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Affirmation is a declaration, validation or confirmation of a statement or proposition that you believe to be true.

Research has shown that an average person has around 60,000 thoughts during every day. That is about 42 thoughts per minute. This enormous amount of inner traffic is why we have difficulty living in the present and connecting with other people.

There is also research to show that for most people, 80% of their thoughts are negative. Needless to say, there is close alignment between our thoughts and feelings and, ultimately, our reality.

When you make a positive affirmation, you are taking conscious control of your thoughts. When you say, think, hear or read a positive statement, those thoughts create your reality. Affirmations are conscious thoughts. Through the repetition of affirmations, positive mental images are created in the conscious and subconscious mind, which in turn affect our behaviour, actions, decisions and feelings. Thus, affirmation is one of the most powerful techniques available for creating profound and sustainable life changes.

Positive affirmation can inspire, motivate, encourage, strengthen, energize, influence and activate us, creating permanent change. All you have to do is plant the positive seeds of your desires first thing in the morning, when you get up, and before you go to bed at night. This sets you up for a greater day and allows the thoughts to penetrate deep into your subconscious mind overnight.


In the “What is an Affirmation?” section, we explained the potentially life-changing power of affirmation that, with repetition, can inspire, energise and encourage you. The reason, the only reason, for these positive outcomes is that the affirmation you are saying, hearing and reading is congruent with your deeply held values and you believe it. Otherwise, affirmation could actually be counterproductive, creating a war zone of inner struggle in your brain.

Let us demonstrate this.

Let’s say you believe that you are irreversibly “unattractive and worthless” — a lot of the positive affirmation authors out there will advise you to repeat “I am beautiful” or “I am worthy” over and over again. In fact, a lot of the affirmations that are on the internet are written from a theory based on reiteration, but in reality no amount of repetition will change your deeply-held belief, if you don’t agree with it. If anything, repetition will create the opposite outcome by making you feel like a liar, when you are saying something that conflicts with what you believe. With each positive declaration, your subconscious mind will cry out, saying “It’s not true, it’s not true!”. This conflict uses up a great deal of our energy and creates massive tension in the body. The end result is that the negative belief becomes stronger, as it fights for survival. What you really desire fails to manifest.

Sadly, a lot of the affirmations out there are thrown at us without any proper thought. There is no consideration about resolving conflicts with our beliefs and no structured system for connecting the affirmations with both the conscious and subconscious mind. This is why many affirmations simply don’t work.

At My Mind Valley we identify and solve this big problem — the struggle, in the mindset of people, that stops them benefiting from the incredible power of positive words of affirmation. Our solution is ground-breaking — it has not hitherto been available in the market.

We have developed an affirmation system that no longer only runs with bold, positive statements. Instead, we use systematic and strategic ordering, allowing for the required mind-shift. The process from negative to positive begins by breaking down barriers, releasing resistance and preparing our mind for change. Then, the bold, positive affirmation statements can properly sink in and serve their purpose.


We have created three stages of affirmation within each topic.

1. Letting Go

In this section, the affirmations we have written specifically focus on letting go of particular unwanted beliefs, blocks and behaviours that no longer serve us. We surrender our resistance to change.


• “I am willing to let go of all the things that no longer serve me”

• “I am willing to let go of all my expectations and the need to control everything”

• “I release all fears of not being perfect or not being good enough”

• “I let go of self-loathing and other unproductive beliefs that don’t serve me”

2. Opening Up

In this section we affirm our intention to allow the creation of a new pattern or a new habit. We get ready to enter a new chapter, preparing ourselves for good things to happen. We open our hearts and let the energy flow to us and through us. We start connecting with the here-and-now. Instead of trying to force things, we simply allow life to happen.


• “I know that change is necessary to take me wherever I need to go and I am open for the universe to lead me there”

• “I am open to farewelling old habits and to breaking new ground!”

• “Today I will be open to the process of change”

• “I breathe freely, without constraints”

• “Today, I ask my higher self to guide me and I trust that all good things will come to me”

3. Asserting

By now, we have expressed our intention to let go of our resistance. We are open to new beliefs and our mindset has shifted. We will be able to say some bold and positive affirmations and really believe them. We are grounded and open to bringing our intentions to manifestation. This set of affirmations brings specific intentions and wishes into our physical experience. The assertions we make here lead to fulfilment of our purpose-driven goals.

Examples (these may also be sentences relevant to the specific topic):

• “I am grateful”

• “I am beautiful”

• “I am brilliant”

• “I am loving”

• “I am loveable”

The purpose of these three steps is to progressively shift our negative beliefs to positive beliefs, whilst ensuring the affirmations appeal to, and are aligned with, our logical and emotional mind. This staging of the affirmations allows the mind to gradually understand, observe and digest the changes. So, there is a natural flow and progression that allows the manifestation of personal change to happen effortlessly.

At My Mind Valley we have identified affirmations on specific subjects that are on the market, but they are not specific enough. We also know that different people learn differently, but a lot of the affirmations out there don’t take account of the learning process for all the different subjects. So, we have created:

Over 30 topics, with affirmations carefully designed for specific challenges in life, rather than just the bundle of generic affirmations that are often and easily found

Audio, video and eBook formats that are available for our affirmations, making it easy for you to select your preferred method of learning

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