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Immortality and the Multitude of Lies Behind Her

By Forester de Santos

Copyright 2017 Forester de Santos

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Table of Contents




Chapter One

Real Knowledge

Many Have Accepted Immortality

Life is about Birth and Rebirth

The Road toward Immortality

True Faith and the Encounter with Her

The Spoils that is the Real Faith of God

Chapter Two

Man and Religion

Religion, Philosophy and Science

Man and his Religion

Man and Life

The Will of God

The Man that does for God

Chapter Three

As long as the Mass Endures

The Savior Beloved of God

The Emptiness of God

The Grace and the Glory

I Overcame the World

To See and to Truly Believe

Chapter Four

For Lack of Rebirth

The Lie Discovered

To Not Respond with Own Voice is to Die

The Life Alive which is Real with God

Real Faith

Life without Real Knowledge

Chapter Five

The Real Form of Life Anew

One is Reborn Through the Loving Grace of God

Life Alive without Real Knowledge

Only When One is Renamed from Above

The Plus Zero Negative Factor



Something About Me


Who is not interested in immortality and the possibility of achieving her? The truth is that when one begins to seek immortality or the truth about her, thus one also begins to make the space for her and because of that act of doing for immortality, immortality also begins to manifest in one...


This eBook, Immortality and the multitude of lies behind her, is dedicated to all of those born alive, because through their births alive they truly made the world for much more not only for themselves but also for others that also were born alive...


First of all and foremost, there really is more to life here on earth than one can really see, hear or even feel. For the love of God, do not ever let that very grandiose opportunity of immortality or of life renewed or true or real salvation be taken away by false beliefs that will take one to death herself.

Many have written about immortality or eternal life without really knowing anything about her and because of not knowing anything about her, thus they invented fantasies or even believed that immortality or eternal life came or was achieved with death since they could not achieve immortality or life eternal and even less could see or know her to enter or receive her.

But even so, those that still keep writing about immortality or eternal life are on the same road but this time with more fantasies or with other gods and even mentioning something about the Scriptures of which they were never written for them but for another or older society or culture of which no longer is and of which her language neither is or is no longer used today because of not knowing how to speak or pronounce that language.

But there is a small touch of difference or of lie of what is written or said or spoken today about immortality or eternal life, pay now in cash for her and when you die you will have her no matter what your sins!

But that does not stop there, because once your believe you also have converted as big as the very lie, but you do not believe that it is a lie and neither you know that you carry the lie with you or that you are a liar, that even though you do not kill anyone you have kept them far from the truth as the same as yourself.

But nothing, here in these brief or short essays you will have a brief or rapid idea of what truly is immortality or eternal life and how to achieve her if it is that you are interested in her. She has nothing to do with suffering and neither does she has to do with death because to die or death was because of not entering into immortality or into life eternal as a living immortal or as a living eternal.

Immortality or eternal life has everything to do with life but with life renewed with real gladness and with real joy and also with real abundance, double abundance, all which refresh constantly or eternally for being real.

Immortality or eternal life also has everything to do with the conscious mind and with real knowledge and real acknowledgement, both of which take one to a greater or superior mental consciousness or a greater identity, which many call the kingdom of the heavens.

Chapter One

Real Knowledge

Because of knowledge real one sought in the womb of a woman after exiting the womb of a man and in her one found real knowledge and through the real knowledge that one brought into the womb thus one was able to enter into that new knowledge so that one not only survived or continued on with life but also so that one could take the real form of the real knowledge that one presented in the womb of a woman.

Because of knowledge one broke water and one existed as entered into the world so that once again one could receive knowledge though the very knowledge that one brought into the world and once known in the world, one did, one saw, one heard, one smelled, one tested and even one spoke in the world with that knowledge which one was known or received with. And also, one because of being born alive made a man for more because of making him for father and also one made a woman for more for making her for mother and the world also was for more because of one adding to the world.

Thus, life is about knowledge and life renewed or salvation is about acknowledgement, but just as one presented oneself for knowledge to continue with life and take her form, thus that way also one must do in life to be able to receive life renewed with gladness and with joy and with double abundance, all five potions.

Once one has received acknowledgement or rename, one has entered with gladness and with joy into a greater or superior state of mental consciousness or conscience or of identity, which is the first step toward immortality or eternal life or eternal or real salvation.

