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This book is dedicated to the people whose burning desire is to become the very best of who God has designed them to be.



Chapter 1 Knowing yourself

Chapter 2 Knowing the factor that could hinder you from becoming your best; you.

Chapter 3 In becoming your Best. *Positive thinking.

* Love knowledge.

* Think more, worry less.

* Self worth and relationships.

Chapter 4 Be able to rise again.


Life is not all about beating people in competitions; in fights, in races, in challenges or whatever we find ourselves doing, it’s rather in the achievements and fulfillment level we attain from these various forms of obstacles we encounter daily on this planet. A lot of people have lived unfulfilled lives on earth all because they have based their ideologies on beating people hands down in their field of life.

Being the best is not the issue of contention in this book; “BECOMING YOUR BEST”is rather the quagmire we shall be dealing with in this book.

This book seeks to open your minds to a broader view devoid of sentiments and ideologies towards becoming a better individual in our immediate environment, surroundings and our world at large.

Becoming your best is a constant process that you must do daily as you breathe, speak, move, relate and even seat. Becoming your best is all encompassing and widely oriented. It involves criticizing and being criticized. It is a life we must live. It’s not a concept reserved for the old neither is it an ideology that must just be learnt by the young it is what every man must do if he or she must be fulfilled on earth. The disheartening news about this issue is that time could walk against you becoming your best so; the earlier you are enlightened the better. That notwithstanding there is a saying that a “halved bugger is a million times better than none” and it happens a times that the halved picked may be the one with the most ingredients so it is never too late even though it could be late.

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