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Writings by Sha’Ra On WindWalker

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The Watcher

Beauty Of Life

Birds Of Passage

Dream To Dream

El Issa - The Story Unfolds

Evolution - What It Is - What It Is Not

Life Within Gaia

Early Winter: A Mountain Canvass


Of Fremen And Individualism

Mind Search



Sacred Dance

Simple Points Worth Looking At, Again

Sidewalks Of Life

Society, The Homeless And Bleach

Some Things Life Has Taught - To This Point

Sport Hunting

The Enchantress

The Hollow House (An Observation)

The Image I Shall Carry

The Image Maker

The Place That Needs No Words


When Same Is Not - More On Infinity

Where Is God

Why We Fight

Write In Grey Paint


These books represent a varied collection of remarkable "outside the box" thinking (and subsequently, writing).


If you are one of those trammeled and importuned by strong beliefs that won't let go, this could be your chance to break free.  I'm not asking you to believe what is written therein—I can't say I believe all of it myself—but it makes for an interesting "other than" perspective.  Reading these books can be compared to  painting by numbers.  You have this standard picture outline and between lines are colour numbers.  You match the numbers to the colours and eventually you have a painting.  It's not great art, of course, and everybody knows that but it gives you the impression that you did it yourself.  We all know that is how the System operates.  It gives us a number of colours and our life is laid out and numbered, from cradle to the grave.  There isn't much we can do about it, it seems.  It's the System. 


Ah, but there is something we can do about it.  We can ignore the numbers.  Use random colours and mix them.  If "3" is green, we do pink on one of the "3" sections and arbitrarily use orange on the next, and so on.  Pretty soon the System doesn't know us anymore and guess what?  We discover what real freedom can be.  It begins by breaking the rules; by daring to violate those imposed beliefs.  Here's one for you:  Did man ever land on the moon?  Of course they did, you will say.  You saw it on TV, or you saw the videos and read the reports and documentaries, right?  Ok, fine.  But that is not the point since landing on the moon or not did nothing to change the way people interact with each other.  So the point?  The point is to paint a different colour on the "moon landing" section of your life's canvas.  A "fake moon landing" colour.  Now really go into this idea.  Break the template here, convince yourself it was all faked in some studio, for whatever political reason.  Then proceed to prove to yourself that it was so.  Study this bit of history; look at the clues.  What happens in the end?  In the end you realize it doesn't matter at all whether they landed on the moon or not.  What matters is, you dared question it.


The material in here questions "taken for granted" ideas, sometimes seriously, sometimes with humour.


You know, it's hard to think these days, when everything is handed to us via TV and the Internet.  Everything tells us how to think, and does so in the blink of an eye.  We don't have to wait for the President's state of the union speech, or the preacher's rant on a given Sunday.  We Google! 


Can a mind atrophy?  You bet.  Look into these booklets and think about thinking.

The Watcher

In the hazy distance, I could just make him out standing starkly against the mountains’ white peaks rising above the dark forested outline of the river’s edge. Wisps of white clouds contrasted with the stark blue sky and the air held motionless between intervals of light breezes occasionally rippling the water. The kayak moved steadily, gaily reflecting my mood, as the long double-ended paddle flashed brightly in a slanting winter sun. From the relative safety of perches high in denuded cottonwoods, eagles eyed my passage with interest, occasionally uttering their peculiar shrill giggles at my efforts against an intensifying current as I approached the main river, its stream tumbling in the shallow tributary I was following. Along a bank, willow twigs merrily bobbed up and down in the current and I was awed by the bright red-green brilliance of a branch of red-osier dogwood reflecting the sun just below the surface of the water.

About an eighth of a mile upstream and closer now, I noticed the silhouette hadn’t moved. Dressed in a dark gray suit, he seemed so old, standing still on the open gravelly bank, hunched over, staring at the water. I marveled at his patience!

The water gave out and I had to get out for a short portage. Picking up the light craft with one hand, I walked onto a gravel bar and looked up. Ah, I had been wrong. That wasn’t a fisherman. He was too far from the water and much taller than a human being. I stared. This, with the broad shoulders, cocked head and long limbs rising out of the rocks could only be a Watcher. A Watcher, you question? Yes, indeed! Watchers still stand guard along shores, on the edges of alpine meadows and in burnt-out woods. I am sure you’ve seen them, as I have. I don’t understand their ultimate purpose, but they do not seem to intend harm. After all, to the Watcher, a passer-by is but another life-form.

Well, I thought, since I must continue that way, why fear the creature? I come in peace. I intend no harm. In some ways, I am much like a Watcher, though my humanity would prevent me from being as dispassionately non-judgmental and patient.

As I proceeded across the first bar and re-entered the water for another stretch of paddling, I kept an eye on my friend, but in one moment of inattention he had changed again. What I saw was a gargoyle, much more frightening than the Watcher. Had I just witnessed a Transformation? I could plainly see the grotesque features; the head thrust forward, winged shoulders pushed up and out as if readying for flight. It was staring into the stream I was following, apparently intent upon challenging my passage. Again, I had to decide: continue, or turn tail and paddle downstream to the safety of the larger body of water? What if it came at me on those broad, dangerous looking wings? I could see its beak arching down menacingly. I saw movement.

Well, I thought, no point in turning back now. Beside, gargoyles are not generally known to attack people in daylight. It just wants to have some fun at my expense. I took a deep breath and resumed paddling. Something along the shore on my left moved. I darted a look at the bank. A ruffed grouse was running towards the cover of the brush. Probably it had been bathing and preening along the water and I startled it, poor thing. How often do I wish I could communicate with these gentle creatures of the rivers and shores and express my need of their presence, my inability to harm them in any way? Still, they run or fly from me as if I was a carrier of some deadly plague—which in fact I am, being a member of the most deadly, dangerous and destructively parasitic species on the earth. How sad.

