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Success is such a powerful word thrown around by people of all ages and races. Some people throw this word around without even knowing what it means, some like to give advice about success to their children or just people in general yet they themselves aren’t successful. Success is a really powerful word that has been used so much that it’s become an everyday common word. People speak about success as they would any word such ‘the’ or ‘I’. Many people claim they want success and some get it while the majority of people never even taste it. Children get taught about success from their parents, teachers and strangers and 95% of what they are taught about success is rubbish, nonsense and absolutely ridiculous. I have only been alive for sixteen years on this earth in which the first two or three I could barely even speak or even understand the things around me so let’s make that thirteen years. During my life on this earth I have seen smart young individuals kindly rebuke the old and I have seen old foolish people teach about success confusing the innocent young people. Have you ever heard the saying that goes something like this: wisdom comes with grey hair or something similar to that, which has something to do with grey hair and wisdom. They say wisdom comes with age but I seriously doubt that sometimes some old folks out there are just, well they have limited intelligence. I have had family members, strangers, friends and even teachers teach me about success and out of all the people my friends not all of them but some few friends of mine where correct in their teachings of success. I am a person who likes to read and I am always willing to learn but I am a person who chooses with caution what he learns. Sometimes we just have to take some advice or knowledge with a grain of salt regardless of where it comes from. Now I have heard people tell me things about success that to my ears and soul didn’t sink in gently or never sank in at all in fact they were puked out by my mind which doesn’t tolerate being feed junk knowledge. I have heard a person or actually people tell me that to be successful I had to study really hard and I had to get good grades at school so that I could go to a good university. They told me that success doesn’t end there and that once I got into university I had to get a degree and if I really wanted to be successful aim for a master’s degree or go higher. They kept on going and said that getting a master’s degree isn’t at all being successful it’s just the beginning they said that the real success IS GETTING A JOB AT A HIGH PAYING COMPANY WITH A MASTER’S DEGREE AND GETTING PAID ALL THAT MONEY PER MONTH. They got really excited when it got to the money part as if Christ has come back to take them to Heaven that’s how excited they were. Excited as though they were invited to party with God in Heaven. That is what they defined as success GETTING A JOB! Getting a JOB that’s what made them jump up and down as though they were little children playing on a trampoline. All my life on this earth I have been told that working hard at school and getting a JOB is success. I wonder what your reaction would be if I told you this book is a guide to helping you get a JOB because after all that is what success is isn’t it, getting a JOB. Look at this awesome math equation only a genius could solve even Einstein couldn’t solve this. This equation had many mathematicians, scientists and philosophers debating. Their debate was about whether this equation is correct or not it was such a hard choice to make that they let an old man decide since they claimed he had wisdom because of his grey hair and grey beard and the old man said that the equation was 100% correct. He also added that anyone who taught different was an idiot and considered to be a social outcast. Here is the formula of all time which only was discovered in the 20th century. The formula:



This right here is the formula for success, the only formula and once you know this formula you will be successful. Ask many people how to become successful and about 80 percent of them will give you this magic formula. What concerns me about this formula is that if getting a job is a success than why are most people (80%) not satisfied with their jobs. Why do most people complain about their boss or about someone who is in charge at work and most importantly why do these majority of people hate Mondays as if they were slaves going to work for no payment and getting whipped. They get paid they finally got that paycheck they studied sixteen years at school for but they aren’t joyful. If success was getting a job shouldn’t then the majority of people be singing joyful songs on the way to work on Mondays? Shouldn’t they be the happiest people on the earth and shouldn’t they be having the time of their life at work. Instead these people sigh when Monday comes and dance when Friday arrives then the process continues again on Monday. So clearly we have proven that this formula isn’t at all correct because if 80% of people with jobs aren’t happy then a JOB isn’t at all success now is it? If getting a job isn’t the solution then why do parents encourage their children to work hard in school so that they could land a job. Some of these parents complain to their children about their very jobs, their boss and their work environment but still they encourage their children to get a job. Some hate their job more than they hate death because they would prefer to get sick in order to take a day or two off. Who the hell would prefer to be sick in order not to go to work if they loved their job? Some even get creative and go get a doctor’s letter just to take a day off. Getting a job isn’t success at least for some of us but if getting a job is a success to you then at least you are on the right track and hopefully you will be part of the 20% who are actually happy with their jobs. Remember when I said people can give idiotic advice about success, well this is one of the advice they give especially to children. going to school and getting a job may work for the majority of children but not for those who have dreams and goals to pursue like acting, being a sports person an entrepreneur and many more. School is not a one size fits all thing nor is a job. Again like I said if getting a job is success to you then awesome you’re on the right path but don’t expect it to be success for everybody else.