Many Have Accepted Immortality

Many have embraced or accepted immortality or eternal life or even salvation without knowing her and they have practically taken something belonging to a higher authority without knowing of Him, because real or true immortality or eternal life or salvation is of God and only God can grand her through the effort of a mortal, the one doing for his immortality or his eternal life or salvation or to be saved as savior beloved of God.

Life is about Birth and Rebirth

Life, which is an empty vase, truly is about knowledge not only for birth and to live but also life is about acknowledgement for rebirth in true gladness and in true joy and in true abundance and to revive with them constantly all of eternity and never knowing death. Thus, life is all about birth alive and rebirth alive and never death, but death is because of the failure of rebirth during life or while still alive.

Life is about being born alive and later being reborn in life while one is still alive. But if one does not achieve rebirth thus one lost the purpose of what was birth and one could no longer do for rebirth and neither could complete the purpose of birth, which is to be reborn in life or while one lives for an opportunity to eternity, because rebirth is the first step or stop or road toward immortality.

Now then, rebirth or salvation in itself is not immortality, because it is required three other steps or states or stages of mental consciousness or awareness or of titles granted by God.

The Road toward Immortality

The real road, real road as in royal road, toward immortality is unbeaten, unmarked and is a road without tread or not trampled and as of yet has not been travelled by anyone, perhaps started but never finished or completed, but transformed into an idea or rumor or a fantasy or a lie for money or a position by those that know something of the road but do not cross it or understand it so that they can become the road.

Now then, the real or royal road toward immortality is one, oneself in different stages of life or states of mental consciousness or awareness or even of superior identities granted by God but by God as much more.

Thus, death has nothing to do with the real or royal road to immortality because to die was because of one not converting into the real or royal road which will take one through conscious mind or awareness to real or royal immortality, which would be on the right side of God as the right side of God and the final stage of the real or royal road or to compete one as much more.

True Faith and the Encounter with Her

True or real faith is one’s when one seeks of God and not when one asks God without one really knowing of God and God will present himself to one with the same knowledge of one or with the knowledge which one presented to God and that presence or grace of God will achieve true or real faith of God in one.

Now, with that faith of God in one, God will present himself to one and one will be filled with real gladness and with real joy and one will also feel abundance or one will be filled with the loving grace of God. One also with time will fear God because of one fearing to offend God by what one may say or by what one may think.

But nothing, God always presents himself with real gladness and with real joy and with the good feeling of abundance or love toward one and he may even make one a grandiose promise without ever asking anything from one...

The Spoils that is the Real Faith of God

A faith not done for her is a false faith or a false belief. In the beginning one does to have faith to have faith, which will be real faith because of the act of one but once one achieves faith, faith will make one as more or one will feel as more because that faith being real.

When God presents Himself to one through one or in one because of one’s search of God, thus that encounter with God has achieved for one the real faith of God or the real faith of one of God, truly the Spoils of the real faith of God.

But one practically goes running filled with gladness and with joy with that grandiose Spoils and one begins sharing it with the rest of the people which one believes that they also have real faith or faith of God or that they even believe in God, but they do not have it because they carry a belief no done for her and they laugh or mark at one’s new reality.

But the truth is that the Spoils that is the real faith of God not only is of God and God only shared it with one so that one only share it with God and with or through her one truly know God more, such as His will toward one.

But not only that, but also so that one rejects the things of the world for the things of God, which are real or from the King and the ones that only He wants to share with one because of one achieving the real faith of one or the real faith of God, which God only wants to share with one or individually.

But God also shares his faith of God with every one that also does as one did to achieve the Spoils that is the real faith of God.

Chapter Two

Man and Religion

Religion survives and strives or prospers through the ignorance of most men and the greater the ignorance of most men, the longer the survival and strive or the prosperity of religion. That is, until the end of most if not all men.

Now, because some men deny religion it does not mean that they also deny God because God has nothing to do with religion. In fact, most religions do not even have a God. And the only way to know God is through one, oneself.

Now then, God can truly be known because God is true knowledge. So, therefore, do the search for yourself and thus see for yourself before it is too late, too late meaning death, death a sleep unknown and a sleep never ever awaken from no matter what religion may say.