I returned my gaze to the gargoyle but in its stead I saw a placid, medium-sized dinosaur leaning forward on its great legs, head thrust forward and at right angle to the body, small beady eyes scanning the area. Though not as intimidating as the gargoyle, it inspired less confidence than the Watcher. Was it flesh or plant eating? I wished I knew more about dinosaurs. All I could tell was that it was no Tyrannosaurus—small comfort!

It occurred to me then that if this creature, whatever it was, kept changing form like that, perhaps it was perfectly safe for me to go right on past it. By the time I reached it, might it not change into something more in keeping with the natural fauna, like, say, a bear, coyote, seal or even a great blue heron?

Best to proceed, and watch developments. Once that decision made, it afforded a sense of aloofness, of distance, from the actual drama, a fleeting moment of safety and well-being. In the midst of danger, real or imagined, how often has such a feeling brought one’s situation into sharper focus? I struggled against the current, muscles tensing, feeling the blades scrape the shallow bottom, pushing gravel under the water, inching my progress against the passing bank. I made it to deeper water and the current slacked off. As I relaxed a bit, I stared at my friend on the bank. There it was: the trunk of a great tree that had floated many miles downstream in the last storm and become embedded in the gravel, its shattered root sticking up like a large, shaggy head.

As I approached this woody chameleon, I could swear it winked at me and smiled. Then I finally got it! I had just been regally entertained with natural magic, but being all too human, I had failed to grasp that idea. There is so much I must unlearn before I can adapt to nature’s ways!

Beauty Of Life

A flower in Spring:

is there greater happiness?

Opening itself to light from the sun;

to the breath of passing breezes,

and the caress of rain:

Am I like a Spring flower,

stretching my arms to the sun,

running with the wind on open spaces,

letting the rain bathe my body?

Can I, like the flower

demonstrate life’s beauty

where it has touched my heart?

Is my simple written word

but a far cry

from the experience of nature?

Perhaps, but yet

words are my memories

describing joyous moments,

warm feelings, simple drama

played out

in a heaven often overlooked.

These same, simple words may

help you remember also

and what gift can compare

to the play of life’s memories?

Birds Of Passage

(a technically, in every way, bad poem)

Birds of passage are full of strife

even when singing their song of life.

Listen: they’ll soon be here!

Birds of passage fly high overhead

but sometimes they can crap on your head:

don’t look up with your mouth open!

Birds of passage can be very selfish:

see them fighting over a rotten fish

left by the tide on a near-by shore.

Says I to you, carefree, callow youth:

leave the passage to the birds;

journey with the wind,

become as the wind:

bless the wind!

Re-read the above,

you’ll know what I mean.

Dream To Dream

Flowers of yellow,

blue and violet,

open, brilliant and unashamed

to the morning sun:

my hands

roam the body of the primitive woman,

gently caress her tanned skin,

bodies tingling

in anticipation of bliss:


is a crude word

for nothing can describe

this touch: love?

In the afternoon's warmth

we swim,

the mermaid and I: she laughs

as I chase her around the pool...

we are as one with our world,

tuned to the sacred Rhythm

we love: we make love: we love again!

The evening's blush

contemplates our crackling, sparking fire

compliment of the tree spirits--

spent, sated, sinful and happy,

we gently drift from day-dream

to the other side of life,

dreaming yet another dream,

returning again with the sun

playing out our love

illusion to reality--and back again!

El Issa - The Story Unfolds


El Issa,  my beloved teacher, healer, guide, appears to me today from a totally unexpected perspective.


I should not have to introduce El Issa to those who have read my stories.  I've mentioned her work in my life, her teachings on compassion, on detachment, on servanthood.  Some will even remember the dream I related where she described to me how she healed her world in the darkness of her Shadowlands.


I came across an interesting book a few days ago called "The Gods of Eden" written by William Bramley.  Seven years of intensive research by this man looking for the answer to his life-long question: why do humans indulge in war? culminated in this book.  This is what struck me as I was reading today.  I am going to quote some parts from Chapter 12 entitled "The Jesus Ministry."  This passage is about the so-called "lost years" of the life of Jesus. 


Quote:  "Several years ago I happened to see an intriguing film documentary by Richard Bock entitled The Lost Years.  The film suggests that Jesus journeyed to Asia where he spent his teens and early adulthood studying the religions practiced there.  One source from which the filmmaker drew this remarkable conclusion was the "Legend of Issa," a very old Buddhist document purportedly discovered in the Himi Monastery of India by Russian traveler Nicolas Notovitch in 1887.


According to the Buddhist legend uncovered by Notovitch, a remarkable young man named "Issa" had departed for Asia at the age of thirteen.  Issa studied under several religious masters of the East, did some preaching of his own, and returned to Palestine sixteen years later, at the age of 29.  The significant parallels between the lives of "Issa" and Jesus have led to the conclusion that Issa was, in fact, Jesus.  If true, such a journey would certainly be omitted from the Bible because it contradicts the idea that Jesus had achieved spiritual enlightenment solely by divine inspiration.


If Jesus was an Essene (a point already made in Bramley's book) and he traveled to Asia under Essene sponsorship, and if the Essenes indeed followed an Aryan tradition, we would expect Jesus to be sent to study under the Aryan Brahmans of the Indian subcontinent.  According to the legend of Issa that is precisely what happened:


 "In his fourteenth year, young Issa, the Blessed One, came this side of the Sindh [a province in Western Pakistan] and settled among the Aryas [Aryans]..."