People have many silly teachings about success so much that I could write a book just on them but who would have the time to read through that junk. There is but one last rubbish advice I wanted to throw out there and like many rubbish advices it also has its own equation.



This formula is also ridiculous but doesn’t infuriate me like the first one because it isn’t always preached since it involves money something that people without it rarely talk about. This formula is like an Easter and Christmas sermon preached only on two days of the year while the first formula regarding a JOB is more of a weekly sermon preached on every seventh day. To me that first formula disgusts me because the majority of those who worship the concept of a job try with all their best to pressure the rest who think differently to worship in their concept of success. They don’t give you a choice and when you choose not to worship they sacrifice you by stoning you to death. So many people had dreams to become actors, musicians, football players, entrepreneurs and many other careers but were stopped by their family, friends or people close to them who pressured them to getting a job because to them that was what it meant to be successful. These people who worship the concept of a job hate it when somebody else worships something different from their god and so killing them is a result. That’s how dreams die before they are even born they get aborted. These terrorist who worship the whole ‘get a job’ concept have killed so many dreams of their friends, children or even parents who didn’t believe in the concept of getting a job. That’s why these people who worship the illusion of job security irritate me. If success to you is getting a job then fine go get a job but don’t run around discouraging someone you know who doesn’t have your vision and wants to follow his or her own success, mind your own business and let them mind theirs. The second formula for me doesn’t anger me because as an entrepreneur I measure success first with my happiness then my money not the other way around only idiotic entrepreneurs measure success beginning with money. I accept that even though to me acquiring money is success to other people it may not be the case. I don’t run around people who work jobs and tell them how unsuccessful they are because they aren’t making as much money as I am making. The second idiotic advice some people give is that money equals success. Most family members look down on others family member because of the little amount of money they make. Just because somebody isn’t making a lot of money doesn’t mean they are unsuccessful. Money isn’t the measure for success for everybody and the one mistake I see parents do is teach their children that if they get more money they are successful. This teaching is so wrong that it makes me want to shoot my head off but not as much as the first one though man I HATE THE FIRST ONE, THAT ONE MAKES ME WANT TO WHIP THE PEOPLE WHO TEACH THAT FOOLISHNESS. These two ways of measuring success are completely wrong and ridiculous and these are just a few.

Now since getting a JOB isn’t success for some people and having MONEY isn’t success for some then what is success? It’s time for me to teach on the topic of success so get out a piece of pen and paper and get ready to learn. Now I have realized that success differs from person to person, what may be success for you may not be for another person and vice versa. For some people success is going to school and studying to become a doctor, engineer, teacher or whatever the case and once these individuals work in their occupation they are fulfilled because they have achieved their success. These are the 20% of people who are happy working a job regardless of how much they are paid just working is what makes them happy and they get joy from getting up on Monday mornings to go and work. Some of these people who have become the doctor they always wished to be use their talent to volunteer and dedicate their great lives to go to rural countries or areas and help people who are in need of medical services and can’t really afford. They help people who are afraid to go to the hospitals given to them by their government because they know people die there because lets face it the government doesn’t really care about the poor unless it’s election time. These man and women who has studied all those years did it just so they could help people in need even if it meant starting a small practice in a rural area and charging little to nothing for their services. Even with their qualification had the chance to work at the most luxurious hospital where they would get paid a great amount of money, they chose to go and get a crappy salary in some rural deserted area because to them becoming a doctor was never about the money. It was never about working at a luxurious hospital it was about saving lives about helping people and to them that is success and they get pleasure from doing that. While most doctors with the same qualifications would rather die than work in such conditions because that wouldn’t be success to them instead to them success would be going to work at that luxurious hospital and getting flooded with a huge salary. To the volunteering or less paid doctor working in that five star hospital wouldn’t make him/her happy while knowing that there are people in rural areas dying like flies when he could have been there to make a difference. Success to others is to become a teacher working at a pre-school with little children while to another it’s to become a lecture and having nothing to do with noisy little children. To others it’s becoming a tennis player, netball player, an artist, an actor or actress, a singer, piano player and instructor or just owning a billion dollar company. This book is about helping you achieve your success on your own terms whether it’s being happy, improving your relationship, being more productive or just reaching a certain goal. The book isn’t a guide on how to make more money than you are making nor is it about money at all. This book is mostly a guide to helping you realize what success means for you and just setting goals to acquire it. Unfortunately it’s not about making you a millionaire overnight as some may have assumed because of the title. Now in order to achieve your success you must first know what success is to you not what success is to the world, not what it is to your family or friends but what it is to you.


