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Cultivate Success: What Not to Lack!


Charles Smith

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This book is dedicated to my lovely grandmother, Jane C.

Author’s Preface

This book is intended to boost up your performance by discussing all about the lacks of success, what most of us lack in order to make our goals achievable. The book will guide you through the reasons why we fail to achieve our goals and what the importance of identifying these lacks is. As long as anyone has these lacks, he or she is not ready to succeed.

Read this book seriously and identify what you really lack in order to get there. Once you complete this book I am sure that you will definitely notice a tremendous change in the way you approach your goals. You will be able to know much about yourself. This is a personal guide to success.

Hang on, take the necessary steps and start reading.

Cultivate Success:

What Not to Lack!

The beginning…

Lack of Passion

When we look at the New Year we are inspired to perceive what the future will look like. It inspires us that the future is bright. We tell ourselves that we are able to conquer the future. Times pass by as if they were put on fast forward and we decide to give up and focus on the next years’ goals, and the cycle goes over and over again. We are consistently criticizing ourselves and we want to remain focused. The goal setting process is easy by now, and you are able to put any plan forward, but yet we still fail to achieve our goals.

We fall short of our goal and become the victims of circumstances. Why do we fall short? Would it be as a result of the lack of ambition, discipline, vision or just laziness? The reason behind all this is the lack of passion. In the absence of passion we fail to achieve our goals.

Passion is important to you and your goal. In the absence of passion, your subconscious mind tricks you into believing that all you need is to change the goal or follow someone’s ambition. The reality is that you don’t have the passion of what you are doing. Would it be that we are content with what we have and we think that pursuing our childhood dreams is aimless or childish? It’s because of this passion. When you have passion, you’re able to pursue you childhood dreams and become successful.

Reason why we lack passion

Hating what you do

Do you have someone you hate? You avoid them because they hurt you or betrayed. Being around them makes you feel terrible. Someone or something that you hate isn’t fun at all. Well, this is the same way passion works. As a result of hate, you are blocked from becoming passionate.

Not practicing

With practice, your passion is intact. Thus this is the reason why passion grows with time. With practice you become better at whatever you do in life.

After becoming better at what you do, hence you will be able to enjoy your life to the fullest. Therefore, there is no passion in the absence of enjoyment.

You haven’t mastered what to do

This is similar to the point above on practice. When you haven’t mastered what you want to do, you become irritated, frustrated or uninterested and you wonder how things will work out. If you are able to master what it is that you have to do, seek the relevant knowledge or skills making it easier to become passionate. Look at one thing at a time and realize what it is that you are required to do. What is it that you really like, or enjoy doing?

Not skilled

Be aware of what you really have to do. Dwell on the areas that you are proficient at so that you will be able to enjoy the benefits. This is where natural or acquired skill comes into place and there is a huge potential for growth. You will no longer waste your time on things which don’t matter. Many people who aren’t passionate lack the skill to achieve their goal. Skilled people focus most of their energy on what they are able to. Unpassionate people attempt tasks which they aren’t good at. Take an audit of the skills that you have and accomplish your goals.

Benefits of passion

Passion increases creativity

Creativity is inspired by passion. It’s this interest which innovates new ideas. When you are carrying out a task that you aren’t interested in there is no creativity. In a state of fascinated creating, it becomes a flow such that you become connected with your goal. By this, you gain inspiration.

Passion is like a muscle which comes about with inspiration and it can be practiced on your free will. If you are creative, you create repetitive habits because you desire to improve and break existing records. This improves your performance and results become meaningful. With being creative, you realize failures and new solutions and the learning cycle becomes fairly simple. These experiences are what shape your outcomes and standards.

Progress makes you satisfied

If you work on something meaningful, you are able to see the progress which follows. This is what’s important. When you attempt long term challenging goals, you gain the ability to be determined and satisfied.

If you are satisfied, it increases your ability to learn and grow, therefore, fulfilling your goals. A happy person is able to take the necessary required action. Engaging in meaningful progress and taking action leads to the pursuit of future happiness. Meaningful progress in the formula to become passionate and enjoy the benefits of happiness.

