Valentin with her teacher on the first day of school, from there he took the direction toward the church of the village, he could not stop thinking about that story of wolves and spirits.

"It will be that the kid this get strange things in the head, look to think that wolves are spirits of the dead, my uncle Athanasius then must be running through the woods on four legs i have to see the bad life that he gave his wife and his sons, it looked like a cork, but was stuck in a bottle of wine, he was lying on the floor well drunk.

The church of the village was part of the bar and the wine cellar, the only place to be when it was not in the field working, there is no cure, Athanasius was the pastor for many years and had two younger bandages as helpers who came from other regions, for the ladies of the people was an honor that his son be an altar boy at the church, the older partners in all activities, fairs, pilgrimages, collections, prepared meals and helped the priests to organize the village festivals, the most young people were going to join the chorus of religious chants of the church and a few chosen for being the "pious" the part of the legion of Mary, a prayer group and very select songs dedicated to exalt the activities.

Arriving was received by the Father Athanasius, a mature man, of a certain age, tall, sturdy and well groomed, usually dressed in civilian clothes, name that is given to the fact of not wearing a cassock but, dress shirt and pants, mostly used to dress up as well, the cassock the left reserved for the days of mass and religious acts, on the other days he wore fine clothes that surely came from other peoples, good shoes, clean, and all their clothing well maintained, behind that of classic film actor had many hours of washing, ironing facilities and arrangements courtesy of some lady around, that with this gesture was collaborating with the church and of course go reserving some Place near San Pedro.

Athanasius: Anaaaa How's it going? What brings you here today?

Ana: Father, blessing, I come to ask one thing that worries me about one of my kids, it is Valentin, the smallest, the ninuco that you put things in the head, so long in those mountains surrounded by trees and animals and now think that wolves are spirits in it.

Athanasius: the truth almost created the child, there should be as many wolves as sinners, who already are many, but don't worry, bring him, you will know that I am in need of a new altar boy, one of which we had left us, came not more, God only knows what was done, or the mother has come to give the face, so bring that creature that here you managed that.

Ana: this in school, but the next week you have it here, as well his father kill me, if it is, all their children must be in the field.

Back to Faidiello Valentin met with their friends of the people, Joseph and Augustine.

Augustine: Look who comes there, it is Valentin, we have two days without seeing it, we're going to ask him where he was.

Jose: Sure, come on! Where thou wentest uncle?

Valentin: i went with my mother in the village below, took me to the school and to the church.

Augustine: Come on! Sure that you end up being cured.

Valentin: never, I don't think that would go with me, I like a lot of women.

Joseph: and that, since you debuted?

Valentin: Not yet, here the most spicy is to view the animals.

Augustine: Where do we go today, that we will do this afternoon?

Jose: to me it occurs to me that we go for apples.

Valentin: Again by apples of don Isidro?

Augustine: What can you think of another?

Valentin: I would like to do again the walk to look for stones.

Jose: better apples than stones.

Valentin: I don't like dogs don Isidro, the last time one of them I almost start up the rear.

Augustine: leaves of so much fear, we are on the apples that they gave me a secret for those dogs.

Valentin: to see, note that you bring, what kind of magic secret to avoid that we eat dogs.

Augustine: my older brother told me that when he walks through the mountains, naked, that scares the beasts, both wolves as dogs, they saw a naked person, gives them dread and flee because that is not common.

Joseph: it seems logical that, we are going to test, total, by that field there is nobody.

The three friends began their walk toward the laying of apples; they were smiling and releasing laughter thinking about his prank.

Augustine: we have come; let's leave the clothes here before we go into the sown and the left in this tree.

Valentin: it is better for you that this is "taking off the clothes.

Joseph: I am ready.

Augustine: Look, Joseph did not have much to lose if you are bitten by a dog.

Joseph: Be quiet! It is very cold and the man is hidden.

Valentin: you are lazy.

Augustine: but you like to go out with us.

Valentin: Come on, if you do not way it frozen parts.

They were walking toward the Manzanares, don Isidro had a good extension planted with them to make artisan cider that then led to Belmonte to sell and also served as much for meetings in the village.

Augustine: Hey! You can hear the dogs of don Isidro.

Joseph: I place myself in a position to get out of here.

Augustine: quiet, nothing more to see us naked out in panic.

Valentin: it is better for you to be true.

The dogs came more and more, for they were to get there teaching their sharp teeth, they kept running in the direction of the children.

Augustine: I'm going!

Valentin: I already knew that this was all a farce of yours.

Jose: don't leave me!

Don Isidro: to see, bandits, come here, let go of those apples," he said as he ran behind the dogs.

Valentin: I told you, don Isidro, run!

That day the boys spent the afternoon in a forest near the village, naked, their clothes were left behind as they ran, for fear of being attacked by dogs not sought in the tree, falling the night each went to his house, where they were waiting.

Peter: come here, with that running naked and taking apples from another, I'll give you a lesson.

Ana: don't kill him!