Upon Jesus' arrival, "the white priests of Brahma welcomed him joyfully" and taught him, among other things, to read and understand the Vedas, and to teach and expound sacred Hindu scriptures.  This joyful reception quickly turned sour, however, because Jesus insisted upon associating with the lower castes.  That led to friction between the young headstrong Jesus and Brahmin hosts.  According to the legend:

 "But the Brahmins and the Kshatriyas [members of the military caste] told him that they were forbidden by the great Para-Brahma [Hindu god] to come near to those who were created from his belly and his feet [the mythical origin of the lower castes];

 "[...] But Issa, disregarding their words, remained with the Sudras, preaching against the Brahmins and Kshatriyas.  He declaimed strongly against man's arrogating to himself the authority to deprive his fellow-beings of their human and spiritual rights.  "Verily," he said, "God has made no difference between his children, who are all alike dear to Him."

 "Issa denied the divine inspiration of the Vedas and the Puranas [a class of sacred writings] ..."


I don't need to quote more.  Anyone interested can find this book and read it for themselves.  The point I wanted to make here was that I've discovered why El Issa's teachings so closely and intimately paralleled those of Jesus still found in the Christian section of the Bible called the "New Testament."  In nature, they are the same person.


Incidentally, because of my intimate relationship with El Issa I've come to understand why those  teachings mean so much to me and why I think that applied properly, with detachment and true self-empowerment they have the power to change the direction man has taken and bring this world to a true "new age" of understanding and peace - without Earth having to go through some horrific aspect of "Armageddon."  Any conflict ends when one of the protagonists discovers compassion and finds that she or he would rather die than cause harm to another.  Indeed the basic teaching of El Issa to me over the years has been, "Far better it is for you to give your [physical] life for another than to take another's life to protect yours or that of a loved one.  Life is much, much more than most even have an inkling of."


War is our greatest sin, our greatest folly, our greatest downfall.  But according to "Issa" it is not inevitable.  Each one of us has the power to end it - right now, without any further interference from so-called divine beings, or for that matter, aliens.  Who but us knows this place best?  Who but us has the most to lose if things continue as they are today?  Seems to me it is foolishness to expect some unknown entity to care more about this world than we do.


A thought:  How do we know when we are truly free?  When death is no longer either feared or desired as release from responsibility or from pain. 


This point was powerfully made in the movie, "The Gladiator" and is made again, even more powerfully in the movie called "V for Vendetta" - a must watch, in my opinion.

Evolution - What It Is - What It Is Not


What is the first and obvious observation one can make about evolution?  It is utterly wild and utterly non-conformist!  It is revolutionary change!  Whatever else there is, if it is not new, it isn't evolutionary. 


Adaptation is not evolution.  Plants, critters and people, even some minerals, adapt to changing environments, conditions and situations.  That does not mean they are evolving although often the terms are used interchangeably, confusing the issue.


When Darwin proposed his "theory of evolution" (much of which he later retracted or explained differently as it became obvious to him he'd missed something in his youthful enthusiasm probably caused by running around naked in the sunny fresh air of the Galapagos) he believed that simple life-forms gradually "evolved" into more complex ones and this process could be traced from the amoeba all the way to the most complex animal, including man. 


But the "missing link" that would prove his theory was never found for man, and when "they" looked at other types of animals, there were more missing links though "they" won't admit that either.  However much "modern" science would link domestic animals automatically to wild ancestors, the same missing links exist.  Given the known number of years available to "evolve" an "ancestor" to a modern horse, for example, there just isn't enough time to account for the massive changes that took place.  The millions of years needed, even if such could do it, aren't there.  Neither are the natural conditions necessary to force the change.  The irrefutable biological record is also missing.


Once upon a time it was relatively "safe" to speak of creation, or of creative acts having taken place beyond the ken of the people of Earth.  It was accepted that such events simply happened; that at a certain point, something new manifested spontaneously. 


Unfortunately for knowledge the religious types, as controlling a bunch as any other parasitic bureaucracy, declared that such "creative acts" were those of God.  That particular God, of course, just happened to be their God.  So now everything that ever was, or is, had to be credited to God.  It followed that all the people were ipso facto "indebted" to God for everything.  Since the Parasites were the "legitimate" representatives of God (He being relegated to remain the Great Unseen, Unheard and Unappreciated) then the people really owed everything to the Parasites.  That became organized religion.  And by the way, evolved or not, we're still paying that tab.


Over the millennia the enemies of Religion gained power by demonstrating time and again the gross ignorance of the Religions of the Middle East and the West in particular.  A shaky science began to look at the make-up of the world, the genetics and the macro and micro of physics.  Comes a Darwin and his half-baked theories and the enemies of the Parasites created their own Bible from an elementary "Fun with Dicks and Genes"  draft.  Without knowing what happened the poor sap becomes hero and arch-villain overnight.   Lucky for him he did not study Galapagosian life two-hundred years earlier.  There would have been a typical English barbecue in his neighbourhood and he the main course.


I "believe" creative acts did take place.  Not only on Earth, but everywhere there is life.  Life is creative.  It is change.  It is evolutionary.  When something no longer works it abandons it and begins something totally new. 


What do I mean by, "when something no longer works"?  Simply that whatever the "thing" in question, it has stopped in its development.  It is not getting it.  Not getting smarter.  It has plateau'd.  It has qualified for the Darwin Award.  At that point life no longer pays any attention to the thing.  It won't jolt or cajole it into getting with the program.  In fact life will change the program to ensure the "thing" won't get on the train when it shoots off once more into the unknown.


From my observations (some go back a few billion years, not so impressive, but better than nothing) I've seen that physical entities do not evolve or perhaps I should say that the more complex they are, the less they evolve.  They change through adaptation and carry on as long as they can but eventually they can't make the grade and they fall off the chart.  They are no longer seen.  Modern man is shortly to become one of those... unless.