The definition for success is this: THE ACHIEVEMENT OF ONE’S AIM OR GOAL. That is what success is and if many people knew this definition they wouldn’t run around telling people that success is getting a job or making money. There are people who make little money but are the most grateful and happiest people out there and even help charities through volunteering because to them success is making a difference in somebodies life and they are doing just that. They don’t care about wearing designer clothes or driving sport cars and luxurious SUV’s. Not having a job is alright only if you have something else your trying to pursue other than a job not just sitting at home or in your mother’s basement or house even though your over twenty five and doing nothing. That’s not at all what I’m promoting that’s just ridiculous in that case if you are not planning on doing anything with your life then you should defiantly get a job. Some children know what they want out of life but are held back by their parents who have some expectations that they want them to achieve. I personally don’t believe wisdom comes with age I believe wisdom comes to those who are willing to educate themselves continuously. Wisdom may also come through experience, but only if the one who went through the experience learnt something or else there experience is of no good. Not to be rude but how can we call an elder person wise when they don’t even know the denotation of success. I have come to realization that success isn’t the only word that most elders don’t know the definition of another word that kills them is the word ‘education’. When most people think of education they automatically think of school and would tell you that if you need education you had to learn and not just learn but become an A student at school then you would be educated, then you would be known as a genius. I know some ‘A’ students who are so academically smart but are ridiculously retarded when it comes to the real world. I believe school doesn’t really prepare children for the real world but rather lets them live in a fairy tale world only to realize how hard life is once they have left school. It teaches so many useless things that aren’t even beneficial when it comes to life. We have many students studying chemistry at school and getting awesome grades only to be an accountant. Now what was the point of wasting so many hours of your youth studying chemistry and since they were getting good grades they obviously may not have had a huge circle of friends because most of their focus was on their school books. I know this because I used to be one of these students getting good grades at school. Now what was the point of studying so hard only to become an accountant? It would have been best to buy yourself books about the field you were going into and reading them instead other than waste so much time on a subject you’re going to drop once you get to university. The whole point of telling a person that educating yourself means going to school is the same as telling a person that they can only breathe with their nose. It isn’t the only option because it’s the most popular one.” It makes no sense.

Definition for education:”1 THE PROCESS OR ART OF IMPARTING KNOWELEDGE, SKILL AND JUDGEMENT.2 FACTS, SKILLS AND IDEAS THAT HAVE BEEN LEARNED EITHER FORMALLY OR INFORMALLY.” When you look at the definition of education was school involved in it? In fact it specifically says formally and informally and there are many formal ways to get educated school isn’t the only option there. Did the definition say that education is the ability to go to school and learn? My favorite definition of education is the first one where it calls education a process or art. To me education is a process it doesn’t stop after getting a degree. Most people after they graduate never read a book ever again in their entire lives and these silly individuals are usually the ones who think education is going to school and keep preaching that garbage to everyone around them. They hang their diploma’s on the wall of a house they can barely afford to live in and claim that they are educated! When I say these people never read a book ever again in their lives this also includes the dictionary because if they did read the dictionary every now and then they would know the real definition of education and success. These people are like hypocrite preachers who never even read the bible which contains the correct message they are falsely preaching about. These people just pass on what they learnt from their parents who obviously also never touched the dictionary themselves or just any book in general other than the fat text books of school. If you are one of these individuals please start educating yourself, become involved in the PROCESS of acquiring skills and knowledge. Start reading books or listen to audio books, start watching educational documentaries or educational TV shows instead of all these reality TV shows of all these women with fake boobs and asses, start learning new skills because education doesn’t just come from reading books. Most importantly stop running around preaching what you don’t fully understand a lie doesn’t become truth just because it has been repeated over and over again. If you have children ask them what their success in life is not the selfish expectations you have of them. I say the expectations are selfish because you never involved your children when developing these expectations. Start educating your children about what true success and education really mean and support your children. Some fathers would hate their children forever because they wanted to become a ballet dancer don’t be that kind of parent. Just because your daughter wants to be a soccer player doesn’t make her less of a woman. You forcing her to get a job they hate is the same as throwing them into the 80% of people who hate their jobs people who would prefer to be sick than go to work. Let your child choose their destiny and don’t choose for them you are their parents and not their god after all and if you want to control someone’s destiny it is best for you to buy yourself a slave to own than to make your child a slave of your SELFIDSH expectations even if you think it’s for the best. Then again some parents won’t listen to this massage and will selfishly continue to be masters over their children or should I rather say their slaves.

