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  1. A real leader - ‘God’, is the one who empowers everyone but still unknown.

  2. "Earth is the mother and Sun is the father" without them there would not have been life.

  3. "Materialism and Spirituality" are the two extremes in one's life and are also so close to the end.

  4. "The Best is the enemy of the Good" or "Good is better than the best."

  5. A body is the manifestation of the universe in the form of energy People rarely realize that they are everything from micro to macro.

  6. A child immediately after birth responds to change in environment by crying. A child responds whereas learned people are insensitive to environmental changes.

  7. A conscious person can create a better world than a self-conscious person.

  8. A cover is more valued than the gift.

  9. A doctor need not have a greater lifespan, as believed.

  10. A face is more appreciated than the feet.

  11. A floating free mug, in a bucket of water, under a running tap, gets battered rather moves away.

  12. A friend is a friend beyond reasons, or else friendships would be classified.

  13. A generalist lives longer than a specialist.

  14. A great leader brings consensus among people rather concludes.

  15. A great Ph.D. often has only one percent of original thought.

  16. A home is also a place for peace.

  17. A home should also aspire one towards spirituality.

  18. A leader comes forward to take a risk, shares his experiences and works for many for the common good.

  19. A leader is not a leader.

  20. A leader is not a vacuum cleaner sucking the power of everyone around them to become the most powerful leader.

  21. A leader is one who also shows direction.

  22. A leader should address the spark rather letting it grow into a raging fire.

  23. A leader should be visionary and aspire to bring greater change rather than looking for means to achieve small things.

  24. A leader should show leadership consistently and address the challenges in the areas of common interest.

  25. A leader takes care, the security and welfare of the staff.

  26. A leader who works on the strength of others can only create great leaders.

  27. A leader who works on the weakness of others can only create disciples.

  28. A leader will turn chaos into an organization.

  29. A mighty lion need not be as intelligent as a fox.

  30. A person having too much wealth is like a snake with strong poison, neither happy nor secure.

  31. A person is conscious, achieved through a combination of means such as awareness, being, sensitivity, knowledge, learn, experience, understand and wisdom.

  32. A person sleeping on a bed in a subconscious state has the sense of the dimensions of the bed - in the night the person in sleep rolls or rotates based on the existing space, but does not cross the limits of the bed and very rarely falls.

  33. A state of known or unknown fear for life and vulnerability makes a person conscious.

  34. A suffering person is more compassionate than a content person.

  35. Abusing someone is a statement, that is about sex or a relationship or state that is not true.

  36. Accidental deaths attain more importance than slow deaths.

  37. Achieving the goal implies all the processes followed are the best.

  38. Aiming best need not stop doing good.

  39. All other life on earth has more freedom than the humans.

  40. All the Values around a subject are also important.

  41. Almost no animal sees a mirror in its life, but they all look beautiful at least there is no relative comparison among themselves as much as we do.

  42. Although principles and laws are universal, adaptations are necessary in space and time, that is the reason why there is so much diversity of species and practices on the Earth.

  43. Although something happens every day, get the attention of people very rarely.

  44. Always thinking to stop thinking, being awake, knowing oneself is meditation which solves one's problems in life.

  45. An animal is more conscious of its environment as compared to human beings.

  46. An ant is never seen sleeping under a tree in spite of securing its food.

  47. Animals have rarely seen their faces, but they understand their beauty through community response.

  48. Anything not shared is like a "Drama without the audience" - Thinking that one day I will do it myself is a significant loss to the world.

  49. Appearance is easy, instead of achieving than real qualifications and qualities.

  50. Appreciate, understand and live with the Earth.

  51. Are you interested in investing and buying a piece of land sir? No, I consider the whole earth as mine, and there is no need to buy.

  52. As a kid playing marbles on the ground mostly in a squatted position, is like a monkey jumping from one place to another, it is good for the growth and health of the kid.

  53. As an element of "GEO Spirit" try to understand why the earth has provided us everything to celebrate another day.

  54. Bad is more discussed and shared than good.

  55. Before and after nothing, there is something in between that is life.

  56. Before planting a tree, recognize a tree to conserve, and protect a tree to save.

  57. Being conscious and striving towards super-consciousness is the ultimate path for great leaders.

  58. Being in 'Human Being' is sensitivity.

  59. Being in a polluted environment, one does not get fresh air and become polluted.

  60. Being is not sharing.

  61. Being oneself is also important, rather just living for others.

  62. Being present and curious is the way of life.

  63. Being present gives peace and rest to mind and body.

  64. Being sensitive consistently would lead to vision, knowledge acquisition and action.

  65. Bigger the vision greater the leader.

  66. Biochar is one of the means to share values of the environment, ecology, and the earth.

  67. Blue planet is turning into a brown planet, due to all types of pollution.

  68. Business is for profit or loss - Goal is ultimate, and there is no loss, on the path one will end up somewhere, if not the final Goal.