I attribute evolution to a source-force.  Correction: to some source-forces, for there is nothing that says source MUST be singular!  Let's get past that juvenile concept and face reality as it displays itself: it is endlessly varied and multi-faceted.  Meaning, it has a limitless number of sources!  It is those forces that create, and as they create, they absorb whatever "works" of their works, within themselves, thus adding thought/knowledge/material to their own source. 


Evolution is SOURCE CHANGE.  Every "source" is change.  It is all that it was, and is ever adding on to its awareness.  It is possible (but extremely unlikely) that a small world such as Earth could have a single source mind that created it and continued for a time to create new events within it - for example, the creation (jump-start) of Homo Sapiens, the horse or the placid cow.   Why go through all the trouble of forever tweaking a creature to change into something it doesn't want to become when a new one can just be formed from a basic template and given the new attributes desired?  How long ago did "man" stop tweaking the horse buggy into a car and decide to make a car instead? 


A romantic could say he can see a resemblance between a "surrey with the fringe on top" and a 24-wheeler barreling down the freeway, but really!  Sure the new will have similarities with the old.  There are certain basic designs that work universally.  It doesn't mean they are related beyond the drafting board of the originator, NOR DO THEY HAVE TO BE.  And that is the point many religions and much of science are both guilty of missing. 


Why should everything be related to everything else from a single source?  Wouldn't that constitute an affront to the way life reproduces healthily?  The "strange" must mix with the "strange" to make healthy offspring.  If you have sex with your mommy, daddy, brother or sister and make babies, chances are they won't be healthy.  What "human" nature teaches so clearly is studiously ignored by those seeking to understand life in general.  And that is not knowledge; it's vested interest.


Matter adapts or erodes to dust.  It cannot evolve.  Only spirit and mind can evolve but not all spirit-mind beings do.  Some get trapped in their accomplishments and declare change taboo.  Such entities, however advanced, die.  Ever wonder where so many of those gods and goddesses went?  In Malachi 3:6 the God of the Israelites declares:  "I the Lord do not change."  Now wonder not why "God" no longer speaks to man.  Long ago, before time, the Time Lords made a terrible choice to reject life (female principle) and her vagaries and created a male-dominant dimension where all movements would be predictable and controllable.   They succeeded beyond their greatest dreams.  Now they are anathema to the forces of evolution and they must die.

Life Within Gaia

You: the steady heartbeat of a spreading universe

overshadowing my fevered mind, my tortured will;

you: sometimes figment of my self-filled thoughts

memory of pasts crushed by time, unknown, undone:

Why do you hide from the one who loves you, needs you?

Is this what you call "love", this middle of nowhere,

which is neither now, nor then, nor perhaps ever to be?

Is there a hereafter to this madness, this emptiness

this thumping, beating wonder -wonder of throbbing life:

are you in this blinding storm... or the storm itself?

Dreams, all dreams which flit by like grey sparrows,

minute shadows over wind-swept dunes of bleak winter days:

I can't live on dreams nor survive in fantasies

while the world spins by, asking the same question

I cannot answer -I fear to answer! Who will answer?

Will you? Or will you hide still, inside a thought,

a thought unshared, unheard, by either I or them;

a thought left behind in our long forgotten human past,

no longer real, no longer acceptable or possible,

lost... forever in the passing mists of changes?

Gaia! Hear my cry in the silence, in the still winds:

Listen to me! I am alone, poised, a hungry falcon

on the edge of a cliff floating in white clouds,

an eternal emptiness, a nothingness lost in time:

seeing nothing, only emptiness, a grinning gargoyle.

My mind, filled with swirling winds, grinding sands,

whipping about in phantasms of unknown knowledge,

fitted like an arrow to the drawn bow: searching, blind,

no target to fly at or aim for, only the milky substance

of your thoughts flowing through bare consciousness.

Lost, lost in times past and future, lost and alone

following you, my will 'o the wisp, my beautiful ghost

of nights spent flying through space, looking at life

considering the movements of the universe in your eyes,

the eyes of the frightened fawn, the panting doe:

The eyes which banish sleep and awaken life, Gaia -

get me through this storm-swept pass above rising mountains

where human life meets spirit, where they separate and join,

where one dies, the other springs to life, eternal: Gaia!

Help me, one more time, to understand, to overcome death.

Early Winter: A Mountain Canvass

Glistening black crystal

of dark jagged crags;

twisted gray bodies

of tree line denizens;

a soft powdering snow

concealing salal and kinnikinnick,

a white sheet in red polka dots;

the whole draped softly

in rising mists from hidden valleys:

nature’s self portrait

on blue velvet canvass.

Could a camera’s eye;

could a painting

conceptually human

ever hope to match

the beauty of Earth


in her elemental moods?


Weight watchers,


drug and mind therapy,

binge and purge,


Middle-aged America passes

in distended, deformed bodies

whose stomachs and thighs

are bloated with cellulite.

So much food,

so little nutrition

and a society

of fast food junkies

and couch potatoes

waddles through its pitiful life,

dependent on clogged arteries

to get from car to doctor’s office,

to the prescription drug counter,

back to the car,

and back to the couch.

Meanwhile economically driven famines

sweep across poorer nations

and millions die

without food,

without water,

without care.

Is there a connection

between these extremes in evil?

Oh yes,

but how many understand

how these energies interact

to create these two famines:

one that kills with surfeit,

one with want?

Of Fremen And Individualism


I've been watching the Dune movie series.  I like the way Frank Herbert viewed the world and life.  Speaking to Mua'dib, Chani explains the ways of the Fremen in the deep southern desert of planet Arrakis or Dune.


"Everything is connected" she says and draws a circle in the sand with snake symbols in it representing Shai-hulud the Great Worm, god of the Fremen.  "The living and the dead, inanimate and animate, all parts functioning to serve the whole." (Dune - the movie, part II)


It seems so "natural" to accept this explanation of life as if it explained all of life.  It's so easy to just nod and agree.  We observe this phenomenon of "connectedness" and we accept it as normal and necessary.  And we go to sleep knowing we are connected to "all that is" and we dream our petty dreams waiting for the day when we too will be a complete part of "all that is" and "all my struggles, Lord, will be over..."


