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12 Steps To Beat Failure

You fail only when you quit…

By John Pattson

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First Edition

ISBN: 9781370829378

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12 Steps to Beat Failure delivers a motivational account and perspective on everyday life challenges. This book is written in a simple and plain language that makes it appealing to virtually every stratum of literacy and age bracket. The book deploys pragmatic analogies that convey the author’s passion to expose the reader to potent tools to combat obstacles that imperil success in our modern societies….”_ Dr Okike Clifford Onuorah, Ebonyi State University.

“Has life thrown you a curve ball? Have you ever been knocked down by hard times? Do you want to know how to turn your problems into incredible breakthrough? Then read “12 Steps Beat Failure” by John Pattson. I am convinced that reading this book and applying the lay down principles for success stated by the author will help you turn your problems into possibilities and challenges into glorious opportunities.”_ Mr. Uchennaya Okereke

Table of Contents

1. Abstract

2. Desire a Change

3. Do Not Skip A Problem

4. Where We Got It Wrong

5. Enumerate Your Dreams in Life

6. Do Not Resign To Fate

7. You Are What You Think

8. Be Secretive

9. Are You At Your Bus Stop Or Full Stop?

10. Make Adequate Consultation

11. Knowing Your Gift

12. Be Ready To Make Sacrifices

13. God’s Time Is the Best

14. Appendix

15. Reference


12 Steps to Beat Failure was borne out of inspiration and wealth of experiences gathered while growing up in the lowest form of existence. It contains modest approaches on how to level the mountains of life using well experimented ideologies.

For you to succeed in life, it does not depend solely on your foundation but your ability to uncover opportunities and identify them as they appear: your ability to envisage success in everything you do before it comes: your determination to remain undeterred in the face of storms and your ability to stick tenaciously to what you believe - don’t quit.

For one to record improvement in whatever one does, there is absolutely a need for him/her to desire to be better than who he/she was yesterday. You must quest for a change. You cannot continue to do similar thing always and expect dissimilar result. Your burning desire to get things working as expected will compel you to quit your comfort zone.

At this juncture, you are naturally bound to encounter opposition that will either make or mar you. Be determined in your resolutions and never give room for detractors to derail you. They must surely want to offer their suggestions. Scrutinize their ideas, pick those ones that are in line with your change agenda and keep moving until you arrive at your destination.

Never be afraid to fail because failure is part of existence- it uncovers ways in which your dreams or aspirations could not be realized.

In a similar development, trying to shortcut your way to the top will make you inadequate in the process of defending your victory or success. And for life to be interesting, it must be built on experiences. You will agree with me that an interesting football match is the one that has experienced teams at both end of the pitch. Try to do it yourself, it pays. Do not allow defeat to drain your mental excitation. Failure emanates from the heart.

When you skip a problem, it goes to bring more. Share your problems with person(s) you know that can be of help.

Furthermore, enumerating and penning down your dreams in life avail you the opportunity to memorize them. It affords you the ability to tackle them in precedence. It will also serve as a compass to pilot you to your destination. Recite them as many times as possible a day to enable you master them at the tip of your fingers. Millions of ideas flow into our minds every day but we give them less attention. We perhaps, believe that they are not feasible. And at the end, jettison them one after the other. Listing your dreams, will guide your choice of things because you will like to go with the best your mind could anticipate.

Never allow detractors to abuse your mind on your set dreams. Humans are full of deception. Take a bold step in actualizing them.

In another development, resigning to fate makes you indolent. Hence you are not mentally deranged nor your spirit man deformed, you can transform disabilities into opportunities.

Physically challenged is not inability. In as much as you can think and act, there are millions of things you can do to earn a living.

Often times, some fate are being designed for our own good. The popular adage says that “a living dog is far better than a dead lion.”For you to be a live, living in that “condition,” it is for your own good. Beat peoples’ imagination with your success story. Do not use your condition as a ground to resort to begging. See your condition as an opportunity to excel in life.

