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It is with a heart full of gratefulness that I dedicate this book to my beloved parents {Gladys and Velaphi}, my siblings {Sibusiso and Nokukhanya}, relatives and friends, not excluding my wise saints and sages, and my life miracle moments that have shown me life.



I will do my best to acknowledge the individuals who helped me create this valuable book. My special thanks to The Flow Publishing House team, led by Siyabonga Ndlozi, salutation to my graphic designer for his stunning work, David Mokombo.

Lastly, I appreciate and acknowledge every person who contributed and supported me in different ways.



There is a winner within you, don’t settle where you are. As a motivational speaker, Life coach, Author and Entrepreneur, I meet with different kind of people every day. What I’ve noticed is everyone wants to achieve that dream life but few are willing to work and sweat for it.

After going through this piece of life inspiration, I can confirm that it is everything you need to succeed and enjoy your dream life. It’s indisputably on point for you to decide whether you want to climb up or be stuck forever in the world of despondency. You have what it takes to climb up and change your life.

In this book, I’ve learned that we all face difficulties; we all have unfair things happening in our lives. Don’t ever let it hold you down, never weaken your mind. Get up each morning excited about life, recognizing that every day is a gift. Motivate yourself to pursue your goals.

Siyabonga Ndlozi

Founder of The Flow Publishing House

Author’s Note

Nothing is as painful as staying stuck in a place you do not deserve. A place that makes you feel like you are chained in the hole of tussles. Life becomes extremely nasty when you have never seen the real light, sometimes you may think success is impossible.

Remember, we are all born in the darkness and have to pave our way up to the bright side… sometimes, you have got to create your own light to see the beauty of life.

Have you ever wondered how the other guys have made it in life? What does it take to be successful?

Success is never easy but necessary, and this book will help you only if you are willing to climb up the hill of success. No magic means can be used to provide a smooth ride to it, you have to climb up and it does not matter how dense the situation is, because a good life comes after challenges.

Imperfect substances are our regular assessments and you basically need to work hard, smart and be mentally strong to go through the end of the tunnel.

Think of life as a school with all those examinations you have to face in order to pass a grade. When you distillate in class and get your school-work done correctly, you are indicating signs of passing your last exam of the year and you will inevitable pass your grade.

The same thing relates to life. As soon as you understand yourself better and profoundly, you tend to figure out your destiny. Then, it is up to you as an individual to take control of your future and direct it to where you want to go.

Nowadays, almost the whole world is occupied with the contemplations of success and how to achieve it. However, not all of us will enjoy the fruits of that territory, only those who are assertive in their journey will prosper. Know your thing, know what you want, that way you will have the confidence that will give you the strength to overcome the rocks of life. Snags will be there, you must always expect them along the journey but have a plan to pave your way and go through them.

In everything we do in this world, we all have one desire ... the desire for success. Its every human’s wish to leave a lasting legacy for the generation. You are born nobody; but know that as you are breathing, you are expected to make a huge transformation.

This book has got what you really need to get yourself back up and revive your goals and dreams. Whatever dream you thought had been shuttered, it is not yet because you are still alive.

Another important part of this book is to enlighten that even if you are born with an extraordinary talent, you still need to look at the ways of improving yourself. The more you work on what you have, it is the more you proliferate it.

There is nothing more unpleasant than seeing talented and gifted individuals lost in the life of gambling around the corners. Trying to make a living just because they’ve never took care of their natural gift. There is nothing ever painful than seeing that kind of a talent and skills behind the bars. Hence, here I am to offer methods and realistic guidelines of one’s self-improvement. I believe that only those who are thirsty and hungry for a better life will work hard to achieve anything better.

And lastly, never think that you may easily get anything you want in life because there is no easy way – that’s the truth. Wake up and work for success. Have a desire for something better and that will keep you on your toes. Stay thirsty for better life phases and utilize every chance you get before you regret.

Success is all about you relying on yourself in reaching a fantasized life endpoint.


{Introduction to the Book’s Organization}

Section 1

You are the greatest teacher of yourself

Section 2

Get educated and grow

Section 3

Think positively

Section 4

The secret of self-confidence

Section 5

The power of commitment

Section 6

Application of perseverance

Section 7

Focus, never take your eyes off the target

Section 8

Personal management

Section 9

Mind your circle of influence

Section 10

Be humble and virtuous

Section 1

You are the greatest teacher of yourself

The first treasured step to take in life, is to know that nobody can teach you better than yourself.”

We are trying to live our lives on a daily basis, but what are we actually doing? Wake up and go to school, go to work or just chill if we have nothing to do?

Well, if that’s the life you have wished to live… I am pretty sure you are more than satisfied. But if it’s not, please note that nobody will show you the life you are longing for.

You are the greatest teacher of yourself:

The best life lessons we will forever understand, are usually learned through our own blunders. When you try something out and feel the result, that’s when you have learned.

I grew up in what I describe as an unfavourable environment. When I came out to meet the real world for the first time, I was scared that people will notice that I didn’t know much about things. I always thought that my life was far behind compare to my age group. But for who I am, I couldn’t manage to live a half-life and suddenly decided to be vulnerable.