Personal freedom

With passion, you are able to identify your joys, this gives you personal freedom. Personal freedom is important in that it makes you free to do whatever that you desire. Passion is a way to take you out of your personal hell and make you achieve what you are meant to.

Improved awareness and confidence

In the society that we live, we feel confident and aware when we feel like we are of value to society. Operating in our own interests and strengths makes us useful. When we take our time to listen to our hearts and what it desires, we are able to realize our interests and strengths leading to improved co-nfidence and awareness. Doing this, our goals become real and we believe in our ability to complete the task.

Expands your comfort zones

After being confident in yourself to complete the task, you begin to push away the boundaries of our comfort zones. This is where we discover our passions which we thought never existed in us.


Self-confidence plays a vital role in having passion. With the interests and strengths you are empowered to combine your passions and elevate them to a higher level.

You inspire others

Doing what you love is far greater than anything in life. It immediately expands like a cancer to others and they will be inspired by who you are. Many people admire passionate people because they make their dreams a reality. A passionate person inspires, motivates others and they are able to reach out to people who require a solution to their problems. They are able to give advice and new ideas. Birds of the same feathers flock together. A passionate ------person is also linked to other passionate people. You become a source of motivation when people struggle. When they see you, you will be an example of someone pursuing a meaningful life.

The passion that you have right now will exponentially result in more people following your footsteps. They will see you as a responsible person.

Making a living

In most cases our passions, end up being our careers. People get paid for their passion, they are paid of what they love to do. To be able to do this, we have to be able to have a vision and make an intentional and conscious decision to follow our purpose. When we frequently review our vision it will overcome fear and obstacles. These are the advantages of taking our vision as a career.

Lack of Vision

The dictionary defines vision as an act or power of anticipating which will or may come to be. Vision provides direction and a glimpse over our lives, to make our goals and purpose become a reality. To know whatever we want to achieve, we need to have a clear vision of what we need done. Therefore, vision clarifies life, making it simpler and meaningful. Vision and purpose go hand in hand, never lack any of the two. Vision creates a habit, it changes your lifestyle and the way you approach tasks.

Vision is such a crucial part of goal attainment, yet some people have no sense of what they want to achieve. When you have a bold vision, the necessary action required are congruent with the goal to be achieved. Where there is no vision the people will perish. By definition congruency is the quality of agreeing; being suitable and appropriate. Therefore, congruency is important because without it vision quickly wanes. Vision can be brought about doing tasks that you enjoy doing. Your vision should lead to pleasure, to something which will impress you in the future. It’s easier to get things done when you have a vision because you know where you are going. What do you want to do in the near future?

Always try to reflect and look back at what you have done with your goal so far. Vision will bring about focus. Many people don’t have a vision, they don’t know where they will be in the near future. A determined person knows what they will do today, tomorrow or next week. There is a variation in the sequence in which we live our daily lives. It’s as if there is no room for change hence we see no need to enforce vision.

Vision leads to action. You have probably read a lot of motivational books and you feel this blood rush and you are geared up to attack that goal. After a few weeks, that feeling dies away and you are in the same position. Tell you what, it’s not that your goal isn’t compelling enough, it’s just that you lack vision. When you don’t have a vision, your results are poor and you quickly return to your previous position now and again. It’s really sad that it happens that way. Hence, vision leads to congruent actions.

Vision leads to real results of what you desire. With a vision you don’t care whether it’s long or short term. When you have a vision you are able to take persistent action because future rewards will lure you. Nothing is able to stop someone with a vision. Overall, vision creates action.

A vision is like a picture that you have in your head, of the person you want to be in the next year or two, or even more. With a clear vision, you are able to pursue your dreams. A clear vision has unlimited possibilities, it will help you overcome obstacles. A vision points your purpose in life. Despite what’s going on in the world, with a vision you are able to see through because it creates a map for your goal. With a vision you increase the value of a goal.

The importance of a vision

A vision is basically used for inspiration and prediction. Inspiration is the arousal of the mind to special unusual activity or creativity. Therefore, a vision can inspire you to reach that goal you want. Prediction is a statement made about the future. With a vision you are able to anticipate the future results and rewards of your goal.

