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Positive Thoughts


Your Soul!

Change your ways of life….

Transform your world….

Birister Sharma

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Dedicated to my loving parents

I surrendered to you, O my Lord……

Om Namah Shivaya”

One Word

Your positive outlook will always help you to turn your dreams into realities.

Your positive outlook is the source of your success and happiness.

Never leave your positive outlook.

Always keep it closed to your heart like your most valuable treasure.

If you’re positive, you can see even in the darkness of your hazy road.

If you’re positive, you can see your goddess of success even in your fierce defeat.

If you’re positive, you can see your blooming happiness even in the wild storms of your adversities.

If you’re positive, you can see your solutions even in the Himalayan task of your problems.

If you’re positive, you’ll always see positive result in everything.

If you’re positive, you’ll always see the good things in everything.

If you’re positive, you’ll always see grand triumph in everything.

If you’re positive, you’ll always see new fortune in everything

Be always positive in your life, no matter whatsoever happens in your life.

Keep your positive thoughts.

Keep your positive ideas.

Keep your positive plans.

Keep your positive attitudes.

Keep your positive habits.

Keep your positive actions.



Life is like a Flowing River

Life is like a flowing river…it never stops anywhere…it only stops when it reaches its ultimate destiny which is the last breath.



Keep Your Smile Alive

Never forget to pass your sweet fragrance like smile.

Keep it alive.

No matter whatever happens in your life.

In every harsh condition a small flower never forgets to pass its smile and fragrance.

Be like a small flower.



World is like a big open book

We have read many million pages of books in our lives,

but only a few hundred people learn the real wisdom and knowledge.

The main reason behind is that we have only read the bookish wisdom and knowledge,

but we have failed to read the real wisdom and knowledge of our world.

Read it with your open mind, heart and soul.



Share Your Wisdom, Knowledge and Experience

If you really want to share something in your life,

then share your wisdom, knowledge and experience so that someone’s life will change because of your wisdom, knowledge and experience.



How you live your life is a big matter!

What I have learned while driving my car is…it is not a big deal how many long distance you would drive your car, but how comfortably you drive…

It is also implied to our life…i.e. How long we live in this world is not a big matter, but how happily and peacefully we live our life is a big matter.



The Most Beautiful Person!

Do you want to know who the most beautiful person in your life is?

Then, see yourself everyday in the mirror.

You’ll know the most beautiful person in your life.



Fall in love with yourself!

How many times do you fall in love with yourself?

Ask yourself..

At least once…

You’ll know yourself what thing you are missing the most in your life.



Who is your best friend?

Who is the best friend in your life?

The best friend is one who always stayed with us in every circumstance of our life no matter whatever happens.

I didn’t find anyone in my life except myself…

What is your conclusion?



Be an addict of love!

Love is the only intoxicating dose which makes your life beautiful and heavenly…

Be an addict of love, it’ll cement the foundation of every relationship in your life.



Difference of good things and bad things!

Bad things and rumours spread like the wild fire and nuclear explosions.

Good things and realities move like the tortoise race and snail pace.

But there is a huge difference between the two events,

Because the former has a short life and the latter has a long life…



Follow your own advices

Many times we gave many valuable advices to other people,

But when it comes to our turn to follow the same,

We, unfortunately, failed to do so.



Know Yourself!

The moment you know yourself truly,

You will know the real purpose of your life…

You will know the real meaning of your world…



Listen to Yourself!

Nobody can listen to you better than you yourself.

The more you listen to yourself,

The more you will unearth the real person dwelling inside you…



Read Your own Mind!

Many people try to read the minds of other people,

But, unfortunately, they couldn’t read the minds of themselves.

Read your own mind!



You’re Never Alone!

You’re never alone in your life,

Because wherever you go,

Whatever you do,

Your thoughts are always with you…



Good things only happened when we do good things!

Many times we grumble ourselves that good things are not happening in our lives,

But we don’t know how many times we’ve done good things to ourselves…

Good things are only happening in our lives when we do good things.



Learn Something Worthwhile

Many people couldn’t learn anything worthwhile,

Because they have spent their entire lives while gossiping and criticizing the other people.


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