And the reward will be grandiose for the searcher because the reward will be with God and never ever with religion…

Religion, Philosophy and Science

Religion, Philosophy and even Science have nothing to do with God or the Truth or even with immortality or eternal life. Religion, philosophy and even Science are premature ideas or even fantasies or good sounding lies, lies to entice the conscious being into accepting death before he lies with her and feels comfortable when she finally calls him to eternal death.

But God or the Truth or even immortality is proven through effort as God through effort became Creator or the Truth as the Truth as one presents oneself as her because she presents herself as the Truth when God calls her.

In other words, God will present himself with real gladness and with real joy as God when one calls him God or even for much more…

Man and his Religion

Religion survives and strives or even prospers through the ignorance of man. And the greater that ignorance thus the longer the survival and strive or even the prosperity of his religion, even though man himself does not prosper through his religion, and what irony there really is!

Ever since the dawn of man, and that dawn was when man entered into consciousness or he was self-aware or he looked up into the heavens and he wondered, religion drove man as sheep to the slaughter but not before his newly conscious mind was poison by his religion or by an accepted belief.

But if ever a man discovers the lie which is his religion or his belief and tries to reveal or unveil the mighty lie to other men, that first man has become a greater lie or a traitor. But if he sought out the truth after discovering the lie thus that man would survive and strive or prosper. But not only that, but also that man would really become the truth herself when the truth herself will make him the very truth...

But what is the truth? What is the truth of the truth? That is to say, what, therefore, makes the truth the truth or truths?

The truth of the truth or truths is the will of God. And the will of God is the truth or truths of God reborn or renamed son beloved of God. Now, no son of God is ever born, but reborn from his servant beloved!

Now then, those who believe the lie they die in the lie and they serve death all of eternity by remaining dead. And those that discover the lie and seek the truth the truth or truths they will find and they will have the grandiose opportunity in life of becoming saviors beloved of God as God also will become their savior beloved.

Once they have become saviors beloved of God thus they will have an expansion of life and with all the power and with all the authority of the heavens and also with all the power of riches or prosperity. They will also have another grandiose opportunity of becoming God's dwelling beloved with another expansion of life. But if ever a savior beloved or a dwelling beloved of God puts God in a trial or in temptation, the savior beloved or the dwelling beloved has lost every other expansion of life and has lost also the very grandiose opportunity of ever becoming immortal at the right side of God as the right arm of God but here on the earth!

And so, therefore, accepting a belief or a doctrine without the search is therefore accepting the lie and therefore embracing death and thus refusing the truth which is with God as God and then as much more than God and more than savior beloved.

When God presented Eve or life to Adam, Adam was now a different man but Adam knew it not. And Adam saw Eve or life as an extension of himself and not coming from God. But if Adam realized that life was about stages or greater identities, then he would have used her as his helper to achieve or receive those stages of life or greater identities as it was the will of God and God also would had achieved greater stages or greater identities because man knowing it or not is helper of God.

When God presented Eve or life to Adam, Adam no longer was an animal but a conscious being. But Adam did not present himself to God as a higher being so that God also would present Himself as a Higher Being, because in truth life is about presentation or about identities or names or knowledge or acknowledgement begotten through effort such as being born and then reborn to continue on with life in abundance as abundance!

Life begins with birth and ends with death, but before death one has the grandiose opportunity of rebirth to thus continue with life until one enters immortality. One is born of life and one is also reborn of life. But birth is of a man and of a woman, but rebirth is of one alive and of God or with God as much more than God and Creator.

When one is born alive, with that birth a man was reborn or refreshed or he became a father or he was renamed father and a woman was reborn or refreshed or she became a mother or she was renamed mother. And others in the family also were reborn or refreshed or renamed such as brothers or uncles and so forth.

But with rebirth things are different because rebirth or life anew or a higher identify or even a higher consciousness is of God and with God. When God presented or God created or named creation as creation, God became a higher being as Creator and the heavens became as if another or second heavens because of the heavens becoming or refreshing more abundant.

Thus, when one presents or humbles oneself to God as one did at birth with one's parents as one's parents or fathers, God will present or allow one to draw near to him and thus one be illuminated or comforted with gladness and with joy or with the loving presence or loving grace of God and also with the good feeling or presence of abundance.