  69. Business is sharing benefits by all stakeholders.

  70. But for the black color of charcoal, it would have been used extensively for all purposes.

  71. Career graphs could be non-linear too.

  72. Cattle walking in a field rarely trample the young saplings, they eat rather than waste. Human beings are less sensitive and responsible towards the resources they are dependent upon.

  73. Change a situation or change yourself that is change-change.

  74. Change by all means.

  75. Children are simple, honest and just great, adults turn opposite for livelihoods

  76. Comment is better than liking Loving is better than a comment.

  77. Commitment is more important than sincerity.

  78. Copying in exams is cheating, life is about mostly copying.

  79. Corruption had been a lubricant for the free flow of things for a supporter of crime.

  80. Curiosity diminishes with age.

  81. Diversity within human species is because of equal opportunities.

  82. Doctors rarely ask about the source and cause; they only diagnose the present condition.

  83. Doing nothing or doing something both are painful to some people.

  84. Doing too much work is a way out for escaping from immediate concerns.

  85. Don't be the cause of desire for others because desire is the cause of sorrow for them or you could be in sorrow.

  86. Don't blame the source, when the process is at fault.

  87. Don't let someone wait for you; it is like taking away that much time from one's life.

  88. Don't lose respect for self-respect.

  89. Don't see what is shown, see what you want to see.

  90. Dream big, start big - in the journey, smaller things are always achievable.

  91. Each shell has a story; they are from the same school, but so diverse and beautiful.

  92. Earth will not be rich if one earns.

  93. Education most often helps one to find a job; real life starts after education.

  94. Education should bring humbleness and simplicity, instead of making people complicated and exclusive.

  95. Enjoying the death of life - Petroleum products and fuel for energy.

  96. Enlightened people are needed among masses and disciples.

  97. Even a little selfishness in the leader will not inspire others to become great leaders.

  98. Every bad situation is for something good.

  99. Every death is a source of new life.

  100. Everyone living on earth can work only for the earth.

  101. Everyone loves the freedom of thought and act.

  102. Everything is a reason for the person who wants to fight.

  103. Everything is part of cosmos, the life between birth and death is an event. There are only moments in life.

  104. Except for human beings, nothing is busy on Earth.

  105. Farmers as leaders rather just producers would solve many of their problems.

  106. Farthest things are brought too close to make life miserable.

  107. Flood is tears and drought is sadness.

  108. For realizing great dreams, one need not sleep.

  109. Freedom to choose what one loves is real life.

  110. Giving is freedom.

  111. Giving is the complete meaning of life.

  112. God enjoys sometimes seeing our mistakes.

  113. God has no identity.

  114. God is not the beggar to receive alms to clean your sins.

  115. God knows everything about You, but You know very little about God.

  116. Great leaders are unknown when there is peace, harmony, and wellbeing, in reality, there are many great leaders in those areas, and they are empowered.

  117. Great leaders love, live and strive for the freedom of everyone.

  118. Having patience is the secret of success.

  119. Highest understanding of anything leads to the truth which is unexplainable, and that is GOD.

  120. Hope a doctor does not wish to see his case again. A lawyer resolves a clients case at the earliest. Government school teachers admit their children in the same school.

  121. Hope someone asks do you have insurance rather asking is your vehicle insured- Humans are least valued on earth.

  122. Hope the corruption comes down unless the sadistic, unbiased and constipation nature of the authorities comes down, things won't be smooth.

  123. Hope to see every day a better world.

  124. How difficult living a life with no goal.

  125. Human education is the costliest investment.

  126. Human minds are the stepping stones for the progress of knowledge and consciousness in time.

  127. Humans understood and intelligently used the power of fire for thriving on earth. Similarly, some dinosaurs also used fire to their advantage and ruled the earth.

  128. I am green only when everything around me is green.

  129. I am ok you.. are not ok.

  130. If a beggar perceives the giver as God, then there is no God, which is not true.

  131. If a leader does not promote second, third and other levels of leadership, the organization fails.

  132. If a person throws garbage at a place, everyone follows.

  133. If doctors can't live longer how can they guarantee a patient?

  134. If every part of a body is respected equally, one will buy kilos of facial cream to apply everywhere.

  135. If money is one's ultimate goal, one's job is very hard.

  136. If not the loud speaker, one can be the source - the mike.

  137. If one has to live on earth, the resources and environment are helping us to live. One has to work for all, and one cannot live for oneself.

