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Help your Mortgage Pay Itself

Brett Droege

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1 Intro

The best place to start is to tell a little about myself, and why am I am writing this book. My name is Brett Droege, I have lived in a small town in Nebraska called Beatrice for almost all my life. There really isn’t much going on here. I work a regular 40 hour a week job, which I don’t mind. Last year I became a father to a beautiful baby girl, Scarlett, and it really made me start thinking. Growing up, we were by no means rich, but we weren’t dirt poor either. Like all families there were financial hardships at times but it wasn’t so bad. I make decent money for around here, but like everyone else who is probably reading this I want more. Not in a greedy way, but in a self-sustaining way. I want to make sure my family is taken care of and we can live a good life. Even after I am gone.

I have tried my hand at many not so average hobbies. After high school until early 2000’s I was a vocalist in a hard rock/metal band. I had that dream of being rich and famous and living the rock star life. That wasn’t in the cards. I wasn’t cut out for it. Skip ahead to 2012, I wrote a horror book called the Landlord. I wanted to write something that could be believable, and actually freaked me out. Of course living in someone’s property, they have the key, and access to you. Now, not all landlords are like the one in my book. I put a demonic twist on my main bad guy.

Shortly after that, I published my first children’s book. I did an entire series, “The Adventures of Kratos Danger” which I did all the illustrations and storytelling. This later became bigger than just books. I started learning 3D animation and using my characters from the books I brought them to life in what was going to be a DVD release, but later cut up into 14 minute YouTube animated shorts. After that I tried my hand at Android development and using the same characters released an educational letter matching game for kids learning to read.

This all sounds fantastic right? You might be thinking, a guy that’s done all that, why is he writing a book on how to make extra money at home. Well, small towns are very hard to get noticed for all that I have done. I started thinking more rationally about how to make extra income on the side. The biggest step to gaining worth and building your own empire is deciding when it is right to buy a house. In the next chapter I will explain the entire process I went through in order to make this a reality.

2 Get the house

If you are like me, and most everyone in this world for that matter, you don’t have perfect credit. I went through a period in my younger years where I didn’t care. I had 3 or 4 credit cards that I paid on time for a while then when I got behind I just pretty much said screw it and didn’t pay them. I didn’t think credit was important back then since I had a car, and I had a place I was renting. I got the bill collector calls non-stop for years. I too like many other people think if you just ignore then for 7 years your debt magically disappears and you get off Scott free. It doesn’t work like that. They eventually took me to court and garnished me multiple times for all the cards I owed on. At one time, the collection place here knowing I was unemployed at the time garnished my entire bank account down to $0. They took over $1000 that was supposed to get us through until I found work again. To this day I still don’t think it is legal what they did, but they got away with it. It took over five years but it finally caught up.

This destroyed my credit even worse than it was and probably in the long run cost me twice as much as if I would of done the responsible adult thing and paid everything in a timely manner. My credit score was 536 for a very long time. When you let your score get that low it’s almost impossible to rebuild credit. I couldn’t even get loans with my Dodge Charger as collateral. That was when I first tried rebuilding my credit. I tried for a $1000 personal bank loan. Eventually some of the garnishments were paid off, and I had to keep on the court and debt collectors when they were paid to change the status of the accounts to satisfied. I eventually finally got approved for a $300 credit card with Capital One. It took me 33 years to realize credit was actually important.

At this point, it was late 2017 and I decided I was tired of making someone else money. My house I had lived in for over 10 years was only worth $22,000. Time for some math. My rent was $450 a month. Every year I paid rent there was $5400. Take that times ten and I have paid over twice the houses value , $54,000 and had nothing to show for all that money when I left.

I started looking into what it takes to buy a home, and types of loans and pretty much anything under the sun to advise me in the process. At this point I realized that it was a financial reality to be able to own my own home. I called my bank to see if they had any first time home buyer programs. I still fell into the high risk category. At that time I realized in order to get any loan I had to raise my credit score to at least a 640. From end of 2017 to March of 2010 I went from a 536 to a 682. This was the hardest part for me. I paid off everything. Even things I didn’t know were still on my record, like back when cellphones were required to have contracts, I owed like $200 I was unaware of. Everything got taken care of. Every garnishment. Every unpaid bill. After that it still took about 3 months for everything to show up as paid in full on my report.

I used credit karma more than a normal person uses Facebook. Every day, all the time, waiting for updates and checking my score. No, that site does not affect your credit to look. When I first started calling around for pre-approvals my credit was at a 620. There were two banks that actually pre-approved me just by showing that everything negative on my score was taken care of. I encourage you when shopping around for a house to check around. If I would of went with the first bank, I would of missed out on a free $5000 grant and I would have been locked into a higher interest rate for 30 years. Yeah after working that hard to raise a stupid score it’s tempting to go with the first person that approves you but I assure you, if you shop around there could be better deals out there. The bank I went through had a $5000 first time home buyers grant that goes towards the down payment. I went to the closing table and only had to bring 32 cents with me. So, yes, you can buy a house with zero out of pocket money.

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