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A Sentence A Day

Volume 1

By Jeff C. Whitaker


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September 2016 - The Beginning




January 2017 - Last year of my 20s








September 2017

Notes - Commentary & Explanations


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This one is for myself. I am sharing it; also for me. Thank you #20 for everything though I pray that wasn’t everything.


Though this is volume one of a series, this is step two towards my goal of being a professional writer, author and publisher immediately following 32 Words & Things to consider when using them. After completing a work strictly on singular words the natural progression towards those goals is a work strictly on singular and [sometimes] complete sentences. This is that work.


I want to be a professional writer, author and publisher. I never went to school for English or writing specifically, nor have I worked as a paid writer. At 23 or 24 I began to focus on self-awareness. By 28 I had worked as a bar-back, landscaper, insurance agent (2 times), for a pyramid scheme and in 2 different types of start-ups as a Chief Creative Officer and Vice President of Operations. Each step brought me closer to this point.

I learned that, unless you pay an exorbitant amount to go back to college, no one will tell you how to make this happen, especially with no experience or connections. I applied to creative agencies and publishers, all to no avail. I fortunately had gotten a taste of the freedom I would experience if I could somehow become a professional with these various ventures and I never wanted to go back to working in someone else’s office again.

I learned everything that I could about writing and, like basketball; professional writers turn pro through consistent and progressive practice of the craft. Even after 4 years of college I know I must develop more as I turn professional much like NBA Rookies. Though I have been writing in some capacity all my life, the professional game is much different and I must return to my fundamentals before trying more advanced stuff, because you must crawl in order to walk.

I broke my “game” down to the smallest part of English in 32 Words examining the creation of words, separation of syllables, ways English is used and more. Once I had an understanding of how a single word comes into use and acceptance within a language or dialect the next step was practicing full sentences.

As a creative, I had this idea that successful artists had to use alcohol, weed or some other substances to create and the product would come from there. Since I officially decided to become a writer I learned way too much to think I ever seriously believed that.

Stephen King’s writing regimen1 is not unique to him. He writes a set amount of words consistently over time. Takes a break to take in the world before coming back to his work. He does this all totally sober. I had no idea how I would make the in-depth study of singular sentences into a fruitful, yet regimented project without getting sidetracked. So I scaled back the writing for a while to produce The Planner (coming soon) first as a way to hold myself accountable for being consistent while tracking my progress, and more importantly, my setbacks.

Once I had created a personal system that worked for me, I began to test ways to do away with a “work-life balance” in favor of a lifestyle that would be profitable and exciting. On my 28th birthday, I went to a book fair and saw a workbook called One Sentence A Day2 and it all made sense.

At the start of this project I wasn’t sure I would finish, but the ideas were coming in fast so I took notes of thoughts that came from the sentence that day. Those notes are in the ‘Notes’ section at the end of the book and will be denoted throughout the following pages, if there is a corresponding note, like this: (Notes, Corresponding #).

A sentence a day started as a tracking system for my progress and became a journal tracking my moods, thoughts, influences, successes and failures of each day. These are daily snapshots of my millennial life in its simplest form.

I hope you enjoy.

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25. NO DRINKING (Notes, 1) FOR A YEAR (Notes, 2)

26. Do my actions Honor Me or My God? - Cell 39 (Notes, 3)

27. Toast to the Journey… - Nwosu

28. Guilt is useless; love is our guide.

29. Everyone has their own Agenda; stick to yours. // Don’t let the fear of losing be GREATER than the EXCITEMENT OF WINNING.

30. Most questions need not be asked if we respect time.

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(Notes, 4)

1. What’s the difference between Do and Due? (Notes, 5)

2. ALWAYS FORWARD; and make sure they spell your name right!

3. You’ll need God before God needs you. - Mom

4. Never outshine the master.3

5. Be thankful for everything; you’re alive. // Your biggest blessing is now.

6. There are infinite impediments to consistency. // Are you making excuses or do you have justifications? (Notes, 6)

7. What about the prosecutor? (Note, 7)

8. Is it better to feel used or useless?

9. Create.

10. The true value of TIME is inconceivable.

11. I can’t afford to be broke.

12. “I been on a different type of time” - Dave Ea$t (Notes, 8); when I got on a regular schedule is when I became regular.

13. A lot of it will be review but you must learn something new daily.

14. The realest niggas seem to value loyalty the same as or more than cash.

15. Consistency is inconveniently simple. // Fuck bitches, get money - Never hate.

16. Your secrets hold you back.

17. It’s easy to do what you want, the hard part is knowing when to do the opposite.

18. Be ready so you won’t have to get ready. - Wise black old heads

19. The only way out is through.

20. Walk away or try harder?

21. Practice stress prevention.

22. Moms are the best!

23. You leading a double-life is why you lost her.

24. Happy Birthday Jamie.

25. Is it all for the afterlife?

26. What is the value of a picture to an illiterate man?

27. Some days you have 3 pimples including one on the middle of your nose and everyone wants to take your picture.

28. You need time with yourself.

29. Thank you Lord.

30. 2016 Presidential Candidate write-ins are “off” too, it seems.

31. Happy Birthday Ian!

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1. What does motivation look like?


3. Re-invent yourself.

4. I’m battling myself.

5. Patience is a lifesaver. (Notes 9)

6. Pay it forward.

7. I talk a lot; don’t write enough either.

8. Rest in Peace Jermaine (Notes, 10)& Gregory.

9. Ball is life.

10. Look at God. - Eric Johnson

11. Learn to say ‘No.’

12. Enjoy YOURSELF.

13. Anything can happen.

14. …At the end of the day, they are worried because they wonder if you can take care of yourself…

15. If you know what’s really good, you gotta know what’s really bad too. (Notes, 11)

16. Nothing is more powerful than love; God is love.

17. Friends are the family (Notes, 12) you get to choose (Notes, 13)

18. Love is an undeniable choice. (Notes, 14)

19. A freethinker shouldn’t share thoughts for free.

20. Love is finding the most interest during the most mundane things. (Notes, 15)

21. A King never has to announce himself as such. (Notes, 16)

22. The hardest part is verbalizing your feelings

23. Time is relative

24. Children are a chance to right our wrongs

25. I say ‘gut’ in place of ‘heart’ because it’s less threatening.

26. Be ready you never have to get ready… (Notes, 17)

27. Get to your spots and follow the shot.

28. A winning season is a fun season


30. For family, the kids and money, put God first.

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1. If we all followed the “golden rule” would we really need it? (Notes, 18)

2. Why does ‘gay’ change meaning as much as ‘nigger,’ but receive more love?

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