With this drawing near or grandiose encounter with God one has reached or achieved true faith or a higher consciousness even though God never mentions that God is God. But nevertheless one has come to know or to truly believe that there is more here on the earth but with God as much more than God and with one as much more than one.

But this drawing near with God, which repeats often with gladness and with joy or with the loving presence of God, will not last long because God will depart after God promises many times the same grandiose promise or reward even though not a specific promise or reward, but the promise or the reward has a double meaning, such as "You will lack nothing."

But before God departs, God will call one with an outer voice when before God spoke to one with an inner voice. The thing is that this new voice is not recognized and one does not respond even though the voice called one's name by multiples of two, such as one's name one's name, one's name one's name.

One looks around as if expecting someone, but one finds no one. Hopefully, one discovers soon enough that God was calling one with a new voice, perhaps the voice of Savior or the voice of Father or Fathers!

But even so, as God departs one enters into desolation as beloved of God and God also enters into desolation as one's beloved. And the things that one knew before one knew God are now but vanity, are now but nothing or void or even chaos because there no longer is the comfort or the gladness and the joy and the peace and knowledge of God.

Interestingly, that God never ever said that God is God or never ever requested anything from one because one was the one that presented oneself to God and therefore presented God also for more. And if ever one wants to come out from desolation thus one wants God as one's Savior Beloved so that God makes or renames one savior beloved of God!

When God requested from Abraham or fathers his son or smile, it was because Abraham or fathers requested from God the same!

And when God called a man father and then fathers, it was because God wanted to be adopted as son to adopt that man as son, as son beloved of God and God would become greater as Father Beloved of that man now son beloved of God, the second stage to becoming immortal!

But the process of coming out of desolation is now a bit long because God is very generous to His beloved with desolation and with the lack of consul. But one must be very patient and very persistent because here is where one's faith will be tested and refined and here one will really be justified by God Himself as Contender of God who contends for the peace of God and for the knowledge or acknowledgement of the savior beloved of God.

But God will really call with gladness and with joy God's Contender or God's servant beloved from desolation to complete God's promise or reward or purpose!

And with gladness and with joy, with all the power and with all the authority of the heavens and also with all the power of riches or prosperity the servant beloved of God will exit desolation or will go up and he will become savior beloved of God as God also will become savior beloved of the savior beloved!

But the savior beloved of God is not immune from desolation, because after the loving presence of God as Father Beloved, God as Father Beloved will depart and thus leaving His begotten or His adopted son beloved in desolation once again. This desolation is lack of a dwelling beloved and lack of further consul or lack of peace and lack of knowledge or acknowledgement.

But the son beloved and savior beloved of God as long as he does not temp God he has all the power and all the authority of the heavens and he also has all the power of riches or prosperity to become the dwelling beloved of God. And once God grants His son beloved the peace of God and the knowledge of dwelling beloved, the son beloved will become God's dwelling beloved and God also will become the son beloved dwelling beloved and as long as the son beloved as dwelling beloved does not temp God thus they both will be as one!

But God will depart once again and therefore cast His dwelling beloved into the desolation of Plenitude beloved or Adding beloved. Here also one contends or struggles for the peace of God and the knowledge of Plenitude beloved or the knowledge of Adding beloved. Once God grants the peace of God and the knowledge of Plenitude beloved, one has become God's Plenitude beloved and God also will become one's Plenitude beloved.

And then there is one final step, the step into immortality or eternal life at the right side of God as the right arm of God but here on the earth!

Now then, every step or rein or kingdom is about rebirth or refreshing or life anew or a greater identity through knowledge or acknowledgement and nothing to do with death because death is the end of rebirth or the end of life anew or the end of a greater identity or consciousness. And death is not about taking any one anywhere, but death is really about returning one to dust as dust and therefore losing every opportunity to any other opportunities of lives or identities or higher consciousness.

Putting this another way, one must be alive to be able to not only present oneself but also one must be alive or conscious or aware to be able to choose or reject one's call to rebirth or life anew or a higher identity. In other words, to be able to enter into the next conscious mode, one must be conscious because rebirth or life anew has everything to do with rebirth and with God or one's conscious mind and one's brain!

