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I Think, Therefore...I am NOT...dead YET!


I kept telling the doctors over and over that I could not breathe. They didn't believe me. I was in labor, about to give birth to a big baby boy whose head was too big to go through my birth canal. His head got stuck and when doing so, it caused his heartbeat as well as mine to stop. All I remember was hearing my room number and the words "Code Blue" over the hospital intercom a few times. Then I seen my body laying there, people rushing in my room, my body floating outside of the hospital as I "heard" a rush of great wind as my "spirit" self left the Earth at great speed. I had no body. I had no physical form whatsoever. I was not breathing at all, yet I could see, hear and feel that it was cold. I could see the sun fade away ever so slowly even though I was traveling away at super great speeds. Then everything started dimming where all the Universe itself became dark. I was in pitch black darkness. The blackest of black you could ever imagine. There was nothing else there. No other beings, no other entities, spirits, no other presence. It was just pure blackness and nothing but my thoughts. I was there in that blackness alone. In that blackness I lost all physical senses, sight, touch, hearing, etc...the only thing that remained were my thoughts. I could think to myself but nothing more. I couldn't communicate with anyone because there was no one there to communicate with. Now if this was "Hell,", then this would be a wicked punishment for all eternity, because I would have definitely have liked to have learn a lot more during life so I wouldn't have been so bored for the rest of eternity. I have a theory about this place, but you won't know until the last chapter of this book. It's something I have only thought of. I cannot find it on the Internet. I have searched for it, but I must be the only one who thinks this way. Ever since the day I died, I have been on a super spiritual journey hoping to find the path that will lead me to a different afterlife than the one I just told you about. For who really wants to go to a place I just described? You may think of me as crazy because after so many years of research trying to find a better path or a path of "light" that others may talk about, I think I want to actually go back and I will explain why also at the last chapter.

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