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Originally published in Namibia

First edition 2016

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Most of us have people in our lives that are draining us of all that is positive, but we don’t realize it. We may even at some point think we’re the problem. Let me give you clarity; if you try to be your best and the person around you makes you feel less, get rid of them! Because you’re not the problem, they are. Period!

This book is meant to help you identify the people in your life that are not supposed to be there. It could be a colleague, a friend, a neighbor or even a family member. The majority of people in our lives are not exactly what you would call good people (that’s why when you meet a good person, you should hold on to them). This book can help you identifying them.

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The usurper – steals from right under your nose.

The usurper is the most dangerous of all the toxic people in this book, because their intentions are that of stealing and destruction and they’re the kind you don’t see coming. The usurper usurps power from you without any warning. The usurper is one who turns people against you by making you appear incompetent and not good enough while making themselves appear more competent than you.

The usurper is usually affiliated with rich and powerful people, but a usurper can be found in everyday, ordinary life. This person is the most dangerous of all the people I have mentioned. This person is shrewd, cunning, calculating and capable of anything at all if it means acquiring power. You can find usurpers that seize power from kings, presidents, company owners, ministers, senators, wives etc. The usurper operates by posing as a simple nobody initially, whose intention is to learn your secrets, weaknesses and strengths and when the time is right, they take your power from you by revealing your secrets, minimize your power and exploit your weaknesses.

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