Nevertheless, entering into immortality or eternal life at the right side of God as the right arm of God has nothing to do with one going up into the heavens because when one is able to enter the final step or rein or kingdom, one is offered that position at the left side of God which is the right side of God here on the earth!

In other words, the right side of God is a position offered by God Himself and if one accepts one becomes immortal and the earth will become as the very heavens. But if one refuses or rejects that very grandiose position, that very grandiose position will not be offered again and one will die thus losing every position or identity or conscious mode gained or granted thus far.

To sum up, religion began as an idea or a search or explanation or even as a genuine encounter with God. But since the will of God was not understood or not completed with the seeker, the seeker tries to explain the will of God without the seeker, or he that drew near to God, but not knowing the will of God toward the seeker or he that drew near to God. But the will of God is one as God is one. And one is to God as God is to one.

In other words, God presents Himself according to how one presents God or according to how one presents oneself to God. And so the will of God may be different from one individual to another, but eventually God's will thus will be the same to every individual when the individual becomes God's servant beloved and then soon after becomes savior beloved or is reborn of God or is renamed by God Himself as savior beloved just as before he was justified or was renamed by God Contender o Warrior or servant beloved of God, which really is a rebirth from servant beloved of God to son beloved of God and God also is reborn from Master Beloved to Father Beloved.

But God never ever requests or imposes or enforces His will on any one, but He promises a grandiose reward, mainly concerning riches or prosperity which will lead to a greater life. But God will go as high as one wants to go without one testing or tempting God. And if ever one tries or tempts God, one therefore is the loser because of one losing every other opportunity with God as much than God.

Interestingly, however, a great multitude of men throughout history have studied something of the Holy Scriptures and not one of them has ever known the will of God. However, they were somehow inspired or illuminated but they instead created a religion or a multitude of through their own interpretation or understanding of the Holy Scriptures.

But, however, a greater number of religions have nothing to do at all with God or His will, which is one as royal.

Man and Life

Man sins or deviates from the road to rebirth or real salvation, which really is the first step to immortality, because man lets himself be carried or deceived by life. Life is a road or a guide to truly help man to add to the creation of God his rebirth or real salvation in life for life, but only and when man says and not when life says or not when someone else says for that man, such as that it was already done for that man so that he no longer has to do.

To sin simply was because of lack of real knowledge or for not understanding the real knowledge given to one and because of one not understanding that knowledge thus that knowledge is not transformed in the grand or real form of life which truly belonged to one and because of one not transforming thus one dies because everyone that sins to die is what he gets or what is left. That is, to die was the cause of not transforming into a new or real form by the real knowledge given or granted to one because of the act of one.

When one comes to have true faith, one now has one of two possibilities when before without true faith there was only one possibility and that only possibility was to simply die and because of dying thus truly lose every possibility to any other possibility.

But he that comes to have true faith still has the possibility of dying and of losing life, but also he has the very grandiose possibility or opportunity of remaining with life and to continue with life without having to die because he that came to have true faith, thus he truly has it because of an encounter with God and God promised him a grandiose promise, that if through her he does as once he also did for true faith, for the labor of her for her will he be rewarded and will truly be rewarded as savior beloved of God!

Now then, God was not very specific with his grandiose promise but the grandiose promise has to do everything with God and with real knowledge of God and also with the peace of God or with the rest of God.

Now, just as the real knowledge of God made God or transformed God or revived God to Creator and later God rested as Creator and truly becoming as a new God for God becoming for Creator and taking the grandiose form of Creator, thus through the knowledge or through the promise one also has to do to receive new knowledge to be able to be transformed or be formed into the form that can truly receive or accept the grandiose promise, which truly is God Himself as much more than Creator!

And that real form or reform which one will truly have is the grandiose real form of savior beloved of God as God also will be Savior beloved of one. With that real knowledge of one as savior beloved of God and God as Savior beloved of one, will come peace or rest so that both can take the very form of the grandiose promise of God.

Thus, life is more than just be born and then to only die! Life is to be born and in her do to not die but to revive or to be reborn, but to revive or to be reborn has everything to do with life and with life alive and with God as much more then God and one as much more than one because one will be real or royal as God is real or royal.

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