  138. If one loves need not own.

  139. If one shares accomplishments, with their mother, means one has done good work.

  140. If one thinks I belong to a nation, they are smaller, but if one considers I belong to the earth, they are bigger in life.

  141. If one wants real freedom, they appreciate others freedom.

  142. If someone thinks why I am thinking for every thought, leads to a cyclic loop of no-thinking.

  143. If sustainability is adopted by every living being on earth the way humans do, everything would be exploited, and nothing sustains on earth.

  144. If sustainability is adopted by every living thing on the earth as humans do, everything would have disappeared.

  145. If you can't avoid drenching in the rain, enjoy it.

  146. If you don't like tell ten people; if you like tell two people.

  147. If you want to be respected, don't disrespect others.

  148. Ignore your opponent's mischiefs; they will become fools themselves.

  149. In one life many challenges accomplished, is like taking rebirth many times in this very life.

  150. In one's life, more time is spent on bad things than on good things.

  151. In the class addressed the participants "I am telling the truth and only truth, you need not write, because the truth could be verified anytime."

  152. In the name of sustainability or anticipating funds, one must not do mean things.

  153. In the unknown depth of challenges in one's life, one could remain afloat and be happy.

  154. Intention and initiative are essential in realizing one's goal.

  155. Intervention beyond carrying capacity is exploitation.

  156. Involving children and youth is more important for fresh ideas, who have more capacity and time to change the world

  157. It is better to be shameless rather losing respect for self-respect.

  158. It is better to do something than just talking.

  159. It is easy to destruct rather construct.

  160. It is easy to get a politician but challenging to get the time of an intellectual.

  161. It is easy to get married and have kids for a Ph.D. student, then completing the thesis.

  162. It is OK to be a fox, if not the tiger; Fox is still surviving, tigers are endangered.

  163. It is very rare that people resolve a movement, but engage in a new movement.

  164. It takes a day to be the CEO, but if someone gives the same position, one needs to wait for years. That is the difference between a real leader and a leader working for someone else.

  165. Kids are explicit in choosing what they like.

  166. Leadership is not about depriving others and making them dependent on the leader forever.

  167. Learning and earning need not be related aspects of one's life.

  168. Learning, living, and life are different.

  169. Least considered parts in a human body are given maximum respect.

  170. Level of happiness is experienced and incomparable.

  171. Liberation from source gives one freedom.

  172. Life and time are limited, I don't understand my car components but driving and enjoying it.

  173. Life expands through knowing, knowing and knowing.

  174. Life is a celebration, enjoy what one has chosen.

  175. Life is also about knowing, i.e., I know what I know reality and way of life ultimately in misery or bliss. I know you know what I know - assessment. I know what

I don't know - the inspiration for learning and understanding. I know what you don't know arrogance (often). I know you know what I don't know more than what I don't know overconfidence. I don't know what I don't know - bliss, like a just born child.

  1. Life is being curious, knowing, acting and experiencing.

  2. Life is comfortable for those who love living for others.

  3. Life is miserable if one can't enjoy the place where one stands.

  4. Life is present, present means moments and memories.

  5. Life is simple don't make it complicated.

  6. Like peak oil and peak governance, when we arrive at peak ideas that is the end of the joy of living.

  7. Love your job not a day of work.

  8. Loving as a whole is more important than love in parts.

  9. Majority of people like slavery jobs instead of choosing freedom.

  10. Members of a family are like diving birds, occasionally resurface to discover that they are a family.

  11. Men and women exist in the same body - two opposites culminate into one, that is the flow of energy.

  12. Money is a myth between real and unreal values.

  13. Money should be one's demand and command One should not become a slave of Money.

  14. My soul loves my body. Who am I?

  15. No day is certain, deal with the present.

  16. No knowledge has been created without following the principles of science existing even before humans were born on this earth

  17. No knowledge is free, but decisions are difficult in this world of information and communication revolution.

  18. No one can compete when one wants to give.

  19. No one would through water on the ground and expect a plant to consume it all without wastage.

  20. No person can be in the conscious state all the time.

  21. No sleeping backlogs in life.

  22. No wife or husband has ever divorced a partner telling that he or she is highly corrupt and cannot continue to live together.

  23. One can be clean, but never be cleanest.

  24. One can choose to work hard when young, but need to be smart when old.

  25. One for all and all for one, but never one for oneself.

  26. One goes to a practicing doctor although he deals with life, there are no perfect Doctors. Don't wait for perfection to present something.