More so, your thinking shapes your person. Your actions are the products of thought conceived in your mind. The Bibles says “out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” Therefore, positive anticipation keeps you at the forefront of achieving your dreams in life.

The laws of natural attraction stipulate that good thinking attracts good things of life close to you and vice-versa. Think yourself to success by being positive at all times. Your level of thinking determines how far you will go in life. Begin to think big in order to end big. Aim high even if it doesn’t touch the sky, it will go far. Envisaging failure before it comes connotes cowardice. Dispel every atom of fear from your heart because it is the generator of failure. Be bold and courageous. Face your goal with positive anticipation and mental excitation.

More so, in every success, there is an amount of sacrifice attached to it naturally. Until you are able to complete it, success will remain an illusion. Be ready to pay the price by avoiding shortcut. It makes you bonafide when at the end, you succeeded. Discover the nature of the sacrifice embedded in your dreams and stick tenaciously to it. The end counts when such feats are achieved. The bigger the success the bigger the sacrifice, no success comes on a platter of gold. Else, gold would be ubiquitously seen.

Finally, wait for God’s time. It has proven to be the best.

Chapter One

Desire a Change

Change according to Oxford Advanced Learner’s Dictionary, means to become different. In order to become a different person, you have to change your method of reasoning, change your beliefs, change your expectations, change your behaviors, change your performances and change your life etc.

In every aspect of human existence, change is inevitable. It is one thing that you cannot run away from. You must cause that change you desire to happen else, it becomes an illusion. Nothing moves unless it is acted upon by a force and the reaction follows afterwards. You can never make a history if you continue in your usual way of doing things. Discover how to make history by altering your approach in doing a particular thing that has yielded nothing towards your growth and development.

“Few will have the greatness to bend history itself; but each of us can work to change a small portion of events, and in the total of all those acts will be written the history of this generation.” __ Robert F. Kennedy

People are very good at picking holes in somebody else’s work or life. They will surround you with ideas that will either mar or make you. It is usual to encounter oppositions in the course of trying to effect a change from your usual to an unusual lifestyle. The resistance is bound to come from friends, families and associates but the task of making the change happen is your exclusive duty- you must not succumb to their pressure.

Never give in to their pessimistic attitude. Always see yourself as a changed person. Positive anticipation in whatever you are doing expedites the chances of being at the fore front of achieving your goals in life. For you to excel, you must opt-out from the group you found as a cog in the wheel of your progress.

Prepare to have enemies as you are progressing but do not be deterred by their actions. Be enthusiastic and be courteous. Damn their interpretations if actually, you are quite sure of the end product of your move.

Robert Greene said “humans are machines of interpretations and explanations, when they have to know what you are thinking when you carefully control what you reveal, they cannot pierce your intensions or your meaning.”

Availing them the opportunity of knowing what you are up to is tantamount to not achieving it. We are in a society whereby, everybody wants to be noticed.

Your life is the only coin you have to spend. And only you can give account of it properly. Do not allow oppositions or dream killers to derail you from attaining the standard of life you hunger for. They will give you reasons why your ideas will not work. To them, impossibility is a fact.

If you liaise with failures, you will do no better than them. And for you to beat your oppositions, you must develop strong resistance to their influences. Anything you have animosity to should not be seen around you. It will surely bend you if you don’t steer clear from it.

In the course of trying to effect a change, mistakes are inevitable. We all strive towards perfection and no one is pruned to mistakes. Only God almighty is perfect. Never allow mistakes to weigh you down because we learn a great deal of lessons trying to right our mistakes. We all desire to make changes in one way or the other but are often damped by the fear of uncertainties.

A lot of inventions came to light after series of mistakes. Making a mistake is natural. And one mistake leads to another discovery. Do not fail to examine your mistake in order to stem it or to root it out in your next attempt.

Applying the same formula will obviously give you same result. And you have definitely made no impact. Seek for information possibly, from reliable sources when you are stuck. It will help you a lot. Tail the path of those who have succeeded in making the change you thirst for. It will not only reduce cost but save time and energy.