That was the beginning of another juncture in my life. That is when I figured out that all the people whom I thought were better than I, were no different and I was just limiting myself.

Fighting fear and facing the world is the way. I had to learn it on my own though. Today I encourage you to take your chances, risk is the mother of reward. If you take chances, you are creating luck. Stand up, don’t find your real life late and live with regrets.

Fear nothing, and take on your dream. That will determine your fate and if things are not going well for now, you will be happy to learn in time.

It is within human nature not to learn within the right time. When life goes on, there are things that you typically wish if you had learned prior to, but in no way because nobody can recuperate the past. Unfortunately, that is what puts us behind the schedule of life.

We are then forced to consider the present and the future since we have experienced and possibly squandered the past. This is where things tend to get tougher for us. Sometimes we even wish if we could turn back the time and restart everything all over again, so that we could do things right but then... time cannot be reversed. That should be an all-time notification in every step we take.

Note that the most essential lessons in life are not imparted at schools but are found by living life itself. They are found while facing all that kind of impediments you may think about. This becomes a solo handled responsibility for every individual to learn from their past.

It does not matter whether you had good or bad experiences; they all leave you with something that guides your upcoming-actions. Everything you face in life comes with a valuable lesson.

In life, you will learn by trying things out and not only can you learn from your own involvements, but also the practices of others through the process of observing and considering; Sometimes that can serve as the most significant lesson since it allows you to observe behaviours from an objective perspective.

In that way, you tend to develop the wisdom and the logic to make good decisions and choices when that similar occasion comes by your life. Therefore, for whatever action you take, you will have one reaction with two likelihoods. If you do not fly, you fall… it is all in your decisions.

Be careful of your own choices!

Some choices will fail you and some will absolutely prosper you, it’s hard to see it coming though. But proper administration of a choice, is a good start for a bright side.


The truth is success and failure has only positive impacts in our lives. Success adds dynamism and self-containment to achieve more while failure opens up our minds and it is probably better than success as it has that responsiveness of reinforcement for one to work harder.

Sticking to failure, you need to understand the reality of it and its connotation in finding success.

Failure can and will happen, and that is when you discover the force of the emerging momentum in your efforts. It is extremely good for those who want to be successful. If you have never failed, you know nothing; you have never tried anything outlandish in your life. However, once you have failed, you have learned without an instructor and got yourself priceless lessons.

In other words, you should not be afraid of making sensible mistakes, since they are the ones that will groom and sharpen you to be the best you want to be. You should make mistakes when necessary and that is the greatest way to learn and grow.

A child starts by crawling and stumbling before walking. You will try standing up but fall until you get it right, only if you want to be successful. Looking at your mistakes and working towards understanding them will promote progress and insight.


Learn to admit and analyze your failure points to prevent them from occurring again. There is nothing better than you. There is nothing smarter than you. You are the greatest creature that God has created. Instead of letting things go just because you have tried and failed, take some time to analyze the situation. Build better ideas of victory upon that experience; and

Never allow failure to be the boss.

Your willingness to re-do things with the mind of better strategies while knowing the destructive curves of the road makes an enormous difference. Scrutinizing your slip-ups help to broaden your perspective. Your failure points must be your fitness center machines and your strength lies there.


Let God be the owner of your life and lead your ways while you own the outcomes of whatever arises through the corners of your journey.

For everything that goes wrong with your life, you shall not put blame to anybody else but take it as an exercise for your own fitness.

You need to be accountable and stop playing TBG.

The Blaming Game”

Almost everyone from all walks of life struggle with this one. What you do best is to blame somebody else when things get shaky. Come on, let’s think about it. It does not make sense while it only takes a mind to find happiness.

When your life is in a miserable state, it is not a wise solution to blame your parents. They have lived their lives and you were born to live your own. It is not a way to grow to blame anybody whom you may hold responsible for the way you feel and the life you live. Be happy to write your own story on a fresh page.

It’s absolutely imperative that you throw away every single excuse and start taking ownership in every area of your life. There is no way you can ever grab a hold of yourself completely when you are too caught up in the awful habit of playing “TBG” and forget about taking full responsibility of your own actions.

How would you learn? How would you get a chance to understand the unfathomable of substantial things?

Look at yourself upon yourself for a good reason. Look at the shoes you are wearing, they might be the source of stagnation. And if they are, I am perfectly guaranteed that you will be capable of minding your own steps.

Once you start taking full responsibility of yourself and stop living the life of expectations, where you expect from nothing, you will see the greatness in you. To teach yourself better, learn from your own actions and circumstances.

Throw away every single excuse and start taking ownership in every area of your life”.

Life has a secret for one to find in order to unleash his purpose. Being told by people about life, it’s not suitable enough to take you through the end of the tunnel.

Explore things; explore your life for your own greatness.

You actually need to personally dig the truth on your own in order to make prudent decisions for your subsequent phase in life.


You can make things happen the way you want as long as you have God as your frontrunner, faith in your dreams and unswerving into your plans.

Even though it is undeniable that some days the journey becomes tough and excruciating, just to place a stop sign into your vision. Do not whiffle-waffle, no matter what may come along the way:

Stand firmly and look at where you are going.

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