  27. One has no confidence in passing the same exam in the life-time without preparation?!

  28. One remembers one's enemy more than the god.

  29. One was born on this earth empty, gained knowledge and made a life and one has no right to hold knowledge forever through patents and copyrights.

  30. One who can value every moment in life can only do good.

  31. One will not have just what one wants; one would have what one does not want too.

  32. One's existence on earth would cause the impacts such as A) People are happy, and I am happy; b) People are happy, and I am not happy; c) People are not happy, and I am happy.

  33. One's problem is solved when one works for others problem.

  34. Ones face does not tell about one's education and experience.

  35. Ones kids are loved more than one's own parents.

  36. Only humans need time to appear as beautiful. None of the life forms spend the time to look beautiful.

  37. Only ten percent of the body and mind is exposed.

  38. Only true Leaders can strive for the emergence of great leaders.

  39. Open Knowledge is Freedom.

  40. Otherwise, people engaged in social networking sites an earthquake made them come on to the streets and at least see the real faces.

  41. Our pet animals enjoy every space in a home than we do.

  42. Our understanding of humans and animals is less although they are intelligent and with so many senses, and we rarely understood plants and their needs.

  43. Patenting sometimes is like holding a pet with a belt and taken for a stroll.

  44. Patents, Copyrights and Intellectual Property Rights have been made slaves by those who claim otherwise knowledge is free.

  45. Peak Governance is due to reaching the limits of goodies, reservations, subsidies, schemes, grants, taxes, debts, promises, etc. Governance in many countries is on the verge of collapse because of reaching the above limits.

  46. People avoid earth while they live, but have to embrace when they leave.

  47. People believe that God will influence decisions, but need to approach humans for the result.

  48. People rarely go to someone for treatment of mind. Doctors treat the bodies the "effect" rather the mind that is the "cause."

  49. Plants have an extended soul with oneself and the life around.

  50. Postures mimicking the life keeps one healthy that is yoga postures

  51. Poverty need not lessen pride.

  52. Presence of fire, smoke, charcoal, and ash bring sanctity to any place.

  53. Rain makes everything happy.

  54. Real beauty is through thought and deed.

  55. Rebirth in same life is possible through diversification and sensitivity.

  56. Religion is adaptable for many, but to be spiritual, it is difficult for many.

  57. Respect, self-respect, shyness, and Shame - losing something and gaining something is life.

  58. Save Earth or Save Ourselves - If we vacate earth, everything will be in harmony.

  59. Saying Yes or No is the costliest thing on earth.

  60. Science has less meaning unless it helps for a better living and environment.

  61. Selective leadership for name, fame, money and other benefits is not real leadership.

  62. Sensitivity is the source of awareness, knowledge, and action.

  63. Sensitivity leads to awareness, knowledge, and act; it is important to be sensible than knowledgeable.

  64. Shame is internal what one thinks; respect is external what others think.

  65. Sharing is Freedom and Integrity.

  66. Sharing when one has less has more meaning than when one has plenty.

  67. Skin makes the difference. Otherwise, everything underneath is just flesh and bones.

  68. Solutions come from confusion; best people are always confused.

  69. Some celebrities are most insecure in their homes than in public.

  70. Some form of energy called 'I' in time and space is your life.

  71. Someone gave blood; someone tested, someone claimed the report.

  72. Sometimes deadlines help one achieve better results.

  73. Sometimes people like and lie for various reasons.

  74. Space is never empty; forms of energy occupy it.

  75. Speaking, reading and writing is the sequence of communication one uses the most in life, but only writing is tested to qualify for exams.