Now back to defining success, since you know what success really means (the achievement of one’s aims or goals)what then is your success, what goals in life do you want to accomplish whether it’s in your relationships, finances or in your mental, spiritual or physical wellbeing. What is your goal in life what do you want out of life. I want to encourage you to achieve what success is for you not what society tells you. Now assuming you have a piece of paper and pen like I told you to bring, I want you to write down what you want to achieve in all the categories mentioned below.


Most people in life have goals about where they want to be, what they would like to do some even have goals about the clothes or style they wear. All that is ok it’s good to have goals even with your dress code I guess but those goals aren’t as important as the goals you should have regarding your relationships. We spend most of our time with people we are in a relationship with whether it’s your friends, family or your working team. The problem is that most people go into a relationship without a goal for the relationship. Some people date just for dating or for having sex and then that’s it. They don’t have goals for their love relationship. If you had a goal or goals about the kind of man you want to marry not date marry then you wouldn’t be falling for every guy who compliments you even in the most unique of ways saying things like you have beautiful toes, I don’t know if that’s a compliment or what, but the bottom line is you won’t fall for the wrong guy. The same with guys if you had goals about the kind of woman you would like to marry then you wouldn’t fall for every ‘hot’ woman you see on the streets or wherever. I don’t date anybody now not because am sixteen but because I don’t want to marry yet but when it’s time to get married probably nineteen years from now I will go out and hunt for my lucky wife knowing what I am expecting from her. I will also go into a relationship knowing that I have to change some things that my lovely wife could do without because in order for her to respect my wishes for the relationship I must respect her wishes too. I can’t tell her to stop wearing clothes that make her look like a ***** while I run around dressed like a ‘pimp’ or a playboy myself. Get in a relationship with goals and it shouldn’t be idiotic goals like I want to sleep with her in less than a month. If you’re that kind of a person then you seriously have to change yourself first before getting in a relationship with anybody. I see girls fight(figuratively speaking) for a guy just because he’s handsome not because of a more meaningful reason. I wonder if they would still fight for him if he caught some sort of skin disease and gets a face swelled with blisters that are ready to pop at any moment. Don’t get into a relationship just for dating or just because they look good because it’s most likely that it won’t last that long even if you get married it doesn’t mean it’ll last if you have no goals for the relationship. This is the love pattern for nearly half of the relationships in the 21st century( fall in love, get married, have children and divorce). Divorce has become such a trend that even the so called Christians have joined the party and find no fault with divorce even when their God despises it. People become friends with other people without expectations for the relationship. Even with friends you got to have goals in fact it’s important to have goals for this type of relationship. You’ve heard the saying you are the average of five friends or people you hang around. This is very true because I have experienced it myself. I had friends that I was hanging out with for a long time and when these friends of mine started experimenting with smoking guess who was there experimenting with them, that’s right me. We fell deeply in love with that marijuana that it became a weekly tradition to smoke on Saturdays and I was about fourteen at that point. We smoked nearly every Saturday and the Saturdays we didn’t smoke was mainly because we didn’t have money to buy the marijuana. I also made friends with people who smoke at school and spend over eighty percent of my daily lunch money on cigarettes and weed and the rest on snacks because that stuff really makes you hungry. Whenever money was around the weekly habit would become a daily habit. I also got hooked on cigarettes which I smoked about two or more a day. After going through a mini depression and started reading the Bible and some books on self-development I began to convince myself that I was going to change my life and start focusing on my studies because back then I believed success was been good at school. I told my friends I wanted to stop smoking and they were fine with it but just sitting with them while they smoked was a huge temptation which I mostly fell for. I would go three days not smoking and when I was with my friends the temptation would just get too massive to resist and I would have to start back from scratch. Eventually I did end up defeating the temptation and was able sit with my friends while they smoked without me being tempted. I couldn’t connect with them anymore because the things that once strengthened our bond were the same things that kept pulling us apart. They spoke about parties and girls while I was obsessed with the Bible. Whenever I could I spoke about God and this really irritated them and they even started calling me a pastor because I was always preaching to them trying to convince them to stop smoking. They would tell me to just relax and smoke with them and that we’ll worry about getting to Heaven once we have children and have gotten over the foolishness of youth. I believe some of them will still be addicted to those cigarettes by the time they have kids. I thought in my mind that these guys are just foolish so I began to change my friends. I spent many weekends on my own and also changed my school friends and spent many lunch breaks on my own but after like a month or something like that I befriended what people know as nerds. It was a totally different world for me because everything was different when I was with these guys including the topics. With my old friends the topics were all about girls, parties, weed, alcohol, drugs that we wished to try out and other unimportant nonsense. With these new guys it was about school, rich people, business, the Bible, God, science, other religions, career paths, our successful future lives with our wives and kids, movies ,soccer, money, actors, singers and sometimes girls and it always got sexual when speaking about girls. Even when we spoke about girls, all of us were actually virgins unlike my previous friends who were very sexually active. These new guys got me