Peter: I don't think killing him, but i am going to leave the rear red as a chorizo with the belt.

After that episode, Valentin understood that dogs even if they see you naked they bite you.

The flesh is sin in Holy Days

The days passed slowly, the life of people, every day is the same, until a week went by and it was time for Valentin will be presented at the church, arrived in time holy, holy week, he grew up listening to many things, his mother took him to the church, fasted for confession and for those days only ate vegetables, it was very rare to see a fish at these latitudes, almost a treasure, sometimes the winemaker had some salt cod hanging in the store, but worth an eye of the face and had other things better in order to invest the little money the family, such as shoes, shirts and tools for the field.

At the entrance of the parish house was received by one of the young priests, looked at him from head to foot as if he was examining it, he raised a number of questions, until they heard a voice thick and coarse that came out of the inner courtyard of the house.

Athanasius: oyeeeee bring the lad that should be the son of Dona Ana, she spoke with me the past week, bring him here.

The first thing he saw the child with his eyes bulging of the print, was a large pool, inside she had a calf, the Father Athanasius was sitting without a shirt, to his side in a rocking chair, with a glass of wine in one hand and in the other a rope that came to the neck of the calf, he also was amazed to see the face of the child, could not but let out a laugh.

Athanasius: hahahaha that passes, it seems that you see a horror, look, the ghosts do not exist, that there is a fish.

Valentin: I don't think so, I see a calf, what I do not understand is because it is tucked away in a pool, there is so much water that almost anything in it.

Athanasius: you see, these days it is sin to eat meat, so we here will eat fish, we are fishing a calf.

With this hosting reaches its first day of an altar boy, the calf took him out of the pool winged by the rope around his neck, then killed him and went to the kitchen, he refused to eat the flesh of the bullock, by more than the priests insisted that it was fish, remembered the words of his mother and more hungry than he was, he preferred to wait to return home or eat fruits. That day was spent sweeping the Church, arranging the altar and eating consecrating bread, did that day and to lack of meat good consecrating bread.

Must be a very large print job to a child of people meet with such a scene, there are many sensations found, the teachings of the home, the dogmatic elements of faith, religion, the images on the figures of authority, in a town and especially in the Spain of the beginning of the 20th century, the church had a very strong influence on society, the society is led by divine mandate of the church and the priests was the image of the institution, every good Spanish family should have among its male members, a priest and a member of the military, with that stigma is raised children and there were the efforts of their parents.

Having a child cure in a way guaranteed to have social influences and even in the government, it would not be rare that Ana will keep their hopes that Valentin, now an altar boy, decided on a future be entrusted to the Lord, which is not imagined, it was the welcome that made him Athanasius.

The child, almost adolescent, was stunned with the scene, the father, always well dressed, well groomed, voice thick and firm, usually emanated a great deal of respect and authority, that day was there, without a shirt, with a glass of wine, and on the other hand, trying to figure out that he was fishing the poor calf. The image that until that moment I had of the father was destroyed, he saw him human, mortal, like any other man of the people, with virtues and defects, mundane, yet could be given the benefit of the doubt and think that he found at the wrong time.

The letters arrive with effort .

The school, the field and the church, Valentin was still growing, what he liked the most was to go to the school, the other children were bored, but he was getting a very special charm, after school he liked to stay with the teacher, talking and listening to stories of how people lived on the other side of the mountains, Isabel did not belong to this world, was born in Oviedo, far from there, his family had a business in that locality, a larger population and developed, funded his studies up to where they were able to return in Madrid and met her husband, who was settled in Belmonte where he had their lands and interests. Not to be left at home and the rest of the women, decided to become a teacher and teach children the first letters, was very strict, keeping a constant in his hand a long rule of wood, to kind of lethal weapon, if any of the young people fell asleep or simply distracted, which was very common, landing on the rule.

With Valentin was different, there was a special relationship, the boy won his appreciation, he was shy, withdrawn, spoke very little, you had to get the words out of his mouth with a spoon, but once you started a conversation, was very pleasant, liked to talk about the birds, their song, of the curiosities that she saw in them and their stories there in the mount.

Valentin: Master, have you ever seen a wolf?, by where I live there are many, especially in the mountain, when I come to the village to attend school i go out very early in the morning, very dark, you're walking along with the light of the moon, sometimes can be heard in the distance howling, say that while you listen to far there is no problem, the danger comes when it is perceived the smell of your urine, wolves mark with its territory, where and if the smell, it indicates that we are in its territory of hunting.

Isabel: Go history, imagine how you must feel that, you have to be careful, they have told me that walk in herds and your only along those paths is difficult you can defend yourself from them, I have not seen close never, you know, my life has been a little different, I was in Madrid, the capital, that is another thing, a lot of people, buildings, is something quite different.

Valentin: and that live there? Are there fields, breeding animals, there are markets?

Isabel: the people in those cities lives of other things, there are those who live off the sweat of his body with his physical work and there are those who live off the sweat of his face, with its mental work and what they produce their knowledge.

Valentin: mental work, what is that, that is done there?