Mistakes are the bases of change. As long as you are willing to rectify them or experiment the causes, you are on your way forward. People who are afraid to make mistakes can never be found in the book of records.

George Bernard Shaw said “A life spent making mistakes is not more honorable, but useful than a life spent doing nothing”.

Defy the change you desire by taking bold steps into realizing it. Surprise your admirers by beating their expectations with your unusual attitude or results.

Move into action now for if you are waiting for a perfect time when everything will be at your door steps, it may never come and your dreams will become mere illusions. If mistakes cause you not to believe in yourself, then a lot of things will pass you by. Pull yourself out of groundless fear and make things happen the way you feel. Even when you failed, stand up and keep going. Absolute failure is when you fail from the inside.

Achievers never quit sticking tenaciously to their dreams. If you are not making mistakes, then you are not doing anything. I am positive that a doer makes mistakes.

“Trying will do anything in this world.” _ Theocritus

Think of a new idea on how to change the condition unpleasant to you.

Let us take a look at this illustration:

A certain blind beggar wrote on his board “please help me. I am blind.” Every day, he would go home with a little money. One day, a certain man came by and altered the write up with “the day is beautiful but I cannot see it”. He put some money, greeted the beggar and left. The next day, the man came and the beggar quickly recognized his voice. As the man was about to leave, the beggar asked him “Were you not the one who turned my board yesterday?” And the man replied “yes”, in affirmation. “What did you do with it?” He queried in excitement. Interestingly, the man asked in amazement, “what happened? When you left, people started trooping in with monies and gift items to my amazement. And I made unusual money and collected enough gift items unlike before”. The beggar averred. The man told him what he just did to attract the change in the usual condition of his (the beggar).

Before the incidence occurred that changed his usual income, the beggar had been striving with the meager he got daily; believing it was the best God could give him. But little did he know that he could step up by applying another idea entirely. Yes, the change came because he allowed it in deliberately. And the result perhaps, altered his initial belief that he could go beyond his daily income.

Moreover, being recalcitrant to ideas that might bring changes in your growth and development is unacceptable. Stop believing that you have gotten to the end of the road, when there are still chances of improvement.

Adapting to change at the right time keeps you current and makes you relevant at all times. It puts you on the sand of time. X-ray your life for any inherited or adopted behavior that is foot-dragging or impeding you from moving forward. If you must go far in life, your load must be light and your ways must also be straight.

Some of us today are stagnant because of the “I don’t care attitude” we allowed to grip us. A bad character can never make a good life. And it stands you clear from your peers. It also deprives you certain opportunities that would have relieved you from doldrums or change your life.

Honesty pays and makes you fit or acceptable in any society you found yourself.

You can still effect that anticipated change in your life, goods and services if you are determined. It is never too late to become a different person from who you were used to be. Moving from nothing to something is attainable with God on your side. With God, all things are possible. It is a slow but steady process. Age cannot debar you from making the difference you desired.

A change cannot come unless you have a burning desire for it. Newton’s second law of motion states that an object will constantly remain in the state of inertia until a force acts upon it and it moves in the direction of the force.” The change will not come until you take a bold step towards it.

Equip yourself with the relevant ideas that will aid you achieve the change you long for. Search diligently for the person(s) who has/have executed the type of change you want to effect. Follow his/her steps after dully consulting and examining the pros and cons visible. Many people today have become victims trying to implement a change without fully analyzing the type of change that suit their domain. And what the people close to you are likely to gain as a result of the change.

Change requires a deliberate process because it involves alteration either in a minute or mega way depending on the mindset. You may likely step on peoples' toes on the process. Ensure that you get them convinced on what they would stand to benefit when the result is achieved.

It is only when you are trying to effect a change that peoples' true character around you becomes clear: it is the most dangerous time in life. Adequate measures ought to be taken else; you will not live to tell the story.