It appears that a vision is the most important thing required to achieve your goal. A vision will open up your mind to new possibilities.

Vision decides how you spend your time

The way we spend our time is directly related to our vision. Therefore, if our vision is important, it has to be reflected by the amount of time we spend following our vision. This principle is fairly simple, but however, the simpler it is the more complicated we see it. If you want to get a goal done, you have to cut out anything that takes away your time unnecessarily and focus on making that goal a success. If you want to be the best student and have better grades at school, you have to cut out on some activities, such as partying and logging in unnecessarily on social media platforms, but instead be attentive in class and spend most of your time searching for answers of your class assignments and exercises.

What we spend our time on determines our vision. This is also the same with any disciplined athlete. Athletes spend most of their time exercising for the next game. We admire a lot of successful people because they are able to manage their time and they spend most of it on their vision. We often think that it’s luck because sometimes we don’t see them working out. This also illustrates the importance of time, time like a resource is depleted and once lost it can never be regained. The today of today can never be the tomorrow. Tomorrow is not guaranteed. Vision will allow you to use your time effectively.

Vision chooses associates

As vision identifies our goals, it also helps us find new friends. People with the same vision are attracted to each other, like the scientific principle that opposite poles attract and unlike poles repel. This is the same, people with the same vision attract yet those with different visions repel. It’s very normal for people with the same vision to hang around together. It is mentally frustrating when you’re around people with a different vision from yours. Once you have a vision, you begin to detach from people who don’t have a vision and you will align yourself with people who have one. Vision creates purpose, with that common purpose you summon up people who are ready to offer you a hand.

That vision and purpose will benefit more people than you can ever imagine. People who are successful are successful because they are able to communicate their vision. Therefore, your friends and associates should be the same way, they should help you reach your vision.

Vision creates habits

When we know what we want, vision will do a lot of things for us. Vision doesn’t only choose our friends, it also creates our habits. Tasks you need to do are completed through a vision and with time you create a habit. With a vision you become your own boss because you are the one who decides when to do this or that. However, without good habits you are more likely to go astray or procrastinate. Habits compel you to make progress because you know the importance of your vision. Habits are a way of lifestyle, that’s where all the game is. Yes, success is like a game of testing your habits. When you are committed you have a habit. A habit is something we do every day, whether consciously or unconsciously. Habits direct you on how you can spend your time and energy. Successful people are successful because they create success habits. People who fail at everything they set fail because they created failing habits.

Being late for work is a habit and being early is also a habit. You would find out that there are certain employees who never make it on time at work. It’s because they have created late habits and they have no vision. They might wake up late or depart from home late. With a vision they know where they want to be in the next five years. These people rarely get any promotions because of their late habits. Sometimes they submit assignments late. The society has taught us that the busier we appear, the more focused we will appear. However, this isn’t true, learn to manage your time, this all comes down to having a vision. Once you discover your vision in life, you will become more and more focused.

Visions creates leaders

A leader with a vision is able to calculate the next move, grow and improve. A successful leader can see the future whilst at the same time living the present. Therefore, for a successful leader, a vision is not seen as a dream, but instead it is seen as a reality. What makes the vision of a leader strong is the level of confidence and dedication. A very confident and dedicated leader has a strong vision. They are certain about the future. The job of a leader is to bring a vision into reality. The power of a leader is in the ability to perceive the vision and how they are able to show the vision. It’s a strong force which keeps the goal intact. With a vision, the leader and the followers are after the same thing. Followers and leaders live in harmony because of a vision. Therefore, a vision helps bind people. When you’re unclear about what you want to be then you’re not sure of what you want to achieve in the future.

Building a vision

The initial step to create a vision is to know what you want. Where do you see yourself in the future? Do you want to be wealthy, healthy or peaceful? What you want is exactly how you will see yourself in the future. When you have a vision, you are passionate about your task.

With a vision you are able to visualize yourself doing the task.

