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From Darkness to Light

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About the Authors


To all those who come behind us…

May they find us faithful to who we are and the fulfilment of our highest purpose.

To those who have gone before us…

May we be found worthy of the mantle bestowed on us.

To all who find themselves here…

May you travel your journey always …

…In Gratitude …to learn

…In Obedience …to Accept

…In Truth… to Become

To always Honour and Serve your Highest Purpose in Love and in Light!


This book is a reflective account of two people who meet and then discover that they are connected to each other in an unconventional way. Their connection is at an ethereal level. They discover they are both empaths on a journey of self-discovery. Their connection brings them face to face with some of their darkest fears and most rewarding moments of personal growth. Their respective empath natures afford them an opportunity to embark on a journey of discovery of a realm of reality which they suspected existed but didn’t know how to access until their own respective personal self-destruction caused them to save each other. They each recount the journey that brought them to near self-destruction and how they saved each other’s life.

Coincidence or Divine orchestration – you decide


When the world you are born into and raised in feels like it no longer fits, you wonder if you are losing your mind. There are many questions that rumble through your brain and often these go unanswered because truthfully who do you ask… what do you ask? The questions seem perfectly normal while they’re in your head. However, as soon as they fall from your lips and hit your ears there is un-realness about them; and so eventually you stop asking. These questions swirl around your head until eventually the narrative you create is one of self-recriminating madness. You travel through your life; such as it is, and try to fit into this world of ordinary – but there is always a sense that somehow you just don’t belong…

About the Authors

Xhey and Connor are both empaths which means they are both highly sensitive to the energy and the emotions of the people, animals, and sometimes even the spiritual imprints that exist around them. This extreme sensitivity applies to the familiar as well as the unfamiliar; people they are intimately close with as well as total strangers. They experience the world around them and feel what other people are feeling through their extraordinarily heightened senses and keen intuitions. Empaths often internalize the feelings of others without being aware they are doing it and often interpret those feelings as being their own.

This book is an account of how Xhey and Connor came to find and know each other in this life. It also reflects on the incidences throughout each of their lives that gave them little indicators throughout their lives as to who they are and who they would ultimately become. Their relationship has had many deviations and while they both adamantly refuse to define the nature of their relationship with each other they have both accepted that the connection they share with each other is both unusual and unconventional. They have also both learnt and continue to learn what it means to be an awakened empath and how to navigate through this new and very different life they now find themselves living.

Empaths are usually non-violent and non-aggressive people who love peaceful and harmonious environments. Disharmony makes empaths uncomfortable and they will do everything they can to avoid it. Empaths are free spirits who must have their freedom of movement and expression.

Xhey and Connor believe that their gift allows them to tap into the spiritual realm and tune into its energies. They frequently experience synchronicities, phenomena that occur in everyone’s life, but because we are more connected than most people to the supernatural world we more easily recognize these coincidences as signposts of guidance.

Xhey and Connor admit that they live their lives in duality. We physically exist in the dense, dark world filled with negativity and lower energy called Earth, but we mentally exist in the light, pure, high energy, optimistic world of spirit. It is hard for us to stay grounded because we understand the freedom of the alternative world, but we must stay grounded because that is the way we all complete our Earthly missions.

We hope you enjoy reading this book as much as we enjoyed writing it.

Love and Light

Xhey and Connor


Chapter One

When the sky falls down

When the Wolf walks beside you…

You will never forget it

When the Wolf looks into your eyes…

Your heart shall skip a beat and your soul shall be calmed

When you hear the wolf howl in the forest…

Your spirit will long for the true “call of the wild”.

For some of us; this life is more unreal than for others – we fulfil societal norms and expectations of marriage, of children, of careers, of jobs – all in a feeble attempt to fit into this normal world. The sense that everyone around you is judging you, picking your life apart and every social situation exhausts you, however, the desperate need to connect keeps you from staying away from these engagements. You seem to absorb the energy and the emotions of those around you and there is no way to stop this perpetual spongification which is the hallmark of your life. There are those who drain your energy and the sense of heaviness surrounds you irrespective of where you are or who you are with. In these desperate moments you wear the mask of compliance for the world to see; in truth however you yearn to be alone, to step into nature and surround yourself with its unconditional peace and silence, to cleanse your mind, body and soul. Life feels painful, heavy and ever imposing.

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