Isabel: it is simple, you must first begin by studying, continuing your studies beyond this village, you will be able to learn something more elaborate within the different areas of knowledge, perhaps electricity, mechanics, construction and with that and a bit of luck you will be living in a big city.

Valentin: Master, could it be that managed to learn so many things?

Isabel: You are smart, you've shown here, then all human beings are born endowed with intelligence, it is up to them to develop, the brain is like a muscle, studying exercise and becomes ever more powerful, it is the case of Eladio, your roommate classes, it is very loose and for that reason it is necessary to stimulate it with the rule, look, "the letters with blood, enter well".

The young rural, these words of his master came to mind which seed into fertile land, your imagination flying like birds that both liked to contemplate, as she spoke, he sounded, he was walking by that great city, dressed in fine clothes that are more other, such as those used by the winemaker mass days, dreamed of raising a family where none of its members return home smelling like cattle, without sweat, that food could be bought and not produced, that the children of the house did not have anything to worry about, but to study and not having to get up in the dark to lower the barn to sort.

Chapter 2

What is the cure, goes to the church.

To fair came with all their energy and joy, Valentin had a week in the village, he remained in the church, in the parish house, since he was a young man, to his eighteen years, he already had the build of a man, had not been able to grow much, its genetics didn't help much in that, their father were of short stature as all there in that village, gave the impression that they were of a different race or came from another civilization that developed in isolation in that enclave between the mountains .

The donuts occupied in the preparation of meals, men working in the armed conflict of the kiosks, the girls preparing the choir religious and groupings of typical music with the boys, there was great activity, the Father Athanasius directed everyone, personally supervised the planning of activities and had a lot of pressure because the bishop sent him a message saying that it was possible to your visit. With so much hope in that everything worked out perfectly, all worked all the time, of the church only went out the echoes of religious chants in voice of the village girls and sometimes they were interrupted by the voice of Athanasius asking for a repetition of the practice, at this point you could doubt if they will have vocal cords on the day of the mass of the fairs.

And the great day arrived, the father spoke with the winemaker to provide clothing to Valentin and have him dressed elegant during the mass, the bishop had arrived, he was in the office of the Father Athanasius, there had served delicious appetizers while waiting for the mass, the desk of the father seemed to the table for a feast in the house of the king, sausages, cheese, cooked, wine, fruit, there was a very representative sample of all that is produced in the area, good opportunity to fall into grace with the bishop and to recommend someone to take their products to Oviedo and access to a larger market.

Everything was going great, but as always seems to happen in these sensitive and important moments, something happened… VALENTIN suddenly began to hear the cries the sobs of a young girl, the sounds came from the central courtyard of the parish house, What would be happening?, with so much pressure by the mass and so many practices, perhaps the poor collapsed and broke out there all your nerves. There was something strange, the Father Athanasius was with her, he had in his arms, telling him not to worry about anything and that he already had the solution to your problem, then went to the office where he was the bishop and closed the door, leaving the three inside in private.

It would be fifteen or twenty minutes, until one of the priests of the parish, one of the youngest, Benito, came to Valentin, was altered, sweating, nervous, with a shaky voice almost told him to go to the office of the Father Athanasius.

Valentin: Father, I said the father Benito you required me.

Athanasius: if a son, passes, you are introduced to the bishop and here is Engracia, you very well know, too.

Valentin: if she know of the choir and be here in the church always helping, is usually very helpful.

Athanasius: Well look who has worked a lot with you also, perhaps more than with the church, she came to me to tell me that it is pregnant, that you have done things without getting married and product that is now pregnant, I wanted to take advantage of the presence of the bishop to resolve this matter once, she is from a good family and deserves the honor getting married.

Valentin: Father, I don't go out of my amazement, I to this girl as close as I see is in the masses, i at the side of the altar in my work and she on the other side singing, we have never had anything, I swear.

Bishop: no blasphemes, don't keep sinning more, you have to be a man and accept your mistakes, do not come to say that the pastor is a liar and you sink more.

Valentin opened the door of the office and started to run, ran and ran everything he could, on the road to the hamlet in Belmonte was releasing parts of clothing provided, it was as if she had seen a fright or the biggest danger was lurking.

When you get to Faidiello, entered in terror at home, his mother was frightened.

Ana: Hey, you were not in the village with the fair, what are you doing here by God, you are all sweaty, where are the shirt? What do you think?

Valentin: mom, do you remember that girl called Engracia? The choir?

Ana: Of course I remember, is the daughter of Dona Josefina, a very religious woman and nothing to do with his father and brothers that are very coarse and gross.

Valentin: As you see, the Father Athanasius sent me to call his office, when i am there also to the bishop and Engracia is no longer so much grace by the way, the girl looks like someone made women and fell into disgrace, nothing more to see me the father told me that she was pregnant and that i had to take responsibility for that creature.

Ana: By God boy, as we do this, take you to the people for you to do only two things, study and serve in the church, I thinking make you a different man and looks with what salts.

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