Creating a vision is not something which happens overnight, it takes time. To come up with a bigger vision, start out with minor visions. These minor visions should be in constant adjustment because of the constant change in the environment. With time, you create a major vision which is much broader than the minor vision. If you don’t have a vision look at yourself and reflect on your past, what you spent time doing and trying to achieve. That will be your vision. For the major vision, try to break it down into smaller minor visions so that you are able to manage and extrapolate your daily tasks. Setting only major visions without any minor visions makes someone over ambitious. It’s the same as skipping a stage.

Crucial points to remember when creating a vision:

1. Know who you are.

2. Brainstorm, imagine and dream.

3. Know your purpose in life.

4. Don’t limit your dreams.

Lack of Definite Goals

Are your daily actions bringing you closer to your goals? Then if not, there are some things which need to be changed about the way you set your goal.

It makes you feel inspired when you listen to motivational speakers telling you that you can live the life that you desire. When you read motivational books, they tell you the same, but nothing seems to be working. Do you feel that way? The key to achieving your goal is to learn how to set your goal properly. Yes, you might listen to a lot of speakers or read many books, what makes a difference is the way you plan your goal.

Most of the time we daydream completing our goal but we don’t put any action. It now appears like celebrities are the only successful people around. However, every one of us is capable of generating goals which can be a success. Dreams differ from one person to the next. However, beware of simply setting goals without any serious thought as to how you can achieve them.

Goal setting is a crucial step in goal achievement. Well, if you’re unclear and unrealistic about your goals, there’s little likelihood of you achieving them. That’s when your goals remain as dreams. Therefore, how can anyone set goals that will lead to success?

There is a powerful formula which needs to be applied so as to achieve any goal you desire.

The formula is called S.M.A.R.T. and the acronym stands for:






Goals need to be specific so that you are able to identify what it is that you really have to achieve. With a measurable goal, you are able to measure your success. These measurements can be the amount of weight or muscle gained. When you set unattainable goals, it becomes an exercise to futility. Setting attainable goals means that you have the adequate resources to achieve these goals.

Realistic goals are difficult to articulate in people’s minds. Setting unrealistic goals leads to disappointment, waste of time and resources. Are your goals realistic?

Goals have to be achieved in the set time frame. When there is no time frame, the goal is not urgent and there is a reason to procrastinate and fail.

Short term goals

Goals can be either short term or long term. Good goal setting includes both, the long and short term. Short term goals make long term goals achievable because they serve as stepping stones that assist to achieve long term goals.

Therefore, short term goals enable long term goals by:

  • Moving your plan closer to your final, long term goals. Short term goals are like preliminary steps, they direct you to where you are heading to. They will provide results which will assist you in the long term. You are able to envision the future because of these short term goals. If you want to secure a house or land, paying instalments will position you for the long term goal, which is the property gained.

  • Short term goals inspire people to advance further with their goal. Since short term goals are a stepping stone, you are able to correct the short term temporary mistakes. They aid and inspire long term goals. If you make something short term and it works, you feel like improving and expanding it. With this you are more confident in whatever you are doing. Short term goals also inspire others to work for their goals.

  • Short term goals keep you away from distractions. Each step successfully completed keeps you focused. With short term goals you have an ultimate goal you need to achieve. A long term goal makes more sense when you break it down into small parts and bits. This long term goal becomes realistic because you are able to judge from the short term outcomes. Therefore, with short term goals, you produce quality results.

  • Short term goals ensure that you adhere to the S.M.A.R.T. principle of having measurable goals. The degree of measuring long term goals is dependent upon short term goals. Short term goals assist you to make adjustments and realign your objectives as you go.

Therefore, the more short term goals anyone achieves, the better the outcomes. Not all goals are fun, but when you have short term goals, goals become fun. This is because you would have grouped tasks according to the ones that you enjoy.

Long term goals

As the name suggests these are goals which need to be achieved over a long period, usually five to ten years later. Long term goals are important in that they show you how ambitious you are. Setting long term goals will articulate your purpose in life. This is what determines the standards you want to live up to.

Sometimes we perceive long term goals to be timelier than what they really are. Given that long term goals are set to be realized in the future, there is a tendency to make them unrealistic and lofty without any specific actionable steps to get there.