We have this observation, and the zillions of teachings to back it up.  Does that really make it true?  Is everything truly connected to everything else, or is it just one gigantic artificial machine put together with parts that continually pull apart, away from each other?


How would our perception of who we are change if we turned it around?  If we said, "Everything is individual.  Every bit exists for itself alone.  Every part that unites with another to create something "else" does so for a limited time only, knowing that it must return to being an individual "self" among all the other "selves".


If we were truly observant, we would see that there are more manifestations of individualism than collectivism.  That collectives coerce individuals to serve them and that individuals push away from the collective all the time, the greatest push being when they "die". 


The problem is one of skewed observation.  Bad science.  Wishful thinking passing itself off as law.  A universe is a collective.  It is made up of "things" that serve it.  Do these "things" need the universe more than the universe needs the things?  Our bodies are made up of individual particles.  Do the particles need the body to survive, or does the body need the particles to exist?  Is it mutual need?  When the organic system we call a body dies, what becomes of the particles who had joined to maintain the body?


OK, here's another one: what is death?  When the body dies, what or who dies?  What remains?  What can once more move freely and decide to join itself to another body... or not?  Seems to me that only two aspects of the "body" remain after death:  the mind and the particles.  These no longer need each other, so go their separate ways.  And what of the body, that over which so much was made "in real life"?  Dust to dust, ashes to ashes...


Observation (from memory and awareness). 

When particles and mind join into body, a change happens.  Both lose their individuality and become more body.  Their awareness shrinks.  All that they are is taken (usurped?) by the body to serve it's desires.  Individual awareness of self becomes a huge gob of incredible selfishness.  From this arises fear.  Fear because the body, an artificial concept, a collective, knows that it must control its "event horizon" to survive.  It believes that it can somehow survive.  And it seeks ways to enhance itself.  To protect itself and to please itself.  Willy-nilly, mind and particles are conned into this process and convert natural energy to feed the monster they inhabit.


But the amount of energy required to feed the monster is always more than the individual parts can supply.  One after another, particles flee the monster.  For a time, others are attracted to it and take their place, but eventually the movement is more "out" than "in".  Sometimes, the clouded mind too begins to question her role in all of this and with tremendous effort, reaches out and looks around.  Sometimes she actually decides that "enough is enough" and she plans her escape.  She knows she must leave or she will be trapped in the throes of the monster's ultimate death.


Yes, it's comforting to believe.  There are many belief systems.  Being systems, they will go along with the truism that all parts function to serve the whole.  The Fremen are very superstitious people.  And the harsh conditions of life in the deep desert of Arrakis makes it imperative that they work cooperatively.  But to take necessary cooperation and translate that into a "whole" is taking too much of a giant step: it is to do the splits.


Why is Earth is such a shambles today?  Because individuals have been buying into the collective mindset for thousands of years and seldom questioned it.  Individuals have not moved to that magic place of personal awareness and true independence.  They continue to serve their collectives because they see themselves as bodies, as collectives. 


Serving "the whole" requires the conversion of incredible amounts of energy.  The whole would exist just as well, and would not require feeding if it was totally ignored, was not served, by individuals.  There would be a whole, observable through natural interaction and cooperation.  But to serve the whole you need laws, coercive, heavy, destructive.  You need control.  That's what a "served" whole does: it makes laws to control energy so it can feed itself.  It has no natural life.  Only individuals have natural life.


The whole is not infinite, only individuals.  Individuals throughout space, ever moving, ever mind-expanding, ever discovering.  Only where individuals have passed can there be a whole.  And when all individualism becomes the whole, all that will remain is a hole.


In a  nutshell then:  The whole does not exist as such.  However, where individualism expresses, a "background" is formed.  Call it history or memory or whatever.  That is not "you" but just a record of your passage "there".  As long as background remains as background, all is well.  But when the background, when the record, moves to the front and obliterates the individuals that make it, then you have oppression and eventually mass death -either by war or by suicide. 


Earth has become a "whole" and is at an interesting point.  Individual humans can no longer support their collectives as these have grown too fat and too demanding.  People are dying at a terrifying rate and their death creates a palpable  wave of suffering and fear that poisons the minds of those who remain alive and the minds of those being born.  Depression, paranoia, anger and hate, along with horrible addictions are endemic.  And the old guard which calls itself the New World Order has no way of preventing this from escalating into chaos.  So it will attempt to fight fire with fire by initiating "limited and controllable" chaos: a state of permanent war, fought without weapons of mass destruction so the fear, the anger and the hate, the undergirding of every institution, will be manageable and controllable.


That is their hope.  And every Earthian human who puts "the whole" ahead of his or her own individuality and personal common sense, will struggle and die to support that hope.  Carnage will be the result.  As universal carnage was the result of the Fremen finding their collective power and unleashing their Jihad, their "holy war", upon the entire universe in the name of their new god: Mua'dib.


The individual mind set free is more powerful than the whole.  This I have demonstrated to myself and for myself. 


Observation: cooperation out of felt need (fear) leads to greater institutionalization and the empowering of the whole - best exemplified by totalitarianism.


Cooperation out of compassion leads to a soft and gentle interplay of energies, not demonstrable except by the individual to the individual.

Mind Search


life's full of them

they arise, no warning.

Time for the great search,

of mind, that is,

and how to do that?

Let's see,

a walk by the sea

away from the city's endless cacophony:

sounds good, I mean healthy, really

but sound is sound

and those thundering waves,

rushing up the rocky shore crashing

then sucking their drool after:

very distracting.