Nothing is constant in nature except change. A constant state constitutes elements that lack absolute demand for change. It is neither affected by the natural dynamism nor pruned to adapt to the changes obtainable as a result of human or animal activities. In other words, it is an unproductive state. And I strongly argue if such a place exists in this scientific dispensation. Life does not flourish in that environment. Life strives mostly where the pastures are greener and competitive. Barren lands nowadays are being scientifically mutated to grow plants and also have proven useful in other sectors of the economy. This is to bring to your knowledge that nothing is constant except change.

Wherever you are, and life does not blossom after perseverance and intensive efforts to effect a change, make a shift or change your mode of operation in order to obtain a different result. Some people have spent their useful lives hoping to improve in their states of being while doing the same thing in the same environment. You need no soothsayer to tell you your fate. Perhaps, you will be anticipating being under the influence of certain forces militating against your progress. Nay! Make a change of direction and perception. Your greener pasture may not be far from you but perhaps, you bluntly refused to accept innovative ideas.

A good seed planted in a bad soil cannot make good produce. But a fertile soil can influence a bad seed and the output would be marvelous. An unproductive state will not only waste your precious time but also kill your destiny or talent gradually.

It is obvious that some of us do treat serious matters with disdain. How can you venture into a business without making proper feasibility study? Feasibility study tells you if the business will strive well in that area or not. In order to save your time and energy, carry out a questionnaire survey to attest the viability of the business. The same thing is applicable if you want to make a place your abode.

In a real sense, no place is bad. The popular adage says “one man’s food is another man’s poison.” Your greener pasture could be another man’s desert. If God had wanted all His creation to live together, He would not have scattered the earth around the globe and the mineral resources we found everywhere. That is why He mandated us to multiply and fill the earth.

Migration that is posing a major threat to the developed nations now is as a result of the quest to procure greener pastures. Seek for the environment that is your talent-friendly. You cannot afford to remain in an environment where your worth is not valued. Although it takes time to create recognition but your perceptions and instinct should tell you whether it would be in a short run or in a long run. Staying long in a single act can only improve your expertise but kills interest in a long run.

A greener pasture is noticed by the nature of fruits or yields obtainable and the kind of lucrative activities commonly engaged by its inhabitants. Succinctly, your greener pasture remains where your life, goods and services flourish with a little input. Your greener pasture is your Biblical Canaan Land. Obviously, we are all not destined to succeed in a particular environment, else, boundaries will not be crossed and barriers will not be dared.

God does not concentrate the treasures of this earth in one place. That is why He said “seek and ye shall find.”Where ever you discover your own, automatically, becomes your greener pasture. If your star shines not in place of your abode or working place over a length of time, make a change of environment or alter your mode of operation.

You will agree with me that some geniuses are wasting because they found themselves in wrong places, mostly in companies and organizations where they are treated with contempt. In fact, they could be the brain behind the establishment's success but have absolutely nothing to show for it. What you need is information to put you on the right track to greatness. The best information and guide you need is how to wake up that giant in you and channel it to the appropriate destination before it dies a natural death.

“Try to discover the road to success, and you’ll seek but never find. But blaze your own path and the road to success will trail (sic) right behind."__ Robert Braut

Stagnant water not only runs deep but stinks. Being dynamic or ready to accept changes makes you relevant at all times. Giving deaf ears to changes makes you obsolete. The popular adage says that “monotony kills interest.” To me, it does not only kill interest but makes you lazy and uncompetitive. Branding your life, goods and services keep you on the sand of time. Remaining inactive to new ideas can collapse your empire.

Providing a forum to entertain diverse opinions will be helpful in terms of trying to effect changes. Select the salient points to work with and appreciate the contributors because of next time.

As you progress in life, the need to make changes will be imperative so as to fit into the dynamic society in which we are living. You perhaps, desire to be useful; want to make an impact and aspire to be great, change is what you need! The world is enough for you to become what you want in as much as you do not infringe on the ethics and decorum of the society in which you are residing.