Therefore, that’s why it is important to expend some time on setting goals. That’s why short term goals help assist long term goals.

If a short term goal is not achieved within your specified timeframe, which would obviously change the timeline of your overall objective. This in turn will also have a negative severe impact on your long term goal.

We are all humans, experiencing setbacks is inevitable. It is possible that we do not achieve our goals on time, we just have to be strict with ourselves.

Setting timeframes

Without deadlines, we are not compelled by our priorities. There is nothing to hurry about. The main reason why we fail to achieve our goals in the set timeframe is because of oversight.

Oversight an unintentional omission resulting from failure to notice something.

Goals need to be achieved in the set timeframe. Some goals expire, meaning that if they aren’t achieved in the set time frame they become unimportant even if they are achieved later. However, most goals don’t have an expiry date. That’s why we continually procrastinate on our goals without taking the necessary action. When you set a goal do not tell yourself that you will do it tomorrow, tell yourself that it will be done today. We all have different responsibilities, things we need to do every day, which take away most of our time. Distractions cause us to forget about our goals, or shift our focus.

Setting timeframes to goals will thwart this oversight. This timeframe will compel you to obtain results.

In order not to be overwhelmed follow these simple steps below:

1. Plan. Prepare a chronological list of short term goals which you need to accomplish.

2. Schedule. Take a calendar and mark the due dates to achieve these goals.

3. Assess. Choose a day to review your progress. To look at what you have done in the past week or month.

4. Get to work. Start doing the work and find out whether your goal is achievable in the set timeframe. Be honest to yourself.

If you find yourself falling behind, make extra effort and get it right. If you are ahead of the game, reward yourself. Keep your spirits and momentum high.

Completing the goal is like an exercise and be in the right direction to achieve your goals.

5. Share your goals to maintain accountability

Telling your friends and family about your goals will make you accountable for your actions. When you tell someone about your goal, they will constantly remind you of what you need to achieve. Be bold to them so that they really know where you lack.

Reasons why you fail to reach your goal

If you are one of those people who fail to achieve their goals, then maybe you might be viewing the whole goal setting process as a difficult process. Setting effective goals will lead you to taking action. You might be great at dreaming but not able to take the necessary action. Therefore, there is need for you to take action. What is really holding you back?

Lack of purpose

When you have purpose, you know what it is that you really need to achieve. People with a purpose in life crave to achieve their goals, they live for their goals and nothing else. To enjoy the best of your life, you need to live a life of purpose. Find purpose in your goals. Goals shouldn’t contradict with your purpose in life. Evaluate the importance of your purpose and see how it is related to your goal. This is when you identify the important and unimportant goals. However, many people skip this evaluation process. They end up pursuing the goal which sounds cool and prominent instead of what is really important. Sometimes we want to achieve other people’s goals.

It might work for a short while but with time we lose motivation and leave these goals unattained. What is your purpose in life?

You cannot remember why

We just don’t remember why we set the goal in the first place. It sounds rather absurd but that’s reality, we usually forget why we really need to achieve the goal. You fail to visualize what you will become after achieving your goal. You don’t get things done. Every day you wake up you just don’t know what you have to do.

This is why writing your goal down is important so that you know the importance of achieving it.

You take on too much

A Jack of all trades is a master of none. This means that when you focus on a lot of goals you never master a single goal. By doing so you spend so much time on goals which don’t yield anything. You get small things done over a lot of goals. Focusing on a lot of things won’t get things done. All your focus and energy will be divided. At the end there will be no results. The best way is to focus on one goal at a time till it’s complete.

Focusing on a lot of goals will pull you down and you end up messing with the wrong goal. You end up doing tasks which you are particularly not good at. The importance of having goals is to complete them, not to overwhelm you. We are all talented at different tasks so we have to focus on one thing at a time. Find out what you are good at and delegate some goals to other people if you want a lot of goals completed.

Focusing more on what you do not want

An average person will tell you what they don’t want but a successful person will tell you what they want. When you know what you want, you become successful. When you don’t focus on what you don’t want you will leave your real goal unattended to. Focusing on the wrong thing causes you to crash.