to focus more on school and success in life. We would talk about owning our own individual businesses imaging and speaking as if we were ‘bosses’ but now that I look back I think only a small percent of my friends from the group are actually going to own their own business in the future. Most of the guys are smart but I think they don’t have it takes to survive as entrepreneurs but who knows I might be wrong. We would always compete with each other to see who would score the highest at a test and since we liked to compare marks this pushed me to study hard and I actually got to be the second best in the group only when it came to academic intelligence. Even though some of these guys were A and B students they still limited their education to only reading school books and never actually read any novels written by an actual entrepreneur to learn more about the reality of business from an actual entrepreneur’s perspective. They relied more on their ‘business study’ text book and unfortunately still think it has all the answers. This is why I doubt that they will ever succeed as entrepreneurs and if they do they would own small businesses instead of huge corporations they wish to own someday. After I saw where I wanted to be in life school wasn’t really involved in the process of chasing my dreams, seriously who ever said a person needed a diploma in business management in order to know how to run a business there are many ways to learn how to run a business from head to toe and school is only one of them and a not so accurate one to learn from. Whenever I spoke with my friends about business or success I realized how most of them we giving up on their dreams of owning businesses because they were being thought in a class room that 90% of businesses failed within the first three years. Out of the ten percent that succeeded 90 percent failed within the first 10 years and these statistics made them doubt themselves and started having plan B’s for incase their plan A’s don’t work as they expected. Since I liked educating myself beyond school I also knew that 80% of statistics are not always true. I started questioning the value of the things we were learning and saw that for me they had no significance. So I chose to be brave and got out of the system and am now currently creating my own path to my own success. People especially family members think I’m an idiot for leaving school at sixteen to chase a dream but that’s because what success is for them and for 80% of the world really isn’t success for me. Getting a job isn’t my way of defining success and having a plan B is a sign of doubting your main plan and doubt will then be your downfall. I personally see plan B as a preparation for failure and a huge distraction for plan A. It’s like having a wife while also having a girlfriend. It already shows your disloyalty and unworthiness to your wife (plan A), for me having a plan B is like committing adultery. I found what success is for me and I am going after it regardless of what anyone says. The point I was trying to make was that I have seen how friends could make or break you. I had my first friends with no goals for the relationship and began doing what they did smoking and chasing girls. I honestly believe that if I never went through that mini depression I would have not desired to changed and would still be trapped in that low lifestyle. I still sometimes meet with those friends I used to smoke with but not like before probably once every two months even though we live on the same street. We are spending less and less time together than before which is good for me anyway because these guys haven’t changed the only difference is that they are beginning to grow more facial hair. With these guys I had no goals for our relationship other than ‘just have fun today’ which is a nice goal but not nice when fun means smoking and running after panties and I really hated the part about running after panties because at that time I was terrified of speaking to the opposite sex. With my nerd friends I had a goal and it was to challenge myself and chill with people who are more smarter than me and maybe then I could become academically smart. At that point being smart meant getting good grades and I actually achieved that goal while having a great time with these guys. Coming to a friendship with a goal like I want to have fun with these guys is good but having boundaries is also good. Just imagine how awkward it would have been for the nerd friends if I pulled out a cigarette and told them to smoke, they wouldn’t because they had their boundaries. You also should have boundaries when getting into a friendship or if you are already in a friendship. Some people might not have goals regarding their friends which is okay if your friends don’t smoke or aren’t jerks but what is not okay is not having boundaries. Have boundaries if for example say your friends start going out every Friday night and you really don’t want to instead of going just tell them you aren’t up for the Friday thing and they’ll understand. If they don’t clearly they don’t respect you as a person and are the type of friends who would throw you under the bus if life was to get hard for you. You spend a lot of time with your friends and if they aren’t where you want to be or aren’t planning on going where you want to go it’s going to hinder you from getting there yourself. You can’t want to be an entrepreneur or a soccer player and hang with friends who have no interest in business or that particular sport you’re into. You can’t be a father or mother and hang around friends who aren’t parents. Have goals or at least boundaries and your friendships and love life will be more fun and meaningful. Choose the right lover and friend/s who meet your requirements and you’ll be fine, sadly you can’t choose to have a family that meets your requirements though since you work with what you were given. I want you to write down what kind of relationship you want to have with your friends, lover and family and this is your goal for each of the group. It is really important that you stop as you read and write the goals down because if you don’t do that now you won’t do it ever. Write down the kind of relationship you want with your friends, family and lover and for every category what you have written down will be your goal. Don’t have stupid expectations when it comes to your children, expectations like I want my son to be a doctor or somewhere in the medical field. Don’t have expectations regarding their careers but regarding them. You can say I want them to be happy, I expect them not to smoke or do any drugs and tell them about these expectations but don’t expect them to choose a career path that you like. Remember what success is to you may not