"Compared to what we ought to be, we are only half awake." __ Prof. Williams James

If you discover that your attitudes is barring you from becoming relevant to yourself and to the society at large, change your attitude and move forward. The easiest time to alter an attitude is at the tender state. When you are deeply soaked in such an attitude, it becomes a deliberate affair. Forceful attempt to effect changes can be catastrophic. Not everybody will be carried along. Hence, crisis will set in either in your group, friends, families or associates.

You must be able to take responsibilities and accept blames incase it turns out to be unfavorable. One good thing you should be aware of is that we only have one life to live and how you live it, is your own priority. The direction you want it to go becomes your exclusive task. According to Nkem Owoh, "A man has to hold its manhood for urine to take his desired direction."

Changing your mode of thinking can as well cause the change you desire to occur. Thinking in the right direction and being enthusiastic all the time are also useful tools in making changes. A never-do-well is the product of a never-think-well. Your mind envelopes all the resources you need to become who you dreamed of. Lack of faith in God together with not being optimistic, can plummet you to failure.

A friend of mine, Tony always believes that for one to be at the top of the game or to make it big it involves ritual killings and engaging in immoral acts etc. Yes, those are contemporary engagements. But sincerely speaking, hard working and staying focused in life, will surely bring you to the beam. Think positively and act positively, the sky will never limit you. Successful thinking increases the chances of being successful.

Many ventures collapse as a result of assuming failures. The image you create in your subconscious mind, soonest becomes part of you. Mental excitation is the essence of life. Envisage positive images to attract positive things around you. And according to the laws of Natural Attraction, positive things attract good things and vice-versa.

Your performances can also prompt a change. Always evaluate your performances in order to know if you’re making any difference. If you are not better than the way you were yesterday, then you are not making any progress. Critical evaluation keeps you on the edge of things. You will be anxious to get better and that will increase your eagerness to effect a change.

Finally, trying to make changes will not go down well with the people most especially, at the time of initiation. Before moving from resistance to acceptance, they will ponder on how the change is going to affect their immediate situation - will it favor them or not? Having a positive orientation for a change, includes having the knowledge of what you can control in actualizing the change and knowing that opposition is inevitable. You must also know that many other routes can still lead to the same result. Therefore, have a listening ear. Respect people’s opinions but go with the best that suits your drive.

Chapter Two

Do Not Skip A Problem

The only place on earth where there is no problem is the graveyard. The occupants there are not bordered by the terrific wind, earthquakes, house rents, light bills, children school fees, lack of infrastructures, government policies, economic meltdown, wars, system failures etc. and I am quite sure that you would not like to visit there let alone, becoming a citizen. Other than there, so long as you breathe, problems or challenges (as some school of thought may call it) are inevitable.

The life you are living is a problem, so you have to face it squarely. Problems are designed by God to move you to the next level. And whenever you skip a problem or shortcut it, you will definitely be inadequate in that aspect of life.

Experience they say is the best teacher; your ability to solve a certain problem in life gets you to the root of the problem. The world today is looking for solution providers. If you are one, then you automatically become a hot cake in the world market. Companies and business organizations are out for solution providers to tackle their lingering crisis associated to the growth, management and expansion of their firms. Start being a possibility thinker and stop running away from your limitations.

Life is akin to a gentle and steady flowing stream. As long as the source is not dried up, it continues to flow till eternity. And as it flows, it passes lots of hurdles; rocks, valleys, mountains and plain lands on its way forward. Unless, the potential difference along its line of flow is greater than that of the source, would it reverse its forward motion. And history has not recorded that.

Life is also programmed like the hands of a clock. Until the battery dies, it can neither stop nor reverse. As long as you breathe, you must reach out to be better than your former self and that is where problems set in. You would want to acquire those things you are lacking. Get to the level you admire in life. Go to places you have never been to before. These necessities put together will constitute a problem for you. Inevitably, health challenges will also set in hence, your system is not left out in the process. Therefore, the need to face the problem that could arise along the line becomes a "must" if you must achieve your goals in life or in the other way round, you remain the same.

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