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Our common sense should be able to tell us that success actually comes when we achieve our goals. Whatever is your goal, be it happiness, love, fame, wealth, riches, college degree, best football player, programmer etc. Achieving them makes you successful. Being successful is not actually having money or being wealthy but achieving your goals. Is money your goal, then work for it. Whatever it is, it will come to pass if you work for it.

Success is like a sport that requires your brain, mind, strength, determination, focus and hard work to be at the top of the game. Success is the result of achieving what we want. What actually produces the result is the training undertaken in close doors. If a sportsman trains poorly, he produce poor result and if his training was awesome, he should be able to produce an awesome result. Sometimes, a sportsman training will be awesome, but will still perform poorly. The actual reason for this is fear; fear of his opponent and sometimes the crowd. Whatever you want to achieve you can, if only you can overcome fear. Even though you are determined and focus, if fear is still in you, you will fail.

To be successful, there must be a spirit of success in you. For you to develop one, you must;

  • See yourself as a success even though you have not achieve anything

  • Talk more successful things than unsuccessful thing

  • Think out what you want from your brain

  • Believe in the goals you want to achieve despite the challenges you will face

  • Work hard towards the goal you want to achieve.

  • Remove fear from yourself by reading and watching other people talk on how they were able to make it to the top

  • If you fail again, rise up again and never give up

  • Believe in yourself and dreams

  • Dream big dreams.

Doing this will helps you to posses the spirit of success in you. When you have the sprit in you, you will do exploit. If the spirit is in you, success will always be achieved when you need it. Even though you lost everything you have, you can still get it back in ten folds.

In this book, “MY SUCCESS, MY GOAL”, there are four main parts;

  • What beget success

  • Building your success

  • Destroying your success

  • A successful man and his problem.

The first part “what beget success” will gives you what you should know that will attract you to think of how you will be successful. You cannot be successful if you do not want it. Also the steps to success and why you must (not should but must) be successful. This is because not being successful is a serious offence.

The second part “building your success” gives you the things you need to do to be successful or more successful. These information may be what you know but you do not know it effect to success. This part also talks about where you should invest your hard work to succeed.

The third part “destroying your success” gives you the things that affect the success you have invest so much to build negatively. These things deprive you of the nutrients we need to succeed. When these nutrients are deprived from you, you crumble.

The last part “A successful man and his problem” give you the reasons that make a successful person fail after achieving so many success and also what he has in him that can bring him back to success after he has failed.

All this are raw fact about success. Thank you for buying this book for we believe this book will change your thinking. Have a nice read.



We all want to be successful and we know to be successful, we need to do what other successful people did to succeed. To be successful, there are thing you have to do first before you do what other successful people did to succeed. The first one is DESIRES

To be successful is not something of the mouth but of the heart, mind and soul. And what we desire, we try to get. When you desire for something, you are moved to get it. It is through your desire for something that pushes you to get it. When you desire a college degree, you work for it; when you desire a spouse, you work for it. It is the desiring sprit that triggers you to do exploit in what you want to do. Napoleon hills say “desire is the starting point of all achievement, not a hope, not a wish, but a keen pulsating desire which transcend everything”. This means that before you take the first step to succeed, you got to desire for success first.

Desire to succeed come when you open yourself to it and mostly

  • When tired of the level you are

  • When Your family situation is not something to talk about

  • When Your friend’s level is far beyond yours

  • When rejected by the people around you

  • When you see the goodies of success.

Another thing you have to do is SAYING IT YOURSELF. Our mind is programmed to help us answer questions and solve problems in our life or in the things that matters to us. Asking yourself question and accepting the fact that you do not know it makes your inner you to assist you with the answer or sometime assist you with something that will push you to the answer. Our brain is the most powerful tool we have. It helps us whenever we need it.

When you want to succeed and you do not know how, you have to let your inner self know the situation you are when your inner self knows, you brain will provide ways, things and method you need to start you journey to success. Before you can be able to get information from your brain, you will need to make a sacrifice, which is to make your inner you your closest friend more than any other person.


For you to be successful there are step you need to work with. They step are:

  • Decide on what to do

  • Take a step

  • Be obsess with the process

  • Put more effort

  • Visualize yourself having what you want

  • Have so much emotion about it

  • Keep changing approach

  • Be open to opportunities

  • Have a role model


Every human being is bound to succeed that is why we are created in the image of God. For you to be successful comes with a reason and it is that reason that we are created to succeed. There are three strong reasons why you should succeed that I will be explained here. They are

You Are An Important Being With A High Value

To be created and born into this earth means you are an important being and something that is important are valued. To maintain your importance personality you got be successful in what you want. So that it will be maintained together with the value. For example, you being employed by a company signify how important you are to that firm and it is your duty to succeed to increase your value in the firm you work. And if you do not work to increase you success, your value reduces

There Are People Attached To Your Destiny

You have to succeed even though you do not want it for yourself. Before you are born, your life has already being stage and there are people that you are destined to help. These people always pray for you to succeed that why you see thing going smoothly for you sometimes. So even though you do not want to, just do because of the people you will help.

To Be Happy

Have you seen a failure happy before? When you fail, your feelings are mostly negative ones. Failures are not happy because there nothing you will be happy about. So, to be happy, try and be successful in what you want.

So if you do not want to be successful, do it just mainly because of the people attached to you.


For every good thing in life, there is a limitation to it. If you want to eat an orange; you have to peel the back that is limiting you from that sweet juice. If you want a college degree, you got to spend a minimum of four years in school to get it. Limitation is not a barrier to what you want; it is test to see whether you definitely need what you want. If you get things without struggle, sometimes you do not value them. For example if an orange does not have a coat the covers it, we will not calm down to eat it and because of this, you do not enjoy it. But if you peel the back first, you calm down to eat it and enjoy the sweetness of the juice. Just like to eat oranges has limitations; to be successful, you have to overcome some limitations. They ever present limitations in our life when we want to succeed are:

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