  76. Spirit is the consciousness of self and universe.

  77. Standing at the peak is more difficult than reaching it.

  78. Sustain sustainability of sustainability by sustainability for sustainability is an ability.

  79. Taking more and more pills does not mean that one is becoming healthier. Giving up the pills is healthiness.

  80. Teaching is enhancing sensitivity and interest in the pupil through sharing knowledge.

  81. Technology can not belittle leadership.

  82. Thank god you gave me another day to celebrate.

  83. The average is not normal we are part of the histogram, and every other position is special.

  84. The chance to choose one's destiny is freedom; it never comes without sacrifices.

  85. The continuous consciousness is being.

  86. The conversation about money is simple; it is the declaration that is important.

  87. The culture and tradition is a sustainable practice happened over the years.

  88. The extreme form of de-fragmentation is unification.

  89. The freedom of thought and sharing liberates one from the material world.

  90. The game of business makes simple things complex.

  91. The grass is the primary source for plant-animal flows of energy.

  92. The more we are stuck, continue to enjoy a given situation and seldom ready for a change.

  93. The power of speech is also relevant to intention.

  94. The reasoning is the highest form of practice to be conscious.

  95. The source is more important than anything else.

  96. The source is more important than the end.

  97. The spirit of the earth is the spirit of you.

  98. The third generation can reach more than six generations.

  99. The thought of death and insecurity in life also leads one towards being in the super-consciousness state.

  100. The way one prefers to dress before sleep is the real freedom.

  101. The world around us will be even more beautiful when life partner is happy.

  102. There are always challenges at every stage in our life, overcoming them is what life is all about.

  103. There are some good things to learn from everyone.

  104. There is a lot to learn from an illiterate person than from an educated person.

  105. There is a mind in every cell.

  106. There is a purpose of looking upwards. Otherwise, we would not have become homo erects or homo sapiens.

  107. There is more chance that only dwarf and stout humans would be found on earth in the future.

  108. There is more to learn from an ant than an elephant - given their size and life.

  109. There is no illusion for a magician.

  110. There is nothing in a filthy or bad language if one tries to understand, it is mostly speaking about unusual sex or relationships.

  111. There is nothing in a scolding. They are just a few words said by someone, which contradict with the self - who am I?

  112. There is only degree of goodness, fairness, honesty, etc., between the two extremes humans exist, i.e., between God and Devil.

  113. Think today is your last day - do what all possible.

  114. Those who want freedom, they already have, need not declare that I want freedom.

  115. Time is a relative term; one has lots of time, but always we say less time or no time.

  116. To see the best reuse of anything visit a slum area.

  117. Too much is bad, some is good, too little is poor

  118. Tributary and Distributary - The way I joined the world and the way I left the world.

  119. Understanding is the highest form of knowledge.

  120. Value as a whole and not in parts #earth is wholesome

  121. We are far behind copying natures creations.

  122. We are living in a world of truth, belief, false and imaginary. We all enjoy everything right or wrong.

  123. To be a real philosopher one need to filter the truth from trash.

  124. We are the monkeys of desire trapped in a cage, not having the freedom to lose what one has and what one does not have.

  125. We have to do something in life to live, do what you love.

  126. We need leaders with domain knowledge and skills

  127. We start like tributaries, but ultimately we converge into a mighty river, and all rivers converge into a sea.

  128. We understand there is less space on earth, but each one has their space and values, let us understand that and give their space and freedom.

  129. What I am is defined by where I am in time and place.

  130. What is seen is taken more care than what is unseen.

  131. What matters with or without you, what does not matter with and without you is the meaning of one's life.

  132. What we learn is more important than what we wear, people want to appear more than what they are.

  133. Whatever we do, it is vital that we are connected and understand that this is the only home - Earth.

  134. When children start understanding parents is the day to be proud.

  135. When dreams are a reality, one need not sleep for not missing every moment.

  136. When goals are high performance is maximized.

  137. When Gods represent the Universe, why can't we own the Earth as a whole, rather representing parts of it?

  138. When one does not have enough money and chance, work harder and spend less.

  139. When one is alive, bad things are highlighted, after death good things are remembered.

  140. When one thinks I am wasting my life, it is time to change.

  141. Where ever on earth, one is always at the earth center, as earth is spherical. Everything in time and space is at the center of the earth, and all life has equal rights over the earth.

  142. Where there is a gap, there is a chance.

  143. Where there is no reason, that is true love.

  144. While drifting in flood waters, if one finds a dry twig should hold it, even some buoyancy is a better option till one gets complete support.

  145. While saying sorry, look into the eyes.

  146. Within history, there is everyone's story.

  147. Working for oneself is not the goal.

  148. Working for oneself is the least work that one can do on earth.

  149. Writing and sharing are sometimes being courageous and shameless.

  150. You are living for others, living for yourself is your belief.

  151. You are the charcoal in the burning desire to live, would turn into ash at the end.

  152. You don't demand money by work or effort; you demand money because you want that much.

  153. You love money, does not mean that money loves you. Otherwise, money and all those attached to money would not have left you alone.

  154. You take care of earth; the earth will take care of you.

  155. Your word is the most powerful thing.


All the above quotes are by the author from his life and experiences:

Dr. Sai Bhaskar N. Reddy

A writer, researcher, innovator, environment, climate change and development professional. Travelled extensively into some of the remote and most needy parts on earth.

email: saibhaskarnakka@gmail.com

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