be for them. What happens when you have such stupid expectations is that you will be disappointed when your child chooses a different career field one you weren’t expecting like become an engineer even though she’s a female instead of what you had in mind. Don’t base your expectations on the career of people but their characteristics. If you place the expectations on people’s characteristics like meeting a kind and loving man then you achieving that goal will be you achieving your success in your relationships but if you say I want a lawyer then you might find a lawyer but also find out that they spend too much time with their friends instead of you and they may not even be kind or loving. So focus your expectations on the characteristics of the person not what they do. If you are a Christian then writing down the kind of relationship you want to have with God and Jesus is a must as well. When you know the kind of relationship you want to have with your God and Jesus you are more likely to feel more in love and connected with the heavenly Father and his son Christ Jesus than just going to church not even knowing what you want or why your even worshipping God and his son. Most Christian aren’t truly worshipping Jesus with their hearts they are just religious zombies you hop around in a church like Easter bunnies but when they get home they forget all about the Messiah. These Christians don’t have goals for the relationship and therefore have no relationship with Christ and God. These Christians who scream and shout in church claiming they are saints are the same people who will quickly pass a homeless person begging for money without even feeling any sympathy, no wonder why the rest of the world thinks Christians are hypocrites and some actually are hypocrites because they don’t know Jesus nor do they know God. They have no goals for the relationship that’s why. Set goals for your spiritual relationships, how many times are you doing to pray in a day how many hours daily do you dedicate to Jesus not just going to church only on Sunday. Having goals for all your relationships will help you find more meaning out from them.


Being happy can become a goal and a goal everyone should seriously have on their list. Not everyone is happy, they are not happy either about their lives, country or government or many other things and all this can be changed. The government part or the country part can’t be changed but the happiness of your life can. You can’t really escape corruption because it’s everywhere in every country too so trying to changed that is like trying to change water into wine and unless your God that’s not going to happen. Even God doesn’t try to change the governments because it’s a waste of time so why should you. Unless you’re studying to become a politician then the country’s political wellbeing isn’t for you to try and change. Even a hand full of good politicians can’t change the whole corrupted system. Many people complain about almost anything, they complain about their children or about their boss at work or what somebody is wearing. So many people love to complain and they do this because they are not happy. Complaint is a sign of not being grateful or of being unhappy about your situation. Many people aren’t grateful for many things and sometimes even with their children. My one friend back when I was still in school told me that he once got really good grades on his report which he was proud of and when he went to show his parents they told him that’s nice but he could’ve done better. What the hell is that all about, that was nice but you could do better! He was pissed telling me of how hard he worked only for his parents to tell him he could do better. They said it as if they knew how hard it was to get a good grade at school in this time and age with distractions all around us. With teachers who have gotten so sick of the 21st century students and their stinky attitude that they end up not teaching and causing the minority who actually want to learn to suffer. Many people aren’t grateful and without being grateful you can’t be happy and without being happy you can’t succeed in anything you do and even if you do succeed you won’t enjoy it. Stop complaining about the bad things that happen in your life instead come with solutions to these problems. Now being happy is a goal you should defiantly write down and being happy comes from being grateful. In order to be truly happy you must learn to be grateful for the success you have achieved so far. To do this all you need is a piece of clean paper, a pen and a brain. Now what I want you to do is write down a category named job or business( for entrepreneurs) and right down at least ten things that make you happy about your business or your Job and take the time to carefully think don’t rush the process. If you can’t write at least ten you have a serious problem and might consider changing to a different company or just changing your career if it’s the problem. Seriously if you can’t write simple ten reasons your probably unhappy and to find out how unhappy you are I dare you to right down ten things you hate about your job or business and if you could come up with ten negative reasons instead of positive reasons you have a problem. If you can’t find ten of each but have more positive than negative then you’re still doing fine but if you still have more negative reasons than the positive ones then you aren’t happy with your job or business. Now for many who are happy with their careers after writing the ten positive things I want you to kiss that paper and put it down then take a new piece of paper. On that piece of paper write down all the closest people you know from friend to family including your working partner, school teachers or boss. After that write down at least five things about every one of those individuals that makes you happy or makes you like them and if you wish you can write more. After that give the paper or papers the seals of approval by kissing it and putting it aside. Do this with your house, car, country, neighborhood or even school if you’re a student.