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Thy Will be Done

Wesley Hesketh

Copyright 2018 by Wesley Hesketh

Smashword Edition


When you are in trouble call on God, He is the only one that can truly help you. God had given you the power and healing in you. All you have to do is honestly accept it. God is there to show you your way. The way you should be going.

Pray never ending, keep His words in your mind. Know you are a child of the most high God. You have all His

riches before you, let Him be the master of your life, and as you pray end your prayer.

Father, thy will be done. In Jesus name amen.


Table of Contents

Forward Thy Will Be Done Enter In

Rest Assured Clothes Breakfast Gathering

In the Making Bitter Pill Consuming Fire

Information Highway Lost in Sleep His Love Lightened Load My Whispers Again and Again Homeless Answer Prayer Growing Love

A Sadness Given Heart Rear-view Mirror

Finding My Way Passage Worship

He Hears Me A Note His Kingdom

The BBQ At Last Assurance

Through Young Eyes Sin Free Dear God

Golden Wings Don't Wait Changing of the Guard

New Life Take Us Home Double Meaning

Slumber Hope Universal

Bitter Taste God Gives Found

Silent Prayer Rod and Staff He's the Answer

Well-Done Words The Beginning The Meeting

Everybody has a story this is Mine

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Thy Will Be Done

My Father sits and watches

me roam around the earth.

Trying to do things on my own

I've done this from my birth.

I always get in trouble

making a mess of things.

Never knowing what to do

or what tomorrow brings.

Failing in my foolishness

never getting it right.

I wasted all of my days

and stumble round at night.

Never known the Father's love

scattered by a raging storm.

Living out in the bitter cold

never find a place that's warm.

Patiently God's waiting

because He knows the way.

He has given me free will

in what I do and say.

Deep in sin I've giving up

I have nowhere to run.

I've fall down on my knees

and called upon the Son.

God hears my every word

with tender love and care.

He reaches out dries my tears

lets me know He's there.

He's love is everlasting

it warms my cold cold bones.

He lifts me up, carries me

I'll never be alone.

Father, thy will be done

You took my sins away.

Jesus paid the price for me

what more is there to say.


Entered in

Incense drifting 'cross your brain

left alone without a name.

Lost, no hope, within your mind.

Stumbling through life so blind.

Paths of life can be so stark

if you wander in the dark.

Pointless is your direction

as you journey to perfection.

The evilness that possesses you

makes those lies sound so true.

Makes them dance across the page

slams you down in mortal rage.

You know this life is nowhere

you're alone with nothing to share.

But there is a way to get free

and it only takes one key.

There's one thing you should know

before that grand door you go.

You must admit that this is it

making up your mind you'll quit.

Know the evil will lay in wait

as you work to make things straight.

Sin will come to you so quick.

Gives you pain making you sick.

You say why should I repent

I've fallen down, my back is bent.

In suddenness a whisper came

it was a calling out your name.

The Holy Father of all that is

Has came to gather what is His.

He gave you strength so you won't sin

through the door He's entered in.

The door you opened with that key

swung wide as you beckoned Thee.

When you were struggling unaware

God watched to see if you did care.

He'll lift the burdens and sets you free.

Help you be all you can be.

You passed the test, welcome home

you'll no longer be alone.

The souls of all gather 'round to see

The life you created with (one) that key.

Forgiveness comes shining through

reflected in the things you do.

God will stand by you now

with patience He will teach you how.

He will gather 'round you friends

your rebirth with love He blends.

You've knocked it opens you're finally free.

All it took was just one (that) key.


Rest Assured

The emptiness of the house

screams from every wall.

The moans of loneliness

are echoes in the hall.

I cannot still my mind

of it's constant drone.

Focus is scattered all about

leaves me all alone.

In cold and stirring draft

breaks the warmth of day.

Captures my frozen heart

and whisks it far away.

The words of the World

fade into the night.

I think of the pain I caused

and how to make it right.

The snow's gently falling

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