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The Art of Success: Habits to Give Up


Charles Smith

Published by John Willis Limited

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This book is dedicated to my brothers.

Author’s preface

This book is intended for everyone who feels like there has been something stopping them from success. People who feel the need to achieve their goals but do not know what it is which pulls them back. Information from this book was gathered and compiled from a number of leading motivational writers. It is basically a summary of what they have tried to explain. However, this book is able to help you achieve whatever you desire to fulfil.

Please take your time to read each and every page of the book. Look at yourself and see where you really lack, and how you are able to improve.

Your success is not far away is a few pages away.

The Art of Success: Habits to Give Up

The beginning…


This is the trait of lacking discipline, and discipline is the trait of being well behaved. Therefore indiscipline can be described as possessing a trait of being not behaved. To achieve your goals, you have to be well behaved. Discipline towards your goal will change the way you view your goals. The ability to change your habits and adapt to new ones with very much ease occurs only in the presence of self - discipline.

When someone is disciplined they know what they are going after, and they will take the necessary steps to make it happen. Discipline is a behaviour and can be subject to change, anyone can decide to change a bad habit. This is the way in which it works when it comes to achieving your goal. When you are able to wake up and chase your goal with much ease, you become well behaved to suit what makes you achieve what you want.

On the contrary someone who is not well behaved cannot keep on pursuing that same goal for a long time. These people quit on what they want to do. They do not want to change their behaviour. When you are ready to change your behaviour, then you are ready to change your results. You will be able to know what works and what doesn’t. With discipline you can adopt to what works and let go of what doesn’t.

Not result orientated

To come up with something from your goal you need to be result orientated, we live in a life of cause and effect. The Bible makes it clear that a person will reap what he or she sows. This is true in all instances, the results you obtain are proportional to the amount of effort you invest in. Definitely you can’t expect to reap out oranges from an apple tree that’s practically impossible. Why would you expect to get something which you have not worked for?

Get up and start making the changes to create the results you want. Like some people believe that you can make money without doing anything. Money or wealth is a result of what you would have provided. The value of the merchandise you would have created makes you money. Rich people are rich because they create solutions to assists humanity. They make things easy or better than they were before. It is not luck, it is finding a solution to problems. Become a solution bearer!

When pursuing your goal always look for results and assess. Appraise yourself and analyse whether the effort and the results were worth it. Whenever you want to achieve something always look at the results. Be result oriented like a solution bearer. Failure and quitting are also results of not being serious at what you do. So is success, it is also a result of being result orientated and looking forward to positive results.

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