I sit long, pondering

on cold, wet log

deposited here, half buried

during a winter's storm,

and I watch those green waves roll in,

crash and rumble,

swish back, foam following.

It's just more noise, I think

but there seems to be a Voice

in this timeless tumult,

a specific set of words, a message?

Perhaps, yes,

and having accepted such possibility

I can hear it now.

“You can't get away to someplace

or somewhere special

to do mind searching.

Nor is there a special time:

it all takes place inside the mind,

inside you,

and it all takes place

all of the time. Are you listening?

As long as outside influences distract you,

you will never know your mind,

never discover the real you,

the one born to become

not just to be or to exist.”

It does not matter now what they say,

I know, like it or not,

that mind queries

are part of every moment

and every moment becomes a treasure.



black oystercatcher


motionless upon black rock

white foam in lace

rides rolling waves

splashes the black rock

turns it to grey sands

scattered upon an endless shore

until the rock is no more


black oystercatcher



above rock's erosion

for it knows time

and possesses wings

and if time should fail

its wings will not


Once upon a time, I (the child)

knew nothing of life: I

(the man)

followed my fathers' footsteps

cutting down trees, digging holes,

and putting up fences and walls

Keeping in and keeping out

my possessions and insecurity.

I never stopped to think

why I was doing this: everyone

was doing it -why not me?

Who would look after (me) if not (me)?

Without a fence, my things

could easily get lost

on someone else's land...

Without a wall, my world

could easily get changed

by someone's interference...

But all that changed one day

(no, I don't know why it should)

I heard the voice of the Spirit:

He asked me what I was doing

(I told him what I was doing)

He asked me why I was doing it

(I told him why I was doing it)

He said:

come here and listen:

I know a better way.

You work so hard for food that spoils

When it's already laid before you:

but you forget that nothing

of value is ever

l o s t

You are one with everything

Do not separate yourself

from your environment

for if you do -you will die.

Do not build fences or walls

they poison the life

I've given you.

Sacred Dance

Arousal from the caress of gentle hands:

soft skin becoming firm;

two beings sharing energy

in a surging flow of love

from one body to another,

a sacred dance of the heart,

a moment of pleasure,

a spark of joy released.

When love-making reaches

the point of orgasmic bliss;

when with tears and knowing

they bond together,

body to soul, soul to body,

lying on soft green moss,

reveling in their earthly energy,

their unbound power:

is this not one of the highest ways

two could ever honour





in short, Life?

Simple Points Worth Looking At, Again.


The worst thing that an intelligent, sentient and self-aware being can do is to refuse to reason and challenge his belief system.  That is why all religions in particular must be despotic in nature.  If they allowed their adherents to challenge them they would all topple overnight.  Thus it seems to me that the greatest part of valor in this is to "believe all things, believe in nothing."


Re-reading of observational data and checking chronology was not a strong point of ancient writers.  Definitely not of the Biblical writer of Genesis 2:4 ff.  Take a look at this massive contradiction:

(My quotes taken from the New International Version of the Holy Scriptures - Zondervan)


"When the Lord God made the earth and the heavens -- and no shrub of the field had yet appeared on the earth and no plant of the field had yet sprung up, for the Lord God had not sent rain on the earth and there was no man to work the ground, but streams came up from the earth and watered the whole surface of the ground -- the Lord God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life and the man became a living being.


Now the Lord God had planted a garden in the east, in Eden; and there he put the man he had formed.  And the Lord God made all kinds of trees grow out of the ground -- trees that were pleasing to the eye and good for food.  In the middle of the garden were the tree of life and the tree of the knowledge of good and evil." 


And this goes on, helter skelter until the story takes on more believable characteristics as it blends eventually into "modern" human history in the Middle East area, namely Iraq of today.


The first and second chapters of the biblical Genesis reveal so much if we really wanted to know!  Obviously, according to this part, man was not created, but "formed" which means cloned.  Creation means that "spirit" manifests physically; that out of nothing physically understood comes the material/physical order of things.  But man was an afterthought, cloned from basic existing DNA. (Dust of the ground was the best the writer could come up with to explain how this could be.)


But the contradiction is in the chronology: man was formed before there was any plant life on earth, yet he was the last "creative" act of "God" - there being already fish, birds and animals everywhere.  What did they feed on while they waited for "man" to learn to till the ground and make it produce?  While waiting for the rains?  And yet we are told that all the ground is being watered from underground springs and that being the case, who cares if it rains?  Water is water.  If there be plants, they will grow.  But meanwhile, while there is nothing growing on the earth -- no rain, no man -- the "Lord God" has planted for himself a garden in Eden.  Now all he needs is for someone to take care of it, a handy man, a gardener -- a slave?  The writer makes it clear that the earth would not produce anything until the "man" was formed to take care of it.


Talk about double-talk, or of having your cake and eating it too.  While I'm at it, how about this:


"Now the Lord God had formed out of the ground (still forming from existing material) all the beasts of the field and all the birds of the air.  He brought them to the man to see what he would name them; and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name. [...] But for Adam no suitable helper was found."


That's a very interesting comment.  Much later in scripture we find that the Lord God has strict laws against "bestiality" or sodomy as sex between animals and humans.  Obviously that was a common enough practice that it bothered the Lord God.  But look here who's responsible for this practice to start?  The Lord God did not really want Adam to have a mate of his own species, so he brought the animals to Adam and as is clearly stated in ancient writings from which the Biblical account is culled (plagiarized) Adam was in the habit of having sexual relations with many of his animal friends.  Before "the adam" (adamu or man) was re-cloned into "Adam" the wild animals had no fear of him.  He was a vegetarian creature totally at home and at peace among all the wild animals.  Endiku (See Zecharia Sitchin's Earth Chronicles for the details) was one of these wild men whom the "Lord God" using a prostitute to seduce him, was able to capture and bring into "Eden" for observation and experimentation. 


