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The Most Positive Words

Copyright 2018 Muyassar Sattarova

Published by Muyassar Sattarova

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What is a positive word? How often do we use them? Why is it important? These are the questions, which arise when you see the name of the book! Actually, I wrote this book so that I could concentrate my mind on everything positive! I observe the words I use and the way I communicate! Unfortunately, I came across some words that may spoil my mood. Read and repeat those words every day, and you will see how calm and enthusiastic about what you are doing and with whom you are communicating!

For instance, I used to say “no”! This word is the strongest among any others and can`t please you! So, I decided to make up a list of the words, which can guide, inspire, empower you everywhere and every time when you utter them! You will get acquainted with them in the alphabetical order!


Ability: I have enough ability to get what I really want.

Able: I am able to climb the highest mountains if I wish it!

Abound: Chances, opportunities, happiness, love and prosperity abound in my life!

Above: I am always above all of the negative things.

Absolute: My success is an absolute truth.

Absorbed: I am absorbed in my positive and happy life.

Abundance: Abundance is coming into my life day by day.

Accept: I accept only the best, because I am the best!

Accompany: Wherever I am luck, prosperity accompany me!

Accomplish: I have enough strength and ability to accomplish what I really want!

Accomplishment: My accomplishments are increasing more and more!

Accurate: I always see an accurate picture of my happy end future!

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