( I truly hope you are stopping and taking the time write these things down because if you don’t now trust me you never will, don’t try to finish the book first then come back do these tasks). Basically what this does is highlight the positive things about your life and help you focus more on them than you would on the negative, it makes you focus on the good so that you could be grateful for them. What you have to also do with all the things you have written down is to read them every day and night. Set a time where you will get to read these things after waking up in the morning and before you sleep in the night. Many people write these things down but don’t move on to the second step which is reading them every day. Say you have written down that your husband or friend or whoever has a lovely sense of humor which you love about them then reading that every day makes you actually think about that person. It makes you remember all the good moments you enjoyed together and makes you love them even more. It also trains your mind to focus more on you having a good time with the person and when you actually meet the person you are going to enjoy more of their sense of humor than ever before and enjoy the time you spend with the person. Even if they were to upset you in some way it would be easier for you to forgive them and move on. Doing this with your job or business or school will make you enjoy the environment more because you will be focusing more of the good things happening around you. The bad things or the things that upset you will still be there but because you have trained you brain to ignore the bad it’s either you won’t notice the bad anymore or if you do it won’t really matter because of your appreciation for the good. It will also make you very happy but don’t take my word for it all I dare you to do is try it out for yourself, give yourself a week. Have the papers near your bed so that when you wake up you can read through them and before you sleep you can read through them. Being grateful gives you two things, Peace and happiness and if you want to take things to the next level try meditating alongside this reading of your goals habit. When I say meditating I don’t mean sitting in that awkward uncomfortable possession where you cross your legs and close your eyes while saying ‘uuuuummm’. I mean just normally sitting in a quiet environment or lying down on your bed when it’s quiet and just relax and think about the things you wrote down. Think about you talking to that husband/wife/child or whoever and just focus on their positive qualities. If it’s sense of humor focus on that as you imagine talking with the person, laughing together having a good time even playing like little children. Do this with everything you wrote down imagine yourself being at your job or business and actually having a good time, everything going right for you and people being kind toward you and vice versa. Do it every day and see how you enjoy life I double dare you to try it. You achieving happiness is you achieving your success and happiness is the greatest success you could ever achieve. You can be broke and still happy and that will be a success. Also stop feeding your mind with negative information, stop watching the news where they always come up with bad stories. People dying doing this doing that it’s always negative I don’t even know why people watch the news. If you really want to find out about the weather go to the internet and look at the weather forecast for the whole week instead of watching the news and going through that poisoning negativity. You don’t even need to watch the news anyway because there really isn’t anything meaningful to get from it other than hearing about people dying in huge accidents or natural disasters or whatever. These kinds of information are depressing stop watching the news with all the negative useless feedback they proudly display before you.


Physical health is so important and yet many people don’t really care about their physical wellbeing. People don’t eat healthy, they don’t gym or exercise. People want to live longer but are so lazy to do these things that could help them live longer on this earth. So many people are afraid of death and want to live a little bit longer but instead of trying to achieve that goal they don’t even try. Some try to eat health and exercise but after a few weeks of doing so they give up. It could be because they are exercising without a specific goal to acquire or they do have a goal but are just too lazy to exercise or even to eat healthy which doesn’t require that much energy at all. I see many old people who to me aren’t really that old get so out of shape that even exercise for a minute would take them to an early grave. While there are some old people who still jog because they got used to the habit from a young age. There are many old folks out there who can still do push-ups or play sport because they took great care of their bodies from a young age. When you get to the age of 65 do you want your body to be so fragile you won’t be able to even do one simple push-up or do you want to still be able to do at least twenty push-ups. Physical health is so important that many rich people spend so much money just on it. A lot of the rich worked their butts of in their youths trying to acquire wealth and in the process sacrifice many things and health is one of them. They can’t schedule a time to jog because their schedule is filled with more important things than jogging. Once they have acquired their fortunes they realize how important their health is and many of them start investing in healthy living and healthy food and gym membership cards. They use their wealth to try and recover their lost health because now that they are rich they obviously want to live for long and have realized the importance of health. Some people don’t want to start eating healthy because they believe healthy food such as fruits and vegetables are too expensive. These same people go out and eat pizza’s at restaurants and buy alcohol almost every month they spend as much more on junk than on their health. Not only do you live longer by eating healthy you get energy and feel more alive your brain functions at its best and you become more productive. You must have a goal of where you want to be in terms of your physical wellbeing. If you’re currently over weight set a goal to lose a few pounds. If you aren’t over weight set a goal to jog on at least four days every week. If you already jog then go to the gym and if you do gym aim to get those six pack abs and those muscles. I love jogging there is just something about it that makes me enjoy it. I don’t know what it is but I enjoy it but what I’m struggling to enjoy is working out and building those muscles. When it comes to food I carefully examine the food that I eat but this doesn’t mean I don’t eat pizza’s or any fast foods I do but not more than once a month. You don’t have to go to the gym or anything like that if you don’t like it but at least work out. Do some exercises after waking up and before you sleep that can easily be done in the house but most importantly eat healthy. Reduce the eating of all these oily junk food and start eating some good green food. Find ways to make cooking healthy food interesting and delicious by buying recipe books on healthy recipes. Have a diet program if you are overweight and strictly follow it.