In the days preceding the intervention of the Lord God and his Eden "paradise" there were no predators on earth.  All creatures were herbivores, including man (of whom there were males, females and offspring) who at the time was a kind of natural "shepherd" for all the wild animals.  No blood was shed on earth until the arrival of "the Lord God" and even long afterwards man continued to be a vegetarian, until after the flood.  The first recorded act of bloodshed is not when Cain killed his brother Abel, but when the Lord God in a fit of anger slaughtered animals, ripped their skins off and forced Adam and Eve to cover themselves with them. [Genesis 3:21] 


In part, this is the covenant "the Lord God" -- now with the interchangeable title of "Lord" or "God", makes with Noah: "Be fruitful and increase in number and fill the earth.  The fear and dread of you will fall upon all the beasts of the earth and all the birds of the air, upon every creature that moves along the ground, and upon all the fish of the sea; they are given into your hands.  Everything that lives and moves will be food for you.  Just as I gave you the green plants, I now give you everything." [Genesis 9:1-3]


An interesting twist here: does this not beg the question, 'Why' would God put dread and fear of man in all non-human life?  Why would God "sell-out" creation to his favorite creature, the new Man and thus risk the destruction of earth life?  How that was accomplished is already a massive question, but "why" becomes much more relevant when we look at today's world. 


But as they say, the rest is history.  Man was given everything to consume "as food" and that part of the covenant 'he' certainly heard well.  It shall be "everything" until nothing is left.  So be it.  It's in man's blood to consume and in turn be consumed by his own divinely appointed and mandated destructive ways.


The only power that can overcome this covenant still in effect today and observable anywhere one goes on this world, is through the courage to challenge that nature; to turn against it and through self-empowerment, determine one's own destiny.  As long as we cling to out-dated belief systems, even if such beliefs pretend to be "other than" the biblical ones, i.e., ancient Mayan teachings, or Buddhist or whatever, we will continue to trod the path of self-destruction and will continue to blame someone or something... else! God, Satan, religion, governments, man, woman, pagans, fate, time, aliens, technology, karma, money -- not becoming aware that these are but symptoms of a much deeper malaise.  Conversely, there will be the billions who will look upon the same list and think of these as in some way capable of "redeeming" earth. 


The problem of earth is simple: those who have the power to reason their condition (generic "man" or intelligent, sentient and self-aware being) remain unwilling to shoulder individual responsibility for the global condition.  Consequently as the number of "man" increases upon the earth the condition of earth correspondingly worsens.


(ISSA: intelligent, sentient and self-aware)

Sidewalks Of Life

A man walks the city streets in ragged clothes,

wearing an old face moved along by tired feet:

my first reaction? Judge him a worthless bum:

it is, after all, what society saw fit to impart

in the years when mind could believe anything.

The years have left their mark in he and I;

no longer does society possess our souls:

too many haughty frowns and welfare cheques

can do that to some not on the board;

to the pawns who died saving their king.

Our path crosses: I feel his love of life

and as quietly does compassion enter my heart

for I realize he too would love to feed a hungry world;

penniless as I, ragged clothes and worn out body


I do not turn away when he stops by me:

even though the sound of his foreign tongue

seems incoherent and even harsh:

I listen and try to understand the words

but all I can do is feel his passion: it is enough

to fire the stories pouring from his heart.

Great friends we can become

allowing we are not that different after all,

having this one thing in common:

a passion to share our love through stories

garnered from cold and wet sidewalks of life.

Who knows but that some are already predisposed

to listen? To consider it worth their time

to read words kept from the rains

carefully wrapped in old plastic shopping bags?

Society, The Homeless And Bleach

Certainty precludes certainty. [Synopsis of Heisenberg's principle of uncertainty]

Everything is theoretically impossible, until it is done. [Robert Heinlein]

The realm of the possible is infinity; the realm of the likely is confined to pre-existing conditions. [Sha'Tara]

Become a believer and you no longer have to be an achiever. Become an achiever and you no longer need to be a believer. [Y-Lea]

Love is a feeling. Like all feelings it is an effect requiring a cause; is short lived, easily perverted and burns itself out as emotion. [Erin WilloWitch]

Corollary: If it is true that "God is love" we have the answer to the toughest question regarding God: The Great Silence. As "love," God is an effect, not a cause. The effect was experienced when nature required its presence as creator, mover, judge and ruler. Man has arrogated divine prerogatives in all these areas thus annulling the God effect. Strictly speaking, "God" has become an icon for those who need to believe in something greater and external to themselves, external to human powers, external to nature and the human mind, external to everything they can conceive. Now ask yourself: Is it any wonder no one can agree on what "God" really is? Who could ever agree on what's external to "me"?

I woke up angry this morning. Good angry. Dreams can do that. They can toss you around, flip you, leave you begging for mercy. Dreams can be terrible reflections in the mirror of the mind. What brought on the anger? The growing "problem" of homelessness in this burgeoning and mushrooming area. The growth boom is attracting many people to Canada's concentrated, cooler, wetter, socially dysfunctional version of California. As always, a growing society also grows social "problems." That's how it is. Gradually, a population boom leads to overpopulation. But it's a comfortable disease, one that kills the body in time but for the moment brings many benefits – or should I say gratification - at least for those who hope to profit by it.

Human society has always been a sick animal. A mindless predator that feeds on parts of itself for its own survival. It's the nature of the beast and nothing any disempowered individual can do about it. Since it's made up of individuals, individuals provide society's fodder. Society is cannibalistic (it can also go ballistic, but that's another topic.). So in a greedy and narcissistic aspect of society you end up with those elites who are served and those teeming numbers who serve them body and soul because they don’t know any better than to stand in front of the steam roller when it comes to town.

