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Positive Thoughts



Winners never quit…

They fight till their last breathe…

Birister Sharma

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Dedicated to my loving parents

I surrendered to you, O my Lord……

Om Namah Shivaya”

One word

You’re bound to win! You’ve every right to win!

You’ve to stand alone if you want to win in your life.

You’ve to see your clear visions and missions.

You’ve to rise above the ground.

You’ve to standstill, no matter how many tough situations will strike you.

If you want to win in your life, then you’ve to kick your first goal.

Never scare of the rising high tides, but make your own ways.

Accept every challenge of your life as your new opportunity.

Build yourself so strong and powerful that you could defeat your every opponent.

Recreate your own stamina and strength.

The greatest zenith of your success is always waiting for you.

You’ve the power to reach at the top of the world.

You’ve the potential to shine in your life.

You’ve guts to claim your victory, and nobody can stop you.

Open your wide arms to hold your grand success and glory.

You’ve the power to bounce back from every hardship and failures.

You can stand firmly like the giant mountain, and nobody can move you away from your path.

You’ve every right to touch the greatest height of your achievements.

It is only you who could stand alone on the greatest summit of your success.

Your life is always in the ditch of the thousands of challenges, but you’ve to jump into it.

Nothing is impossible for you. You’re the only one who could reach anywhere in the world.

Nobody can stop you to cross the greatest height of your success and glory.

Only you can re-kindle your dying hopes.

Only you can control your success and glory.

If you want to win, then never stop, just go on, move on, run on and on and never stop and never retire.

You’re bound to win!



The winners are the people who failed countless numbers of times, but they never quit.

They are the people who will accept failure gladly, but they never run away from their cherish goals.



Always see yourself as a winner; otherwise you’ll never perform as a winner.

Always remember: as you see yourself as you become in your life.

If you see yourself as a winner, you’ll become as a winner.

If you see yourself as a loser, you’ll become as a loser.



Feel like a winner from inside.

Feel like a winner from outside.

Behave like a winner.

Talk like a winner.

Walk like a winner.

No matter how far you’re behind by others.

Always think like a winner and act like a winner.



Winners never afraid of long distance.

Winners never scared of hard works.

Winners never frightened of challenges.

Winners never terrified of sacrifices.

Winners are always ready to face everything willingly.

Nobody can move them away from their success paths.

They are made of strong and brave heart.



Winners never wait for their opportunities.

They create their own opportunities.

Winners never believe in their lucks.

They believe in their hard works.

They never depend on anybody.

They are ever independent.



Winners never believe in wishing.

They believe in doing.

Winners are practical in their every approach.

They are the maker of their own fortunes.



Winners are born to win.

They think to win.

They imagine to win.

They dream to win.

They plan to win.

They decide to win.

They prepare to win.

They work to win.

They love to win.

They die to win.

The winners are the real hero.



Winners seek success in their every failure.

No failure has ever defeated them.

In every failure, they find new inspiration.

Winners seek solution to their every problem.

No problem ever demoralizes them.

In every problem, they find new zest.

Winners seek new ways in their every challenge.

No challenge ever shatters them.

In every challenge, they find new enthusiasm.



The winners are the makers of their own positive habits.

The winners are the makers of their own powerful habits.

The winners are the makers of their own good habits.

The winners are the makers of their own strong habits.



Winners only focus on their thinking.

Winners only focus on their planning.

Winners only focus on their working.

Winners only focus on their winning.

They have no time to focus on anything.

They have a laser like the sharp focus on their winning.



The best friends of the winners are always winners.

They talk with the winners.

They walk with the winners.

They sing with the winners.

They dance with the winners.

They enjoy with the winners.

They move with the winners.

They always live with the winners.



The winners are the true challengers.

They accept every challenge of their life gladly.

They embrace every calamity and adversity of their life with a smile.

But they never step back.

They always step forward to face everything.



Every winner has scars.

Their scars are their ornaments.

They are proud of their painful scars.

Their scars are the identity card of their hardships and tough challenges.

Their scars are the symbol of their grand success and victory.



Winners never tired of trying.

They keep their trying until they will not accomplish their winning trophy.

They never stop their trying.

They keep their trying till the end of their life.

But they never halt their trying.

They are even ready to die while trying in their endeavours.

But they never give up trying.



The winners are the true dreamers.

They believe in their dreams.

They see their dreams in real images.

They never see their dreams in virtual images.

They know how to convert their dreams into reality.

They never see their dreams in darkness.

They ever see their dreams in brightness.

They think about their dreams.

They plan for their dreams.

They work for their dreams.

They fulfill their dreams into realities.



Winners know their talents.

Winners know their skills.

They know their strong points.

They know their weak points.

They know how to utilize their natural potentials.

They know how to polish their God-gifted talents and skills.

They never allow these natural treasures in worthless things.

They exploit these valuable things in their grand success and victory.



Winners never misguide by the mirages of life.

They never wander in their life.

They find their own ways and directions.

No sand storms and thunderstorms ever stop them.

They are like a giant mountain.

Nobody can ever halt them.



Winners always believe in their excellence.

They believe in their best works.

They believe in their best performances.

They believe in their best actions.

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