When you know what you want, you become useful in life.


The ultimate killer of your goals is not inaction, it is procrastination. Many people procrastinate in taking action especially when the task looks challenging. If you find yourself failing to reach your goals because of procrastination, then think again.

Procrastination is the act of delaying progress. You don’t want to get it done with. To people who procrastinate, sleep and sitting is more attractive than working. It’s all about how you feel about your goal. Live a life of principles and stop procrastinating in your actions.

Successful people have feelings too, the difference is that they choose to control these feelings. What stops you from controlling your feelings and achieve your goal in the set timeframe? Take action, regardless you want it or not and don’t be choosy in your ways. Wake up early and sleep late till you reach your target. Don’t get too comfortable before you achieve your goal.


Many things at one time cause confusion because you are not certain on what to start on. When you are overwhelmed it’s either that you have left tasks to accumulate or you have piled up many tasks at the same time. The goal will appear too large and therefore unattainable.

If someone is overwhelmed, it becomes difficult for them to believe in their capabilities. This is a common mistake many people make. When you are overwhelmed, it is also difficult to gain a particular skill at something. You don’t gain anything by piling up tasks. I know a lot of people are impressed by just looking at a lot of things at the same time. When we have a lot of goals we feel like we are great people or focused. Yet that’s not true, focused people are those who focus on one goal at a time. With adequate planning, this isn’t an issue at all. Break your goals into single goals and the results will be impressive. By doing this you can identify the knowledge and skills that is required to complete each goal. Your focus will increase immensely. This will restore the sense of confidence and you won’t be overwhelmed.

We all set our goals either formally or informally. Some people are not able to achieve their goals because they lack action.

You don’t have time

People don’t have the time to spend on their goals, that’s why they don’t achieve their goals in the set timeframe. People would rather spend an hour on social media than completing their tasks, why is it that way. Then if this is what describes you, then you are not committed to your goal.

Time is always enough to those who are good at managing it. We all have the same time in a day, that’s twenty four hours, therefore, no matter what we do we cannot create or destroy time. It’s a matter of setting your priorities right and be in the right mind frame. The way we manage our time is the same way we manage our task.

You don’t know how

Everyone wants to be a millionaire or a billionaire at some point in life but they just don’t know how. Many people have great ideas but they just don’t know how they will get there. Would it be because they don’t allow their brain to work or its dark magic and bad luck? You want to create a successful business but you just don’t know how you will do that. Not knowing how makes the idea disappear from your head because the answers are unavailable. However, if the goal you want to achieve was once done by someone else, there is hope. You can ask someone who once did that same goal. Most of the things we need to accomplish were somehow accomplished by other people. What you just have to do is to look for the answer. Search on Google, browse a few books, you will get the answers I am sure.

Give up too soon

Success takes time, that’s what most people don’t realize. If you believe in overnight success, then you need deliverance. Success is a series of steps which are done daily. Success is a habit. It is about the consistent hard work which you do. People give up rather too soon, before they even see the results. Other people quit after a few days after planning a well detailed plan. A quitting mentality won’t get anything done. Quitting is also a habit just like success. Extraordinary people spend years before they are able to produce remarkable results.

These people have gone through many challenges, setbacks and emotional hardships but they still soldier on.

You are afraid to fail

Failure is inevitable in life. This is one thing you need to understand. Failures are only feedbacks, don’t see them as setbacks. It’s fine if you fail, but it’s not fine to quit.

Thomas Edison failed ten thousand times and kept on going. Everyone is meant to succeed.

Never improve after failing

Failure acts as feedback, with failure you have to learn from it. It becomes a major problem when you continually fail without learning and correcting your mistakes. To create extraordinary results, you continually have to correct yourself from your mistakes.

Learning from your mistakes changes your results immensely, because you know the pitfalls of your task. Using the same unimproved method, yields the same results. You will fail unless you change your approach and strategy. Don’t change the goal, just change the plan. Unfortunately, few people reflect on their past mistakes, please don’t be one of these people. When you learn from your mistakes, you obtain positive results faster.

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