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Success stoppers:

How to overcome them


Charles Smith

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To my parents, Albert and Grace M.

Author’s preface

This book is for those who seek motivation. This book instead will act as a guide towards your success, it will pin point at what’s important for your success and what stops you from getting there. It is for those people who wish to develop themselves and pursue their objectives. There are a few assessment questions which will assist you to understand what really pulls you back on your road to success. Take your time and honestly answer the self-assessment questions. These will assist in the development of a new determined person, who will not cease at whatever objective he or she would have set aside.

This is a friendly discussion which will help you wonder why you never took that step forward to reach your goal. Information from this book was collected from a number of many motivational books I have read in the past. However, this information has been integrated to the best quality and precision. Please have a pleasant reading experience and achieve those goals you have set without any hesitation.


He who shall not work shall not eat.

This term can be generally described as the unwillingness to exert some energy. This unwillingness to carry out a task which is perceived by the mind to be gruelling and at the same moment uncomfortable. A lot of people will find it painful and uncomfortable to do tasks which are long-term and therefore they cannot expend any effort. To them, they do not feel the need to pursue tasks which do not yield immediate gratification. In other people's minds they fear success and laziness happens to be the only way to sabotage themselves.

In periods of hopelessness, you feel like the only way to get out of this is by not expending any energy. Hence you fear failure, making laziness preferable. Over the years people have evolved with a focus on immediate rewards, and any behaviour which is not instantly rewarding is perceived to be unfruitful. That’s the reason why laziness is prevalent in today’s world. With laziness no one can achieve anything they set forward.

Laziness can be described as self-deception especially when you know that you have to accomplish a certain task, but you still find yourself unwilling. Your mind convinces you that you have to carry out the task but why do you find yourself still lazy? The main reason behind all this is a trick by your subconscious mind, which is rather a self-deception so as to protect your psychological wellbeing. When someone has a long-term goal and they fail, they automatically lose hope and that’s when the subconscious mind convinces you the goals is unachievable and that’s when we quit. Always remember that the brain values immediate rewards over long term achievements.

To overcome laziness try to find out what makes you lazy. Sometimes we are not lazy it’s just that we would have worked very hard and then we feel frustrated by our results. Finding out the real issue which makes you unwilling to carry out a task should be well understood. In some instances you are frustrated by the negative results which you would have obtained the last time you carried out the same or similar tasks. You feel like you will obtain the same outcome as that which you produced the last time, hence we lose hope and are unwilling to perform the same task again. In some cases you are not lazy, but rather just tired or afraid.

When you find yourself tired or afraid of your results, try to focus on the actual problem. If you are tired, rest for a little bit and if you are afraid overcome that fear by motivating yourself. Always feel inspired with your goal, this will overcome a number of challenges, including fear.

Tell your subconscious mind that you can do it and get organised. Schedule your daily work and know what you will be doing today or tomorrow. This will help you to stay motivated, you will always find a reason to do something when you get organized.

Monitor your self-talk, as a man thinkest so is he. Fill your mind with positive talk. Tell your subconscious mind that you will do it. I am willing to do this and get it over with, and after that I am sure that I would have achieved something.

Always remind yourself of the future benefits which you will derive from your goal. This will keep you in track of what you need to accomplish. This can also be a self-evaluation of what the potential benefits of achieving your goal override those of not achieving them. It is the same as evaluating whether it is worth it being willing to achieve your goal or unwilling.

Revisit the importance and value of your goal on a regular basis. Find out what its rewards are.

Be honest with yourself with what you really want, whether to abandon a goal of laziness or pursue it. This will tell you how badly you need something. As the saying goes that necessity is the mother of all inventions, generally the more you see how something is worth in your life, the greater the chances that you deserve to have it. That necessity will push you to know what’s really important for you. Just know that the work will be worthwhile and stop being lazy.


Why do you find yourself unwilling to carry out your goal?

Is unwillingness worth not achieving your goal?

What makes you motivated that your decisions will benefit you in future?

How have you overcome laziness by pursuing your goal?


Make your goal a priority and a motivator.

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