Money may be the answer to a lot of things but it is also not the answer to a lot of things. Many people can be so in love with money they lose themselves in the process of acquiring it and sadly when they get the money it either turns them into selfish people or they become sad and miserably people. Those who don’t lose themselves during the paper chase get to enjoy the fruits of their labor. The topic of money gets me excited all the time because I just love dealing with money. Acquiring money for many people is a success because they love the benefits of having money and let’s be honest who doesn’t. I too am on a serious paper chase. Getting more money can also be put in your success list if you wish. Many people make a living through their monthly income which they get from their job. To these people making huge amounts of money may not be a possibility for them unless they choose a different career path which is a huge risk to take but sometimes risks make life more fun. Some people own a business and for them making loads of money is a huge possibility if they know how to. Unfortunately I will not be giving advice on how to exactly get more money because my knowledge of the topic is limited. One of the reasons the majority of people don’t make money is because of their mindset. People are poor not because they are broke but because of their mentality they have a poor mindset and a bad way of viewing money and this should never be the case because money is such a lovely thing. These people have a bad view on money they think it’s a bad thing and don’t like talking about it. These people teach their children stupid things like money ‘doesn’t grow on trees’ when in fact it does because it’s a piece of paper and paper come from trees. They teach their children that money isn’t everything or it isn’t important but yet they go to their jobs everyday working for money. They say that money is the root of all evil. This scripture has been thrown around by people who don’t even read the bible because if they did they would have soon realized that the scripture didn’t say money is evil. The scripture said that the LOVE of money is the root of all evil not money itself, but the LOVE of it. Most people don’t know the things they talk about they give incorrect teaching about money, success and education. In order to get to the level of making money you need to first learn how to make money. You can’t swim if you don’t know how to swim and you can’t make money if you don’t know how to make money and not just make money but how to have your money work for you not the other way around. The only way to learn how to make money is by reading business books or any books related to the topic of money. Most people who graduate from university don’t ever read books again because for about sixteen years of their lives they have associated books with displeasure. The books they studied at school were boring and mostly filled with information that was good to know but not really beneficial for them. They got used to reading books for the purpose of studying for an exam and passing it not for the purpose of really learning from them and now think all books are as useless and boring as the ones they read in school. Since that studying session was always boring they all think books are boring; some of them think books are just about stories with characters. There are some people out there who seriously think all books are just story books and don’t know that there are such things as self-help books and books that teach you how to make money although usually written for entrepreneurs. The only way to really get your financial education upgraded is obviously not through school but through books based on money and how to make money. If school taught people how to make money or manage their money then a lot of people wouldn’t have so much financial problems as they do now. Many people wouldn’t be in debt and some of these people are high paid middle class people like doctors. People who studied hard when at school and for some doctors money wasn’t a subject they would have found relevant to study because their education was based on science and biology. Lawyers also have an excuse for their lack of financial education. Accountants who are in debt and other financial adviser who struggle financially are a clear sign that the financial education of the school system is either outdated or seriously useless. Start reading books that will help you expand your financial knowledge and unwire the negative beliefs you have about money. For people with jobs the only way to make more money at work is working your way to the top and usually these books about money won’t be much help since they are aimed at entrepreneurs and people with a job will barely have the time to apply the given advice. I would like to recommend two books that I have read for anyone who wishes to make money while working a job and for those not working a job too and these books are the secret by Rhonda Byrne and rich dad poor dad by Robert T.Kiyosaki or any books by Robert T.Kiyosaki. These are great books to start with but you can really start with any book of your choice as long as it deals with financial literacy from a person who actually has money in their bank account and not just money millions in their bank account. You wouldn’t take advice about medicine from someone who’s not a doctor nor would you want to take advice about money for someone who is still in the process of acquiring money. Right now the money I have isn’t at a million yet and so I really won’t give advice on money since I’m not there yet but to get there I am using a strategy I learned from the book the secret by Rhonda Byrne. Read that book and use the financial advice from that book which am currently using and it is really working well for me and will for some whether you’re in business or not that book is for everybody so is the book rich dad poor dad.

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