Enter the homeless. Which are they? Interesting question. At first glance they appear to be victims of society. A deeper look says, "No, they are not victims. They are that ugly image of what a selfish and self-centered society portrays to itself in its mirror." Metaphorically they represent a cancerous growth showing through society's cheap make-up.

The real victims of society are those who are truly helpless, sucked dry to serve the higher needs. The sick who become the guinea pigs for the medical "profession" and legal drug lords. The part-time, less than minimum wage drones in the fields of dollar store commodities, shoes and clothes, fast foods, accommodation, travel and the vast network of the underpaid so-called service industry. The expendable and starving poor, those who happen to subsist on lands that contain resources the greedy desire. These are the real victims of society, the slaves and martyrs who make society "viable" for those on the higher rungs of the ladder. This is a real societal problem and for this there is a very simple solution available.

But homelessness, the kind we see in the affluent society, is different. It has no apparent solution because it's not actually a problem per se. Homelessness results from society looking at itself in the mirror. When you look at yourself in the mirror and you don't like what you see, the solution does not lie (!) in the mirror. Nothing you do with, or to, the mirror, will change that. The "solution" lies with you. If you cannot do anything about the way you look, then maybe it's better not to look at the mirror. Turn it to the wall, break it, remove it. Whatever. What confronts you in the mirror is not a problem, it's an image.

It's easy to look at a negative situation and label it a problem. Once that's done, society can create another bureaucracy to look into the problem, and another to solve the problem. Enter a new government department. Enter the "benevolent" organization. Enter another curse upon society, another tax burden. And who notices that as the costs of government and benevolent societies mount, so does the so-called "problem" these were set-up to resolve?

Were I installed as dictator tomorrow and the problem of homelessness brought to my attention, I would, as absolute ruler of said society, dictate the immediate round-up of the homeless to be forced into shelters (using currently vacant buildings with proper heat and sanitary facilities.) I would dictate that they be fed properly and given necessary clothing, etc. Then I would dictate that since society is looking after them, their time belongs to society. They live by rules as applying to everyone else and they are put to work in areas now lacking workers due to lack of funds. Case closed. The problem is not solved since it wasn't a problem, but the situation is resolved. And I don't want to hear about this again. Next?

As an individual, which thankfully I am, and not as dictator, I have a solution to the situation of homelessness. Since it is a mirror image of a selfish and decadent society, let's change what is being reflected, not the reflection. Let's deal with the real problem, not the symptom. Let's change "us" as individuals. Let's turn from our narcissism and selfishness, our sickening greed, and teach ourselves to look at our neighbor with "love". Let's no longer accept that "God's in his heaven, the CEO in his penthouse, the bankster on the phone with the CEO, the President robbing the poor to pay the rich, and all's well with the world." The self-centeredness creating that ugly image in the mirror has to go. We want beauty to reflect back to us, so let's become beautiful, in our hearts and minds. The rest will take care of itself.

It only seems impossible because it hasn't been done. Let's move from the realm of the "likely" into the realm of the possible. By doing it. Now. If we become achievers, we won't have to be believers. Another relief. Another burden removed from society as a whole.

Speaking of God, some churches' staff still believe there is one. A downtown church's billboard proudly announces that God is like bleach because he removes the toughest stains. Which tells us that God has a name: Javex. Makes sense, that being the Modern American translation for the old Biblical name of Jehovah. I have used a lot of God in my bathroom over the years. I never realized we were so close, God and I. A word of caution though, don't take him internally.

Some Things Life Has Taught - To This Point


If you would truly know something just let it go.


What is detachment but the deepest connection to life possible? 


Attachments create mental and spiritual blindness and are the greatest barriers to accepting others.


To experience joy is impossible for the one who will not experience sorrow.


Sorrow is being aware of the pain surrounding one. 


Sorrow is a state of mind, not a feeling. It is selfless.


Compassion is the understanding of sorrow.  It is selfless.


Life is a traveling circus.  If the circus ever stopped moving around and stayed in the same place, soon no one would be interested.  To cling to one aspect of life forgetting all others is un-natural.  When the show is over, pull up stakes with a light heart and new dreams.


If all I think of, all I do, is about me then surely I am doomed to die of boredom.


Observe!  A squirrel running across a roadway appears to be flying in undulations.  Such grace of motion!  Left to her own devices, nature tends to make beautiful things.


Music and Song were never meant to titillate the senses.  They are the voice of the heart calling to love and saying, I am listening!  If what you hear isn't doing that it's not the Music nor the Song.


You want to go to heaven when you die?  If you are not already there, you'll never find it.


You do not wish to go to hell when you die?  If you haven't already realized the hells you have been through or created through bad judgment, you are sure to create one for yourself then.


Earth is not a bad place to be for those who have not known better. 


When someone insists on saying, "this is good!" or "this is bad!"  ask: compared to what?


And what do I tell those who say I must believe in this or that to be saved?  Nothing. 


Those who insist that you believe what they believe are telling you they cannot hold onto their belief without your support.  If you do not grant it, either by agreeing or disagreeing, their belief weakens.  This is very threatening to them, hence their tendency to threaten you; hence the need to treat all with compassion. 


The truly "superior" being has nothing to defend.


And worth repeating:  Two good reasons for never owning a gun.  One: whatever the provocation I know I would never be able to use it.  Two: given the provocation I know I would use it.

“Sport” Hunting

Autumn’s V-shaped formations

echo across the morning sky,

but on lakes and seashores,

gun shots shatter a fragile tranquility:

bullets fly, wounding, killing,

tired children who only seek a quiet place

to rest, to eat, to regain strength

for the long journey still ahead.

Some humans can only reason thus:

an increase in wildlife population

equates more "game" which means more "sport"

which their lust for killing brings:

they even have a euphemism for this horror:

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